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Keiichi Moriya (Revamp)

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Keiichi Moriya (Revamp)

Post by Keiichi Moriya on Sun Apr 17, 2016 1:42 am

Name: Keiichi Moriya
Date of Birth: March 17
Year of Birth: 1789

Age: 227
Age of Appearance: 18
Gender: Male
Organization & Rank: Previously the 11th seat of Squad 11.
Appearance:  Keiichi is a young Japanese male with a slim build, with slightly lengthy arms and small feet. His skin is deeply pale, contrasting his jet black hair, which he leaves unkempt and messy. His eyes are bright red, like rubies, and they shine in the dark almost like a cat's. He stands at a slightly above average height and, despite his large appetite, looks like he never eats. He stands tall and proud, although he slouches when he's not on the job or he doesn't have to try to impress anyone. Keiichi tends to take long, slow strides rather than quick, short steps. He typically wears a leather jacket lined in fur, regardless of the weather, and faded blue denim jeans. If one were to remove his jacket, they would find that he has a large deep scar drug from the middle of his back to the top of his shoulder.

Positive Traits
Keiichi's a very nice guy on the inside. He tends to do things out of the goodness of his heart, and will not cause harm to innocent people or unarmed ones, in most cases. He has a very soft spot for children, and hates the sound of their crying and hates seeing them in pain. He has a penchant for small amounts of gardening, as well. Kei takes care of Kotori like she was his sibling, and would sacrifice himself to save her if need be.

Negative Traits
For every good thing about Keiichi, they're at least 2 things to counter that are bad. He hides his good for the inside, and the inside only. On the outside, he's snarky, rude, and does not like people in any capacity. He has a notable habit of being sarcastic with people, even in situations where he would be better off not talking. He's pretty rude to Kotori, despite caring about her as much as he does. He avoids vocal confrontation, as he much prefers fighting to settle problems. He's very smug about his abilities and doesn't expect to be beaten by anything or anyone. He's quite gluttonous, and will eat even after he's full because "he can."

Kotori is sort of like Keiichi's anchor. She's one of the few things that spurs Keiichi to get better with his abilities and makes him laugh with her odd antics. A lot of the time, he does treat her harshly by accident because he's not exactly an affectionate type of person, but he makes sure that she knows that he cares about her. Keiichi has a passion for battle not many that he's met can match. He can spar for hours, and takes thrill in it. It's a joy in his life, and he considers it an art form. He loves to nap, for hours on end at times. It gets to the point where he has to set several alarms just to wake himself up. Keiichi feels his absolute most comfortable in warm environments. Warm showers, not baths because hydrophobia, saunas, volcanos, etc. Despite his brutish personality, Keiichi absolutely loves poetry. He attempts to hide it often by calling it sappy, childish drivel, but he secretly enjoys it to a degree which will never be understood by most that he speaks to.

Keiichi only hates/fears what he doesn't understand. And that, unfortunately, is a lot of things. But in particular, women, water, and talkative people. He, in life and afterlife, never really found time for women and focused a lot of his time on general savagery. As such, they baffle him. They put him at unease, and he doesn't know exactly how to carry himself around them. However, if given reason to act a certain way around a woman, he will. (For example, during a fight) Keiichi has an odd fear of water that only kicks in at certain amounts. Oceans, seas, larger rivers, bathtubs, and other larger bodies of water skeeve him out. He doesn't understand his fear of water, and it further angers him. Showers are one of the few ways to get him in contact with the stuff. As far as talkative people are concerned, Keiichi's lexicon is small. It took many years to get him into a state where he could hold coherent conversations. Before that period, he preferred to speak through action. As such, he hates anyone that speaks in excess. He finds no need for it and actually finds that it hinders battle.

Keiichi has a very common habit of taking very long naps in a large pile of blankets in the corner of his apartment room and tends to be very grumpy when he's awoken from his slumber. Whenever he's angry, he stalks off from civilization to some abandoned ditch or forest to practice his technique so that he can vent his anger. Also, when he's talking to someone, if he doesn't respect them, he won't give them eye contact.

