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Fullbringer Information & Organization

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Fullbringer Information & Organization

Post by Oshime Baozhai on Fri Dec 30, 2016 4:50 pm

The Tainted Humans

Fullbringers are spiritually aware humans with powers akin to Hollows. A Fullbringer is created when the mother or father of a child survives the attack of a Hollow somehow; the victim needn't be spiritually aware him or herself. After the attack, residual energies from the Hollow seep into the DNA that is passed on from parent to child, creating a spiritually aware human at birth. By realizing their potential and training to perfect it, a Fullbringer eventually gains the ability to manipulate the souls of objects around them, changing their attributes to suit their need in a situation. This ability, known as Fullbringing is done most effectively (though not limited to) through an Item of Affinity; an Item of Affinity is a treasured and meaningful item to the Fullbringer - an item they know the ins and outs of extremely well and have mastered its conceptual usage. As Fullbringers grow in power, they may choose additional Items of Affinity or expand on their first chosen Item of Affinity, not dissimilar to a Shinigami's Shikai and Bankai in the least bit. The Fullbringer may not even have a single set Item of Affinity but a somewhat general ability that takes various effects but all have Items with similar traits, such as all being metallic but different types of metal, or may even be subjective, such as "cute" Items.

Albeit rarely, Fullbringers may choose to share their Fullbring with other Fullbringers, allowing them partial control over their powers while imposing rules, called Laws, on the other party's Fullbring in relation to themselves. This may be used to allow two Fullbringers with contrary powers to work in tandem by diminishing their individual power but allowing their powers not to cancel each other out should they collide.

Fullbringers lack any sort of specialized organization and instead are left in the dust, so to speak. Fullbringers go where they feel they fit in and belong, be it with the Shinigami, Hollows, Arrancar or Quincy - whoever, really, will have them. From time to time, Fullbringers may come together to create their own organizations or leaderships.

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