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Post by Spider on Sun Apr 26, 2015 6:11 pm


Name: Takeshi Dereshi (though pretty much everyone calls him Spider)
Date of Birth: November 15 1900
Year of Birth: November 15 1930

Age: 120
Age of Appearance: twenties when shaven, early 30s when not shaven.
Gender: Male
Organization & Rank: 3rd seat of the 2nd squad of the gotei 13 and member of the Onmitsukidō, Detention Unit.

Appearance: Spider is a man of average height for the 1920s, six feet tall. His muscle mass is about Kisuke's build. He has purple hair, about shoulder length, except in the back where it looks like it reaches his mid-upper back, and more towards the left. He lets everything but the back fall down naturally, the back in a pony tail. His hair is wispy and greasy, as far as texture. He His skin is fair, not to light and not too tan, and his eyes are red. He has marks under his eyes much like Itachi's to give you an idea of what they look like. He has a light beard which is also purple (buy light I mean like Shunsui but a bit more solid). His outfit is very different from most shinigami as he rarely wears a shihakusho, except for special occasions. His normal outfit is much like the one he died in. The 1st layer starts with the white shirt you wear under a tuxedo, with a black tie on it. His pants are black dress pants, his socks white and his shoes are black dress shoes. Over his shirt he wears a sleeveless black vest, which when shikai is active it becomes a sleeved vest. When he does wear a shihakusho, it doesn't have sleeves. At almost all times on his head he wears a 1920s black fedora, which he has a white band around the base of it.

Positive Traits
Layed back: He is not one to stress out much, and is pretty calm most of the time. He keeps a cool air in almost all situations, some of his teammates think he has no emotion at all.
Loyal to his friends: Spider is incredibly loyal to those he has a bond with. If you're a friend, and I mean friend not comrade or ally, and you are eaten by a hollow, he'll kill that hollow. This is ultimately the deciding factor on who he fights for.
casual way of talking: Spider, do to actually being from America, refers to people by their 1st name, though he does state your rank if you are above him. By no means is this meaning he is disrespectful this is just the way he talks.
Party person: He is all around a party person, being friendly at bars, buying drinks, and encouraging everyone to have a good time.
Romantic: When he wants, he can be the romance you'd expect from someone in that outfit. He'll be poetic, and lift up the person whom he is flirting with, onto a pedestal higher than the gods.
Social: When in an area where it is normal to be social, or it is needed, or with a friend, he can be very social. This all around bring the outgoing part of his personality. He is friendly, uses manners, and is all around a good person to be around when he is like this.
High class: He was raised to act high class. This side doesn't come out often and when he is like this, there is a chance he is in his shihakusho.
Peaceful: More than not he doesn't like starting fights. Partially because he doesn't like hurting people he doesn't have to, but also cause its a waste of time to him. However, he will not hesitate to kick your butt if you attack.
Happy Drunk: while most would say no drunk is better, the happy drunk is better than the angry drunk guy isn't it? When he  is drunk he is in all around a good mood. When he is drunk he is honestly a mix between Happy Drunk and Romantic drunk. He is friendly and happy around everyone and romantic around a girl.

Negative Traits
X Slight Authority Problem: He has a dislike for taking orders, used to having his own agenda. While he will follow them, doesn't mean he'll have to like it.
X Lone Wolf: He prefers to be alone on missions, which honestly is pretty annoying. He will need a little extra pay if you want to work with others in a mission.
X Mysterious: Do to most people knowing little about him, him is very mysterious, and when you don't know much about someone it can cause fear. He also doesn't socialize unless you talk to him, and being distant from everyone else unless he feels that it would be better if he was there, this causes distrust.
X Cheater: In gambling he always cheats, plain and simple. He knows tricks to get slots machines to work, what do to get the ball to land on the stop he needs it to, and has cards up his sleeve. This has been the cause of many-a bar fight, which has result in many-a ass kicking.
X Loyal to friends: Because of being loyal to his friends, he will turn on allies if necessary. As such don't expect that just because you are on the same side, that he won't attack you. Now he will help you but he has to choose between you and his friend, goodbye.

Gambling: he is addicted to it.
Wine and Alcohol: not addicted just used to it do to being in the roaring 20s. (for those of you who don't know, that was a time of parties and celebration, being care free.)
His outfit: he just likes that style
His Zanpakuto: he finds her cute and since she is Lady Luck, he kinda relied on her in life. Her personality also mirrors his.
Cheating: makes it easier
Techno, Remixed, and dubstep music
Books: especially fictional stories.
out going girls, tomboys: just prefers them over shy introvert girls, though he does find them cute.
Money: If you've got the money money, yoink.

