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Sabiruchi Tsuyosa (Vizard, Tsuyosa Head)

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Sabiruchi Tsuyosa (Vizard, Tsuyosa Head) Empty Sabiruchi Tsuyosa (Vizard, Tsuyosa Head)

Post by Human Hollow on Thu Dec 22, 2016 8:57 pm

Sabiruchi Tsuyosa (Vizard, Tsuyosa Head) 568a7e10

The Basics

Name: Sabiruchi "Sabre" Tsuyosa
English Translation: Sabiruchi loosely translates to "Rusting Blood".
Species: Sabiruchi is a Human.
Race: Sabiruchi is a Vizard.
Gender: Sabre is a female, and identifies as one.
Date of Birth: Sabre was born November 19th, in the year 1117.
Appearance Age: Sabre looks like an adolescent or very petite young woman.
Actual Age: Sabre is 899 years old.
Organization and Rank: Sabiruchi was the Second Seat of the First Division prior to becoming a Vizard, and retains the position due to a special deal with the Gotei.

Height: Sabiruchi is five feet and one inch tall.
Weight: Sabiruchi weighs ninety four pounds.
Hair color: Sabiruchi's hair is a light brown brown color.
Eye color: Sabiruchi's eyes were pale blue prior to becoming a Vizard. They are now both red.
General Appearance: With pale skin and brown hair, Sabiruchi is a small and lithe woman. She keeps her hair just above her shoulders and does not wear it up, ever. She is always seen dressed in white. Her typical garment includes a white dress with three black X's on the torso in the vertical line, black fringe along the hem and neckline, with white crosses in the fringes. Over the sleeveless dress, she wears a white parka, unzipped with the hood down. Her Division insignia is sewn into the left arm and on the back of the parka. Her Zanpakuto is kept inside her parka on the left side. She wears fur-lined boots normally instead of tabi. Around her neck is a collar made from Kido with an invisible leash held by unseen Omnitsukido or the Captain Commander. When the collar is made visible, it is a a heavy thing of iron with four spikes in the front that penetrate just below the surface of her jaw, shattering her Vizard Mask whenever she tries to summon it without permission. When invisible, it takes the form of a sleek black choker.
Normal Appearance:
Sabiruchi Tsuyosa (Vizard, Tsuyosa Head) 50dda810
The Collar:
Sabiruchi Tsuyosa (Vizard, Tsuyosa Head) Moon-shackle
During ceremonial or extremely formal events, one may see Sabiruchi wearing the Tsuyosa Family Armor, an heirloom passed from Head of the Family to Heir. The armor is made of a heavy white, metal-hard bone, harvested from fierce beasts far beyond the Rukongai, in wilderness beyond the mountains. The armor covers the entire body and has large purple protrusions, horns and claws from the beasts of old. The purple claws and horns decorate the joints as well as create large spikes on the shoulders, gauntlets and helmet. The claws on the gauntlet are very hard and sharp, and can easily tear through flesh. The helmet is modeled after the beasts the bones were supposedly harvested from.
Tsuyosa Family Armor:
Sabiruchi Tsuyosa (Vizard, Tsuyosa Head) Latest?cb=20140322083608
The Male Version is the correct one.
When she uses her Shikai, her physical appearance changes. Two locks of her hair grow longer, while the entirety of her hair turns ice blue. In this state, Sabiruchi's outfit is replaced by a one piece leotard, white, with blue designs outlined in black on her hips and sides. She also gains shoulder length gloves with thick black ridges on each knuckle. She walks barefoot in this form.
Shikai Appearance:
Sabiruchi Tsuyosa (Vizard, Tsuyosa Head) I1988010
Bankai changes her appearance again, this time more so. Her "Elegance Form" gives her thigh high, sleek white boots, the Shikai leotard and gloves. She also gains armor that floats around her body, such as a ring of metal around both feet, a skirt that resembles icicles, paulderons, spike-like wings on her back and two horns. She wields a cybernetic gun-sword in her Elegance Form.
Elegance Form:
Sabiruchi Tsuyosa (Vizard, Tsuyosa Head) Steamw10
"Knight Form" retains her Shikai garments and boots, but her floating armor is radically different from her Elegance Form. Her pains a skirt of dark blue, silver and black metal, cube shaped paulderons and a heavy blue and silver helmet with a steep visor that almost completely covers her eyes.
Knight Form:
Sabiruchi Tsuyosa (Vizard, Tsuyosa Head) Steamw11