Keiichi's motivations are, honestly, rather simple. Overly simple, as such. He has his need to protect Kotori, whom he sees as weak and unable to defend herself, despite her ability to fight on her own. He strives, one day, to be strong enough to strike down even the toughest of foes. Power is a slippery slope for Keiichi. He doesn't respect anyone with too much of it, yet he thirsts for it himself. He also wishes to prove himself. He just doesn't know to whom. Himself? Kotori? The Gotei?

Miscellaneous Traits
Keiichi's style of fighting is an odd melange of sword fighting and bare-knuckle boxing. He typically observes his enemy before truly letting loose on them. Kei looks for things like limps, dominant hands, and other etc. to build his strategy. However, he won't attack a downed or unarmed foe with his blade.
He was never particularly good at either form of Kido, but highly skilled in Zanjutsu and moderately so in Hakuda.
Kei particularly enjoys being referred to as a dragon.


Zanpakutō Name:  Azuma no Akuma
Zanpakutō Translation: Demon of the East

Sealed Zanpakutō:
A katana, with a 4'6" long blade, which is almost oversharpened as far as the tip is concerned. The sharp edge of the blade is beveled and the bevel grows the farther down the sword you go. The main blade itself is darker grey, the bevel along it being gleaming silver. The guard is asymmetrical, with an extra branch coming from the handle up into the guard from below. The grip is tightly woven leather, with a silver accent on both sides. The bottom of the hilt is vaguely dragon-shaped.
The sheathe's bottom is also vaguely dragon shaped, and along with several silver diamonds across its black surface, there is also two more vaguely dragon shaped symbols on it. A pair for each side.

Release Phrase: Torch.

Shikai Appearance: When Azuma releases to Shikai, Azuma shifts from a large katana to two bladed gauntlets. The gauntlets, blades aside, are rather basic. They're a bright, glinting silver, with  gray accents decorating the various blades attached to the gauntlet in certain patterns. There are black leather straps on the bottom of the gauntlets which keep them attached to Keiichi's arms. There are also grips which are used to give him a hand-hold so that he can use them appropriately in combat.
The outstanding part of the gauntlets would be the blades, which are what would be used directly during combat. Two highly sharp blades curve off of the top of the gauntlet, almost like claws. From the sides of the grip, away from the cylindrical hold, two smaller blades point out. It's built for direct slashing and gripping enemies tightly to do as much physical damage as possible. All of the blades have serrated edges so they tear flesh unevenly.

From the end of the gauntlet, which stops somewhat below the elbow, a stout, layered metal plate juts out from the ending, which serves to be used as protection when Keiichi crosses his arms. The plates themselves are patterned with all kinds of black accents which appear to look like fire. The metal itself isn't all too heavy and can be used swiftly, yet block blades enough to absorb most of the damage.

Shikai Ability: When Azuma releases into Shikai, Keiichi gains the ability to manipulate an odd blue energy that manifests itself as roaring flames. The flames are typically blasted from the hands or mouth, although at times of intense fury or other emotion, they seep off of the corners of his eyes.
The flames, while themselves aren't too dangerous, are much different than normal flames. The flames are sort of like napalm in that when they hit, they're hard to get rid of. They can still be patted out and blown away easily by wind abilities and put out by water, they spread much quicker than normal fire and cling to clothing in particular. If one does not pat the flames out quick enough, or just remove the outfit, they will be cooked quite thoroughly with intense flames.

The flames change color depending on the emotional state, dying down to an orangey red when Keiichi's less determined and glowing bright azure blue when he's furious or extremely determined. The flames intensity also change with this, becoming less intense when saddened or downtrodden.

The flames are special in one other way, being that they feed off of the feelings of the person they're engulfing. The more rage-y, fearful, or sad they are, the higher they will burn. It's easy to avoid being burnt to a crisp if you can calm yourself down enough to pat them out. Emotionless people cannot be harmed by the flames

Bankai Name: Azuma no Joō Dāku Akuma, or Dark Devil Queen of the East

Bankai Appearance: When Keiichi enters bankai, the general gauntlet idea from the Shikai is kept and improved. The gauntlets now both encase the entire arm, ending just below the shoulder and tapering off into a sharp end. The quality of the metal increases, becoming thicker and more flexible, allowing Keiichi full control over his arms while refraining from causing the metal to become thinner.