X Kids: simply put, they annoy him,
X Sour food
X loudness when he is trying to relax, read, or sleep: its. is. annoying.
X Bar fights: they ruin the feel, and he will get pissed if you start one.
X Stuck up people: same thing as Loudness when he is trying to relax, read, or sleep.
X Modern rap: it insults music.
X Taking orders: hes not used to it.
X Know it all: he thinks it is annoying that some people think they know it all.
X People who state the obvious: its obvious, you don't need to state it.

/ gambling
/ drinking
/ listening to music.

/ Have fun and Carpe Diem. (Latin for Seize the Day)
/ Make Money


Zanpakutō Name: Kuon no Megami
Zanpakutō Translation: Lady Luck

Sealed Zanpakutō: His zanpakuto is very weird, as it actually changes shape depending on whether it is sheathed or not. When sheathed it is a  regular katana. The handle is of course the same material with as the rest with black wrapping around it and the handle having four spikes on the part that connects the handle and blade. He had the sheath modified by the 12th squad since in its sealed form Spider had a hard time carrying it around. In its true form, it, is, massive, the handle its self being the size of Spider's torso, while the blade is as tall as him. Despite being huge it is actually very light, his main problem getting to fit anywhere. He actually rarely uses it, do to preferring his shikai and hand to hand combat.
Release Phrase: Lay Your Bets.

Shikai Appearance: To put it simply, it makes his sleevless vest into a full on overcoat. The entire coat is made of a fabric like substance but is the equivlancy of wearing a Zanpakuto on your torso and arms. The white part of the sleeves are capable of shooting metal cards (also treated as zanpakuto metal, cause other wise this would suck for vs hollow combat) similar to a machine gun.
Shikai Ability:  Unlike just having a hand of cards (five allowed in each hand at a time) these cards have no special effects. When having a hand, each suit has a certain ability: Clubs split into three different cars, one attacking form above, and two from the sides. Hearts: heal your teammate. Spades: are the hardest hitter. Diamonds: the tank card basically. Joker: gives plus 20 to one of his stats or two 20s to two of a teammates stats, can only have two in use at a time. At any time in a battle he can use Royal Straight Flush, an ability that causes ten explosions to explode within one foot of each other within a specific area. This cuts him off from using that suit for four posts. He can also rig any card to explode. all explosions are about the range of a grenade (including shrapnel). All cards have a emblem on the back that substitute Shinigami badge despite not being one.

(he doesn't have this yet, just putting it here so I don't forget)
Bankai Name: Lady Luck, bless these cards.
Bankai Appearance: It depends from form to form. In the 1st form it makes 52 cards, and all enlarge to be giant mirrors that reflect Spider and his movements. The movements of the reflection also lag behind the real one so its hard to predict his moves. These reflections are there regardless of if he is in a card or out of it. The second becomes a mirror and when the mirror forms into an opponent/ ally/ him, it looks like the colors are inverted. In its final form, he fuses with Lady luck, and while keeping his normal outfit, he does gain her color pallet, his outfit becoming red and black rather than black and white with some purple, and his hair turns blonde, he also gains a purple aura who's job is to be there and look cool.
Bankai Ability:

(he cannot use two forms at the same time, and while he can switch between the two forms, it does not reset the posts left till it deactivates)

Form 1: 52 Pick Up: Mirage: he takes out an entire deck of cards, and does 52 pick up. These cards then float around a target, or group of targets, before becoming the size of mirrors used to see the whole body. This forms a barrier with no gaps big enough for anything but a fly (or card) to get through. He can then enter a card or stay outside the walls, as the mirrors reflect him all around everyone. It is impossible to tell the difference between each one, and this confused the enemy and fools the senses of the opponent.  While his attacks move at normal speed, when he moves from mirror to mirror it is the equivalency of a flash step, however when exiting or moving outside the mirrors, he is normal. The reflections themselves all lag two seconds behind his actual movements, further discombobulating the enemy. Any destroyed mirrors regenerate. (1st learned when obtaining bankai)

(must do a 300 word training thread Lady Luck to get this, thread cannot be the same as the one he gets Bankai in) Form two: Fifty Two Pick Up: Inverse Image: Beginning the same as Fifty Two Pick Up: Mirage,  he takes out a deck of cards and scatters them, but instead they all form one big mirror. This then makes an image of a target, be it him, a teammate or an opponent. The mirror first forms a normal image of the person, then becomes inverted in color. The image then becomes a physical being as the mirror shatters, the fragments disappearing into nothingness. The abilities of this person are now reversed. EX: Kenpachi would go from a physical beast to a Kido Nuke. Mayuri would switch from a Hado master to a person who can destroy towns in one strike, you get the picture.

