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Jorlos, Pack Leader of Hueco Mundo (King for those scrubs who can't bloody figure that out.) WIP

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Jorlos, Pack Leader of Hueco Mundo (King for those scrubs who can't bloody figure that out.) WIP

Post by Jorlos Sunee on Tue Mar 08, 2016 10:49 pm


Name: Jorlos Sunee
Date of Birth: September Sixth
Year of Birth: 1032 A.D.

Aspect of Death: Pride

Age: Nine-hundred-sixty-eight years old
Age of Appearance: Jorlos appears to be in his mid-forties.
Gender: Male
Organization & Rank: Jorlos is the King of Hueco Mundo, and yet he only recently took that position. Emphasis on took. Hence he has no number, and is above the other Arrancar and Espada.

Appearance: Stark white hair, more a mane than hair. Golden eyes, angled only slightly, with a soul-piercing quality to them. A glint of white off of a sharp, canine-esque smile. These are the first things you see when you look at the new Pack Leader of Hueco Mundo. Jorlos Sunee is a very wild person, and his appearance matches that description.

As stated, Jorlos' hair is a bright, stark white. It is not a sign of aging as one would assume at first glance, but more like snow, as if to be able to blend in and stalk prey in even the most harsh of environments. It is not short by any means, but he does not have long flowing hair either. It is kept in a very wild maner, as if even when he first awakens he has just came out of a great battle. It is spiked up and back, each spike a random length, yet it is thick and all together, with almost a sleek and oiled look to it. He purposefully keeps it always looking as if he was drenched in sweat and that is what keeps his hair in the shape he prefers it to be.

Moving down his face, we reach his eyes. Golden, and most of the time the first, and last, thing people who meet Jorlos see. They are slightly angled in a way that makes you unable to tell if it is wild and canine, or if it is the dregs of an asian heritage. But when you truly look into his eyes you are no longer fooled, it is obviously wild. He constantly has a wild gleeful glint in his eye, eager to set his gaze on his next kill. In contrast, his eyebrows are actually quite bushy, almost to the point it is comical. Though laughing at him because of them is a very bad idea.

What is in a smile? For that matter, what does a smile say about us? Well, if a smile says anything, Jorlos' simply says one word: "Run". He constantly has a smile on his face, though whether or not that smile is truly happy or not depends on who he is talking to. His teeth are abnormally sharp, specifically his canines, as well as very wild, animalistic, and chipped in some places. this gives them not only a sharpness, but almost a serrated quality to them, more suitable for ripping flesh from bone than smiling and speaking.

Jorlos has a fairly normal, fit build to him, though his arms are just slightly longer and more angular than one would think would match his five-foot seven-inch tall frame. His hollow mask is very interesting, it covers both his left eye, upper cheekbone, and his left ear. It begins over the eye, covering all of it but the golden gaze coming from the hole over his actual eye. It then wraps itself across the cheekbone, shaped almost as if the mask was made of static white fur. The mask comes to a close over the ear, covering it completely, giving it a pointed, canine shape.

The clothing Jorlos wears is more of a trophy to him than clothes that he wears to cover his form. On killing the previous King of Hueco Mundo, he tore the battered and ripped clothing from his slain foes' prone form and donned them himself. They are simple Espada robes, but with claw and teeth marks through the chest, and the right sleeve torn from the shoulder down where Jorlos ripped the old King's sword arm clean off. Blood stains mark the robes in various areas, both Jorlos' and the old King's. The tear in the chest, where Jorlos literally ate out the heart of the old King, dealing the killing blow, is in perfect position to show off Jorlos' hollow hole, as it literally takes up the space where a heart would be.

Positive Traits
Confidence: Jorlos knows that he is the best, and strongest, of the Arrancar and all Hollow's in general. He may have only become an Arrancar recently, but his defeat of the King has shown both him and the others that this is true.
Leadership: Having been a leader for most of his life, Jorlos is very fluent in the art of Leadership and as such is very good at rallying his underlings to fight with him, whether that is through encouragement or through fear does not matter.
Trusting: Though Jorlos does not trust many people, those he considers close to him, namely those he considers in his "direct pack" as he calls it, he trusts with his life.
Strong Willed: Once his mind is set on something, nothing will stop Jorlos from achieving his goal, no matter what it is or what the cost may be.
Humor: Believe it or not, Jorlos actually enjoys joking quite a bit. though his sense of humor is fairly morbid. Where you laugh at a joke, he laughs at a bird bursting into flames.

Negative Traits
X Pride: Jorlos' is prideful above all things. He will not let anyone even pretend that they are better than him, and he will fight any and everyone for dominance if need be.
X Gullible: Though Jorlos is very trusting of those in his inner circle, this makes him fairly gullible when it comes to these people as well.
X Ruthless: He w9ill take out any opposition to his wants and beliefs with any means necisary.
X Violence: Jorlos will show no mercy and none shall stand in his way. Face him, you die.
X Narrow Minded: Once he sees what he wants, what he believes in, it's his way or the high way.

His pack
Thinking about the future

X Opposition
X Traitors
X Shinigami

/ Jorlos has a
/ Optional.
/ Optional.

/ Optional.
/ Optional.
/ Optional.

Miscellaneous Traits
?? Optional.


Zanpakutō Name: What's your weapon's name?
Zanpakutō Translation: Translation if necessary.

Sealed Zanpakutō: Your weapon's sealed appearance, please.
Release Phrase: Your release phrase?

Resurreccion  Appearance: Resurreccion appearance?
Resurreccion Ability: Ability?

History: Be sure to cover every base. Make mention of every necessary bit of information that is mentioned anywhere else in your application.

RolePlaying Sample: Optional. If you're going for a high position, such as Lieutenant or Captain (Fraccion or Espada, as well) this is absolutely necessary. If you decide to use this section, it must be of the character you're applying for.

Jorlos Sunee

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