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Molly (Finished?)

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Molly (Finished?)

Post by Molly on Sun Apr 19, 2015 5:39 pm


Name: Molly
Date of Birth: April 15th
Year of Birth: 1679

Age: 336
Age of Appearance: 11
Gender: Female
Organization & Rank: Gotei 13 ~ Squad 1 ~ Lieutenant

Molly stands at about 4 foot 5 inches, making her rather small, even for an eleven year old. Weighing only 92 lbs, she hardly looks intimidating. She has a slender looking frame and pale skin. Her legs are long for her appeared age. Both eyes are red and bear some interesting yellow pupils. Her expression is that of innocence, and usually suggests she's tired, even if she isn't.

The first thing you'll probably notice about Molly's hair is that there's a lot of it. It ends just past her knees when standing, in fact. It's a very light blue in color and soft to the touch. Molly rarely brushes her hair, and leaves it hanging down, giving it a wavy bed-headed appearance. Usually there's a strand or two in her face.

Casual Clothes
When not on duty, Molly wears a simple outfit consisting of a dark blue sailor's uniform. The top is long sleeved and has a white collar with two blue lines going around it, one thin and one thick. In place of a tie or bow, she has a red and yellow fabric necktie that separates into two sections. The skirt is solid blue with a thick white line around the bottom, and reaches halfway to her knees. Her socks are just past her knees, and solid blue, while her shoes are black loafers. She'll ditch her shoes whenever she can. Her Zanpakutōs attach to the top of her skirt in this outfit.

Molly, being in the Gotei 13, is obligated to wear a Shihakusho when on duty, however she's modified hers quite a bit. The top has no back or sleeves, connecting around her neck to accommodate her Bankai. It tucks into her waistline under the belt to almost make the outfit seem like a one piece. The robe's bottoms are narrow around the legs, but not form fitting. This is to allow movement without the bagginess of the normal bottoms, and without being so tight as to restrict movement. It's belt is thicker than normal, and ties in a bow on her front. She wears the usual sandals with white socks, but takes them off whenever she gets the chance. As a Lieutenant, Molly also wears a white jacket with her Squad's number on her back. Molly's jacket in particular has long, but not baggy, sleeves and hangs just past her knees. She tends to put her belt on over her jacket, rather than under. While this may seem impractical, it's easy enough to pull the jacket out and toss it aside. Her Zanpakutōs attach to her belt in this outfit.

A lot of times, Molly can be seen wearing a pair of her own, or a friend's lower undergarments on her head like a hat. Usually she wins them in a game, but occasionally she sneaks them from the person in question's home if she has access to it.

Positive Traits
Respectful: Molly will always mind her manners while in the presence of most people superior in rank to her. (There are exceptions. See Negative Traits.) She'll say please and thank you, and follow their rules as long as they're around.
Intelligent: Though she doesn't always act like it, Molly is very intelligent. She finds easy solutions to complex problems and works to minimize the amount of effort she needs to put into doing things. This can be used to come up with tactics in the middle of a battle.
Brave(?): Molly, despite her high IQ, usually fails to see the danger in an obviously dangerous situation. This makes her appear fearless, however if you were to blatantly point out the risks, she'd begin to show signs of fear like most others. This isn't to say she's afraid of combat, it's more that she fears when she knows she's outclassed.
Positive: Molly is an optimist, making her give off a joyous aura. It's rare to see her look upset and not have it be a symptom of sleep deprivation.
Restraint: Molly's kind and polite personality is a facade she puts on out of respect for her allies. In any fight with an opponent she deems worthy, her attitude changes drastically, becoming vulgar, brutal, and unrelenting. This is only being considered a positive because it occasionally throws the opponent off.
Affectionate: Once Molly becomes comfortable around somebody she tends to become quite affectionate towards them. This makes her a rather welcome site around people who like children.