(requires a 600 word training thread with Lady Luck, cannot be the same thread as the past two, must do three other threads before this and at least one must be combat) Final form: Staring off the same as Fifty Two Pick Up: Inverse Image, he takes out a deck and scatters it, all making a full mirror. This time, Lady Luck appears in it. She lifts her arm out to hold, the arm coming out of the mirror and when Spider grabs it, he and her fuse into one being the mirror yet again shattering. In this form his abilities are tripled in power.


Spirit Appearance: Lady Luck is an 18 year old girl physically. She has long blonde hair that flows down to her mid back, that is like silk. She wears a strapless dress that is mostly red, staying rad until it hits her hip area, where it turns white, each part of the dress having a different suit on it. The bottom of the dress is black with white frills lining it. She wears black silky gloves that stop at her mid shoulder, and white pantyhose, her feet having black heals. She also has a headband on her head that has a small queen's crown on it.
Spirit Personality: She is a very strong independent girl, who honestly loves having fun. She actually mirrors her weilder's personality most of the time, though keeping a few of her own traits such as trolling, being playful and flirtatious. Her personality is heavily influenced by her owner, and her owner's condition. EX: if the owner is drunk, she is drunk, if the owner is irritated and something not her she is irritated too.
Inner World: It looks like a gambling Casino with a checkered pattern. There are slot machines lining the walls, an upper floor for card games, tables for dice rolling, a dining area (with actual food), and a huge roulette table in the middle.

History: Living in the roaring 20s, Spider's life was mostly carefree and fun. It was the time of parties, fun, celebration, illegally drinking! It was a huge change from the war that they had been in for so long. Spider, was actually a solider in the war. Fighting from mid war to end, it wasn't until much later on that he got his nickname: Spider. In a sudden change of orders, he went from being a solider to an assassin, though he did request extra pay of course. He was now the guy who invented traps for targets and was then told to kill them. Do to his mastery at traps, deceiving skill, and skill in killing targets fast, he was given the nickname Spider. As the war went on he killed many a man and of course the war ended and he went home to celebrate. Unlike other soldiers, he didn't have a family to come home to. Most of his days during this time was partying with random people do to having noone to hang out with. Unlike most people Spider wasn't really sad or mad about having noone, just moving on with his life and having fun. Eventually he was the star of his town the guy everyone could get alone with, except the law. Until 1929, his town had no police, do to their being literally no crime in the area. At 1929 the law came do to one drunk idiot who drove to the next county and crashed into someone, do to drinking being illegal at the time. Almost all was taken accept the ones he hid. He served them illegally at his house for a long time until some goodie too shoes ratted him out. After all of it being confiscated, Spider lost the one thing that he had in common with everyone, love for alcohol and parties. Spider withdrew until someone actually invited him to a party, which sadly would be his last in the world of the living. In the middle of party, a truck of gang members did a drive by and one of those bullets happened to go through his chest.

His spirit floated from his body, a strange chain attached to it, him looking at his corpse. Some how, not even this phased him, and he moved on with his afterlife. He would roam the earth for years before, unfortunately, a hole in  his chest became whole, his spirit chain destroying it's self. Weirdly, when becoming a hollow, he was more a brute than anything else, until he reached Adjuchas that is. In this form, he gained a very twisted and personality. His love for thrill and games and gambling became toying with his enemies. An even weirder part was the powers he had in this form are the same as his bankai's final form. Eventually later on, he became a Vasto Lorde, having been around for sixty years. It was hear that an alarm was sound, and three captains were sent to stop him before he became even more powerful. One an expert in sword techniques, one the analyst, and one a master healer. The battle lasted one hour, resulting in his purification. After a calm conversation with one of the captains he was konso-ed and sent to the Soul Society. Here he lived peacefully for twenty years, gambling and having fun. Eventually he became bored, everything becoming repetitive, and boring. In his normal gambling area he heard someone bring up some entrance exam to get into the Gotee 13. He then started to strike up a conversation with them, finding out all he could. After about hearing about it he decided to join the Gotei 13 to spice up his life. At the exam, he aced it, note even breaking a sweat and showing great signs for talent. After graduating the academy, he was assigned to the 2nd squad. He was the 1st of his group of recruits to not only learn shikai, but master it the fastest. Do to his strength and fast progress he was offered to be in the vacant 3rd seat, and given a spot in the Onmitsukidō, Detention Unit, all of this done in only five years.  The next five he served in the Onmitsukidō, Detention Unit, occasionally being sent out to assassinate a hollow or help some newbie.

