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The Pack (Combined to save space) Empty The Pack (Combined to save space)

Post by Shiroki on Thu Feb 01, 2018 4:45 am

The Basics

Name(s): Sister (Onee) Kiba; Tsume, Hige, Shu,
English Translation: Elder Sister, Fang, Claw and Whisker
Other Names: N.A
Species: Werewolf
Race: Soul (Plain soul; not Shinigami)
Gender: Female(onee-chan, Hige, Tsume) and Male (Kiba, Shuu)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown
Appearance Age: 10-12; (Onee: 12, Tsume: 12, Hige: 10, Kiba: 11, Shuu: 9)
Actual Age: Unknown
Organization and Rank: No official organization. Street rats of 78th Rukon District Inuzuri

Height: Various
Weight: Various
Hair color: White (Shuu, Onee), Grey (Kiba), Brownish-red (Hige), Black (Tsume)
Eye color: Golden yellow (all)
General Appearance: The Pack are a gang of werewolf urchin children with loose connections to Shiroki. They wear ragged hand-me-down clothing, mostly simple sashes or wraps providing some modesty to the lower body while leaving the head to waist bare. Occasionally the older females (Onee/Tsume) might knot a strip of cloth across the upper chest if they can be bothered to do so. Torn ears and fading scars accompany each one, souvenirs from a life spent on the streets. While not all are as skinny as Shiroki they share the same general underfed appearance.

The Psyche

Redeeming Qualities: The Pack works well as a team, with older kids leading and members watching each others back. They are a close-knit group and very protective of each other.

Onee: Unofficial den mother to group, she is the person everyone is closest to. Optimistic outlook, likes jokes
Tsume: Determined and dexterous; a good choice to have on one's side in a fight.
Kiba: Able to see the big picture most of the time and come up with plans when situation calls for it
Hige: Intellectual of the group, good memory, creative
Shuu: Dependable, if somewhat on the quiet side. Agreeable. Team mascot.

Negative Qualities: Depending on who you ask, the Pack might be considered mischievous kids or a plague on the district of Inuzuri. They've been blamed for everything from crops souring to laundry disappearances, with a reputation that transcends the truth. Like most pickpockets they are firm believers in 'wealth-distribution' and aren't above picking pockets or stealing from shops when no one's looking. Overall they are only concerned with the present and don't consider long term consequences.

Onee: Blunt/crude manner of speech, practical joker, gets restless easily (Like Taiyo Pekku in other words)
Kiba: Prone to laziness and apathy, doesn't think highly of authority figures, smart mouth gets him in trouble
Tsume: Hot tempered, likes getting in fights, prone to violence more than the others
Hige: Is a neat/control freak, gets mad if belongings are moved without her permission
Shuu: Shy, passive, easily pressed into whatever new adventure the others come up with


Onee: Pop music (Sabiruchi), high-energy crowd events
Tsume: Tomboy stuff; parkour, getting in fights
Kiba: Sunbeam-napping, goofing off
Hige: Peace and quiet
Shuu: exploring

Dislikes: Overall they dislike being caught in the act of whatever new misdemeanor they're involved in

Onee: People who can't take a joke
Tsume: Strangers, showoffs
Kiba: Authority
Hige: Being interrupted or rushed
Shuu: Being left on his own

Long-term Goals: Day to Day survival

Something Special: The Pack are associated with Shiroki of 2nd Squad, who sends them assistance when they need it in exchange for them acting as on-the-ground informants on events happening in the outer Rukon districts.

The Power

Former Race: Non-applicable.
Previous Ability Name: Non-applicable.
Previous Ability Appearance: Non-applicable.

Currently no power to speak of; the Pack are just ordinary souls with a tendency to find trouble.

The Past
History: They cannot remember their mortal existence (assuming they even had one), and their first memory is of being together in the Rukon. Since then they have weathered hardships and adventures until one of their number (Shiro) left to become a soul reaper.

Major Events Timeline:

21/7/1672 – Pack Member Shiroki left the group to attend the Academy
13/5/1687 - Quincy War; went into hiding
5/6/1709 - Temporarily found shelter during Civil War at Academy, along with families of other students.
30/10/1712 - Ojii-san (Grandpa Wolf; their adult chaperone)'s death

Idol Singer, Stunted Words

Species : Werewolf
Race : Shinigami
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