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Racial Techniques

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Racial Techniques

Post by Azalea on Thu Nov 02, 2017 10:41 pm

What are Racial Techniques?

Racial Techniques are techniques that are automatically given to your character when you reach a certain Tier. The technique unlocked is exclusive to your Race, and cannot be learned until you reach the prerequisite Tier. For characters that are approved at a Tier where a Technique is unlocked, or above one or more, they can start having learned those Techs already. Characters who unlock or advance to a higher Tier may chose whether to learn the Technique or not, but must do so in a Thread. Racial Techniques are unlocked at Officer, Advanced Lieutenant, Veteran and Ascended Tiers.


At Officer Tier, Shinigami may learn the Technique "Empty Cicada," which allows them to create an after image capable of seeming to take damage.

At Advanced Lieutenant Tier, Shinigami can learn "Kendo," a sub-division of Zanjutsu. While using Kendo, Shinigami gain one level to their Armed Combat, but cannot use Kido or Shunpo during this time as it takes too much concentration. By using Kendo, several other Techniques can be learned.

At Veteran Tier, Shinigami also learn the Technique "Shōgekiha katto," or Shockwave Cut, which condenses their Spiritual Energy into a shockwave when they swing their Zanpakuto. If they have an Elemental release, their Shōgekiha katto takes the form of that element.

At Ascended Tier, Shinigami unlock "Saigo no rirīsu," or "Final Release". This Technique allows the Shinigami to reallocate all their Skills, and physically alters the Shinigami's body to become a fusion of themselves and their Zanpakuto Spirit that lasts until the Shinigami completes a specific goal, or in 48 hours. However, after the conclusion of this Technique, the Shinigami loses all powers and reverts to a Human of Recruit Tier.


At Officer Tier, Hollows gain the Technique "Soul-Body Separation," which allows the Hollow to remove the Soul of a Living person. If the Chain of Fate is broken, this Technique can be used to force the Soul into another body.

At Advanced Lieutenant Tier, Hollows are able to learn "Negacion," which allows the Hollow to create a yellow barrier than removes the contents of the space its erected around from reality and brings it wherever the Hollow chooses.

At the Veteran Tier, Hollows are capable of learning "Más allá de uno mismo," or 'Beyond Self', a one-time only technique that allows a Hollow to change their physical appearance, while also healing any damage they may have taken.

At Ascended Tier, Hollows may unlock "Corazón devuelto," or 'Returned Heart,' which allows a Hollow to learn empathy and close their Hollow Holes while removing their mask completely. This is a 48 hour process, and if interrupted, the Hollow will become either an Arrancar or a stunted ___, a black-lands Hollow. Upon its success, however, the Hollow returns to being a Recruit Tier Human while retaining all their knowledge.


At Officer Tier, Humans may learn "Hide in Sight" which allows them to conceal their Spiritual Pressure among others of their Species, putting a one-level debuff on all others' Perception skills.

At Advanced Lieutenant Tier, Humans learn "Dual-Wielder," a technique that enables them to manifest two separate forms of their Spiritual Energy weapon at once.

At the Veteran Tier, Humans learn "Stolen Knowledge," a technique that allows them to learn any Non-Human skill if they spend at least one thread studying and observing it in action.

At Ascended Tier, Humans can learn "Transcend Humanity," allowing them to sacrifice all their current spiritual power to change their Race and Species to any other combination of Race and Species they prefer. After usage of this technique, the Human is left in a cocoon of light for 48 hours as their body transforms.


A Fullbringer may learn either a Human or a Fullbringer Technique at any Tier they unlock one at. However, they may only chose one, not both. For example, an Officer Fullbringer may learn either "Hide in Sight" or "Impose Rule." They do not need to pick from the same Race for every Tier, and may mix and match.

At Officer Tier, Fullbringers may learn "Impose Rule," which allows an unbreakable rule to be made when using Fullbring Transference.

At Advanced Lieutenant Tier, Fullbringers can learn "Impose Rule" again, which allows the Fullbringer to impose an additional unbreakable rule provided they already learned Impose Rule before.

At the Veteran Tier, Fullbringers can learn "Meta-human," which allows a Fullbringer to use Soul Manipulation to physically alter one or more of their limbs to however they see fit. This technique can be used regardless of their Soul Manipulation level, but only once per thread.

At Ascended Tier, Fullbringers learn "Hollow Ancestry," which allows the Fullbringer to become a Hollow at will so long as they impose three rules upon the transformation. If any of these three behavioral rules are broken within 48 hours, they permanently become a Recruit tier Hollow, the backlash weakening them severely. If none are broken during that time, they are transformed into a Recruit level Human Soul in Soul Society


A Quincy may learn either a Human or a Quincy Technique at any Tier they unlock one at. However, they may only chose one, not both. For example, an Officer Quincy may learn either "Hide in Sight" or "Echt". They do not need to pick from the same Race for every Tier, and may mix and match.