Negative Traits
X"Invisible": Molly has problems making her presence known. Her soft-spoken tone and gentle nature make it difficult for other people to hear her opinions.
XSmall: Molly's child-like appearance and actions also make getting her opinion across more difficult. People may treat her like a child, and not take her seriously.
XReckless: Molly will often make risky moves and put herself in danger during a fight. She'll sometimes aim for high damage blows that could potentially get herself wounded if the enemy reacted fast enough.
XLazy: Molly has a habit of staying up late or not sleeping at all. This causes lazy and sluggish behavior on her part. She may nap in public, or procrastinate on tasks.
XStubborn: Unless ordered to stop by someone of higher rank, Molly is going to do what she wants. If she doesn't want to move, she won't move. If she wants to keep fighting, she'll keep fighting.
XException: The exception to Molly's respect for those "above" her, is that Molly tends to get comfortable around those she spends a lot of time with. This leads her to treat them as more of a friend than a superior, and makes her more likely to protest their orders.
XAshamed: Molly is rather ashamed of her combat side, and will focus on concealing it more than she focuses on the battle when allies are present, making her hesitate on a strike or dodge to plan it while keeping herself in check. This gives her a disadvantage in a fight.

Junk Food
Being Carried
Hugging or Snuggling
Having her hair brushed

XHer Vulgarity
XThe Cold
XGetting up early
XBeing Lectured
XBeing Underestimated
XLarge Crowds

/ Underpants: Molly has a bit of a bad habit of collecting underpants from different people and places. She sometimes likes to wear a pair on her head... Be she in public or not. She's not sure when this started, or why, only that she has a drawer full of undergarments that once belonged to various other people.
/ Snuggling: Molly, as stated above, likes to be warm. In order to stay warm, she tends to place herself very close to someone when sleeping. She'll curl up on a lap or sneak into someone's bed at night before sleeping.

Major Goal: Molly's main goal is a rather simple one. She wants a family. Since she showed up in the Rukon, Molly hasn't had a real home. This causes her a great dismay, and is something she hopes to change.
Minor Goal: Molly wants to become stronger as a Shinigami, mainly for her own sake. She enjoys fighting, and the stronger she is, the more fun she can have fighting strong opponents without as much risk.

Miscellaneous Traits
?Single Sword Style: Despite being a dual wielder, Molly can fight semi-effectively with only one of her sealed blades due to her time fighting one bladed with Nikkō. She tends to use this method against weaker opponents.
?Upside Down Style: Molly's fighting style involves holding her two Zanpakutō upside down in her hands. This is a style she's trained with in private, and taught herself.


Zanpakutō Name: Nikkō (Right) and Hansha (Left)
Zanpakutō Translation: Sunlight and Reflection respectively.

Sealed Zanpakutō: Unlike most Shinigami, Molly has a dual wield Zanpakutō. They're both Tantō type swords with 11 inch silver blades. They have no guard, and a clean white handle of about 4.5 inches. Each handle has a gold colored ribbon wrapped around it in an intersecting pattern, creating a series of white diamonds on the handle. The ribbons are held on by closing the ends under a silver cap on the bottom of the hilts, and under a silver ring around the bases of the blades. She carries them in a single white sheath that runs horizontally on her lower back. It looks like a white cylinder, with an opening on each end, and attaches to her skirt or belt. The blades have separate compartments separated by a single wall.
Release Phrase:
Shikai - Shine, Nikkō! // Shimmer, Hansha!

Shikai Appearance:

In their Shikai form, the two blades share a shape, but not a color. They take the form of single edged daggers. The edges of the blades are curved, however the blade itself is straight. Near the base of the blade, the flat transitions from a smooth texture to a rough one. Instead of a guard and handle, a section of the blade curves outward to act as a guard, and the piece of the blade that would be in the handle is wrapped in black fabric about the consistency of a shoelace. You can tell the two blades apart now, as one Nikkō has a shiny white-silver blade, while Hansha has a darker grey-silver blade.
Shikai Ability: Nikkō and Hansha each have their own light based abilities. Nikkō's abilities are offensive, while Hansha's abilities are supplementary and defensive. They work together to give Molly a variety of combat strategies, with the drawback of having no specialization. This makes her well rounded with no real advantages or disadvantages. Nikkō can be put into Shikai without activating Hansha, and visa versa, making single blade wielding possible.

Bankai - A respectable fighter reflects grace, poise, and strength. Ōkō Nikkō, Giragira Hansha.

Bankai Name: Ōkō Nikkō (Right) and Giragira Hansha (Left)
Bankai Translation: Rampant Sunlight and Glistening Reflection respectively.
Bankai Appearance: When Molly activates her Bankai both of her Zanpakutō vanish from sight. A series of glowing yellow tattoos appear on her arms and upper body. These tattoos are tribal in style, reflecting no real shapes or designs, only a pretty mess of swirling lines and patterns. The left and right are identical in every way, except that the right is slightly brighter.
Bankai Ability: In Bankai, each arm does something different. Molly's right arm, Nikkō, gains the ability to use a series of light-based attacks. These are all based of Molly's Kido skill. Her left arm, Hansha, becomes a shield of sorts. Her left arm absorbs the impact of attacks that are less than her Bakudo skill. This absorbed force can be reflected in a burst of energy meant to knock opponents away. This burst of energy itself is non-damaging, just a force-back move. Molly can only contain three attacks at once.


