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Moebius, the Hollow of Eternity (Finished) Left11Moebius, the Hollow of Eternity (Finished) Mid10Moebius, the Hollow of Eternity (Finished) Right11 

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Moebius, the Hollow of Eternity (Finished) Left11Moebius, the Hollow of Eternity (Finished) Mid10Moebius, the Hollow of Eternity (Finished) Right11 
Moebius, the Hollow of Eternity (Finished) Left11Moebius, the Hollow of Eternity (Finished) Mid10Moebius, the Hollow of Eternity (Finished) Right11 

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Moebius, the Hollow of Eternity (Finished)

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Moebius, the Hollow of Eternity (Finished) Empty Moebius, the Hollow of Eternity (Finished)

Post by Moebius on Fri Oct 14, 2016 11:01 pm

The Basics

Name: Due to being born from experimentation, The Moebius Project, the Hollow had no name of its own. It took the name Moebius due to its birth.
Species: Moebius belongs to no known Species.
Race: Moebius is classified as a Hollow.
Gender: Moebius has no known gender but physically sounds female when speaking.
Date of Birth: Moebius was created in the fall of 2016.
Appearance Age: Due to being skeletal in structure, Moebius has no physically apparent age.
Actual Age: Moebius is only a few months old.
Organization and Rank: Moebius was created by accident by an independent human facility, but does not serve them. Moebius is a wild card who can either aid or hinder anyone and any groups if they offer incentive.

Height: Moebius stands at naturally thirty five feet tall, roughly half the size of large Gillians and larger than the smallest of Gillians. However, Moebius can willing transform her physical appearance to that of the Shinigami or humans she was made from.
Weight: Moebius weighs one and a half tons regardless of size or form.
Hair color: Moebius has no hair. While in her Shinigami appearance, her hair is bluish-silver.
Eye color: Moebius has three red, slit-shaped eyes. The Shinigami form has pale grey eyes.
General Appearance: Moebius takes the form of a skeletal monster. Her head consists of a white mask that fully encases a human-shaped head, possessing three slits for eyes, two located normally with a third vertically on the forehead, no nose to speak of, and a terrible jaw. This jaw is unique in that the lower jaw divides into two, a left and right, and is lined with teeth along the top and middle. These teeth are sharp and twisted. This head is supported by a relatively short column of vertebrae for a neck, leading to a normal pair of shoulders, spine and ribs. This section of the body is human-shaped and wears a white Shihakusho. However, in place of a left hand, Moebius has a long, black sickle, made of metal. It curves upwards and has two edges. Where Moebius hips should be, her body connects to a mass of bones resembling a modified, bipedal Kushinada's lower body. It is noteworthy than under her clothes, growths on her spine resemble chains. Her Hollow Hole is located in her left shoulder.

The Psyche

Redeeming Qualities: Moebius was never truly human, and as such has never sinned. In fact, other than her need to feed to survive, she hasn't done any truly evil deeds. Moebius is also unusually intelligent for a Hollow, indicating that it's highly likely she could evolve in the future. Also, Moebius has no natural enemies. Moebius has an inquisitive personality made from her component parts, funneled through her own experiences. Her personality is largely based on that of the Shinigami she was made from, including her desire to protect humans and uphold the Gotei's laws.
Negative Qualities: Moebius does not appear friendly, and radiates a heavy, dark spiritual energy.  Moebius also speaks in an off-putting manner, speaking exclusively in the third person. Furthermore, Moebius only allies with others if they can offer her something in return.
Likes: Moebius is fascinated by life, of all kinds. The life cycle of different Species draws her attention as she was never truly anything other than her current self. Moebius also is highly interested in how Shinigami operate, as she only has memories of them from her component soul.
Dislikes: Moebius dislikes those who have a "strike first, ask questions later" mentality. She frequently talks with others while in battle or feasting. Moebius dislikes persons who put their own interests first, regardless of the consequences. She also does not like Quincy at all.
Personal Habits: Moebius speaks exclusively in third person.
General Personality: Moebius is a confident, but not arrogant individual. She is sure of herself but not rash. She prefers civility, a word she recalls from a life that didn't belong to her, over mindlessness. However, she knows that she has needs, and that only by putting oneself ahead can those needs be met. She must devour others to survive, so she does. She does not do it out of malice, but necessity. For she was never born, therefore if she was slain, she could simply cease to exist.
Something Special: Moebius can change her shape to resemble that of her Shinigami past life. She can assume her human selves as well, but does not for some reason. In her Shinigami form, her Scythe-hand is her Zanpakuto. It's powers as exactly the same, with no releases. Her Hollow Hole is still in her left shoulder, and when agitated, her face morphs into the Mask. Moebius remembers everything from her human and Shinigami lives, including their thoughts. Especially their final thoughts.

Moebius, the Hollow of Eternity (Finished) Image?_version=00_09_000&platform=chihiro&w=225&h=225&bg_color=000000&opacity=100

The Power

Hollow Type: Moebius is considered a Huge Hollow.
Hollow Ability Name: Moebius' power is called "Eternal Loop"
Hollow Ability: Moebius has the ability "loop" anything cut by her scythe. This is done via a venom secreted by the scythe, which causes a very short amnesia that only erases the last few minutes from a person's memory. This causes them to experience deja-vu, often repeating the action they just took, usually unaware of their recent injury. Hence the "loop".