The Psyche

Redeeming Qualities: Despite everything, Sabre still tries to embody the essence of the Tsuyosa family. She tries constantly to remain composed and level headed, upholding the belief of Society, Gotei, Family, Self. In her own words, "The Tsuyosa are the most honorable of the Four Families, who are everything Shinigami should strive to be. That's not going to change so long as I'm alive."
Sabiruchi is constantly under extreme stress, but is very dedicated to her work for the Gotei and the Family. Nothing stops her from upholding the Family's laws. She has taken every detail of Tsuyosa history and strives to bring it back, to make the world remember why the Tsuyosa are the most prestigious Family, and why they are clearly the better Shinigami.
Though it's no secret that Sabiruchi is a Vizard, she insists that she is a Shinigami of the Gotei. Every aspect of her day-to-day living is dedicated to Society, Gotei, Family, Self.
Negative Qualities: Sabiruchi has an extremely short temper. Though she does have a good reason for her constant bad mood, it makes her a pain to be around because anything and everything will set her off.
There is a constant threat that Sabre will return to being a Hollow, as she has found no balance in her soul to subjugate the Hollow. Instead, she has maintained her own identity through sheer force of will.
The stress of constantly being on the edge of Hollowfying causes her to be very abusive to her handlers whenever she can. She's constantly afraid that if she is ever unsupervised or has any moment of weakness, the Hollow inside her will escape.
Sabre has zero control of her Hollow-given powers, meaning that although using her Mask does grant her a boost in strength, because she's never trained with it, she cannot use Hollow powers like the Cero or Advanced Regeneration.
Sabiruchi Tsuyosa is known to relieve her stress with copious amounts of sex, and makes no effort to keep quiet. She can be heard throughout the entire Tsuyosa Estate, as well as the loud yelling and screams of her hired servants.
Sabiruchi has a bitter dislike of the Baozhai Family and will often let her dislike cloud her better judgement. She infrequently sends Tsuyosa members who displease her to Lanying Baozhai with marriage proposals as punishment.
Likes: Sabiruchi lives and breathes for her work. Nothing brings her greater joy than being a Shinigami and leading the most prestigious Family in Seireitei. She loves every aspect of being a Shinigami, even the massive workloads of paperwork. With that, she loves the life of Nobility, the formality, the structure, the lifestyle of such a traditional and set life.
Sabiruchi craves the idea of the Tsuyosa being the best. Any time her Family outdoes one of the others, she brings it up as often as she can about how great her Family is. She is not exactly obnoxious about it, more like a very proud parent talking about their child's successes.
Dislikes: Sabiruchi has a somewhat friendly rivalry with Captain Commander Lanying Baozhai. She knows the Captain Commander is holding her back from advancing to a position she feels she rightly deserves.
But more than that is her rivalry with the Baozhai Family as a whole. She feels that the Giant-based Family is overstepping their boundaries by making the Head of the Tsuyosa play second fiddle to the Head of the Baozhai. She feels that the Baozhai are trying to replace the Tsuyosa as Seireitei's most important Family.
Sabiruchi detests weakness in any form. She expects nothing but the best from Shinigami, and her Family. She considers every delay, failure and shortcoming as if they were personal attacks on her own character.
More of a fear than a dislike, Sabiruchi is afraid of having children. She knows that her genetics hold a rare mutation that could cause her child to be born with clawed hands like a Werewolf, from whom the Otome clan are descended, but fears that her perfectionist personality would make her unable to love the child. She has told nobody that this is why she has no children.
But, due to that, she works harder to ensure that her disappointing Family members have children, even though they themselves are not ready or planned to. She thinks of her family as disappointing for not wanting children that could be named heir.
Personal Habits: Sabiruchi is a perfectionist who insists that if something needs to be done right, sooner or latter she'll have to do it herself.
Also, Sabre's mood switches radically at the drop of a hat due to her extremely short temper.
She is also quite fond of saying nearly treasonous things about Lanying Baozhai, due to their long and somewhat complicated history together.
Short-term Goals: Sabiruchi desires to become a Captain, primarily because she meets all the requirements to pass the test. However, she's not allowed to TAKE the test, so that the Captain Commander can keep a better eye on her.
Long-term Goals: Sabiruchi wants to remind Soul Society exactly why the Tsuyosa family is the most prestigious and overall best Noble Family.
Sabiruchi wants a perfect Heir to her position as Head of the Tsuyosa.
General Personality: When all is well, Sabiruchi is the picture of elegance, everything a Tsuyosa should embody. She is calm, rational and strives to put her Family's interests ahead of her own. She lives and breathes by the Tsuyosa mantra of "Society, Gotei, Family, Self." She does her best to remain a highly respectable figure in the Soul Society, taking her position as Head of the Tsuyosa Family very seriously, not letting anything shame the name of Tsuyosa even for a moment.
However, due to her Inner Hollow's constant speaking and whispered threats, she has a very, very short temper. Almost anything can and will set her off on a rage. These rages are so frequent due to her high standards for what a Noble should be, that its actually become more rare for her to be seen as the elegant leader she was known to be, in recent times. Another driving problem that causes her anger is her century and a half of being denied a Captain's position, despite being qualified for it.
While these are the two more better known aspects of Sabre's personality, she does maintain solid relations with her fellow Shinigami and the other Noble Families. It's no secret that the Tsuyosa and the Baozhai have been at odds for a long time, but it has really heated recently due to conflict between Lady Sabiruchi and Lady Lanying Baozhai. Sabiruchi's belief that a Tsuyosa are the clear best Noble family causes her intense frustration to have to be Second Seat to the Head of the Baozhai.
Though it's well known to anyone who has ever visited the Tsuyosa Estates in Seireitei that Lady Sabiruchi keeps several men and women on hand in her rooms as personal servants, it's not spoken of and treated as a secret, despite the fact that her loud and very stern voice can be heard throughout every level of the Estate when she takes up a servant to, as she calls it, "relieve the stress of work in a biblical way".
Along with her not-so-secret partners, Sabre is known to actually enjoy the fact that she's constantly being watched, and does everything in her power to make it as uncomfortable as possible for her keeper, typically her Captain and the Head of the Baozhai Family. However, despite her enjoyment of attention, this caused her to become highly desensitized over the last few decades; she will not get embarrassed or even think twice before doing something unseemly.
How she manages to be both the elegant leader of the Tsuyosa and the highly aggressive Vizard that is both feared and mocked by the Gotei is a mystery, even to herself.
Something Special: Although Sabiruchi does wear a proper Shinigami Uniform, she refuses to wear it if there is any chance of Lanying Baozhai seeing her. She does this out of spite and a slightly-less-than-friendly rivalry that has been going on between the Baozhai and Tsuyosa for over a hundred years.


Three Days Grace- I am Machine

Hollywood Undead- We are

The Power

Zanpakutō Name: Ikite iru sabi no nami
Zanpakutō Name English Translation: Living Rust Wave

Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: In his sealed form, Ikite iru sabi no nami is a short, thin blade, more akin to a stiletto than any sword. The blade is narrow and housed in a pure ebony scabbard. The knife-sized weapon has almost no guard to speak of, and the handle is white polished wood.
Release Phrase: "Show defiance and rise against, Ikite iru sabi no nami"

Shikai Appearance: In Shikai, Sabiruchi's outfit changes drastically. She gains a leotard and shoulder length gloves and wears no shoes. Her Zanpakuto seemingly vanishes.
Shikai Ability: In Shikai, Ikite iru sabi no nami can modify any type of technology, regardless of level of sophistication or material, into an automaton of either animal or human shape by firing striking with her fists the technology in question. These automatons can transform back into their original forms, their automaton shape, or into a weapon that Sabiruchi can wield.
As an extension of this, any and all automatons can merge together to create larger, more sophisticated automatons, weapons or technologies using their individual parts.These larger and more complex automatons can also merge together into stronger forms.
However, the strength of the automaton is directly related to its original parts. A wood or clay automaton will not have the strength of one made of metal. They also possess the inherent weaknesses of their component parts.
Once possessed by Ikite iru sabi no nami, the automatons will begin to decay and fall apart; smaller automatons last longer than their larger counterparts.

