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Tiers and Skills

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Tiers and Skills Empty Tiers and Skills

Post by Lanying Baozhai on Mon Dec 26, 2016 7:26 pm

Character Tiers
A Measure of the Spirit

When you are approved, you will be approved with the following vague description of your character's overall abilities. This isn't necessarily tied to what your rank is but for the most part will be. Your tier is a very generic rundown of how powerful your character is.

There are no strict guidelines for how you will be graded, though just know that quality and quantity (because we have to admit the two are closely related) will be looked at. We will also look at what rank you are going for. We will try to keep everything uniform and work on a guide. But as of now, no guide exists.

Ascended Tier are the most powerful individuals to exist. These beings have been around for a long time and know their way around most everything they come across. A good few examples from canon would be Captain-Commander Yamamoto, Aizen Sosuke, Ichigo Kurosaki (with the Final Getsuga Tensho) and Yhwach / Juhabach. Members of the Royal Guard are also on this level, albeit on the lower level. The gap between Ascended and Veteran is notable for sure.

Though Ascended is not granted from approval as a general rule, an example of an Ascended Tier application would be Ma'kine.

Veteran Tier are Captains and Espada hardened by hundreds of years of experience and war. They're powerful, usually old, and are quite deadly. You do not want to mess with one of these guys because if their raw power doesn't kill you, their experience in the field definitely will. Good examples would be Urahara, Ukitake, Shunsui, Starrk and Ulquiorra. Captains and Espada of this Tier are the ones most likely to be leading factions.

An approval for Veteran Tier requires a majority of staff's approval. An example of a Veteran Application is (PLACEHOLDER).

Advanced Captain Tier are seasoned Captains and Espada alike, as well as their equivalents. They've likely mastered their powers at this point and are beyond deadly. Canon character examples would include Byakuya Kuchiki, Kenpachi Zaraki and even Grimmjow.

An Advanced Captain Tier requires two staff to approve. An example of an Advanced Captain application is Nocens or Ukhel.

Captain Tier are brand new Captains, Espada or any other Captain equivalent rank. They've a new grasp on their fearsome powers and are not to be trifled with. This includes canon characters such as Chad in the Blood War arc, Komamura in the Soul Society arc, and Soifon in the Soul Society arc.

Captains and all lower Tiers only require a single staff member's approval. An example of a Captain tier application is Sabiruchi or Oshime.

Advanced Lieutenant Tier are seasoned Lieutenants and Fraccion and their equivalents. They usually have a fairly firm grasp on their releases and powers and are not afraid of battles. They can be quite the trouble on the battlefield.

An example of the Advanced Lieutenant Tier would be (PLACEHOLDER).

Lieutenant Tier are Lieutenants and Fraccion and their equivalent. They sometimes have a good grip on whatever second-release they have (Bankai, Fullbring Second Stage etc., etc) and will clue you in to quite an asswhooping.

An example of the Lieutenant Tier would be (PLACEHOLDER).

Officer Tier are Seated Members, Numeros, Soldat and their equivalents. They have good grip over whatever First Release they have. However, they have much room to grow. Good examples would be Loly and Menoly, Chad Yasutoro and Orihime.

An example of the Officer Tier would be Itsuya.

Recruit are a mix between Seated and Unseated members and their equivalents. They would be akin to army recruits - freshly graduated from whatever program they must enter to become part of their organization - and rarely have a firm grip over their First Release. They are the standard foot soldier; usually fodder! But they don't have to be. They have potential and undeniably so!
An example of the Recruit Tier would be Hanzo.
Lanying Baozhai
Lanying Baozhai

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Tiers and Skills Empty Re: Tiers and Skills

Post by Lanying Baozhai on Mon Dec 26, 2016 7:27 pm

Character Skills
A Measure of Discipline

To define your character when it comes to combat situations, we have our skills. Skills are broken down into two distinctions: General Skills and Racial Skills. General Skills are the fundamental combat aspects each character on the site shares with one another, whereas Racial Skills belong to each individual race in the Bleach World. Each skill is broken down into levels, called Skill Ranks which note one's proficiency in their respective skill. Each skill has six skill ranks:

General Skills
These Belong to Everyone

Armed Combat, which dictates one's skill with weaponry. A Shinigami or Arrancar's combat with their sword falls under this skill's domain.
Unarmed Combat, which dictates one's skill with using their own body as a weapon. Punches, kicks, swipes from your claws all fall under this skills domain.
Spiritual Combat, which determines the relative strength of one's spiritual based attacks, such as one's Zanpakuto abilities, Kido, Ginto, or Cero attacks.
Hoho, more commonly known as Shunpo, Sonido, Hirenkyaku and the like. This skill dictates the proficiency of one's High Speed Movement techniques. The higher the skill, the quicker and farther one moves.
Reiatsu Perception, which dictates one's skill with internally analyzing the ambient energies of the world around them. Those highly skilled in Reiatsu Perception also find the manipulation and subsequent concealment of their own Reiatsu and abilities related to it are easier and far more more advanced.
Racial Skills

Shinigami have their Hado, Bakudo, Kaido, and Shunko.

