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Hell History Empty Hell History

Post by Human Hollow on Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:40 pm

To understand the history of the Togabito, you need to know the history of Hell itself. To do that, you need to understand why it was created, for it was tailor made by the Soul Queen herself.

The Soul Queen, long ago at the dawning of the main Species and Races, understood that only her own power could have created such a delicate balance between the worlds, with her own life holding it all together. And so the Queen decided she needed to take preventative measures to ensure she never brought harm to the balance of the different worlds, or to herself.

The Soul Queen turned her powers inward, seeking out all her negative feelings and destructive thoughts, channeling them into her left hand, which she cut off, severing herself from all impurity and vices. But the hand was as much a god as She was, and grew itself a body equal but opposite to the Soul Queen. It called itself  Tànúa, and attempted to murder the Soul Queen and her creations.

Fearing the being her powers created, the Soul Queen created chains to bind the Left Hand, and a space to lock those Chains to. But  Tànúa's power was to destroy, and so he continued to break his Chains and escape into the World of the Living, spreading evil wherever he walked. So the Soul Queen created the Kushinada, guardians of Hell,  Tànúa's prison. The Kushinada were gifted the ability to create the Chains of Hell, and for every one  Tànúa killed, three would rise. In time, not even the Left Hand could escape Hell.

But the damage had been done.  Tànúa's evil seeped into the World of the Living, and those touched most strongly by it could not enter the beautiful cycle of Rebirth. The Kushinada could smell  Tànúa's evil in these people, and would drag them to Hell to suffer alongside him.

Tànúa became a God to the Sinners, his Togabito. The God of Destruction had finally created something after countless years of destruction. And in Hell, whenever a Togabito died, they would absorb more of  Tànúa's power that had twisted Hell and the Kushinada into monsters.

With that knowledge, you're ready to learn of the actual history of Hell as well. Hell's history can be divided into four great Ages. The First Age was the Age of Gold, before Tànúa's evil corrupted Hell.

Roughly two and a half million years ago, Tànúa was captured and imprisoned in a Hell that was a single, infinitely looping gold and Sekkisekki stone room, but not before he had taught those he had met on the World of the Living how to make stone tools to achieve their desires. His wardens were immense, bipedal warriors with traces of Vastine Amorte, Giants and Werewolves in their build. Unable to escape, Tànúa eventually fell asleep for over a million years. During that time, his power seeped into Hell, twisting it into an endless wasteland, and decayed the Kushinada into their present forms.

It was roughly one million years ago when Togabito, shifting through the endless ash of Hell, discovered deposited of a incredibly hard black, crystalline-like ore. The ore varied in size depending on the deposit. Though black, it was always streaked with red lines that would always make vague humanoid or animal faces. The ore was made from the ashes of Hell clinging and fusing together. For the ash in Hell was the bodies and souls of all the Togabito who lost the will to live, but due to their cursed immortality, could never truly be at peace. With only the slightest bit of sentience left in their ashes, they would cling together, and eventually crystallize.

When Tànúa awoke, Hell was transformed completely. This was the beginning of the Age of Bone. With his reawakening, his influence, stained on the descendants of the species that once lived on Earth, had their innate destructive natures stoked. They discovered fire at this time and learned to harness it themselves. Tànúa learned that a handful of those touched strongly by his evil were dragged to Hell upon their deaths, and he christened them the Togabito, his Sinners. After a time, Tànúa and the ancient Togabito fell asleep, bound by their chains. As he slept, the wastes grew and became a series of levels, one growing atop the others.

This slow process ended with Tànúa's third awakening, 14,000 years ago. Here, he had awoke to the sense of someone who bore Sin like he had never felt before, and so he imprisoned her with him, forcing her to submit to his will for two centuries. He dubbed her Nocens, "she who will pleasure." This time period was the Age of Blood, named for the many violent struggles throughout Hell as Togabito fought for dominance. Over the next few thousand years, Tànúa faded into obscurity, but a legend about the Left Hand, the first Togabito, lived on.

In the fifteenth century, Togabito learned to harness a natural ore in Hell, shaping it using heat from the surrounding lava, beating it into shape with the bones of dead Kushinada. They dubbed the ore 'Requiem Jewel,' and the tools and weapons made from it were called Requiem. Most Requiem tools and weapons had long handles made from shaved and chiseled Kushinada bones or armor, with only small amounts of Requiem actually used. The largest deposits could only be found in the deepest sections of Hell, and were closely guarded by the Togabito who claimed that territory.

During this time period, the position of power in Hell shifted from the highest to the lowest Levels and back several times. At the tail end of this period, in the year 1966, the Togabito Merroseed proclaimed himself Emperor of Hell, and married Nocens at that time. Six months after this, Nocens completely murdered Merroseed's soul, preventing him from ever regenerating, and proclaimed herself the true Emperor of Hell. She positioned her four strongest and most trusted friends to rule over several Layers, now called Circles. These Circles of Hell can be seen as massive caves, though their walls are too far apart to be seen.

In the year 2017, Tànúa awoke again, marking the coming of a new Age. With his awakening, many of the most ancient Togabito began to awaken as well. Slowly spreading like a various from the Eighth Circle, the landscape of Hell is changing into some nearly organic material. So begins the Age of Flesh.

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