Bankai Name: Seikatsu kikai no jōshō (Rise of the Living Machines)
Bankai Appearance: Her Bankai grants her two different forms. One is her Elegance Form, which is used primarily to control her automatons, while Knight Form is for direct combat. She can switch almost instantly between them.
Her "Elegance Form" gives her thigh high, sleek white boots, the Shikai leotard and gloves. She also gains armor that floats around her body, such as a ring of metal around both feet, a skirt that resembles icicles, paulderons, spike-like wings on her back and two horns. She wields a cybernetic gun-sword in her Elegance Form.
"Knight Form" retains her Shikai garments and boots, but her floating armor is radically different from her Elegance Form. Her pains a skirt of dark blue, silver and black metal, cube shaped paulderons and a heavy blue and silver helmet with a steep visor that almost completely covers her eyes.
Bankai Ability: While in her Elegance Form, Sabiruchi can transform and take over any kind of technology within sniper range, using a single shot. She can also direct her automatons to actually build better automatons by harvesting their best parts and putting them together. While in Bankai, she no longer has the decay rate to worry about as well.
However, Knight Form transforms her weapon into a sword. This form gives her the ability to harvest technology herself, adding improvements to her wielded weapon, such as harvesting diamonds off a chainsaw for a harder blade. While in Knight Form, she can fuse herself to the technology in question as well, turning herself into a cyborg, while gaining all the strengths and weaknesses of the material she absorbed.

The Spirit

Spirit Appearance: Ikite iru sabi no nami has the body of a man, nearly twice Sabiruchi's height, but composed entirely of rusted armor and broken weaponry. His joints are wooden, with long mix-matched pieces of metal creating his limbs and torso. His head is made from thousands of helmet shards and scraps of decayed hide fused together. His body is uniformly the color of rusted iron, including the wooden pieces. Wherever his body parts come together are held in place by clay.
Spirit Personality: Ikite iru sabi no nami was a wise, somber Spirit. He saw the good in life, and always hoped for a better future. He was inventive and clever, always thinking of new uses for everything, even the broken and forgotten. Ikite iru sabi no nami believed that so long as it still had form, a use could still be found; as long as it lived, it was redeemable. He always told Sabiruchi that he wanted her to turn his wasted lands into a beautiful meadow, for he craved true life rather than the imitations he created from the endless piles of trash and scrap.
After Hollowfication, though, Ikite iru sabi no nami became enshrouded by darkness. Since Sabiruchi first donned the Vizard Mask, he has only spoken of death, destruction and murder. He whispers these evil thoughts into her mind constantly, day and night, awake or asleep, without stop. The Zanpakuto Spirit no longer exists other than fuel for her Shikai and Bankai; all that remains is the tainted Hollow-thing he left behind.
Inner World: Ikite iru sabi no nami's Inner World is an endless wastland with mountains of trash, scrap and rubble piled everywhere. The ground is baked rock, cracked and parched, while the sky is dirty and dark clouds block out the sun. The scrap and trash comes from every age Sabiruchi has lived through.

The Demon

Inner Hollow Name: Ikite iru sabi no nami
Inner Hollow Appearance: After becoming Hollowfied, Ikite iru sabi no nami is physically identical in appearance, but his entire body is in various shades of white.
Mask Appearance: Sabiruchi's Vizard Mask is completely smooth and rounded, with no discernible features of any kind. It extends below her jaw and above her forehead by three inches both ways. However, when using any Hollow-based abilities, the Mask cracks vertically in the center, transforming the entire mask into a viscous mouth with jagged, broken teeth.
Hollow Form Appearance: The Hollow that Sabiruchi would transformed into has no limbs, with a long, slimy black body. The head would connect directly to the body, with the mouth constantly opening and closing. This Hollow has long white chains coming off its top side that trail behind it when it moves. The Hollow's only known power is that she can devour anything physical or Spiritual Constructs, like Kido Barriers.

The Past
The Family Buisness
1116 AD

Sabiruchi was born to Kurokami Otome and San Surasshusōdo. San, the father, was a distant man by nature. The infant Sabiruchi was taken from her parents a mere four months after her birth. However, by the end of those four months, she had seen more bloodshed than most adults would in a lifetime.

Kurokami and San lived on the outermost region of the Rukongai. Both were potential candidates for joining the Academy, but neither had. Kurokami and San lived in a dilapidated home, an ugly brick building with blasted out windows and a leaky roof.  The infant Sabiruchi was kept in a make-shift crib in the center of the home. It was here than San and Kurokami did their work.

Kurokami and San had a list of victims a country mile long. The two worked in tandem, Kurokami, with her raven haired beauty, would lure men back to their home, where San and her would then kill and rob the men. Despite the simplicity, it was effective. San and Kurokami would occasionally switch roles, killing easily swayed gullible women. The couple used the clothing of their victims to create their own, as well as for Sabiruchi. The taken money was used to feed themselves and the baby. However, the family was by no means well fed. Sabiruchi was considered underweight by the time she was taken from her parents.

The night had been no different than any other night for the married killers. Kurokami had left shortly before dusk, venturing out into the district and surrounding ones in search of a man who looked wealthy.

The man Kurokami found was a slim, tall man found in a make-shift bar. He was older than Sabiruchi's mother, much so. Though his face was scarred, he was very nicely dressed. As such, Kurokami had offered the man "A night he'll never forget" and led the old man through the district. The walk was long, so he slowly sobered as they arrived.

The twosome walked into the dilapidated home, Kurokami leaning heavily on the man and giggling flirty. If it had not been for the sudden crying of infant Sabiruchi, the drunk man's head would have been torn clean off. However, as he turned to look towards the crying, he moved just enough for San's attack to go past him harmlessly.

The man stumbled away from Kurokami, drawing from his coat a long katana. The murderous couple held a low stance and did not appear to recognize the significance of the black coated man holding this blade. As the couple lunged at the man, he parried their hand strikes using his blade. Kurokami, who only thirty minutes ago had appeared like any decently-behaved pleasure woman, was now more like a feral animal, lashing at the man with both hands.

The two were so aggressive and fast-paced the man could not properly cast his Kido, instead resorting to his sword and kicking and shoving the two away as much as possible. However, as they fought, the couple acted faster and more aggressively. As the man was trying to shove Kurokami off him, San tried to lunge at him. However, the man, reacting on instinct, re-positioned himself just enough in the wrong direction. San's aggressive lunge impaled him upon the blade, stabbing the killer through the throat. Kurokami gave a wail at this sight and attacked with renewed vigor. However, her aggressiveness forced the Shinigami into an equally defensive position. After a long struggle, Kurokami eventually ended impaled by the blade as well, due to jumping at the sword-wielding man.

It wasn't until he stood over the bodies that the man came to notice the crying. Sabiruchi still lay in the crib, miraculously unharmed during the bloody and unfortunate deaths. The Shinigami moved to the crib and looks at the infant. She was frightfully thin, and her long brown hair was in desperate need of care. The man turned to look at the two dead people. Upon inspecting them, he realizes they bore the same deformed hands, marking them as members of a highly skilled clan of murderers whom were infamous for their savagery. Noting this, he swore under his breath.