  • Hado is a type of magic used by Shinigami, called the Way of Destruction. All damaging Kido are called Hado and are typically number one to ninety-nine by order of least to greatest strength. All Hado are named and have incantations, though neither is required to use them for the most skill practitioners. Using both greatly increases the power.
  • Bakudo, The Way of Binding, is a type of Kido that acts as barriers, bindings or seals. Like Hado, they are numbered one to ninety nine, from weakest to strongest. Using either the name, incantation, or both increases their power.
  • Kaido, The Healing Way is a form of Kido that heals wounds using Spiritual Energy. Kaido spells are neither named nor numbered.
  • A mixture of Kido and unarmed fighting, Shunko loops energy around the user to greatly increase their speed and power.

Hollows and Arrancar have their Hierro, Regeneration, Cero, and Bala.

  • Hierro, also called Iron-skin, is the hardening of the flesh of Hollows and Arrancar by infusing their spiritual pressure into their skin. This increases its hardness and resistance to damage immensely.
  • Regeneration is the Hollow ability to heal injuries at a rapid speed. The most powerful use of this ability, High-Speed Regeneration can regrow limbs or organs in minutes. However, no regeneration ability can heal a completely destroyed brain or body.
  • Cero is an ability found most commonly in Menos-class Hollows and Arrancar. It condenses spiritual energy into a beam to deal a large amount of damage, but takes time to charge.
  • The answer to the Cero's slow charging time is the Bala, meaning Bullet. Though far weaker than a Cero, they move twenty times faster or more, and can be fired in rapid succession.

Quincy have their Blut Vene, Blut Arterie, and Spellcraft.

  • Blut Vene, the defensive form of the Quincy Blut, works by using Reishi to toughen the physical body. Because it infuses with the Quincy blood, it can prevent even severe wounds from bleeding profusely.
  • Blut Arteie, Blut's offensive form, increases the physical strength of a Quincy, allowing them to surpass their body's natural limits in feats of strength. Due to using a different Reishi system than Blut Vene, the two cannot be used together.
  • Spellcraft encompasses the vast number of things a Quincy can use Reishi for, including traps, barriers, and powerful magical attacks.

Vaizards may choose one Hollow and Arrancar skills to use for themselves.
Humans have no skills specific to themselves.
Fullbringers have Soul Manipulation and Power Transference.

  • Soul Manipulation is the ability a Fullbringer has to Fullpull on the souls of everything, inanimate or otherwise,
    around them. The most basic ability of this is activating their releases, pulling on the soul of their Item of Affinity.
  • Power Transference allows Fullbringers to share and trade their Fullbrings with other Fullbringers. This allows the Fullbringers to set rules and conditions on how the abilities of their comrades effect themselves. The greatest power of the Transference is the ability to permanently take the Fullbring of another Fullbringer so long as they are near death. Doing so provides a significant boost to the one who stole it and mutates their own Fullbring.

Togabito have two skills from their previous lives, and two unique skills Hell Disguise and Chain Mastery.

  • Hell Disguise is a Togabito's ability to hide from the Kushinada while outside of Hell, and to prevent their negative spiritual energy from being detected by others.
  • Chain Mastery is a Togabito's ability to manipulate and control the Chains of Damnation that bind the Togabito to Hell.
    This allows them to cause the chains to manifest or disappear, though not even the greatest Togabito can completely remove their own chains permanently.

Custom Skills are permitted upon approval.
Skill Distribution
How It Works

Each Tier is assigned a maximum number of skills, a base skill level, and a maximum skill rank upon approval. These limitations exist only for approval purposes and may be bypassed with in character work after approval. Your base skill level is the level all skills start out as upon approval. To increase one skill, you must lower another accordingly.

