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Vaizard Information & Organization

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Vaizard Information & Organization

Post by Oshime Baozhai on Fri Dec 30, 2016 4:51 pm

Outcasts of Soul Society

Vaizards are the result of a Shinigami, one way or another, whether willingly or not, obtaining Hollow-like powers. The process of Hollowification can be caused by either purposefully breaking down the Shinigami's true soul and removing their heart, that which makes them who they are, or by infusing drastic amounts of Hollow energy directly into the Shinigami's body. This may be done scientifically in a lab environment, or by some Hollows whose bite is filled with venom. The process is extremely painful, with a high risk for failure, and works best on high level Shinigami such as Captains, whose spiritual energy will help stabilize their minds, or those with an extraordinary will to live, such as those who are on a quest for revenge or retribution.

Failure to become a Vaizard results in the Shinigami losing their form and hearts, becoming a basic Hollow regardless of their previous position or power; they will merely become a base level Hollow of extraordinary power. It is impossible to transform directly from a Shinigami to a Menos-level Hollow, though the resultant Hollow can consume Souls and progress through the life cycle of a normal Hollow.

Success of Hollowification results in a Shinigami temporarily becoming a Hollow, acting on instinct, pain and unholy rage for some time. However, the Hollow form eventually shatters, with the Shinigami falling, whole and unharmed, from the shell of their Hollow body. At first, the Shinigami seems no different from the experience, however the Shinigami is in truth a Vaizard now.

Becoming a Vaizard results in several changes for the victim. First, they obtain the ability to summon a Mask from their Hollow form at will, which is the only time their hybrid nature can be detected. This Mask grants Hollow abilities such as Regeneration, Cero, and Hierro, for the duration the mask is summoned. Secondly, the Vaizard's Inner World is infiltrated by an Inner Hollow, a Spirit not unlike their Zanpakuto Spirit, however this being represents their Hollow powers rather than their blade.

Extremely rarely, the most powerful of Vaizards may obtain the ability to temporarily fully transform their bodies into a Hollow, granting even further Hollow-based strength an new abilities. This Full Hollow Form is initially the same as their first Hollow transformation, but should the Vaizard consume Souls or Hollows while in this state, it shall grow more powerful in time. Beware, however, for this will tilt the balance of the Vaizard's Soul and make them far more likely to lose their Heart and truly become a Hollow.

A failed Vaizard, or Vaizard who eventually lost their Heart, can eventually become an Arrancar, however, the consumption of Souls may twist their own physical appearance, and the more Souls they consumed, the less they'll resemble their former selves.

A Shinigami is banned from ever obtaining Hollow powers for any reason. As such, Vaizards are outcasts and considered traitors to Soul Society, and it would take extraordinary circumstances for the Shinigami to welcome them back into the fold. As such, Vaizards often form their own groups or even join the Hollow Army for feeling betrayed by the Gotei.

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