The girl in the crib must have been the daughter of these two, though she did not have the defect that made her clan famous. The girl continued to cry and cry, probably starved for food. It didn't weigh well on his mind to abandon the child after he killed her sole providers, though he doubted even with them she'd last long. The man returned to the crib, looking in at the infant who had cried herself to sleep. Stitched into her clothing was the name Sabiruchi Otome. The man read the name aloud before lifting her from the crib, rocking her in his arms as he had done so long ago for his own family.

Which is where he should be getting back to, he had thought. Holding the infant close to him, the elderly Shinigami ran back home, deep into the Seireitei. To the house of Tsuyosa.

A Jester between Nobles
1116-1312 AD

The man was the head of the Tsuyosa family, Shinsetsuna Tsuyosa. Shinsetsuna had two grown daughters, but no son. However, he had yet to declare an Heir to the Family. When Shinsetsuna brought Sabiruchi into the Tsuyosa family, consulting the family on what to do, they were astounded. He had brought a murderer's child into their house? What if somebody found out? How could they not find out, they cried. Shinsetsuna was morally torn. He could not shame the noble name of Tsuyosa, nor could he abandon the child in a sound mind. The Tsuyosa were considered the most noble of the Four Noble Families, but the aging Shinigami couldn't just drop the child off somewhere and hope for the best. What would he even say? Against the family's better judgement, Shinsetsuna kept the child in his own children's rooms, closest to his own.

Shinsetsuna raised her as his own, without adopting her officially. Instead, if any who did not know her origins asked, he replied that he was taking care of her as a favor to a distant family. The rest of the noble family largely ignored or hated the child, not allowing their own children to interact with her. For this reason, as Sabiruchi grew older, she had very few friends, primarily servants or children from other Noble families.

For two-hundred years, Sabiruchi was taught exclusively by the head of the Tsuyosa family. Shinsetsuna taught her calligraphy, poetry, honesty and honor, as well as helped the girl nurture her already impressive spiritual power. Shinsetsuna made sure the rest of the Family was never outwardly mean to Sabre, which was his nickname for her. Sabre was taught that honor and keeping ones word was the second most important thing in the world. The first was the protection of Soul Society. This was Shinsetsuna's most important rule. He taught and could never stress enough how important it was. Never attack a Shinigami. Never break a law. Never kill a Soul unless ordered to, she's left with no choice, or they are going to break the law and cannot be restrained. Under Shinsetsuna's teachings, Sabre became fascinated by Shinigami, always asking the elderly man if she was ready for entering the Academy. For over a century he turned her down. However, one day, almost two hundred years after he brought her home, he didn't say no.

Shinsetsuna called her into his rooms, telling her to sit across the kotatsu for warmth. After the two got situated, Sabre looked to her father figure, a large smile on her face despite her otherwise respectful posture. "What is so important, Lord Shinsetsuna?"

The elderly Head of the Family looked across at her. "Sabiruchi, child. Before I give my permission for you to join the Academy, there is much I need to tell you," Sabre became very worried, for Shinsetsuna never used her full name unless she was being punished. However, her worry changed to disbelief, then horror and finally acceptance as Shinsetsuna explained her origins. He explained that, in the years after he brought her home, he looked into her parents history. They both came from a clan who lived for killing, the mutation in their forearms being their key to success. However, the clan had been on the decline in the years leading up to her unofficial adoption. Nearly ten years after her birth, she was the last member in Soul Society as far as Shinsetsuna could find out. The rest had been killed off in their battles, leaving her the only one left. As he finished, he looked at the girl. He had cared for her by himself since infancy had grown into a mid-teenager. Physically, Sabre looked sixteen and her hair was quite long, reaching her lower back. She was beautiful in most people's opinion, but she was also vain. The elderly man had to admit she was almost an adult, nearly 200 years old. "I wanted you to know this before I sent you to the Academy, Sabiruchi. I protected you as best as I could from finding out about where you came from. However, it is likely you will meet those from Rukongai who know of your parents' clan. That is something I cannot prevent. But I can prepare you for it. And, I want you to know that you are, and always will be, my daughter. You are a Tsuyosa, even if not by birth."

For a while, Sabiruchi did not speak, staring at her hands. With a final nod and shake of her head, looking to the Shinigami. "Though our names may have been different, you were always my father, Lord Shinsetsuna. With your blessing, I want to join the Academy. Please allow me to prove that I care for Soul Society, despite what the Otome clan had done. And to prove myself as a Tsuyosa."

An Honorable Path
1312-1561 AD

Sabiruchi had a remarkably easy time at the Academy. Due to her drive to impress Shinsetsuna, as well as prove her worth, she worked much harder than was required of her. Due to her hard work, years spent nurturing her Reireiyoku and her ability to grasp ideas extremely fast, she completed the six year curriculum in a mere two and a half years, only due to taking longer to master Hakuda than the other three subjects of Zanjutsu, Kido and Hoho. Her mastery with her Zanpakuto was great enough that by the start of her second year, her Asauchi had enough of her soul imprinted on it to slightly change shape, becoming thinner and shorter, signaling she was very close to learning Shikai. It was not until Shinsetsuna told her to think of her whole body as a weapon instead of solely her Zanpakuto being a weapon. The same way she could do many different strikes with her swords, her body could do the same. In the Academy, Sabiruchi excelled primarily in Kido, with a focus on Hado, the Way of Destruction. She was weaker in Kaido, Turn Way, but not enough to impair her.

Upon her early graduation, due to her skill and Shinsetsuna's influence, she was placed as the fifth seat in the First Division. However, her genius proved to work against her. Many Shinigami came to resent her, believing Shinsetsuna merely used his influence and she truly wasn't skilled enough. The four Shinigami above her acknowledged her skill, though. It was due to her skill that she was frequently asked to do favors for other Divisions in her free time.

As a Shinigami, Sabiruchi had her own source of income, as well as an allowance from Shinsetsuna. She had told the elderly Shinigami that the money was used to help with various tasks other lower ranking Shinigami were doing. This was partly so the man would believe she was making friends, and partly to hide the truth. In truth, Sabiruchi had very few friends and Sabiruchi went to Rukongai every day at dusk, heading to the various outskirt districts. She made sure to carry her Zanpakuto at all times, for she visited the districts 75-80 in all four sections of Rukongai, North, South, East and West. She would go to each District three days in a row before moving to the next. There, she used her money to buy food for the poor and gave some actual coins to a few.