Recruits are awarded four skills of their choosing. Their base skill level is Beginner, and no skill may exceed Beginner.
Officers are awarded five skills of their choosing. Their base skill level is Beginner, and no skill may exceed Intermediate.
Lieutenants are awarded six skills of their choosing. Their base skill level is Intermediate, and no skill may exceed Advanced.
Advanced Lieutenants are awarded six skills of their choosing. Their base skill level is Intermediate, and no skill may exceed Expert.
Captains are awarded seven skills of their choosing. Their base skill level is Advanced , and no skill may exceed Master.
Advanced Captains are awarded seven skills of their choosing. Their base skill level is Expert, and 1 skill may become Grandmaster. This tier requires dual staff approval.
Veterans are awarded eight skills of their choosing. Their base skill level is Expert, with one skill of their choosing starting at Master (must be selected at approval), and they may have up to 3 Grandmaster. This tier requires triple staff approval.
Ascended are not approved from the start. However, like Veterans, they may have up to 3 Grandmaster.

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Lanying Baozhai
Lanying Baozhai

Species : Oni
Race : Shinigami
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Tiers and Skills Empty Re: Tiers and Skills

Post by Shiroki on Fri Mar 16, 2018 6:39 am

Skill Interactions


General use

For standardization, from hereon people attempting to use Perception on something will be called 'Observers' and those on the receiving end 'Targets'.

Succeeding a Perception check (having a higher Perception value compared to target) results in the user learning something about the target. Quality of information learnt depends on the difference between the user's Perception stat compared to the target's:

For every 1 level difference (Advanced>Intermediate), 1 key (relevant) fact and 2 minor (less relevant) facts are obtained by the user. The user should specify what they are attempting to learn when attempting this. At the same time, focusing only on learning one thing might come of the cost of noticing other minor details.

Failing a Perception attempt (having a lower Perception stat compared to the target) results in the reverse of the above: the user obtains one major lie and 2 minor lies for each level difference with the target. If the difference is 2 levels or greater, the target is also made aware they are being Observed and can take further action should they choose.


Attempting to Perceive a target who is two tiers or higher above the user's Tier level (e.g: Captain vs. Veteran) has consequences.
-2 tiers higher: user is stunned for 1 round
-3 tiers higher: user is paralyzed for 2 rounds
-4 tiers higher: user foams at the mouth
-5 and above: user falls unconscious for 12 hours and suffers -1 to Perception stat for next 24 hours.

Nonetheless, a lower-tier user with a higher Perception stat may still succeed in attempt to Observe a higher-tier target, if they are willing to bear the above consequences.

Foiling Perception Attempts

In general, to discover if anyone is Observing them; one has to make Perception checks of their own.

The exception to the above is when the Perception attempt fails by 2 levels or more (e.g: Someone with Expert Perception trying to Observe another with Grandmaster perception). In that event, the more experienced target is automatically aware of the failed attempt and may respond as they choose.

Weaponizing Perception: Trickery and the Penance Stare

A target of Perception may; assuming they are aware of the attempt AND possess a higher Perception stat than the Observer, use this as an opportunity to pass along fake information to the Observer. (e.g: by faking a limp, or appearing stronger/weaker than is the case). Doing so requires the Target/Faker to first be aware of the attempt (either actively Perceiving to search for Observers, or else with a Perception stat high enough that the Observer's attempt both simultaneously fails AND alerts the target to it) and also to make their own Perception check against the first Observer. If the Target's stat value is greater, they could make the Observer 'see' what they wish them to see.

This technique compares Perception stat values, allowing a lower-tier user to 'feed' a higher-tier target fake information if their Perception stat is greater. However, they cannot control how that information will affect the target:

A Lieutenant-tier user skilled in Perception may succeed in 'convincing' a Captain-tier Observer that they (the Lieutenant) are stronger or more threatening than they actually are. However, the Captain-tier's response may vary and be unexpected. This is because what the user/Lieutenant's idea of 'terrifying' is unlikely to coincide with the Observer/Captain's due to their difference in abilities.

The experienced Target may make a separate counter-Perception attempt AFTER feeding lies to the Observer, to obtain info from the Observer if they wish.

To initiate tier-sickness at will, the user has to make direct contact with the target (usually through gaze or touch), and possess higher values in both Perception as well as Tier. For the attempt to succeed both must be in place. Having higher Perception but being of lower Tier than the target will result in an Attack Attempt which will likely backlash on the user due to Target's higher Tier.

Weaponized Perception (Penance stare) comes in various forms depending on the user and is a unique technique beyond the 5 core skills (Armed, Unarmed, Hoho, Spirit Combat, Perception) everyone acquires. A practitioner has to be self-taught or attend classes to obtain this technique.

Warning: Attempting to do either of these techniques on a stronger target runs the risk of the effects rebounding on the user themselves


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Tiers and Skills Empty Re: Tiers and Skills

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