At this point, the gauntlets are no longer the bright silver they were, but a full gleaming gold with red accents in the form of oriental dragons and intricate flame patterns that adorn the edges of the gauntlets, as well as the wrists. The gauntlets appear to be segmented, with black lines banding across both of them every 2 inches or so. The various blades are gone and, in their place, we have semi-animalistic hands with large, pointed claws for each finger that end in a sharp hook. Between the claws and the gauntlet itself, there's a bit of a gap to suggest that they separate.

Not only do the gauntlets change, but Keiichi's legs gain some greaves that are pretty much the same as the gauntlets, but fit for legs and feet rather than hands and arms. The gaps that suggest separation are non-existent on the "boots." The gauntlets themselves both have a gilded hole on the center of the palm. The greaves both have three slits along the outer part of the leg, like ventilation. There's a thin stretch of metal on the back of the heel of the greaves that fans out into a blade to be used in combat.

The claws do, indeed, separate from the gauntlets, but not in the "pop them off" fashion you might assume. Rather, they fire off, still attached by a chain which Keiichi can lengthen or shorten at will, to an extent. They fire out at a decent enough pace to cause damage upon a direct hit, but not too fast so as to not be possible to counter. The bankai, in general, is made for Keiichi to fight as ferally as possible, using both hands and feet. He's not devoid of protection, there is a slight armor that manifests onto him as a golden chest plate and leggings to complete the greaves. Rather than a helmet, the chest plate stretches up to his neck, ending below his chin.

Bankai Ability: With Bankai, Keiichi's fire manipulating powers are enhanced tenfold, allowing him to manipulate it into shapes, weapons, animals, and even wings if he tries his hardest. The flames intensify, some if his weakest blasts being able to at least knock a Hollow or other adversary a few good feet away if they weren't to block.

The flames now do not feed on emotion, but rather, intensify it. They can specifically strengthen feelings of rage and fury within a person who isn't in particular control of their emotions. The flames are now much more resistant to being put out with Kido. The flames are, at this point, hot enough to nearly burn the sands of Hueco Mundo. The holes and slits on the gauntlets and greaves of Keiichi's bankai are to manipulate the flames better. The slits, in particular, allow him to manipulate the flames in such a way so as to intensify his speed and help him get some height.

Vasto Lorde Appearance: In Vasto Lorde form, Keiichi's hair grows down to shoulder length, becoming raven black and even messier than his typical appearance. He becomes much more muscular than his previous forms, taller, broader shoulders, more bicep size, etc. His mask completes itself, no longer fractured on one side and changes, the snout becoming much more elongated, spines running up the bridge of the snout and the teeth growing. Curly, ram-like horns sprout from the sides of the mask and end in points jutting out straight. His hole appears on his left arm, slightly below the shoulder. Rather than just not having an arm there, the arm floats next to the body, connected by his soul. The gap typically leaks black flames which are used as a sort of replacement for the flesh no longer there. His skin-tone turns intense white, and black lines run along his arms and legs, curling into different various tattoos and hieroglyphics. Veiny, black, scaly wings burst from his back, with a claw on an appendage sprouting from the top of one of the wings.

Vasto Lorde Abilities: Vasto Lorde is where Keiichi's real abilities begin to come into play. In Vasto Lorde form, Keiichi gains three powers exactly. His first new ability allows him to, with the flick of the wrist, create billowing green-ish black plumes of flame from virtually anywhere. The intensity of these pillars of flame can be anywhere from bonfire to an explosion. He can also use this to speed himself up, by creating multiple explosions behind himself. The ground, mid-air, etc. Keiichi can also create  a largely concentrated ball of his flaming energy and, after packing it into a dense ball, can fire a high-powered Cero through the ball to create a Cero enhanced by the flames. Third, and final new ability, allows Keiichi to create a giant ball of greenish-black flames and toss it into the air, before blasting it with another shot to create a giant rain of smaller orbs of fire which explode on contact.