Over time, Sabiruchi's skill only grew. She mastered her Shikai in ten years, having first learned to properly use it after leaving the Academy; before this, despite knowing the name she couldn't properly use Shikai due to being too out of sync with Ikite iru sabi no nami. This lead to her being able to have a Zanpakuto but no true Shikai at her graduation. Sabiruchi moved up the ranks in the First Division with ease, moving up based on her amazing progress and numerous missions to and from the World of the Living. One hundred and ten years after joining, she became the Fourth Seat. Eighty years later, the Third. Nineteen years after that, the former Second Seat perished in battle, making Sabiruchi the default Lieutenant of First Division. Despite the relatively fast movement up the Gotei ranks, her life up to this point had been relatively boring. She had a pattern. Each morning she drank tea with Shinsetsuna, then went to fulfill her duties, taking an hour each day to practice her skills in the basics, then by dusk she went to Rukongai and stayed for many hours, before returning late to the Tsuyosa Mansion to sleep.

Perhaps the most exciting thing to happen was how she developed Shikai. She had been to her Inner World many times in the ten years it took her to master the basic skill. She had gone into her Inner World by using Jinzen, mediation usually reserved for Bankai training. Her Inner World was a wasteland with large mountains of rusted metal everywhere on the baked ground, lit by three suns. Her Zanpakuto Spirit, Ikite iru sabi no nami, was a kind, gentle being. He took the form of man made of rusted metal parts from broken weapons and armor, with wood and clay holding him together. Ikite iru sabi no nami had been trying for years to teach her how to properly sync with him. Most Shinigami had no problem with this, able to use Shikai soon after learning the name. However, Sabre, for he too called her by this name, could not achieve this despite Ikite iru sabi no nami's efforts to aid her. He suggested to her that, instead of merely calling out his name, she imagine everything about the Spirit. His voice, the way he looked, his smell, the way he felt. Then, imagine him flowing through the blades in his entirety and that she should simultaneously picture herself, her energy rather, flowing into them. For the first few times of wielding the Shikai, she had to do this. However, as she grew accustomed to it, she found herself naturally growing in synchronicity with her Spirit.

However, life grew more interesting for the bored Shinigami after the untimely death of her friend and former Lieutenant. Taking up the duties of the Second Seat meant much more paper work and pushed her schedule back further and further until Sabre wasn't leaving for Rukongai until well after dark. Thirty-two years after her promotion, she was meet with embarrassment and shock when, passing through Mazai District on her way home she came across Shinsetsuna! Her caregiver had stumbled out of a building on her left, quite literally bumping into her. Sabre's face was bright red the entire way back to the Manor with the elderly Shinigami, drunk off sake and the pleasures of the whore-house. The next day, she asked Lord Shinsetsuna why he had returned to drinking when she was under the impression that he had quit years ago.

The man, in the way he had, managed to move the conversation's focus off his bad habit and rather onto the Geisha he had been with. Apparently they were being hunted down and killed by a rival group. As Shinsetsuna did not want word getting around of his bad habit, he kept the group's "expertise" to himself when he discussed it to others, but wanted Sabre to protect the Geisha who worked there. Sabre agreed quickly, however she requested he kept her visits to Rukongai a secret. In response, the man gave a crinkling smile and asked "What visits?"

Sabre had spent the following day hiding near the pleasure-house, watching the entrance in case any of the women inside left or were attacked. After a long wait, the fully grown Shinigami was rewarded with one woman, who Shinsetsuna had told her was actually in charge, left. Sabre followed the woman, watching her. Sabre witnessed her guardian had been right, for the Geisha was about to be attacked. Stepping forward, the blonde woman utter the Bakudo "Sai", pointing her index and middle finger as was required. As she swept her hand to the side, the attacker's arms became bound behind their back and they were forced to their knees. Coming up from behind the attacker, Sabre chopped them on the neck hard, causing the brute to pass out as Sabre disabled her Bakudo spell.

"My name is Sabiruchi Otome, and I was sent here to protect you. I am a close friend to one of your customers, and I'm also a Shinigami," Sabre introduced herself. She eventually talked the woman into joining her on her way back to the lower numbered Districts. Sabre talked at length about why it was too rough in the higher numbered Districts. Life there doesn't last long for anyone, as tonight must have shown the woman. The walk was tiresomely slow, as the now former Geisha, who had renounced her ways during their walk, could not use Shunpo. The two women passed the time talking. Sabre had mentioned that she had used Sai, a spell that Shinigami could all use. While on the topic, she briefly mentioned that if the woman had joined the Academy, the twosome could had Shunpo-ed their way back to the lower districts. The former Geisha asked if Sabre truly thought one like her could become a Shinigami, and so Sabre responded that anybody could enroll in the Academy, and the former Geisha's surprising education would only help her. It was very late, or rather, early, by the two arrived in District number three. Sabre bowed to the woman and wished her goodbye and good luck with the Academy.

A few years later, Sabre stood outside Shin-o Academy personally congratulating the woman on both her graduation and her placement in Fifth Division. She lamented that her duties as a Lieutenant and the Noble Family Tsuyosa's ties to First, Sixth and Thirteenth would keep the two apart during the days, but she promised to stay in touch with the former Giesha, even if that merely meant tea once in a while under a warm kotatsu.

And so, life had carried on. Striving to prove her usefulness, Sabre spent more and more of her free time bonding with Ikite iru sabi no nami, learning to draw the Spirit out and into reality. The two wanted to learn Bankai, to make Sabre stronger and prove once and for all to the Tsuyosa family that she was going to be a productive, useful tool for the Gotei Thirteen. Due to her dedication and constant need to prove herself worthy of the Tsuyosa name, honoring the three laws of the Tsuyosa family, Shinsetsuna named Sabre his heir to the Family, much to the scorn of his biological children. Life was good for the adopted noble woman. But alas, just as Sabre was nearing success with mastering the complex art of Bankai, things took a turn for the absolute worse.

The Horror in South District 79
1560-1761 AD

Two hundred years after saving Amaya, Sabre felt she was on the verge of a breakthrough with developing her Bankai. However, her attempts to learn it were constantly put back due to a series of unsolved deaths in South Rukongai, centered around District 79. It was either the most successful killer South Rukongai had ever seen, or somebody with Seated Officer strength had gone rouge.

The murders were supposed to be handled by her Captain working in tandem with Divisions Four, Five, Eleven and Twelve. However, no progress had been made. Shinsetsuna had commented that they would never catch the killer with so many Shinigami wandering aimlessly when Sabre brought the case up. Unknown to him, this planted an idea in her mind. What if not only she learned Bankai, but what if she captured the killer as well? Shinsetsuna would be so impressed by her! After her cherished father figure went to bed, the Shinigami donned her robes and Zanpakuto, sneaking out as fast and quietly as possible.

