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Togabito Information & Organization

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Togabito Information & Organization

Post by Oshime Baozhai on Fri Dec 30, 2016 4:52 pm

The Eternally Damned Sinners of Hell

Togabito are the most diverse race of all, and reside in their own dimension, Hell. Togabito can be former Humans, Fullbringers, Hollows, Quincy or, much more rarely, Shinigami or Vaizards, who lived lives full of Sin before dying and being purified by a Shinigami's Zanpakuto either by cutting or Konso. Togabito live in Hell, and are separated depending on the severity of the Sins that caused them to be eternally damned. To accommodate this, Hell is divided into Seven Circles, each for progressively more severe Togabito. The Kushinada, Jailers of Hell, watch over and administer punishment to their prisoners, repeatedly  consuming them alive. Almost all Togabito wear white garments with black, rectangular buttons. These clothes replace the ones the Sinner wore prior to their first rebirth in Hell.

In Hell, a Togabito is Immortal, continually reviving from the Lake of Fire whenever they are killed. The Sinner emerges as a red jelly substance, and depending on their power, the time it takes to reform their body varies, with more powerful Togabito regenerating in moments. Anyone who is not a Togabito but dies in Hell will be revived as a Togabito and bound by the Chains of the Damned, normally invisible chains that lead back to the Togabito's Circle and bind them to Hell. Togabito can learn to Manifest these Chains to various effects. Togabito retain all the powers they obtained prior to coming to Hell. Shinigami, Vaizards and Arrancar retain their Zanpakuto and all it's powers. Togabito also acquire a Hell Power, a unique ability that only they can use. This power is commonly seen as an extremely twisted and demented Fullbring, due to how Hell negatively influences Hollow-derived powers due to the extreme ambient spiritual energy and particles.

Togabito are ruled by a self-proclaimed Emperor of Sin. The Emperor can be either male, female, or whatever else, unless they choose to be called Empress. This Emperor is recognized as the most powerful Sinner in Hell, capable of fighting even the monstrous Kushinada, though in numbers the Kushinada will always overwhelm any Sinner. The Emperor of Sin is protected by the Four Generals, also referred to as the Four Horsemen, who carry out the Emperor's orders and Laws. Three of the Horsemen, Famine, Pestilence, and War, are the guardians and leaders of two Circles, and report to their leader, Death, who rules over the Seventh, deepest, Circle of Hell along with the Emperor. Should the Emperor not be in the Seventh Circle, it is Death who is the impromptu leader of Hell.

The Emperor of Hell has created an organization referred to as Sinner Elementary, which takes child Sinners from all Circles of Hell and gathers them on the Seventh Circle, teaching them various mismatched information. The reasoning was to prevent child Sinners from obtaining the power that comes from continually reviving in the Lake of Fire from being consumed by Kushinada, as the revival process not only creates more power, but generates insanity and torments Sinners even further until they lose the will to live and their bodies turn to white ash.

Located on the outskirts of the Seventh Circle are invisible, free-floating and drifting Portals that will rip a Togabito out of Hell and hurl them to a random location in any other Dimension, with the exception of the Royal Realm. These Portals are thought to be the method through which Sinners are brought to Hell. If a Togabito is outside of Hell, such as going through these Portals, they will be dragged forcefully back by the Kushinada opening the Gates of Hell and striking the Togabito through with a blade or gathering the Chains of the Damned and literally dragging them back. To prevent this, the Togabito must hide their physical appearance, either with heavy black cowled cloaks, masks, or other methods that prevent instant recognition.

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