Spirit Appearance: Nikkō and Hansha have separate spirits that work together to form one Zanpakutō, much like their blades.

Nikkō takes the form of a younger woman with dark red hair and eyes. She keeps her hair long and in a messy style. For her attire consists of a small black top... Actually, it's more like a black rectangle wrapped around her chest and held together in the front with black laces weaving through the grey edges. Over this is a long sleeved jacket. The jacket has white fur cuffs and a hood edged with the same fur.  The bottom of the jacket is shredded at about her mid back, leaving her stomach exposed anyways. This is paired with black short shorts and a white belt that has a single red strip in the center of it. She wears black boots with a slight heel and a series of unnecessary straps on them. There is a large scar running over her right eye, but it does not appear to bother her vision.

Hansha, on the other hand, takes the form of a large male tiger with sharp, silver eyes. His fur is white with black streaks and he appears to be rather old. Over his left eye is a large scar that seems to reflect Nikkō's.

Spirit Personality:
Nikkō - Nikkō is vulgar and rude. She likes to fight recklessly and without restraint. She's constantly insulting Molly for no reason at all. She enjoys mocking everything Molly stands for, though she doesn't mean anything by it. She just wants to provoke Molly. Nikkō hates just sitting around, and would much rather be training or sparring. In all reality, she really cares for Molly's well being, and has acted as somewhat of an older sister figure in the past.

Hansha - Hansha is the more centered of the two. He's a very lax spirit who prefers lazing around to causing trouble. When training with Molly, he shows more restraint than Nikkō, and will often stop her from hurting Molly too bad. He's very intelligent, strategizing each move he makes. He refers to Molly as "Young Lady", and treats her as a child rather than as a Shinigami. He believes she has a lot to learn, and acts as a mentor and teacher.

Misc. - Despite their differences, the two appear to get along just fine, and behavior towards each-other suggests that they may even be friends. Nikkō using Hansha as a pillow for napping is an example of this.

Inner World: Molly's inner world is a lush green jungle. In the center of the jungle is a small clearing. The clearing is set up as a sort of oasis where Nikkō and Hansha reside most of the time. There are multiple streams and rivers running through the forest as well as a small pond in the clearing. Within the jungle there are many odd flowers and vines. The forest's ground level is cloaked in fog, and the trees are hard to find foot holds on. This creates a choice between battling blind or battling in constant movement. Strategizing movements and trusting your own judgement is the key to mastering this environment.

A Decade Lived
Molly was born to a young couple on April 15th 1679. They lived together in a small town in France. They were a rather well off family, and had access to what was considered higher education for the time period. Molly's father was well known. He was very active in the community and there wasn't an adult in the small town that didn't know his name. Molly's mother, on the other hand, had an illness that forced her to stay home most of the time. Her appearances around the town were few and far between. This lead people to spread rumors about her, but never to bother investigating these rumors. These rumors carried out through most of Molly's life, and fueled a fire of distrust towards Molly's mother by the townspeople.

Around age eight, Molly noticed a cat hanging around their property. It seemed to be a young male cat, and it was very friendly. Each morning, Molly would set out a small dish of food behind the house for the cat. This became a daily ritual for the next two and a half years, and would also prove to be the downfall of her family line.

Year 11, Death
After having fed this small cat for two and a half years, the unthinkable happened. Somebody saw Molly feeding the cat in the early morning, and it sparked the rumors back up. The town was alight with the idea that not only was Molly's mother a witch, but Molly was as well. Her father was confronted about it, but every time he'd try to dismiss it, he was accused of being controlled by the two. Eventually the rumors had the people scared, and caused them to take drastic action.

Led by the local priest, most of the town gathered outside the large manor that Molly called home. Her father tried to talk them down, but ended up injured and unconscious. Deciding that they couldn't detain two witches, for fear of being cursed, they blocked off the exits and set the manor ablaze with both the "witches" in it. Molly and her mother both died in that fire, while her father was sentenced to be hanged a few days later.

