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Fullbringer Information & Organization Empty Fullbringer Information & Organization

Post by Oshime Baozhai on Fri Dec 30, 2016 4:50 pm

The Tainted Humans

Fullbringers are spiritually aware humans with powers akin to Hollows. A Fullbringer is created when the mother or father of a child survives the attack of a Hollow somehow; the victim needn't be spiritually aware him or herself. After the attack, residual energies from the Hollow seep into the DNA that is passed on from parent to child, creating a spiritually aware human at birth. By realizing their potential and training to perfect it, a Fullbringer eventually gains the ability to manipulate the souls of objects around them, changing their attributes to suit their need in a situation. This ability, known as Fullbringing is done most effectively (though not limited to) through an Item of Affinity; an Item of Affinity is a treasured and meaningful item to the Fullbringer - an item they know the ins and outs of extremely well and have mastered its conceptual usage. As Fullbringers grow in power, they may choose additional Items of Affinity or expand on their first chosen Item of Affinity, not dissimilar to a Shinigami's Shikai and Bankai in the least bit. The Fullbringer may not even have a single set Item of Affinity but a somewhat general ability that takes various effects but all have Items with similar traits, such as all being metallic but different types of metal, or may even be subjective, such as "cute" Items.

Albeit rarely, Fullbringers may choose to share their Fullbring with other Fullbringers, allowing them partial control over their powers while imposing rules, called Laws, on the other party's Fullbring in relation to themselves. This may be used to allow two Fullbringers with contrary powers to work in tandem by diminishing their individual power but allowing their powers not to cancel each other out should they collide.

Fullbringers lack any sort of specialized organization and instead are left in the dust, so to speak. Fullbringers go where they feel they fit in and belong, be it with the Shinigami, Hollows, Arrancar or Quincy - whoever, really, will have them. From time to time, Fullbringers may come together to create their own organizations or leaderships.

The Wings that Encircle the Earth

History: (Temporarily unavailable)

Organization and Structure

The Phoenix is the Supreme Commander of Daedalus. There is only one Phoenix, and it functions both as their name and title. The Phoenix appoints a new Phoenix when they are near death, and the new Phoenix erases their identity to become the master of Daedalus. While the Phoenix has absolute control over Daedalus, they take a back-seat approach to ruling the organization. Instead, they leave ruling to the Six Dragons, and only take control in order to declare war, incite peace, or to name a new Phoenix or Dragon should any need to be replaced for any reason.

The Six Dragons are the Captain equivalents in Daedalus. Each Dragon rules one portion of the organization, and has absolute control over all things pertaining to their portion's specialty. Unless it involves the organization as a whole, the word of one of the Dragons is law in Daedalus.

Fafnir is the Dragon in charge of commanding Daedalus. Fafnir directs the major affairs of the organization, and nothing is done without their approval. It is Fafnir and their underlings that give directives and assign missions to the other Dragons.

Ladon directs the minor, day-to-day affairs of Daedalus. It is this Dragon and their division that act as medics, clean-up and other tasks needed to keep the organization safe and running smoothly.

Leana is the External Commander, the one who metes out judgement to Daedalus' enemies and act as the front-line soldiers for the entire organization, focusing on combat and negotiation above all else.

Nidhogg is the Internal Commander, who deals judgement within. Their division is the internal affairs, the police force of Daedalus. This Dragon and their own are in charge of protecting, keeping, and executing prisoners. Nidhogg alone determines the punishment of anyone within or captured by Daedalus.

Svara is the Dragon of stealth, infiltration and espionage. Their division works around the world keeping tabs on all threats and foreign entities, and are masters of infiltration when needed.

Ouroboros is the Dragon in charge of research and development. They and their division are the technological division, having the most knowledgeable and intellectual in their ranks. As an additional task, Ouroboros also seeks out potential recruits for Daedalus. Ouroboros' Furies are also assigned this task.

A Fury is a direct subordinate of a Dragon. While these individuals are equal to a Lieutenant in terms of power and skill, each Dragon can have one or as many Furies under their command as they chose. It is often the Furies who select Fullbrings in Daedalus to become Harpies.

Harpies are the first officer rank available to Fullbringers in Daedalus. While they work under the Furies, they are above the Whelps in terms of authority. These Fullbringers rival the Seated Officers in terms of average ability.

A Whelp is the term used for the run-of-the-mill members of Daedalus. The Fullbringers who have not yet achieved a position of authority are all considered Whelps, regardless of whom their Dragon is, how long they have been with Daedalus, or even their own level of strength.


The official Creed of Daedalus is "We are Daedalus. Our wings will reach the Heavens but never touch the sun. By night, shadow and secrets, our wings envelope the world. Go fly through the night, and never let the sea of desire soak your feathers." However, each Dragon, upon receiving their position, creates their own Creed based upon the official Creed that will define how they rule as that Dragon.

For example, Ouroboros' currently uses "We serve Daedalus. Our wings glide us to the forbidden knowledge of the Heavens. By night, mystery and secrets, our wings envelope our minds and souls. Go fly through the night, but never let the sea of doubt soak your feathers." as their official Creed.

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