Even with Shunpo, it wasn't until after midnight that Sabre was at the 79th District. It was eerily silent as the Shinigami walked the deserted streets. Not a single Soul was out. She suppressed her power as much as possible, giving off enough to appear as just a mere Sixth Seat Officer, even weaker than when she graduated. She spent nearly two hours wandering around before she heard any noise at all.

She turned around just in time to bring her sword in front of her and block a very heavy blow. Before her was a absolutely huge Hollow. It was an ugly thing with an insect-like upper body and head but a snake tail instead of legs. It had used this tail to strike at her, hoping to crush her flat. Sabre Shunpo'd backwards, bringing her blade up to guard herself. This must have been the cause of all those deaths, she concluded as the Hollow lunged at her. Though she was confident in her abilities, the Venomous Hollow was slowly pushing her back, overwhelming her by sheer brute force. After a long battle, the creature finally broke through her defenses, biting hard into her body. Sabre screamed in pain as she felt something flow into her as the Hollow held her in its mouth. With a grunt of effort and a gasp of pain, Sabre stabbed viciously into the Hollow's Mask, turning and wrenching the weapon down in such a way that the mask was destroyed into shattered parts and the Hollow consequently dissolved. She may have killed the beast, but she was bleeding profusely. The pain was unbearable, she thought. Sabre remembered she passed out at this point, falling into the blood-soaked earth.

However, the part Sabre doesn't remember is that, after she passed out, her body had risen to its feet again. The Hollow's venom was warping her mind, driving her mad with blood-lust. As she stumbled back to the Seireitei, she hacked and slashed at anybody who came near her, painting a red trail. Through the Gate, she was greeted by worried Shinigami who noticed she had gone missing. One, the Third Seat of her Division was happy to see her, running up with a look of clear concern at her grievous injury. His face was frozen in concern even as his head hit the ground, Sabre having decapitated her friend without hesitation. Those with him had demanded to know what she was doing, drawing their blades. However, the unseated officers were no match for the Second Seat. Somehow in that crazed state of blood-lust, she managed to activate Shikai. One Shinigami who managed to escape noticed the machines she created, normally so beautiful, were crude and evil in their construction, more weapon than animal.

Those who escaped warned everybody that Sabiruchi Tsuyosa had betrayed the Gotei and was killing everybody she saw. Shinsetsuna, who had been worried sick, could not believe his ears. How could his sweet Sabre do such a thing!? Surely not, he told himself. Though his age was getting to him, he grabbed his sword and ran out to find her. Sabre stood, covered in blood and surrounded by demonic creatures of wood and steel, a mountain of black robed bodies behind her.

The Nobleman couldn't believe it. Not even when she attacked him. Such was his disbelief that he couldn't even fight her at full strength. He couldn't hurt his precious Sabre, who was always to quiet and the embodiment of what their family should be. Surely if he kept begging her to stop she would. But, sadly, caught by the venom as she was, Sabiruchi Otome murdered the only father figure she ever had, Shinsetsuna Tsuyosa.

The killing of a Noble had apparently been the final straw, for shortly after she was engaged by so many Shinigami, even her bloodthirsty mind decided to flee. She had escaped through the East gate, vanishing into Rukongai. The Shinigami pursuing her only caught up to her once she was past the 80th District. And even then, they had no idea what they were looking at. It had her swords, her hair, even her uniform. But, over its face was a white mask, smooth and rounded, with no visible facial features. Emerging from her shoulders and back were thick, white  chain like appendages. None of the Shinigami could think of what it was before it was too late.

There were seven Shinigami, led by the Baozhai family's most loyal supporter and an enforcer both physically and spiritually, Ma'kine, one of the extremely rare Vastine Amortes. Though the huge winged man backed her into a corner, defending the others with barriers and his own body, Sabiruchi lunged straight through the Kido walls, her mask opening to reveal a horrid vertical maw. She ate through the spells, and the near legendary Shinigami's chest, emerging through his back soaked in blood, screaming as she chased down the others. The seven Shinigami who saw her did not live to tell anyone that Sabiruchi Otome had obtained the powers of a Hollow. And this Shinigami/Hollow hybrid would roam off over a mile away before falling to its knees, every link of chain on its body breaking apart. Lastly, the mask itself burst into dust and Sabiruchi fell face down in the dirt.

Sabiruchi awoke many hours later with no memory of what had occurred the day before. She knew naught of becoming a Hollow, nor of her crazed killings, nor even that her father was dead. As such, it proved quite a shock for her when she was greeted with swords as she approached the North Gate. The Shinigami there called her crazy, mad, a criminal. How dare she return here, they demanded. There had been very few Shinigami stationed at the North Gate, and one of them ran to get reinforcements. The rest attacked Sabre, leaving her to fight in self-defense wondering what was going on. Why were the Gotei attacking her!?

She hadn't wanted to, but Sabre surrendered and was brought before the Captain Commander to answer for her crimes.

The Most Peculiar Deal
1761-1855 AD

The sentencing of Sabiruchi Tsuyosa was quickly arranged. She was bound by Kido and chains to a chair before the Captain Commander, her Captain, and all other Captains, in the First Division's meeting room. She was well familiar with the room, and the process of sentencing. She herself had observed a number of sentences carried in this very room. However, she had never been the criminal before, let alone not know of what crimes were committed before entering the room.

Sabiruchi sat, in silence, as a list of crimes and names of victims were read off to her and the Captains present by Captain Commander Lady Baozhai. She endured the list reading passively, as it was procedure for the accused crimes to be read first before the criminal should speak their defense, though most criminals lied to the bitter end. The Captain Commander, and Head of the Baozhai Family, was reading verbatim off a scroll that still smelled of fresh ink.

"... Murder by way of stabbing, to Fifteenth Seat Yamamoto Shindari of the Fourth Division. Murder by way of dismemberment, six lower officers of the Kido Corps. Murder by way of bisection, Grand Kido Chief Ma'kine, sole survivor of the Veratrax Peak Massacre. Murder by way of impalement, Retired Captain of Thirteenth Division, Lower Lieutenant of Fourth Division, Shinsetsuna Tsuyosa, Head of the Tsuyosa Noble Family."

As this last name was read off, an ear-splitting scream bellowed from the small accused Shinigami. It was entirely unearthly, lasting far longer than one would think possible from such a small woman who was tightly bound. However, she was straining at her bonds now, wheres before she had been sitting respectfully and calmly. Though the bonds should have held her fast, the Kido chains were straining to hold her down. Upon the criminal Lieutenant's face was a mask, smooth and featureless, but undeniably that of a Hollow. As she pushed against the bindings, screaming that banshee wail, her mask split vertically, revealing the entirety to be a single mouth. But, behind those jagged, crooked teeth, Sabiruchi's face was clearly visible, tears streaming down her face as she wailed.

