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Itsuya Borataro | Vastine Amorte | (Finished) Left11Itsuya Borataro | Vastine Amorte | (Finished) Mid10Itsuya Borataro | Vastine Amorte | (Finished) Right11 

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Itsuya Borataro | Vastine Amorte | (Finished) Left11Itsuya Borataro | Vastine Amorte | (Finished) Mid10Itsuya Borataro | Vastine Amorte | (Finished) Right11 
Itsuya Borataro | Vastine Amorte | (Finished) Left11Itsuya Borataro | Vastine Amorte | (Finished) Mid10Itsuya Borataro | Vastine Amorte | (Finished) Right11 

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Itsuya Borataro | Vastine Amorte | (Finished)

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Itsuya Borataro | Vastine Amorte | (Finished) Empty Itsuya Borataro | Vastine Amorte | (Finished)

Post by Itsuya Borataro on Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:10 am

The Fallen Angel

The Basics

Name:  Itsuya Borataro, changed from her original name Da’tori.
English Translation: Da’Tori means Purity in her ancient, dying language.
Species: Vastine Amorte
Race: Shinigami
Gender: Female, but much like other Vastine Amorte, shows little to no interest in others on a romantic level.
Date of Birth: October 2nd, 527 AD
Appearance Age: Appears to be about 15.
Actual Age: 1490 Years of age.
Organization and Rank: 13 Court Guard Squads, Squad 11, Unseated

Height: Itsuya, for being a Vastine Amort, is surprisingly short, only standing at a size of 5’6. With her wings extended, it adds an extra 5 inches of height to her, Making her stand at 6’1. Her shoes have short heels, so they don't affect her height so much.
Weight:  Being a Vastine Amorte, Itsuya is exceptionally light, weighing 56 pounds. She tends to wear a Shihakushō at all times, not really affecting her weight.
Hair color: Her hair is an astounding Raven black, it has a glimmering shine to it that reflects the sun, causing a beautiful glow.
Eye color: As do all other Vastine Amorte, Itsuya has eyes which contain swirls of color, Hers contain A Lime Ish green with Aqua light Blue, with iridescent orbs around her void black pupil
General Appearance: Itsuya almost always has a lazy expression on, with very pale skin and a very, almost nonexistent pinkness to her cheeks. She has a rounded jawline with no freckles. She has a small, softly rounded nose with a dimple on her right cheek. She’s rather slim, and has very slightly visible abdominal muscles. She has small thighs with calves that remain flush with them. She has a profile on the smaller side. She has black feathers, dark as her hair, from her small waist to ankles, accompanied by four wings; two on her lower back and two on her upper back. These wings are also raven black. She has cone shaped ears that have a raven black tuft of fur on the end of it, it glistens in the sun as does the rest of her hair. Her shoulder slant slightly, and her hands are slim, and cold to the touch

The Psyche

Redeeming Qualities:
Honest: Itsuya is honest to a fault. She never lies, and never cheats at anything. She can honour requests, for example, If she needs to keep a secret, she’ll take it to the grave.

Loyal: She deeply respects her superiors, and would die before a thought of rebellion crossed her mind. She would rather die than turn against her own people.

Wise: Itsuya is very intellectual, much above average. She puts that gift to good use in team coordination exercises and strategizing.

Generous: She would give the food off her plate to any soul reaper, with the exception of Werewolves, without food. She graciously will try her best to help those who need it.

Observant: She’s able to pick up on the slightest of clues or hints, and is very attent to others emotions. She can tell how someone feels by the sound of their voice or the way their eyes stare.
Negative Qualities: Hatred of Werewolves: Her extreme hatred of Werewolves can drive her to be aggressive at times. She will refuse to take commands to communicate rationally with them.

Impatience: She feels the need that everything is on the clock, she wants everything to be done as soon as possible.

Social Denial: Chooses to stay by herself, and avoid any type of unnecessary communication. She finds it a waste of time and completely useless.

Shyness: She has a tendency to hide away from the world, as she enjoys her special, silent space

Aggression: Feels the need to shun Werewolves and prove that she is much better than them. She constantly is challenging them to fights.

Literature, It’s a long time hobby to read every book she comes across.

Silence, she enjoys her peace and quiet.

Friendly sparring, she loves to test her own and her.allies strengths and weaknesses, to improve herself


Loud Noise, it hurts her sensitive hearing.

Crowds, she dislikes people, so a lot of them bundled together isn't any better

Giants, she doesn't care for their uneducated behaviour, but does not hold a hate for them.

Werewolves, despises them with all her being.

Hollows, they’re annoyingly loud, creepy, disgusting, and awful.

Personal Habits:
When stressed, she had a tendency to fidget with her fingers.

When angry, she scratches her thumb on the hilt of her Zanpakuto

Short-term Goals:
Gain the Lieutenant status, or seated officer status.

Learn about the world of the Living, Learn about her Zanpakuto
Long-term Goals:

Rid the world of Hollows,

Gain influence enough to banish Werewolves from the Seireitei and from being Shinigami

General Personality: Mistaken for being emotionless, due to her Cold exterior. Inside however, She is very caring of people willing to put effort into helping her, or getting to know her. She loves any sort of literature and would rather be outside hidden on a roof reading, than anything else.
Something Special: She has very sensitive hearing, enough to hear a pin drop meters away.