The Past
History: At some point in the year 2014, a human found a young girl unconscious in the wilderness. She was dressed strangely in black clothes, and when he carried her back to his home to care for her, he found that the doctor could not see the young woman, and believed he had gone mad. However, the rich man found that it was not him who was unfit, but the doctor. For some people could see the girl, while others couldn't. He had found a real ghost, though he didn't believe in ghosts. This woman simply had some ability he wasn't yet aware of; and as a rich scientist himself, he was going to find out what that was.
So began the experiment called The Moebius Project. The man and his fellow scientists began to study the woman, who they determined was in a coma. This woman they studied presented a unique problem to the scientists; not all of them could see her, but they could feel her, and the machines showed her vitals. This woman however prompted them to find other items, strange things that only they could see, but anyone could touch.
They had found a strange metal shard on the initial scientist's property, not far from where the woman had been found. The metal was completely unknown, an alloy made with unknown elements. It was jagged, and they determined this long, dagger-like shard had come from a much larger blade, broken in some unseen, unknown combat most likely that resulted in the woman's coma.
On a radical experiment, the scientists tried to introduce the alloy to the woman, hoping that the metal would awaken her from her coma. While touching the metal to her did get a response, she did not awaken. So they attempted to merge the metal with the woman. There was a burst of energy that blew out all the windows in the facility they were illegally experimenting on the woman in. When the light cleared, the woman's body was gone, as was the metal and the scientists who all could "see" these two were left dead. The "blind" scientists had no idea of why they died, or where their subject had gone.

But all this was unknown to Moebius, who was born from that light.

Moebius emerged inside the facility, standing at only a hairs breadth short of five feet tall. Her mind was confusion, chaos. Memories merged and swam together. In some, she was a young girl attending school in Soul Society, hoping to one day join the Fourth Division. In others, she was a man who attended Yale in America before deciding to become a scientist with a degree in bio-engineering. Others, she remembered bouncing her grand-kids on her knee while thinking about what her father did for the Germans during the Second War.
Moebius didn't even know what memories to believe. What was real? Was she a scientist? A Shinigami? Did anyone know? She tried to ask Cedric, a man she recalled being friends with. But he couldn't see her. He was too distracted with the bodies. Her bodies; she remembered having those faces. She recalled styling her beard every day the way the body beside Cedric had; she recalled how hard shaving her legs were with arthritis in her joints, but it was worth it to wear those baby doll heels and miniskirt that the woman crumbled in the corner wore. She even remembered buying those items, and that blouse, to impress one of the other female scientists here.
Moebius couldn't recall what was what, and she sat, alone in that illegal operating room long after the humans had left. One word was prominent in her memories, "Moebius". Her human memories recalled it fondly. She had many names, but she decided Moebius fit her better once she figured out what had occurred. The Moebius Project had created her, a Hollow, using a Shinigami and a fragment of a Kushinada blade. The souls of the scientists she recalled being had acted as the necessary fuel to meld it all together.
In time, she would forget the specific memories, only the ideas they held remaining. Her forgetfulness was caused by hunger, but she soon recalled that Hollows needed to eat human souls to survive. Coincidentally, she recalled that the laboratory was built very close to her "friend" Cedric's estate, and that it had been a long time since she had visited for a social call. With a creaking of bones, she left to pay him a visit.

Major Events Timeline:
August, 2016- Moebius Project creates Moebius.
September, 2016- Moebius leaves the human laboratory in search of the unknown.

Race : Hollow
Age : 3
Posts : 7

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Moebius, the Hollow of Eternity (Finished) Empty Re: Moebius, the Hollow of Eternity (Finished)

Post by Shiroki on Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:43 am

You have been awarded the Lieutenant Tier. You can post your 6 chosen Skills, found here, and they'll be added to your profile.

As an Lieutenant, your base Skill level is Intermediate and no skill may exceed Advanced. To increase a skill, you must lower one or more by an equal total amount.

Once your skills are done, you may post all the techniques your character knows here as well.

You may also learn the technique Soul-Body separation should you choose, details of which can be found here

Moebius, the Hollow of Eternity (Finished) Approv12

Species : Werewolf
Race : Shinigami
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Moebius, the Hollow of Eternity (Finished) Empty Re: Moebius, the Hollow of Eternity (Finished)

Post by Moebius on Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:50 pm

Lieutenant Tier
Six skills, base level of Intermediate

Armed Combat- Advanced
Spiritual Combat- Beginner
Hoho- Advanced
Hierro- Intermediate
Regeneration- Advanced

Race : Hollow
Age : 3
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Moebius, the Hollow of Eternity (Finished) Empty Re: Moebius, the Hollow of Eternity (Finished)

Post by Moebius on Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:59 pm


Retornarte (Return to You)- Moebius can assume the form of any of her previous selves, including the shape of her Shinigami part or Humans parts.

Saltar atrás (Jump Back)- Anything cut by the scythe Moebius possesses will lose the last few moments of their memory. Consecutive cuts compound this loss.

El crecimiento (The growth)- Moebius can regrow severed limbs if given the time. Destruction of her limbs in Retornarte is reflected in her Hollow state as well, as well as their regeneration.

Race : Hollow
Age : 3
Posts : 7

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Moebius, the Hollow of Eternity (Finished) Empty Re: Moebius, the Hollow of Eternity (Finished)

Post by Sponsored content

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