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Lanying Baozhai
Regarding your Release... Left11Regarding your Release... Mid10Regarding your Release... Right11 
Regarding your Release... Left11Regarding your Release... Mid10Regarding your Release... Right11 
Regarding your Release... Left11Regarding your Release... Mid10Regarding your Release... Right11 
Regarding your Release... Left11Regarding your Release... Mid10Regarding your Release... Right11 

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Regarding your Release... Empty Regarding your Release...

Post by Ma'kine on Tue Apr 16, 2019 8:48 am

What is a release?

Releases are any Racial unique power. For Shinigami, who are used as the basic example on Damnation, the First Release is called "Shikai," and the Final Release is called "Bankai." The Final Release is significantly more powerful than the First Release for most Races, and as such, requires far more power to maintain.

Race NameFirst Release NameFinal Release Name
Quincy----Letzt stil/Vollstandig
HollowUnique Ability----
FullbringerFullbringSecond Level
ArrancarResurreccionSegunda Epta
HumansSpiritual PowerAscended Reiatsu
Togabito----Hell Power
As you can see, not all Races have both a First and a Final Release. But what does this mean mechanically, that the Final Release takes more power to sustain?

Well, with the exception of Dragons, all beings have a limited amount of energy. How much energy they have is a good estimate of their strength. We call these estimates "Tiers" and the higher one's Tier is, the more energy they have to work with. This is true for Dragons as well. Though the Dragon's pool of energy will never run out, by increasing their Tier, they can use more energy at once. To put that in a real world perspective, say you had five dollars. You can spend that five dollars on anything you want to buy, but it must cost less than five dollars. After you spend it, you're given another five dollars. But, if your 'Tier' increased, you'd get ten dollars to spend instead. So, in this way, it's still worth it to increase a Dragon's Tier.

TierFirst Release Time LimeFinal Release Time Limit
Recruit5 posts, or 1 hour1 post, or 10 minutes
Officer10 posts, or 2 hours2 posts, or 20 minutes
Lieutenant20 posts, or 4 hours4 posts, or 40 minutes
Advanced Lieutenant30 posts, or 6 hours6 posts, or 1 hour
Captain40 posts, or 8 hours8 posts, or 80 minutes
Advanced Captain60 posts, or 12 hours12 posts, or 2 hours
Veteran80 posts, or 16 hours16 posts, or 160 minutes
Ascended160 posts, or 32 hours32 posts, or 320 minutes

The post where you activate your release does not count towards this time limit. Only subsequent posts do. If your time limit is reached, your power fails and you run out of Spiritual Energy. More often than not, you will lose consciousness. This can be dangerous, because just because you lost consciousness, does not protect you from combat. Therefore, it is recommended you do not exceed your Tier's time limits. Doing so during combat can result in character death.

Species : Vastine Amorte
Race : Shinigami
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