Spirit Appearance: Pretty much this.
Spirit Personality: Originally, when Keiichi was a Gotei member, Azuma's name didn't really match up with her personality. She was very quiet and docile and loved to give Keiichi words of encouragement and make peaceful conversation whenever he decided to talk to her. After becoming a Vaizard, however, she changed drastically. Azuma is now a very temperamental and highly emotional Zanpakuto. She takes definite pleasure in causing pain to those opposing her and loves fights even more than her wielder. Highly fierce, and at times brutal, Azuma doesn't respond well when Keiichi cuts off her fun by sheathing her or when he loses. When Keiichi loses a battle, Azuma stops responding to him for a while, refusing to release into Shikai. Azuma is highly childish in most fashions of the word, and tends to act bitterly when speaking to Keiichi after a loss or complaining/whining/throwing a temper tantrum when he sheathes her and she hasn't "had enough fun." She does want to see Kei grow and excel, if not for the excuse of "getting to see more battles."

Inner World: Keiichi's world is a giant open field of golden wheat surrounded by a large ring of bright, blood-red flames. In the center of the field, there's a large stone monolith that's inscribed with past doings of Keiichi's and has several cracks along it through the middle. The monolith is home to a lot of shadowy birds that are devoid of a face, having but one single eye in the middle of what should be their head. The world is in a sort of perpetual twilight, with stars just barely visible across the night sky. However, these stars aren't stars at all but are, rather, eyes. These eyes stare downwards at those who enter and do not let them escape their gaze as if they're attempting to judge the blackness of your soul from your outward appearance. If one attempts to go past the large ring of flames, the ring continues to expand until a point where the flames all slam together into a large wall.


Inner Hollow Name: Azuma no Akuma
Mask Appearance: Rawr.
The mask is dragon-like in appearance, with a pointed snout, sharp teeth of various sizes and shapes, and a sort of frill from the mask curving backwards. The jaw is completely exposed, with one side being complete and the other being slightly incomplete, allowing some of the skin of his cheek to show. Eyes are small and narrow, and blue markings adorn the mask. Three azure lines, one along the frill and two on both sides, go from the snout to the back of the mask. Jagged lines appear around the bottom of the mask, in sharp short patterns.

History:  Life: (Birth to age 18)
Keiichi was born to two underage Japanese parents in London, England, on March 17, 1789. Keiichi's parents never were particularly smart with their decisions and knew they couldn't afford to look after a child in their current financial situation. Kei was abandoned in a dumpster with a tag stating his name, where he was found only hours later by some gang member who was scavenging for food. Rather than kill the baby, he brought him back to his group. While, at first, they objected to raising a child, the idea of passing on their ideals and raising the perfect street soldier pleased them heavily. Keiichi grew up in a rather ruthless environment. Having had to wrestle and fight for every scrap of food he got, Keiichi was easily able to physically dispatch his entire "family" with ease by the time he became a teenager. They sent him out often to go and steal for his gang. While he didn't particularly agree with it, he knew they needed the money and agreed he was the best at it, creating quite a name for himself. Between the times where he was forced to steal and them wallowing in their perpetual hunger, Keiichi, and his family did a variety of things together. They smoked, they played ball, they chased small animals. But the biggest thing they did, was get into trouble. Either by starting gang fights, or bullying smaller children.
Even though they were called children, they acted like anything but. These kids grew more and more aggressive as the time went by, and began to arrange small organized fights so as to A. create more of a profit and B. garner and audience and get people talking about them. Keiichi, of course, was thrown in to represent his gang and did a damn good job of it. The bloody knuckles, the battered faces, broken ribs, they were comforting to him. A reminder that he was alive. He gained all kinds of nicknames. But the one that he was most proud of was "The Dragon of the Ring", given to him after a particularly nasty event when he beat a particularly disrespectful enemy down with a lamp. While he left bloody and battered, the other kid didn't leave at all.
The gang that that kid belonged to didn't forget that incident as much as Keiichi wished they did. One night, while he was out patrolling the streets he was kidnapped by members of the gang whom he had scorned. He was beaten, kicked, smacked, punched, all manner of savagery until they felt he couldn't take any more. And after slamming a bottle of liquor over his head, and pouring more onto him, he was set alight with flints. His gang discovered his charred body placed outside of the base, with a blanket overtop him and his tag resting on his stomach. So ended the life of the Dragon of the Ring. In an inglorious blaze.