RolePlaying Sample:

A man walked through the Magot's Nest. His purple hair fell down the side of his face, as his pony tail relaxed on his back, while his fedora made shadows that covered his eyes. The lower ranked ones looked at him, either whispering fearful things, or scoffing at how he acted while being so high up. The man fixxed his fedora, the shadows coming off of it no longer covering his eyes. His red eyes showing he opened the door, going to the outside. Takeshi, otherwise known as Spider, was about to introduce a newbie into the Maggots nest. He sighed, hoping this one wasn't like most of the new guys.

The newbie walked to the door and looked over at Spider. Spider over looked her, doing a quick check of her body. She has ice blue hair, which fell down in strands down to her knee, and snow white skin. Her shihakusho, being slightly loose, gave him no idea to how her body looked, and of course it covered everything but her head. Her eyes were a red much like his, and she had a look of respect for him. Didn't seem to fit his tastes at all. "Newbie." Spider said. "Get over here, I don't know about you but I want to get this over with." The girl looked at him, sorta staring. "You are the newbie right?"

"I am the new person, yes." She said, hating the term newbie. "Are you 3rd seat Takeshi?"

Spider sighed briefly. Great He thought. One who used honorifics. "Yeah thats me. Ready to head in?"

"Isn't there anything I need to do sir?"

"I prefer to get the job done rather than going over pointless stuff that you don't need to know yet. The only thing you need to know is you cann't bring you Zanpakuto." He said. "Go put it in there with the rest." He added, pointing to a container holding everyone's Zanpakuto. The Recruit quickly did that before coming to him. "Good now follow me."

"Yes sir 3rd seat Takeshi." This is gonna be a long day Spider said in his head. He lead her in, closing the door behind him. The recruit looked at all the prisoners in amazement.

"There certainly are alot of people here." She commented.

Spider walked up to her, before stopping her from continuing walking. "Those aren't the guards those are our prisoners." The recruit froze in shock, then screamed at him.

"WHY AREN'T THEY CHAINED UP! WHY WOULD YOU LET ANYONE IN HERE WITHOUT A ZANPAKUTO IF THE PRISONERS COULD JUST WALK AROUND AND BEAT THE HELL OUT OF YOU!?" She yelled, before noticing that four prisoner's staring and grinning. They all charged at her, knowing she was a newbie. Spider pushed her back before getting ready for the four prisoners attack. One through a punch, which he parried before flipping him into the air, and then mid swing, kicking his own foot into the air, and kicking him at the three, two being knocked out from just that as they charged him. The one left charged and then stopped, before flipping over him attempting to attack him from behind, in mid air. Big mistake. Spider ducked under him, himself on the ground, while he let his feet go in between the man's arms and sides. With on swift push from his legs, the man's skull hit the ground with a loud thud, the body falling over as the man fell unconscious. Spider caught he man's legs, stopping them and rest of his body from hitting the ground hard, before picking him up and putting him on the pile of other men. Spider looked at the recruit, who was staring in amazement. She couldn't help but start fan girling at what she just saw.

"Oh my god you beat all those guys with just your fist!?" She questioned, filling with energy. "You didn't even put any effort into it! No wonder you're 3rd seat here! Wow! I bet you could even be Lieutenant! How did you do that!?" She asked eyes filling with energy.

Sheesh this kid has a really good talent for stating the obvious. He sighed at put a finger to her lip. "Look kid, calm down remember what happened the last time you screamed?" He pointed out before sighing deeply. "To answer your questions: I don't know why they don't let us bring our Zanpakuto, and I can live my life without knowing it. The prisoners here are unchained because we are trained to use Hakuda to put them down if they get out of control. Yes I did beat them with just my fist, that was the for mentioned Hakuda. How did I do it? Hakuda." He finished.

The recruit looked at him annoyed. " Fine I'll quite down, but I am not a kid." She said with a pouty face and voice. "Not only do I have a teenage body but I am 128 years old." She said to him annoyed at being at being called a kid.