A Vengeful Spirit
Molly became plus that day. Molly was frightened and confused, but her mother wasn't. Her mother had become a Jibakurei. Furious that the people had done this, her mother decided that it would be her goal to get revenge, no matter what. This pure rage sped up her hollowfication, and left Molly mostly alone while her own chain gnawed at itself.

Molly wandered around the town and it's outskirts between periods of chain corrosion. It wasn't even a year before a Shinigami caught wind of the fire and was sent over to check it out. Molly never found out what became of her parents, but she herself was passed on by the Shinigami and awoke in the Rukon.

Lonely Days
Molly spent the next 65 years hopping around the Rukon. She moved from place to place, never managing to keep track of a person for more than a few months or so. Some time during this period she decided to quit trying to replace her family and drop her surname, simply going by "Molly". Molly spent much of her time reading, and whatever time wasn't spent reading was spent stealing to afford a place to stay at night. She got pretty good at stealing things, and managed to stay out of trouble. It was a sad life, but it was one she'd chosen of her own accord.

Molly soon discovered that she had potential as a Shinigami, making up her mind to at least give it a shot. Should she take a liking to it, she'd stay. Should she not, she'd go back to wasting the day on books. She had no idea at the time, but this decision would be the spark of a new side of her. A side that even she didn't know of.

The Academy
Molly, upon enrollment, faced the same decision that all new Shinigami face: Picking an Asauchi. This was a very tough decision for Molly, but when the day came, she knew. She picked out an 11 inch Tantō. This was only part of her plan though. She waited until they put away the unclaimed Asauchi, then carefully proceeded to sneak in and steal one of identical shape and size. Her years of thievery had allowed her to do so, although with a few minor snags. She managed to keep the second blade hidden.

Each day, during training, she'd use one of the Asauchi, and keep the other bandaged to her lower leg, under her Academy robes. She'd alternate which one was used, to ensure that she got the same amount of training with each blade. She quickly rose to some of the higher ranks of the school, besting some of the other students. However this couldn't last forever, as she was soon found to have the missing Tantō and forced to flee the Academy only 3 years into her training.

Molly fled the Academy early, expecting to be in a lot of trouble for stealing the blade. Even if they had planned to let her off, she wasn't chancing the loss of her blades. She hid on the outskirts of the Rukon, staying wherever she could to avoid Shinigami. She returned to stealing what she needed to get by, becoming quite agile in order to escape. Occasionally she'd steal a stack of books for pleasure reading.

Molly would train on her own whenever she could, practicing using her Zanpakutō together, as well as apart. She soon found herself rapidly progressing, growing closer to her swords as she gave life to the two growing Asauchi. She couldn't yet hear their names, or even their voices, but she could tell they were there. Every one month she'd preform Jinzen, attempting to converse with the spirit she'd call "Tiger", however "Lady" always picked a fight instead. This, while physically wounding her, provided her the sparring partner that she needed in order to grow. It also awakened her dormant enjoyment for battle.

A Respectable Fighter: Nikkō's Shikai
About 72 years into this cycle of thieving and training, Molly made a serious breakthrough. On a rather boring day she decided to once again challenge "Lady". She sat down with her blades, entering the world in which the two Zanpakutō reside. This time was different, however. Molly was keeping up with the woman, step for step, each only using one blade. The obvious signs of worry on the red haired woman's face was more than enough to prove this to Molly, who quickly took advantage of the shock to push back her assaults. It wasn't long before the Zanpakutō stopped for a breath. It was during this time that Molly got her first taste of real power.

The woman caught her breath, a sly grin crossing her face as she spun the small Tantō around her finger and said two simple words: "Shine... Nikkō.". Molly had seen what came next many times, as the Tantō transformed into the silver-white dagger that the Zanpakutō used to finish the fights many times in the past, but for once Molly had HEARD the release. Did this mean the blade finally saw Molly as a worthy Shinigami? Either way, Molly wasted no time activating the Shikai for herself and testing it's newfound abilities with Nikkō. From then on, whenever Molly entered the Inner World, Nikkō would ask Molly if she wanted to spar, rather than forcing her to. This let Molly approach the tiger without worry of being attacked.

Reflects Grace: Hansha's Shikai
The first time Molly moved towards the tiger, he seemed annoyed. It seemed like he didn't want to be bothered with her presence. She'd try to talk with him, and while he'd respond, the responses given would be emotionless and simple. This attitude continued for a long time, eventually bringing Molly to ask him if he planned to tell her his name. This prompted a simple question from the beast.

