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Hollow Information & Organization

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Hollow Information & Organization

Post by Oshime Baozhai on Fri Dec 30, 2016 4:47 pm

A Blight on Humanity

Hollows are the dead souls of humans who, for one reason or another, have failed to pass on to the afterlife. This could either be because at their time of death, they experienced great levels of emotional trauma; during their time as a Plus Soul they failed to meet up with a Shinigami somehow to have a Konso performed on their corroding body; or because they were evil, evil beings in their time as a human. Whatever the reason, Hollows are wicked creatures who lack complex reasoning and morals. They take on most any shape and size, though all Hollows have two characteristics in common with the rest of their kin: a Hollow Hole, usually in either the center of their chest or where their heart once was and a Hollow mask, the remnants of their former heart plastered permanently over their faces.

Hollows, for the most part, lack complex organization. Being relatively mindless beasts - save for more advanced and powerful Hollows - they operate more along the lines of instinct than reason. There is no real need for Hollows to have complex organization like Shinigami and Quincy.

The above only holds true for the vast majority of Hollows. As Hollows progress evolutionarily, their reasoning capabilities begin to reflect the capabilities of Humans and other sentient beings. In powerful Hollow society, there exists a monarchy, so to speak, where the most powerful of being existing in Hueco Mundo reigns as either King or Queen. This monarch is ever changing as Hollows are a brutal kind, always growing in power and seeking to better those above them. This Hollow King or Queen rules and commands all Hollows below him or her. This monarchy isn't so much a choice as it is a fact, too; it is ingrained in Hollows instinctively just as it's ingrained in them that they must consume the souls of those around them. The power the Hollow Monarch holds over his or her domain is quite absolute; their subordinates, while specific organization aside from King and Queen are up to the King or Queen their-self, obey without question, fearing obliteration for disobedience.

The Hollow King and or Queen rules over the whole of Hueco Mundo, from the fortress of Las Noches; with the exception of the Black Lands.
Hollow Evolution
A Fearsome Prospect

Hollows evolve at a rapid rate through the process of consuming souls. Soul consumption allows a Hollow to progress into different, more powerful stages beyond their base stage - the stage they exist in as a newly-turned Hollow - and into something grand and fearsome. As it currently stands, there are five different classes of Hollows, each unique in and of itself and, in some way, shape or form, telltale. The stages are as follows:

Base Hollows are the equivalent to a newly turned Hollow. Base Hollows are often monstrous in size and lacking in personality and comprehension. From time to time, though, a Base Hollow who understands and can speak language is found upon, though these Hollows are usually former wicked Humans who gave in to their hunger to become a Hollow willingly. Base Hollows consume the souls of Humans to progress to the next stage.

Menos-Class Gillian are the group of Hollows who are considered to be the, "most powerful you're likely to run in to." Gillian, at this level, take the form of massive, skyscraper-tall beings donning black robes with an enormous white mask with a long, pointed nose. Most Gillian combat takes the form of quickly stomping their foes or blasting them with a Cero. Most Hollows do not retain their individuality at this stage, meaning most Hollows do not progress past this part of their evolution. Those Hollows who do and can, they're noted by very unique masks in comparison to other Gillian. Gillian progress by consuming the souls of other Hollows.

Menos-Class Adjuchas are the group of Hollows who are considered to be the, "Lieutenant Equivalents." They're incredibly unique and begin to take on some sort of thematic appearance, usually of animals found in the wild. They have unique abilities like any other Shinigami would and are dangerous not only because of their strength, but because of their cognition. They're self aware and form groups of highly intelligent killing machines. An Adjuchas usually does not progress any further in the evolutionary-line. In fact, Adjuchas can't progress if they sustain any bodily damage at all, from being bitten by another Hollow. If an Adjuchas does not continually grow more powerful, such as by reaching their individual limit, they will regress back to a Gillian and lose their individuality. However, an Adjuchas that was partially devoured will neither progress not regress. It is at this stage that most Hollows decide to become an Arrancar. Adjuchas progress by consuming the souls of other Adjuchas.

Menos-Class Vasto Lorde are an incredibly rare group of Hollows that are said to completely outclass even the Captains of Soul Society. They're incredibly unique and the most human-like in appearance of the other Hollow types. It is Vasto Lorde that usually take up the Hollow Monarchy for the very specific reason that they're insanely powerful and neigh incomparably powerful. It is thought that the number of Vasto Lorde in all of Hueco Mundo could be counted on one's hands.

Oscuro Ilimitado are a nearly mythical class of Hollow that is not considered to be in the Menos class, and make up a class all of their own. These beings outclass Vasto Lorde in the way that the Royal Guard outclasses the Gotei Thirteen. They are so incredibly powerful and rare that they rule over their own region of Hueco Mundo separate from the King of Hueco Mundo. The Hollow Army's Las Negativas are all said to have been Arrancar who were formerly Oscuro Ilimitado.

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