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Post by Oshime Baozhai on Fri Dec 30, 2016 4:46 pm

White-Clad Priests of Peril

Quincies, Japanese for, "Monk of Destruction," are a sub-type of Humans with genetic spiritual awareness. Quincies are nearly invariably human (except in experimental cases where the Quincy is impressed from another race, such as a Shinigami or Arrancar in which they're stripped of all their former identifiers and are instead forced into being a Quincy) and thus share all common traits with humans. What makes them special, however, is their long and bloody history with the Shinigami and Hollows.

Quincy exist, as they claim, for the sole purpose of combatting Hollows. This wouldn't be a problem, necessarily, were it not for the fact that Quincies completely and entirely eradicate the soul of whomever they kill, making them a danger to the Soul Balance. As it is, the Soul Balance is a concept stating that ordinarily, when one dies, their soul moves on to the next, "stage," after which they go through life in that stage before returning to the World of the Living to begin life anew. When a Quincy eradicates a soul, it disappears from the cycle, bringing the three dimensions - the World of the Living, Soul Society and Hueco Mundo - all closer to one another depending on the origin of the eradicated soul. When destroyed in great numbers, the dimensions come so close together, they enter a state of emergency where it's possible they could collide with one another with catastrophic consequences.

Therefore, the Shinigami are bitter enemies to the Quincy, having mobilized at several points in history to cull the numbers of the Quincy. As it stands, the Quincy and Shinigami are at bitter war with one another.
Equipment and Abilities
Particle Manipulation

A Quincy's power comes from their genetic ability to manipulate Reishi, ambient Spirit Particles. Through manipulating these particles, they mix them with their own Reiryoku, or Spirit Energy, and create powerful weapons of destruction. Of the capabilities arising therefrom exist the following:

Spirit Weapons, the Quincy's main form of combat. Be it a ranged weapon like a bow or gun or a melee weapon like a longsword of broadsword, weaker Quincy manifest this weapon as blue Reishi whereas stronger Quincy develop the ability to synthesize this creation into soul-silver, giving it a distinct appearance. Despite the weapon type (ranged or melee), all Spirit Weapons are capable of firing Heilig Pfeil, or Holy Arrows. All Quincy form their Spirit Weapons by a focus point known as a Mekkakyu, which is some sort of bracelet in which the Quincy focuses their collected Reishi.

Ransotengai is the Quincy's ability to create strings of Reishi to wrap around their body, allowing them to continue battle despite grievous wounds that would, under normal circumstances, have anyone rendered immobile or incapable. Basically, so long as a Quincy remains conscious and alive, through use of Ransotengai (a high level, rare technique, mind you all) the Quincy can fight to the bitter end!

Blut which manifests as two different subtypes: Blut Vene and Blut Arterie. By forcing Reishi into their veins and arteries, a Quincy can drastically increase their physical strength and defense massively! Though powerful, Blut is not without a fatal flaw: both forms cannot be active at the same time!

Seele Schneider which is a specialized sword-arrow. Vibrating at millions of rotations a second, this sword-arrow breaks apart ambient Reishi and absorbs it, increasing its own power. Before long, this sword-arrow can be loaded into one's weapon and fired for a massively destructive effect.

Sanrei Glove which is a glove, obviously, which repels Reishi. Counterintuitive, you might say, but not so! For those who master the collection of Reishi despite this handicap, great rewards await! By overcoming this handicap, a Quincy not only becomes stronger, but unlocks the famed Quincy: Vollständig, a powerful form in which a Quincy gains massive amounts of raw power!
The Invisible Empire

The Vandenreich, translated to, "Invisible Empire," is an organization whose sole purpose is to cleanse the world of any and all traces of Shinigami, Hollow or Arrancar culture and presence. Originally, the Vandenreich was an organization found in a select few ancient Quincy texts in which the organization and their, "Sternritter," - which translates to, "Star Knights," - battled forces that opposed and were a danger to the mortals they protected from afar. Seeking to emulate such a practice, the Vandenreich of both today and reality is made up of twenty-five high ranking individuals, known as the Sternritter. Each Sternritter is assigned a letter of the English alphabet which epitomizes their powers and unique capabilities. Under the Sternritter are a select few individuals known as, "Schüler," which translates to, "Pupil." The twenty-five Sternritter and their chosen Schüler are all commanded by a man whose title is known as, "Schiedsrichter," which translates to, "Arbiter." Through command of the Schiedsrichter, the Sternritter and Schüler seek to remove all traces of Shinigami, Hollow and Arrancar presence from the World of the Living; diplomacy is not an option.
Organization of the Vandenreich
The Five Points of the Holy Cross

The Schiedsrichter is both Sternritter A and the leader of the Vandenreich.. It is this Sternritter's job to organize, lead and command any and all of his or her underlings with the Vandenreich's main goal in mind. It is s/he who has the final call on anything regarding the Vandenreich. S/he is synonymous with the Gotei's Captain-Commander or Las Noches' King or Queen.

The Sternritter are seen as the generals of the Vandenreich's army. They are powerful beings who are given a letter by Sternritter A which epitomizes their unique abilities in a single word. They command their underlings based on the will of the Schiedsrichter and fight in the name of the Vandenreich. Sternritter are the Vandenreich's equivalent to the Gotei's Captains and Las Noches' Espada.

The Schatten are a subgroup of Sternritter whose additional duty is, alongside their duties as a Sternritter, to infiltrate the different realms (Soul Society, Hueco Mundo) and bring back information with the intent of increasing the Vandenreich's intel on their enemies, preparing for an eventual invasion.

The Schüler are members of the Vandenreich who are taken in by a Sternritter. They do the Sternritter's bidding, making their job easier. They are highly decorated and respected members of the Vandenreich and thus are held in high esteem. They are the equivalent to the Gotei's Lieutenant and Las Noches' Fraccion.

The Soldat are the footsoldiers of the Vandenreich, most often impressed. The Soldat are anyone willing to join the Vandenreich's cause who is not recognized as a Vandenreich of the Vandenreich's lieutenants. Anyone is allowed to be a Soldat in the Vandenreich so long as they pledge their loyalty to the Vandenreich's cause.

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