The Power

Zanpakutō Name: 失明, or Shitsumi
Zanpakutō Name Translation: Shitsumi translates to Blindness.

Sealed Zanpakutō: Shitsumi appears as a small dagger, no larger than 8”, with no handguard and a rope grip. The rope is a Dark Gray color, while the blade remains a stainless white.
Release Phrase: Release your Holy light, Shitsumi!

Shikai Appearance: Shitsumi adopts a Shark Tooth serration along its edges when released. It shines with an inexplicable brightness. The grip also dawns a small Handguard.
Shikai Ability: Shitsumi causes Mild Blindness and loss of the five senses, also dulling the ability to resist the wielder's spiritual pressure, making it seem almost double its actual pressure.

Bankai Name:  神のシュラウド , or Kami no shuraudo (God’s Shroud)
Bankai Appearance: The unleashing of Bankai changes Shitsumi from a dagger to a Valkyrie like sword, with an oval shaped black hanguard and a divine white blade. The hilt also becomes pitch black.
Bankai Ability: Grants the wielder complete invisibility. This hides spirit pressure, sound, smell, and gives a decent speed boost.

The Spirit

Spirit Appearance: Shitsumi appears in the form of a small girl with golden wings and a white dress. She wears no shoes, and has golden eyes that shine.
Spirit Personality: Shitsumi tends to be a well mannered and proper spoken young lady. She wants the best for her wielder, but tends to push her wielder into uncomfortable situations to grow the both of them.
Inner World: Itsuya’s inner world is a barren desert, an oasis stream with a beautiful large sycamore tree shielding the ground from the sun. The ground is a red dry and cracked dirt, while the sky is a beautiful baby blue.

The Past
History: Itsuya was born in a secluded mountain village , She had a nice family; Not too rich, but could put food on the table. It was a happy time with the three, mother daughter and father. Unfortunately, nothing gold can stay. Her parents were killed by Hollows, and their graves laughed at by Werewolves. She lost all sense of mercy or compassion from her lonely 900 years. Things changed one day, she saw a city, not too large, but it wasn't of her kind’s style. Curiosity swarmed her, and seemingly shoved her closer and closer to the city. There, as she flew above in old clothes, she saw many people… All these people wore black robes and carried strange metal rods… It confused her so much, but pushed her to investigate. She flew down into the city, landing on a pathway where she continued to walk. To no avail, she found nothing. She didn't bother to go back home, what was waiting for her, anyways? She chose to reside on a street in the 20th district, where she lived her days in peace. She stayed solitary, for around a hundred or so years. She found that the Shinigami Academy was taking candidates, so seeing it as a chance to learn about these Black Robed ‘Shinigami’, she enrolled.

Major Events Timeline: In order from Birth (Left) to Present day (Right)

Birth > Death of Parents > Discovery of the Seireitei > Movement of living > Enrollment > Graduation > Present day.

Roleplaying Sample: With a pained sigh, the darkly feathered woman sat up. The shingles which acted as her resting place clattered with vibration from he movement. The sun blared its rays upon the Seireitei this gorgeous afternoon, not a cloud in sight! She stood from her lazily curled sitting position with a yawn, lifting her Zanpakuto with a fluid motion from its resting place next to her. "What a beautiful horizon..." She thought to herself. Shifting her glance, her eyes stopped upon one of the mountains in the horizon. "Rest in peace." She murmered with a voice no louder than a mouse, and as undetectable as a bat in the afternoon. Fixing her Zanpakuto to her waist, remembering only now her scheduled guard duties. And with that thought, she vanished with the blink if an eye, to leave a single black feather falling from the sky.
Itsuya Borataro
Itsuya Borataro
Unseated Officer

Species : Vastine Amorte
Race : Shinigami
Age : 1731
Location : Ceireitei, Soul Society
Posts : 10

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Itsuya Borataro | Vastine Amorte | (Finished) Empty Re: Itsuya Borataro | Vastine Amorte | (Finished)

Post by Azalea on Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:20 pm

Well, after reading over your application, I can say that you've earned the Officer Tier. You can post your five chosen Skills, found here, and they'll be added to your profile.

As an Officer, your base Skill level is Beginner and no skill may exceed Intermediate. To increase a skill, you must lower one or more by an equal total amount.

Once your skills are done, you may post all the techniques your character knows here as well.

Itsuya Borataro | Vastine Amorte | (Finished) Nocens10

The Mother of War
Lurks within the depths of Hell
Atoning forever

Species : Human
Race : Togabito
Location : Hell
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Itsuya Borataro | Vastine Amorte | (Finished) Empty Re: Itsuya Borataro | Vastine Amorte | (Finished)

Post by Itsuya Borataro on Sat Jul 22, 2017 3:07 am

Armed Combat: Beginner
Bakudo: Beginner
Hado: Untrained
Hoho: Intermediate
Kaido: Untrained
Reiatsu Perception: Intermediate
Spiritual Combat: Beginner
Shunko: Untrained
Unarmed Combat: Untrained
Itsuya Borataro
Itsuya Borataro
Unseated Officer

Species : Vastine Amorte
Race : Shinigami
Age : 1731
Location : Ceireitei, Soul Society
Posts : 10

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Itsuya Borataro | Vastine Amorte | (Finished) Empty Re: Itsuya Borataro | Vastine Amorte | (Finished)

Post by Sponsored content

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