"Only a kid pouts about being called a kid, heck now that I think about it: only a kid pouts." He commented. He then went on to show her the rest of the area. "Most areas are pretty much the same, though we have had a break room recently installed. Don't fret about details or anything, it just wastes time. If you want to live there is only one thing you have to do, be calm, be cool, and know Hakuda, that's it." He explained.

"Yes sir." She said, listening to his advice, following closely.

"Hey...what's your name?" He asked, turning around to look her in the eyes.

"Rain sir." She said, looking down trying not to have eye contact. "Rain Itsuna." Another sigh escaped Spider's lips.

"Rain, lighten up." He said nonchalantly. "I did say to be calm and cool right? So don't be so uptight. The others may like it, but I don't really like the whole 3rd seat and honors and all that. Just call me what everyone here calls me, Spider. "You can lighten up around me alright?"

"Yes sir Spider." She said. Lets fix that, going to be a long week. Spider thought before smiling a faint smile and looking down at her.

"Alright Rain, since you don't have any real duties today, and I am off as of now, lets go get a drink." He said.

"R-really sir?"

"Sure. It's always good to let loose and have a good time, especially with others."

"I'd be happy too...Spider." She said with a smile, finally softening up. Hm....Maybe she is my type. Spider thought before leading the way.

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Post by Anxo Serafim on Sat May 02, 2015 4:33 am

Welcome to the Lieutenant Bracket. You are rewarded 125 Points and 9 Perk Points.

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Post by Spider on Mon Mar 21, 2016 12:10 pm

Armed Combat: Beginner
Unarmed combat: intermediate
Spiritual combat: intermediate
Hoho: intermediate
Reiatsu perception: intermediate
Shunko: advanced

Clubs: throwing card(s) with the club suit causes them at a target. They then split into 3 cards, one attacking from the top, and the other two attacking the sides.

Spades: thrown at the opponent(s) , using spiritual combat and unarmed combat for damage.

Diamonds: while held in hand, body is twive as durable (stacks)

Hearts: heal. 1 card heals minor wounds, 2 heal deep cuts a d fractured bones, 3 heals major wounds, 4 heals limbs, 5 can bring one back from the brink of death.

Royal Straight Flush: holding a a royal straight flush in hand, Spider sacrifices his ability to use that suit for four posts. Holding the cards out, Spider drops them, causing them to spread out and make a Shinigami badge symbol appear covering fifty yards. Anything within the symbol will be caught in a huge eexplosion, which deals damage using his spiritual combat X 2.

Iron Palm: An open palm strike which can effortlessly shatter a Hollow's head with a single strike.

Ikkotsu: A powerful punch which can send a target flying along a city street, and throw them through a building.

Windmill: Throwing their body up into the air, the practitioner makes a shearing movement with their legs, allowing them to move one leg in front of the other, before performing a devastating kick which sends the target flying away with tremendous force.

Oni Headpoke: Pulling a finger back against their thumb, the practitioner flicks it at an opponent. The blow carries enough physical force to send the opponent flying a considerable distance away and crashing through multiple physical constructs.

Bamboo Dragonfly: Holding their hand out to the side, the practitioner performs a simple but effective throw, which violently flips their victim upside down. The victim lands heavily on their back, which knocks the wind out of them.

Waterfall Carp: The practitioner utilizes this technique to create an opening in their opponents defense. When the target kicks out, the user blocks the attack with their forearm. When the foe moves to kick them with their other foot, the practitioner grabs the blocked foot with their free hand while simultaneously blocking the second attack with their legs. The user subsequently traps the opponents second foot between their legs. With both legs trapped, the target is now open to attack and the user takes advantage of the situation to attack with their free hand.

Sandbag Beat: The practitioner performs multiple extremely fast strikes, causing aggravated damage to a target. The technique is powerful enough to shatter a Menos Grande's mask and utterly destroy its body. This relies on built up damage over time, rather than alot of power in a single strike.

Gatling Mad Stomping: The practitioner performs multiple foot stomps on the target's face. The technique is powerful enough to send a target flying on the final kick and shatter hollow masks.

Shunko combines unarmed Shunko skill, and spiritual combat.(do to Spider's level. Gives the user a unique aura. This can be an element or special effect. In Spider's case, its water. This does not effect his shirt when his zanpakuto is released, flowing through it as if it was going through air. (other wise it would break it and force it to seal again)

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Post by Lanying Baozhai on Mon Mar 21, 2016 12:42 pm

Approved for Lieutenant tier

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