At Officer Tier, Quincy can be either "Echt," 'Pure-Blood,' "Gemischt," 'Mixed-Blood,' or "Unvollkommen," 'Imperfect.' Pure-Blood Quincy are weaker due to 'true' breeding, and are born with a max Skill level one level lower than their actual Tier. However, they are immune to the Imperfect Quincy's Veteran Tier techniques. Mixed-Blood Quincy have the same skill Level as their Tier, but can be effected by the Imperfect Quincy's Veteran Technique. Imperfect Quincy have a max Skill Level of Beginner, but gain the ability to grant Schriffts, or unique powers, to others. When one of their chosen dies, the Imperfect can either learn the deceased's Schrift, able to learn multiple Schrifts at once, or replace one of their Skill levels with the dead's.

At Advanced Lieutenant Tier, Quincy may learn "Hundert Pfeile," or 'Hundred Arrows'. This technique allows the Quincy to fire a hundred arrows simultaneously.

At the Veteran Tier, Quincy who are Echt may learn "Kirchenlied: Sankt Zwinger," the ultimate Quincy spell of offense and defense, whose might will instantly kill any non-Quincy who steps within. Gemischt learn "Überseele," 'Oversoul,' a technique that allows the Quincy to become incredibly adept at hunting any single non-Human Species, gaining one level to all skill checks against their favored enemy. Finally, Unvollkommen can use "Auswählen," allowing them to steal back any and all Schrifts they have ever given, bestowing those abilities to themselves.

At Ascended Tier, Quincy achieve "Werde göttlich," the power to become divine themselves through their faith. This changes their body completely, and they often gain a halo and wings. This form lasts for 48 hours, after which the Quincy loses all powers and becomes a Recruit Tier Human.


Vaizards may learn either a Shinigami, Hollow, or Vaizard Technique that they qualify for, but only one per Tier level. For example, an Officer may learn, "Empty Cicada," "Soul-Body Separation," or "__." They do not need to pick from the same Race for every Tier, and may mix and match.

At Officer Tier, Vaizards

At Advanced Lieutenant Tier, Vaizards

At the Veteran Tier, Vaizards

At Ascended Tier, Vaizards


An Arrancar may learn either a Hollow or an Arrancar Technique at any Tier they unlock one at. However, they may only chose one, not both. For example, an Officer Arrancar may learn either "Soul-Body Separation" or "Gonzui." They do not need to pick from the same Race for every Tier, and may mix and match.

At Officer Tier, Arrancar may learn "Gonzui," which allows the mass absorption of Souls that are at least two Tiers below the user and who do not survive a Spiritual Combat check. This technique has a radius of a hundred yards, or three hundred feet.

At Advanced Lieutenant Tier, Arrancar may learn "Agarrar," or Grasp. This passive technique causes burns on anyone who is at least two Tiers below the Arrancar and fails a Spiritual Combat check.

At the Veteran Tier, Arrancar may gain an "Aspecto Cero," or 'Aspect of Cero'. This individual-specific Cero is the weaponized form of the Arrancar's Aspect of Death, with traits and abilities unique to each Arrancar.

At Ascended Tier, Arrancar unlock a technique known as "La purificación del alma," which allows the Arrancar to release their past regrets and doubts, rectifying the cause of themselves becoming Hollows. This allows them to pass on to Soul Society or Hell and become Recruit Tier Humans. They might also unlock "Reencarnar," which is similar to but different from Resurreccion. Reencarnar unlocks their Aspect of Death, merging their physical form with the Aspect they personify to unlock greater power. By doing so, however, they lose their Arrancar powers and revert to a Recruit Tier Hollow.


A Togabito may learn either a Togabito Technique or any Technique their previous Race could learn at any Tier they unlock one at. However, they may only chose one, not both. For example, an Officer Togabito who was formerly an Arrancar may learn either "Soul-Body Separation," "Gonzui" or "Hell Fire Manipulation." They do not need to pick from the same Race for every Tier, and may mix and match.

At Officer Tier, Togabito may learn "Hell Weapon," which allows the Togabito to bond with a Requiem-made weapon so they may revive holding it, as well as call it to themselves and manifest it at will as they do their Chains.

At Advanced Lieutenant Tier, Togabito may learn "Reiyroku Sphere," which generates a sphere around their body whose protection is equal to one less than their Spiritual Combat skill.

At the Veteran Tier, Togabito may learn "Hell Denizen," which allows them to briefly transform their immediate surroundings into an extension of Hell temporarily. This resets their time they may exist outside of Hell and can only be used once per Thread. Royal Guards and higher Togabito can have various sub-Techniques of this.

At Ascended Tier, Togabito learn "Ascended Demon," which fuses their previous race final release with their Hell Powers, resulting in a unique transformation and a tremendous boost to their lowest Skill. This technique lasts either until a specific goal is met, or 48 hours have passed, at which time the Togabito is absolved of their Sins and reborn as a member of their previous Race.

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Re: Racial Techniques

Post by Azalea on Mon Dec 18, 2017 12:50 pm

Alright, all members who are NOT of Vaizard Race may now choose their Racial Techniques! Vaizards will be given a chance to either choose a Shinigami or Hollow Technique now, OR may wait and see what Techniques their unique Race will earn later. Happy gaming everyone!

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