"What would you do with my power if I gave it to you?"

Molly had to think long and hard on this. What did she plan to do with it? She didn't have any goals or plans. She was just floating until now. She wasn't hunting hollows or trying to fight off some opposing force... She was just, surviving... On that day Molly set three goals for herself. To rejoin the Gotei 13, to become a Captain, and finally... To find herself a home... With this decided, the second Zanpakuto agreed to tell her his name when she was able to hear it. It took her another 4 years of training, but she managed to unlock the second Shikai with the command "Shimmer, Hansha."

Making Amends
Molly's next task was to get back onto good terms with the Gotei 13. This would prove to be difficult. She saw three ways of going about this. One was to confess to what she'd done, another was to lie about who she was, and the third was to force her way in by taking down the Captain of squad 11. There was no way she was challenging a Captain, and it'd be hard to just bury the fact that she had two Zanpakutō. So, she decided to simply confess and attempt to integrate. The very next morning she made her way to the Seireitei on a peace mission.

Upon arriving, she located a Shinigami to take her in to speak with someone higher up. After confessing to her crimes, she was punished for stealing the Zanpakutō and fleeing, however pity was taken on Molly and she was placed into Squad 2 under the 4th seat in 1833, staying there for 82 years.

Poise and Strength: Bankai
In 1915, year 82 in the Squad, Molly was out on a mission. She was leading a small group on a patrol. During this mission Molly encountered an odd Hollow. In all aspects of appearance, it seemed pretty small, however it had a major ability... Calling out to weaker Hollows... The group was cornered as Hollow after Hollow showed up, endangering them and any humans in the area. Things were looking bad, and a few members of the group were injured or lost. Then Molly heard something that seemed almost too good to be true...

The sound Molly had heard was none other than Nikkō and Hansha speaking to her. They recited their own Bankai release to her, and for the first time she unleashed an incomplete Bankai. This overwhelming power baffled her, but she quickly focused her attention back to the Hollows. Using it to thin the crowd to a more manageable size, Molly and what was left of her group were able to slay the Hollows and make it back to the Seireitei injured, but alive.

The Real Test: Part 1
Upon recovering from the ordeal, Molly was questioned about the reports of her attaining Bankai in the field. When she was done explaining, the decision was made to promote her to the Squad 2 Lieutenant in 1916 so that she may begin training with her new Bankai. It was an entire year before Molly could even activate it again. She spent much time sparring from then on, be it with Nikkō or a member of the squad. She fought Nikkō with a fire and a passion that seemed unmatched, but Nikkō seemed to be the only one she fought that way... She kept her poised and polite demeanor when sparring or fighting with anyone else. Hansha was quick to take notice of this, and decided to teach Molly a lesson that was long overdue...

While sparring one on one with Nikkō, Molly was surprised at a sudden presence, forced to draw her second blade to block it... It being Hansha with his Shikai in his mouth. Had this become a one on two fight? Molly instantly took her more polite and collected facade, finding herself quickly pushed back by the pair and defeated. For the next three years Hansha wouldn't so much as greet Molly, only join her matches with Nikkō. No matter how much Molly tried to talk to him, Hansha simply stayed silent...

While Molly was trying to figure out what was going on with Hansha, she still had work to do as a Shinigami. She'd go on missions, run errands for her Captain, or just take time to recover from things. She became increasingly upset over Hansha's neglect. She didn't even know what she'd done... This caused a great friction between Molly and Hansha, eventually leading to an inability to even access Bankai, and the loss of Hansha's Shikai not long after, leaving her with a dependence on Nikkō and forcing the Gotei 13 to send her to an unseated position in 1919, only three years after she had become Lieutenant.

The Real Test: Part 2
In 1920, Molly finally snapped. While trying to talk to Hansha, she called him out on his neglect. She became angry with him and attacked him without her usual restraint. Hansha quickly took to the fight, Nikkō didn't hesitate to join in, but that didn't matter. Molly held them off to the best of her abilities, but in the end it wasn't enough. When all was done and Molly was obviously exhausted, Hansha walked towards her calmly and said two words before taking a nap... "Well done."

After that, Hansha talked to Molly as though the past three years had never happened and nothing had changed. When Molly asked about his actions, he simply asked her a question of his own:

"Why won't you fight real enemies like you fight Nikkō?"

