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Keiichi Moriya

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Keiichi Moriya

Post by Keiichi Moriya on Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:12 am

Name: Keiichi Moriya
English Translation: Honorable first born son, defend or protect
Species: Human
Race: Vizard
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: June 15, 1493
Appearance Age: Anywhere from 15-18. Very youthful, no facial hair.
Actual Age: 524
Organization and Rank: Former Gotei member, currently unaffiliated.

Height: 5'10. He was considered a giant back in the day and still considers himself one.
Weight: 121 lbs
Hair color: Jet black.
Eye color: Both eyes are bright red, like rubies.
General Appearance:

Redeeming Qualities: Mamoru. Keiichi, while hard to rouse, is very protective of his "things". His things are really anything he's come to enjoy or care about to any particular degree. He will go out of his way, pulling out all of the stops that he normally wouldn't. Despite his initially cold demeanor and harsh face, he's very warm to people that he knows. ...in his own way. He has a level of infectious manic energy that leads him to get shit done once he gets going.
Negative Qualities: All people have parts of their personality that people just do not like. What are these annoying, or sometimes downright evil, traits? Please use at least two negative traits.
Likes: What does your character like? Please have at least three.
Dislikes: What does your character dislike? Please have at least three.
Personal Habits: Optional. Does your character have any particular habits, whether on the battle-field or off?
Goals: These are both optional.
Short-term Goals: Short-term goals can be completed in less than one to five years.
Long-term Goals: These are goals in excess of five years to achieve.
General Personality: Describe the character's personality. Are they kind, aggressive, a compulsive liar? Three to five sentences mininum.
Something Special: Optional. Something special does not fall into any of the above sections. This would be entirely unique, that sets them apart completely. An example would be unique implants that affect their vision or an extremely sensative sense of smell.

The Power

Zanpakutō Name: What is the name of your weapon?
Zanpakutō Name English Translation: What is the name in English?

Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: Describe the Sealed form.
Release Phrase: What do you need to say to activate Shikai?

Shikai Appearance: Physical description of Shikai.
Shikai Ability: What is the ability, if any, or your Shikai?

Bankai Name: What is the name of your Bankai?
Bankai Appearance: What does your Bankai look like?
Bankai Ability: What ability does this give you?
The Spirit
(This section only applies to Shinigami and Vaizards. If neither, please delete this section.)

Spirit Appearance: Describe the physical appearance of your Spirit.
Spirit Personality: To any degree of detail, describe the Spirit's personality using a similar format as used for your character.
Inner World: Describe the landscape of your Inner World.

The Demon
(This section only applies to Vaizards. If not a Vaizard, please delete this section.)

Inner Hollow Name: This should be the same as your Zanpakutō Spirit's name.
Inner Hollow Appearance: After becoming a Vaizard, does your Spirit's physical appearance change?
Mask Appearance: Describe your Mask.
Hollow Form Appearance: Describe what your full-Hollow form looks like.

The Past
History: Cover everything. If your character has lived hundreds of years, we expect hundreds of years of history. If it is mentioned in the above sections, describe it in the history of how it came to be.

Major Events Timeline: Here will be a brief timeline of major events in your characters life. This is to make is easier to locate said events and place you in the site's own timeline. Events to consider are: birth, death, promotion, race change, unlocking your ability and second ability, or any other significant, person events in your character's life.

Roleplaying Sample: Optional. Must be used for any position of authority or high rank. It must be done for the character you are applying for.
Keiichi Moriya

Species : Human
Race : Vaizard
Posts : 67

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