Being a Plus: (18 to 22)
After his death, Keiichi clung to the material world as harshly as he could, violently haunting the base in which his gang resided. He was a very aggressive spirit, finding himself frustrated that there was nothing further he could do with his "existence" as it were. The members of the gang slowly died, were murdered, or just plain fled. As if having no human interaction was bad, not even seeing it made it even worse for him. At this point, Keiichi cycled between anger, confusion, begging, pleading even, but no one would ever come. Nothing could see him, and no one would help him no matter how many times he called for someone to ride down from the heavens and bring him back to his life. He sat, mulling over his own desperation for what seemed like endless hours within endless days. 4 years he went on like this before he finally succumbed to his inner hatred and became a Hollow.

Rampage: (22 to 33)
As a Hollow, Keiichi went into gear almost immediately, beginning to terrorize London. He went on a murderous rampage, injuring many people across the city, and murdering whoever he could. Typically, his targets were younger boys that were doing things that they weren't supposed to do. He was referred to as "The Bogeyman" by the locals and used him as reinforcement for their children to behave better. After almost 11 years of life as "The Bogeyman", he apparently had attracted some company. A Shinigami had descended upon him, ready to purify his soul and free him from his misery. As a Hollow, Keiichi naturally had no control over whether or not he could/would fight back against this savior, but in the end, he had to succumb after being torn asunder by the blade of the opposing Shinigami.

Soul Society: (33 to 75)
Keiichi had no issue entering the Soul Society, and didn't really expect to. Memories of the Bogeyman were all but gone after purification. So he, upon entering the Soul Society, no longer saw fit to question what was going on and decided that he might as well try to continue living his life, even if it wasn't the same as it was before. He wasn't as fortunate as most, living in a rather poor area of the Rukongai. Fortunately for him, he was used to this environment. Often times, he would start large fights over scraps of food. Sometimes he would start fights just for the hell of it.
His life went on like this for a long time, 42 years he spent in the Rukongai before one day, he was slowly approached by what seemed to be an older male. The man asked if Keiichi was the kid he was looking for, as he had heard of someone stirring up fights. Kei automatically assumed that he was in trouble, but he was highly incorrect. This man actually wanted to do battle with Keiichi, to test his skill, he explained. He agreed, believing the man wasn't going to be a challenge by a long shot. He was beaten mercilessly, the older man giving a critique in the midst of battle. Even though Keiichi had lost horribly, when he came to his senses, he noticed that a note had been pinned to his shirt about some kind of Academy. He remembered that he had heard about some kind of Academy for training warriors, so he decided that he wanted in. Better than sitting around and being useless. He failed his entrance exam once, but the second time he came back and did his absolute best, earning himself a seat in the Academy.

At the Academy: (75 to 76)
In the Academy, Keiichi had a tough time at first. Per his instincts, he grabbed a rather large asauchi, because it seemed like the most threatening and the easiest to use. He struggled with it, and couldn't use it to its full potential. At first, he blamed it on his blade as he watched those around him excel. Even the silly little girl with the pink hair managed to do better than him. He finally decided that he wasn't going to allow himself to be so grossly outclassed by those around him. Through sheer determination, Keiichi finally learned how to use his Asauchi properly. It was also during this time that he found out that he was not particularly good at the Kido arts, due to his impatient nature and his horrible memory for incantations.

Road to Shikai: (76 to 109)
Half way into his time at the Academy, he was finally able to hear his Zanpakuto calling to him. When the instructors heard of this, they told him that when he learned the name of his weapon, he would finally be able to see its true form. In a mission, while he was to hunt a Hollow under supervision, he was almost cornered. It was for the first time that he heard the name of his Zanpakuto and unleashed his Shikai. He was in no way proficient, and could barely use the weapon for his life, but he used the advantage of increased power to overcome the Hollow.

Kotori: (109 to 109) During his time in the Academy, after figuring out his Shikai, he accidentally found himself paired into a two-man team with the small pink-haired girl from earlier in the year. At first, he couldn't stand her. The way that she talked, how cheery she was, and how constantly in his face she was. But after a while, he began to find it endearing and the two became fast friends and stayed that way. He became quite aware that, despite her having surpassed him in the beginning of the year, she wasn't very good at fighting. So, he promised her that no matter what would happen, he'd make sure that she was okay. At the time, he thought that wouldn't have meant much.