All around her, Captains drew swords and released their Shikais, ready to kill this woman who was not the Shinigami they assumed she was. All around her, Captains had back off in shock and shouted in fright at the sudden Hollow in their presence. Only the tall woman standing before Sabiruchi Tsuyosa looked visibly calm.

Then, just as suddenly as it had started, the screams ended. The mask cracked again, but this time it shattered into a fine powder, Sabiruchi bowing her head, eyes closed tightly. When she looked up, nothing had moved visibly. Her jaw hurt; she hadn't realized she had been clenching her teeth. When she spoke, there were no tears and her voice was steady, though hoarse from her previous wailing.

"Forgive me, Captain Commander. My outburst was unacceptable. But, it would appear that I am have been poisoned, as you just saw. I believe I can explain these crimes, though I must accept that you are correct. I must be the killer," and so Sabiruchu recounted how she had fought and killed a Hollow in the South, but not before being bitten. She hypothesized that it's bite poisoned her with Hollow powers, which surfaced after she had passed out. She claimed to the Commander that she must have committed those crimes between the time she fell after her battle, and waking covered in blood far from her home. "I did not know until you did that the powers of the Hollow I slayed had infected me. I know, as well as any here, that the only sentence for this crime of obtaining Hollow Powers is death.

"But, I beseech you, Commander, not as a criminal, nor as your Lieutenant, but as Head of the Noble Family of Tsuyosa, as I was named Heir by my father whom I murdered the day past in my madness, let me die not as some horrid abomination of Shinigami and Hollow crossing, but as a true Shinigami. Let me die in battle, like a true member of the Gotei Thirteen, protecting Soul Society. If I must die, let me do it bringing glory to the Tsuyosa who have served Seireitei since its founding, not shame like some common criminal."

There was silence to greet her request, followed by outrage from several Captains that was quickly dismissed by the Commander. The Lady Baozhai asked how, precisely, Sabiruchi could do that. She was a threat to everything and everyone around her if she could not control her powers, and a much larger threat and great evil if she could.

"There is a spell, a binding developed by the Kido Corps, that is used to restrain Hollows for questioning. Place the collar around my neck and I shall always be chained by you until the day I die. All I ask if that you let me die with dignity, defending Soul Society as my father had done, and his father before him. But should I ever stray, even for a moment, please strike me down where I stand before I can shame Lord Shinsetsuna any further than I have already."

Once again a hush fell over the Captains. When it broke, there was arguing on both sides, some stating that Shinigami deserve to die in grace, others claiming she must be killed immediately, while she is still bound to the chair. After much arguing, it was decided with a word from the Commander that the Kido Corps would perform the spell on Sabiruchi Tsuyosa, so she may live long enough to die in battle as she had begged.

The binding took twenty one hours to perform. Only the new Grand Kido Chief, the Captain Commander, and Sabiruchi were present.


For the first month, Sabiruchi lived every day thinking it was her last. She would spend every moment of every day accompanied by either Lanying Baozhai or her secret operatives. She spent weeks getting the Tsuyosa Family affairs in order, so the next Head of the Family would have no problems adjusting to control. She spent her nights crying silently in bed at how far she had fallen.

By the end of the first year, Sabiruchi was ruling the Tsuyosa Family as well as her father had, bringing in money to the Family instead of just hording it like her forefathers had. She had lost hope in the Commander sending her to her death in an execution pit. She had almost hoped an emergency would come up that would require the Second Seats to take action, but nothing happened.

However, the first year was hard in another way. Every moment since her mask had shattered during her sentencing, when she had forced the hollow inside her into submission, it had been whispering evil thoughts into her mind day and night, speaking of murder, death and blood. She would wake screaming in the night, as these thoughts turned every dream into a nightmare.

The years dragged on longer than any of her youth. She had lost so much by trying to prove her worth, including her Zanpakuto Spirit, who was no longer himself, but an evil, twisted thing. Nothing remained of her beloved Zanpakuto but the power to fuel the Shikai and Bankai. The lack of sleep and constant voice in her mind slowly began to decay Sabiruchi's iron will and composure, but she remained strong. She had a Family to lead, a Gotei to serve, and the Society to protect.

But, by the mid-1800s, decades of voices in her head, paperwork, isolation by her fellow Shinigami, and the weariness of waiting for death, Sabiruchi had enough. She filed an application for the Captain's Proficiency Test, deciding she should move on and do her best for the Gotei by putting her talents to use, and sat in her home office, knowing it'd be days before she would be properly reviewed.

She received her denial in hours.

Summery of a Century and a Half
1855-2016 AD

After her denial for taking the Test, Sabiruchi's temperament took a turn for the worse. Life simply became too much for the Vizard who wished to die in honor. Now she simply wished to die without shame. She would reapply, every Thursday, without fail, to take the Captain's Proficiency Test, and without fail, she would be denied. Over the decades, her temper grew shorter and shorter, and she raised her standards higher and higher.

She became obsessed with the idea of perfection. Shinsetsuna had told her she was the perfect Tsuyosa; now she was convinced her Family were therefore all failures. No children had been born, as the Tsuyosa rarely had children, and to Sabiruchi this was unacceptable. She could not name one of the existing Tsuyosa as her heir, but needed a child of Noble blood, one who could carry on Shinsetsuna's will. She would not die unless the Family's future was in good hands.

As well as this, she came to resent the Baozhai. Their influence had grown larger over the years since Seireitei was founded, and now Sabiruchi saw it as an attack on the Tsuyosa. She was literally made subservient to the Head of the Baozhai, and that was an insult she could not bear any longer. Though she made her grievances at the state of affairs known, proclaiming that the Tsuyosa would once again be the most influential and powerful Family, many assumed the tension between the two Heads of the Families to be of an entirely different nature.

Sabiruchi eventually used the Baozhai Family and hers rivalry to her advantage. Any member of the Tsuyosa who failed or displeased Sabiruchi would be required to carry roses and chocolates, as well as a proposal letter, to Lanying Baozhai. The would-be suitors, men and women, would return injured shortly later. Many of the Tsuyosa learned to strive harder to please Sabiruchi.

Along that train of thought, since the 1990s, Sabiruchi had hired two men and two women to be her personal assistants, to live entirely within her rooms. She had two Humans and two Werewolves, one man and woman each, who lived, ate and slept in her personal quarters of the Tsuyosa Estate constantly. Paid handsome salaries, these four were the closest she could get to her high standards, needing physical beauty, intelligence, personalities she enjoyed, and trained in nurturing their Spiritual Energy, these four were to sate every need and desire Sabiruchi had. As the entire Estate soon learned, they would be her main way to relieve stress via copious, highly excessive amounts of sex. Though nobody in the Family had ever seen any of the four, everyone could hear Sabiruchi relieving her stress and rage on them. But, as with all unseemly things, it is treated as a secret, despite anyone near the Estates after dark knowing full well what goes on all hours of the night.

