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Arrancar Information & Organization

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Arrancar Information & Organization

Post by Oshime Baozhai on Fri Dec 30, 2016 4:48 pm

The Shinigami's Antithesis

The Arrancar, Japanese for, "Ripped Mask," are - named fittingly - Hollows who have managed to rip off their own mask and survive. Ordinarily, the act of tearing off your own mask is perilously dangerous and something only chance will let you survive. However, those who do survive this dangerous act gain immense power, high-level reasoning capabilities and recognition. All Arrancar retain some physical traits from their previous lives as a Hollow: a mask fragment somewhere around their head and a Hollow Hole somewhere on their body. A third and final trait of all Arrancar is the possession of a Zanpakuto, not too dissimilar to the Shinigami's own Zanpakuto. The key difference is that an Arrancar's Zanpakuto is sealed in any type of weapon imaginable and when released, is often much more powerful than a Shinigami's Shikai, transforming the whole body of the Arrancar in most cases.

Most Arrancar are under the command of His Majesty, the Hollow King. The Arrancar are organized into an organization known as the Hollow Army, whose, "Captains," are known as, Espada, and Lieutenants known as Fraccion. There are other organizations within the Hollow Army, most notably the Exqusias, a position independent of Espadaship though no less important or powerful; the Exqusias have their own leader and operate as Las Noches', the Arrancar Army's stronghold in the middle of the White Sand Desert, security force, defending against intruders of any and all kinds. Although rare, normal Hollows or Menos may join the Hollow Army without becoming Arrancar, and the Army forces those it defeats to join their ranks.
The Arrancar Arsenal
Symbolic and Physical

The Arrancar have several defining characteristics, a few of which mentioned above. Further detail can be found below:

Arrancar possess something known as Hierro. Hierro is the thickening of one's skin by forcing one's own Reiryoku throughout the body, giving one's skin the properties of steel. Arrancar use this to great effect in battles, turning the swords of their foes aside with nothing more than a shrug. Most Arrancar do not need to do this consciously.

All Arrancar are symbolized by something known as the Aspect of Death. The Aspect of Death is a one word description of an Arrancar's life, death, personality and powers. For an Arrancar to grow, they must either embrace this Aspect and use it to fuel their growth or work against this aspect, rejecting it and growing more human and through such, more power.

Las Negativas are the most powerful members of the Hollow Army, and have historically been Arrancar whom were all beyond Vasto Lorde status. Their numbers range from -1 to -4 or beyond depending on how many join their ranks, however it has traditionally been only four members. The Negativo Primera Espada along with their comrades act as the personal guards to the Hollow King.

The Espada are numbered one to ten, with one being the most powerful and ten the weakest, typically; this fact needn't remain true, necessarily. The numbers are in proper Spanish, too: Primera, Segunda et cetera, et cetera. The leader of the Espada is typically the Primera Espada (0), though whoever leads the Espada may choose their own number if they want. An unknown fact is that the D├ęcimo Espada is in truth the Cero Espada, who typically hide their true power until they release their Zanpakuto. The Cero Espada is the strongest in terms of raw spiritual power.

The Fraccion are single digit followed by a decimal and two-digits after that, Arrancar taking the number of their Espada as the number before the decimal, their rank as given by their commanding Espada. For example, the Decima Espada's chief-Fraccion would be Fraccion number 1.01. The Primera Espada's fifth in command would be known as Fraccion number 1.05.

The Numeros are any Arrancar that are not an Espada, former Espada, nor Fraccion. Each, of course, also has a number like every other Arrancar. These numbers range from number 11 to 99. They are numbered in accordance to when they joined the Hollow Army.

The Privaron Espada are former Espada who have lost their position due to loss of power, injury, or simply replacement. These former Espada are still more powerful than most Numeros, and as such have their own number system of three digit tattoos.

An Arrancar's Resurreccion is the result of an Arrancar releasing their Zanpakuto. Unlike Shinigami who have two stages, Shikai and Bankai, most Arrancar have only a single stage. The Resurreccion is the result of the Arrancar releasing their former powers - sealed into their blade - and allowing their old powers to reconnect with their physical being. This results in a massive power boost as well as access to their special, unique capabilities.

Rarely, an Arrancar gains access to something known as the Segunda Etapa. A Segunda Etapa is an Arrancar's second release, far, far more powerful than their Resurreccion. Like a Shinigami's Bankai, the Segunda Etapa is a continuation of their Resurreccion's power, further increasing its capabilities and destructive power. Access to Segunda Etapa is incredibly rare, though the history books have indeed been graced with its presence enough for it to be a documented fact.

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