Time in the Gotei: (109 to 143)
Upon graduating the Academy 67 years after entry, Keiichi was well versed about the Gotei 13 and what it was. He, throughout his education, always adored the idea of joining the 11th Division. And as such, he applied for it and got in. He was, at the time, an unseated member but that changed after a while. He rose through the ranks, from seat 16 to 15, to 13, before he comfortably rested at Seat 11 for quite a while. Keiichi probably could've gone higher, had he put himself toward it, but he really liked the seat he was at. He always had the small fantasy in the back of his head to become the First Seat, but to do that, he knew he'd have to kill the Captain, which he was aware wasn't going to happen. Rather, he threw himself into his training, going on as many missions as he possibly could to the human world to hunt down Hollows of all kinds of shapes, sizes, and abilities. He grew from his experiences, gradually becoming more and more powerful and closer to his Zanpakuto thanks to it. Through his training, several years after being accepted into Division 11 and taking on numerous missions of varying difficulty, Keiichi finally, finally, achieved Bankai. It was short-lived and he had almost no time to do anything with it due to the absolute shock of it, but he rejoiced. The first person that he told about it was Kotori, who he didn't get to see as often during this point of his life. He had a mighty good time with the other people in his Division, and he saw her on occasion, but it just never felt the same. Luckily for him, something was going to happen to bring them closer together than ever.

Hollowfication:(143 to 210)
After serving in the 11th seat for a good 67 years, there was a mission Keiichi heard about that one of the lower seats had taken, which none had returned from. He was rather fond of whom had gone off on it, so he nominated himself to go out and see what had happened. Through some arguing and a lot of persuasions, he finally managed to get himself out to the Human World to see what was taking so long. Upon discovery of the Hollow, Keiichi challenged it to battle almost immediately. The Hollow took a long while to fall, but he eventually managed to bring it to its knees. Unfortunately, it had gotten a few good nips on him. One of these nips still exists in the form of his scar.

On his way back to the Soul Society, Keiichi began to feel sickly and unwell. Some of his cuts, rather than bleeding, seemed to be leaking a milky white fluid he couldn't identify. He decided to pay a visit to the library to see if there was anything on it. He read up on a few things, including something called Soul Suicide. He thought it was impossible, but then he began to violently eject white fluid from his body. Keiichi quickly fled the Soul Society so as to not be found in this state. The only thing he left behind was the remnants of the white fluid, collected into a mask.

Soul Suicide: (210 to 210)
In the Human World, Keiichi felt the effects of the Hollowfication begin to take place and searched frantically for a Quincy that would be willing to help him. It was at this time that he remembered a story that he was told by a fellow Division seat about a Quincy he had met in the Human World. This Quincy was apparently bold enough to tell a Shinigami to leave the area. Feeling his own sanity begin to slip away, Keiichi finally found the man after asking several spirits along the way. This Quincy, despite Keiichi's pleading, refused to do him a favor no matter how he asked. So, Keiichi then decided he would just fight the Quincy refused. Without prompting, Keiichi then violently attacked at the Quincy who, to get the frenzying Shinigami off of him, shot him with a couple arrows to defend himself. Keiichi was pierced with the arrow, and thanks to that, his Soul Suicide process ended. However, the Quincy didn't stop there. He proceeded to violently beat Keiichi for attacking him and, despite wanting to end his life, he allowed Keiichi to escape. Maybe to break him, maybe to eat at his pride. Either way, Keiichi came to his senses on the streets of Japan without any idea of what to do. He couldn't go back to the Soul Society. He'd be labelled as a traitor and likely executed. He decided that he wouldn't get too worried about it, but was honestly surprised when he found Kotori not too far away from where he was previously lying.

Domination: (210 to 226)
After he and Kotori caught up, they found a nice place to settle down in, with two small beds and some Gigai from a guy on the outside, Keiichi felt continually hassled by a voice from the inside. One that consistently wanted him to do what he did best, and fight, even in situations where that wouldn't work. After getting tired of being stopped and harassed by this voice, Keiichi entered his inner world to find his Zanpakuto changed. Her instant demand for a fight caught him off guard, but he gave in and decided to do so. While he struggled at first to beat the brutal woman, after finding his resolve he smashed her into the ground. Meanwhile, in the middle of the forest, the previously rampaging body of Keiichi suddenly stopped as he awoke, finding a mask covering his face. After practicing, he found that he could summon the mask with a bit of effort. This mask became very useful to Keiichi, as it allowed him to fight much harder and much better than he could previously. So Keiichi would slip away every once in a while to fight a Hollow or two, using his mask. As such. Keiichi and Kotori have lived like this for about 17 years.