Once again, Hansha's logic baffled Molly. He was right though, she showed heavy restraint in real battles instead of just sparring matches... This was something she had to change in order to fight to the best of her abilities.

Order is Restored
With the peace restored between Molly and Hansha, she could once again access his Shikai and train towards her Bankai. From 1921-1986 Molly maintained a steady 4th seat once again. During this time she continued to train and grow, returning to a sense of normal. This period of rest allowed her to complete her Bankai and learn how to effectively use it in combat situations. With this information she was able to quickly earn her respect back in the eyes of the Gotei 13 and, near the end of 1986, Molly was offered the position of Squad 1 Lieutenant. She gladly accepted this honor and holds it to this day. While she is a rather lazy Lieutenant, she remains dedicated to her squad and understands the responsibility that comes with leading it. She still performs Jinzen often to spar with Nikkō or talk with Hansha. She takes a lot of time to just goof off, but if things get serious, so does she.


RolePlaying Sample: This mission required absolute stealth... Molly was deep into enemy lines, a place where detection would result in inevitable horrors... Clad in her Shihakusho, minus the jacket, Molly moved in complete silence. Sneaking her way through the halls of the quiet building, she stuck close to the walls, carefully listening around a corner before turning down an intersecting hallway.

There it was. The door she was looking for.

Without hesitation, the small girl slid the door open a bit, slinking into the dark room and closing it behind her. She looked around carefully, opening various trunks and drawers until she found what she was here for... Something that she was willing to risk her very life for. It wasn't long before she found the right drawer, grinning as she looked inside. Underwear, and lots of it! Eagerly, Molly grabbed a few pairs, placing them in various places on her person, including one pair on her head. She then closed the drawer and turned for the door.

It was to her displeasure, however, that she heard footsteps approaching from outside. As she heard the door open, Molly tucked herself underneath the nearby bed. The room's owner, a fellow Shinigami, entered the room. While Molly could have waited it out, she instead took a chance... When the woman had her back turned to change clothes, Molly made a silent break for the door. Unfortunately, she tripped, falling onto her face. This the woman noticed... Needless to say, Molly got in trouble for this one. Man that was a lot of paperwork...
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Re: Molly (Finished?)

Post by Lanying Baozhai on Thu Apr 21, 2016 7:53 pm

First, welcome to being my Lieutenant. You should know that with this position comes great respect and a lot of paperwork because I'm a lazy Captain Commander and despise paperwork...it also comes with free candy...but don't tell the other Lieutenants...

Approved for Advanced Lieutenant.

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Re: Molly (Finished?)

Post by Molly on Thu Apr 21, 2016 8:49 pm

Armed Combat: Intermediate
Unarmed Combat: Intermediate
Spiritual Combat: Intermediate
Hoho: Beginner
Hado: Advanced
Bakudo: Intermediate
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Re: Molly (Finished?)

Post by Molly on Sat Apr 23, 2016 7:26 pm

Ability: Bakudo #1: Sai
Release Level: Any
Effect: The target will have their arms restrained behind their back by an invisible force. A weak binding spell.

Ability: Bakudo #8: Seki
Release Level: Any
Effect: Creates a small round shield that seems to temporarily paralyze and repel whatever strikes it.

Ability: Bakudo #9: Hōrin
Release Level: Any
Effect: Causes an orange hued tendril with spiraling yellow patterns to erupt from the users hand and attempt to trap a target. The Kido is able to connect with another one of itself if both have captured a target and bind them together.

Ability: Bakudo #39: Enkosen
Release Level: Any
Effect: Forms a yellow oval of energy in front of the wielder to block a physical or spiritual attack.

Ability: Hado #1: Sho
Release Level: Any
Effect: Pushes the target away from the caster by a few metres, possibly knocking them to the ground.

Ability: Hado #4: Byakurai
Release Level: Any
Effect: Shoots a powerful, concentrated beam of electricity at the target.

Ability: Hado #31: Shakkaho
Release Level: Any
Effect: Creates an orb of red energy, which will fire at the target and explode on impact.

Ability: Light Cutter
Release Level: Nikkō must be in Shikai or higher.
Effect: Molly swings Nikkō, or karate chops the air with her right arm in bankai, sending out a destructive arc of yellow energy at high speed. Deals cutting damage if it hits.

((More to come))

Release Level:

Release Level:
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Re: Molly (Finished?)

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