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Character related request submission: (for Tier Up)

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Character related request submission: (for Tier Up)

Post by Shiroki on Fri Jan 05, 2018 1:09 am

[justify]Character Name: Shiroki 'Sakanade' (Counterstrike); aka Getaway Kid
Character Bracket: Captain (Current)
Current Stat Points: 7 (captain tier) + 1 (species)
-Armed Combat: Advanced (base)
-Spirit Combat: Advanced (base)
-Hoho: Expert (+1)
-Shunko: Beginner (-2)
-Hado: Intermediate (-1)
-Bakudo: Advanced (base)
-Perception: Grandmaster (+3)
-Kaido: Untrained (base)
-Unarmed Combat: Untrained (base)
Current Perk Points: Empty Cicada; Kendo (standard)
Current Technique Slots In Use:
-Reiatsu Suppression (Illusion clone)
-Reiatsu Sense (Tracking/Identification)
-Reiatsu Manipulation (output and control)
-Counterstrike (armed technique; Kido at closeup range)
-Fetch (base ability)
-Breath of the Gods: funnels air from one location and expels it in another as wind
-Breathless (temporarily empties air from lungs; short daze)
-Bunker (increases gravity's effects at self location, earth rises in a bowl to shield)
-Elemental construct (base effect)
-Spring: Fetch (automatically parries oncoming attacks)
-Summer: Wolf of Colors (Declares objects of a stated color untargetable)
-Winter: Mother's Embrace (airtight barrier that deflects attacks)
-Skyscape: extends sense range; allows communication while out of range
-Seascape: Reiatsu Aura radiating heavy despair
-Landscape: Splits original guardian into multiple smaller guardians

Link To Your Last Request: N.A

What Are You Requesting?:
1. Stat Increase of following in particular and/or Next Tier (Advanced Captain or higher if applicable)
-Spirit Combat

2. Permission to acquire new Technique (Bankai)
-Preyscape: forces targets within playzone (including self) into a deadly game of hide and seek where only last man standing survives. Individuals outside playzone are unaffected and can not interfere with the Hunt.

3. New Item(s)
-Mod gigai: a training dummy developed by Squad 12 which acts as a silent body double when he needs to be incognito. (Deactivated dummy sits in the captain's chair at barracks while he pretends to 'respond' on dummy's behalf)
-Public disguise: A custom-made outfit from Squad 12 that he uses for public Captain-appearances. The uniform is built on an empty frame that resembles adult human proportions. Worn in such a way that the anatomical layout of the suit (apparent position of heart, organs, tendons) don't really correspond to the wearer's actual vitals (making it possible that attacks targeting such locations miss their intended objective). In outward appearance, the outfit makes the wearer appear like a hooded person in loose attire.

4. Permission to sit for Captain Test and be recognized as Captain
-preferably for either 2nd or 3rd Squad.
-Or, if applicable; first recognized as Captain of 2nd but then Transferred to 3rd due to Taiyo Pekku's return.

Relevant Links
-Item Request (Gigai + Outfit)

Thanks for your kind consideration everyone

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Re: Character related request submission: (for Tier Up)

Post by Lanying Baozhai on Fri Jan 05, 2018 6:21 pm


Lanying Baozhai

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Race : Shinigami
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Re: Character related request submission: (for Tier Up)

Post by Azalea on Fri Jan 05, 2018 6:57 pm

Items 3 and 4 are granted.

Item 1 is denied because Skills are increased at the end of training threads.

Item 2 denied for the above reason. Complete the thread in which you learn the technique, then you may add it to your skill roster.

Upon your promotion to Advanced Captain Tier, you gain free Skills to distribute as you see fit equal to half rounded up of your current skills. In your case, you have 4 Skill Points to use. Congratulations on your promotion and Tier-increase.

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Re: Character related request submission: (for Tier Up)

Post by Sponsored content

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