RolePlaying Sample:  Keiichi found himself awakening naturally in the middle of sleep once more. This had been the third time that night, and he was wondering what kept awakening him. He groggily stared at the floor near to his pile of comforters and blankets, looking like a sick animal in a cage. Kei hadn't had a good fight in weeks, and he AND his blade were both itching for it.

The young man sat up on his makeshift sleeping area, grabbing the dispenser hidden underneath his 'bed.' He ingested a Gikongan, which pushed him from his body. After silently instructing his body to appear to be asleep, he grabbed his blade from his side. "I've been neglecting you too long, Azuma. We're going out for a while." He made his way to the door, sheathing it completely.

"Kotori, I'll be out for a while." He said, in a tone that was basically a whisper. Kei opened the front door to their small apartment and exited it. He made sure to avoid allowing the door to creak, so as to keep the surrounding area as absolutely silent as possible. He plopped off down the sidewalk to go find some action. A street fight, a Hollow, anything would do. Just something to get him back on the high of battle. Anything to get him to where he used to be.

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Re: Keiichi Moriya (Revamp)

Post by Guest on Sun Apr 17, 2016 9:33 am

Before I grade you, I need to ask; will Kotori's character also be returning to damnation?


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Re: Keiichi Moriya (Revamp)

Post by Lanying Baozhai on Sun Apr 17, 2016 9:57 am

OK, because Roze is going to be busy today, I'm stepping in to finish the grading. I won't ask if Kotori is coming back, as I've already seen her post, so that's been answered. Now on to the actual review.

First things first, I'm not sure if we are having Vizards with the Vasto Lorde form or not anymore and, while I'm not against it, I'd have to ask the others. It's not really something that's come up much in our discussions. So that won't take part in the grading at all and you are free to leave it in for now until told otherwise.

Second, and this is just to make timelines a little easier, would you mind putting years into the history? Or at least how old you were during certain points? It makes getting a coherent timeline together a lot easier.

Thirdly, and this is more of a suggestion, you might want to take your app and run it through a spell/grammar check. Due to our current lack of activity and new tier system, we REALLY aren't looking for length or anything like that in apps at the moment, but we do still look at the quality. While this app is not bad quality, in any stretch of the word, it could do with a little brushing up and a light dusting.

If you do the second and third things, I can get your app a grade and you can jump back into the sweet roleplaying goodness that is Bleach Damnation.

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Re: Keiichi Moriya (Revamp)

Post by Keiichi Moriya on Sun Apr 17, 2016 6:35 pm

I believe that I've updated the app according to your criteria. I hope that adding the ages makes it a little more apparent.

I also updated and changed a few little things, I hope that's not a problem.
Keiichi Moriya

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Re: Keiichi Moriya (Revamp)

Post by Lanying Baozhai on Sun Apr 17, 2016 7:26 pm

Yes it's perfectly fine that you add things :)

OK. Now that this app is finalized and the requested changes have been made, I can give this app a solid tier.

Welcome to the Lieutenant Tier. You are approved for 6 skills from the start, found here http://bleachdamnation.forumotion.com/t187-tiers-and-skills , and as a vizard, are free to choose ONE Hollow or Arrancar skill. Keep in mind that skills can be easily obtained, you just need a training thread and the approval of a staff member to attain that skill.

Again, welcome (back) to Damnation and may the odds be ever in your favor! Oh wait...wrong thing...um...uh...I don't have a witty comment...so...you've been graded.
Lanying Baozhai

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Re: Keiichi Moriya (Revamp)

Post by Keiichi Moriya on Sun Apr 24, 2016 1:03 am

Character Tier: Lieutenant
Skill Number: 6

Armed Combat: Advanced
Unarmed Combat: Advanced
Spiritual Combat: Intermediate
Hoho: Beginner
Reiatsu Perception: Intermediate
Cero: Beginner
Keiichi Moriya

Species : Human
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Re: Keiichi Moriya (Revamp)

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