However, despite her increased foulness, Sabiruchi continues to endure and strive to be a good member of Soul Society. She does her best to contain herself, though her fuse gets shorter constantly. However, one can still catch her holding parties and balls in the Tsuyosa Estates, trying to continue the traditions that her father had held so dear to him. It's at times like these that one catches a glimpse of the Sabiruchi Tsuyosa who had dreamed of making the world, and more importantly, her father, proud.

Major Events Timeline:
1116- Sabiruchi is born. Her parents are killed by Shinsetsuna Tsuyosa in self-defense and she is consequently taken in by the Head of the Noble Family.
1316- Sabiruchi enrolls at the Spiritual Arts Academy.
1319- Sabiruchi graduates after two and a half years. Sabiruchi is placed as the Fifth Seat of the First Division.
1329- Sabiruchi masters her Shikai.
1439- Sabiruchi becomes 4th Seat.
1518- Sabiruchi becomes 3rd Seat.
1537- First Division's 2nd Seat dies in battle. Sabiruchi is promoted to take his place.
1569- Sabiruchi rescues a Geisha at her father's request.
1573- Sabiruchi is named Heir to the Tsuyosa Family by her adoptive father Shinsetsuna Tsuyosa.
1761- Sabiruchi attempts to discover the murderer behind the attacks in South Rukongai. In the process, she finds, kills and is Hollowfied by the Venomous Hollow. Sabiruchi murders numerous Shinigami, including Shinsetsuna Tsuyosa and Kido Corps Commander and Grand Kido Chief Ma'Kine. After she regains consciousness, she is brought before the Captain Commander Lanying Baozhai and all Captains for sentencing and execution, where it is discovered by all present, including herself, that she can summon a Vizard Mask and has gained Hollow powers. Sabiruchi forces her Hollow side into submission and makes a deal with the Captain Commander to remain as a member of the Gotei, so she may die in the field with honor rather than be executed for having unwanted power thrust upon her.
1855- Receives first denial for Captain's Proficiency Test.
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Sabiruchi Tsuyosa (Vizard, Tsuyosa Head) Empty Re: Sabiruchi Tsuyosa (Vizard, Tsuyosa Head)

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Do to posting length, this had to be separated

Roleplaying Sample:
The Tsuyosa Estate's ballroom was as large or bigger than any courtyard in any Division's barracks. Through this large expanse, soft music carried on a cool breeze that swept through the room. Gathered in the ballroom were wealthy members of the Seireitei, some Nobles, many merchants or businessmen. They gathered in groups and spoke to one another pleasantly.

Sabiruchi stood at the back of the ballroom, overseeing her guests. She knew the Captain Commander was somewhere among her guests, though not exactly where. She also knew that someone nearby, a hidden man or woman held the Kido leash that restrained the Head of the Tsuyosa Family.

Sabiruchi was dressed in her family's prized armor, an unique white and purple suit of bone. She wore it because today was the anniversary of the first business deal Sabre had made since she became Head of the Family. The anniversary of when the Tsuyosa started making money again, instead of slowly losing it all.

Everything was perfect she thought as she observed happy guests. Wine flowed freely here, the food was delicious, and money was being made. The music was heavenly to her ears. Not even the evil words entering her mind could ruin her mood, she was so pleased with how the party was going.

She watched, happy, content, for another thirteen minutes. Then, somewhere, she heard a glass shatter and the sharp gasp of a servant as they apologized for dropping it.

"Youuu iiiimbeciiiiile!" Sabiruchi roared, stomping her armored foot on the marbled floor, causing it to echo. Her voice carried over the chatter as every guest parted between her line of sight and the poor servant in question. The Head of the Tsuyosa stomped across the ballroom, the armored boots making loud booms with each step that brought her closer to the manservant quickly gathering broken bottle glass and moping wine with a handkerchief. She stabbed a fist at the man from sixty paces away, the claws on her armor glinting in the light. "Are you trying to ruin this event? Is that what you wanted?"

The servant shook his head miserably, looking at her with his head bowed, still on his knees. "Because of you, everything is ruined! You caused a scene, you idiot! Why can't you just do the damn job I hired you for, huh? Get out of my sight, now, you moron! You better be long gone by the time I get over there, I'm telling you right now!" Sabiruchi called to the man's back as he fled. She couldn't be sure, but she could have sworn she heard Commander Baozhai stifle a laugh from somewhere nearby. To the man's departing back she called, "And fuck you!"

Sabiruchi Tsuyosa (Vizard, Tsuyosa Head) Elesh_norn_wallpaper_by_adrius15-d535ur7
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Approved for Captain tier.

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Tier- Captain
Allocated Skills- Seven
Base Skill Rank- Advanced
Max Skill Rank- Master

Armed Combat- Advanced
Unarmed Combat- Intermediate
Spiritual Combat- Expert
Hoho- Intermediate
Reiatsu Perception- Advanced
Bakudo- Intermediate
Kaido- Master

Sabiruchi Tsuyosa (Vizard, Tsuyosa Head) Elesh_norn_wallpaper_by_adrius15-d535ur7
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Kaido Spells

Fujun'na niku no pāji (Impure flesh purge)- A unique Kaido spell used by Sabiruchi only. By using her blood as a catalyst, she can purge Hollow venom from a Shinigami's wounds, by identifying the traces of it in her own system. However, the spell must be used within three to seven minutes to be effective.

Unarmed Techniques

Nikaime no orime (Second fold)- A knuckle-punch, typically refered to as an one-inch punch. However this punch is different in that the knuckles do not start at the target, but are swung in, and then folded into a fist immediately at contact.

Zanpakuto Techniques

Ga kisu (Moth Kiss)- The Zanpakuto is thrown like a knife, aimed for the stomach. If successful, the blade plunges in deep, causing a sucking puncture wound that will bleed profusely.

Yoru ga saigo no dansu (Night Moth Last Dance)- a fast succession of stabs with the Zanpakuto, plunging the blade towards both eyes, the throat, along the left then right forearms, into the stomach and finally the groin of her target.

Shikai Techniques

Inochinoibuki (Breath of Life)- The most base of Sabiruchi's Shikai Techniques. Any form of technology, regardless of material, age, or size, becomes an automaton that she can direct with voice commands once she punches it.

Sabi no āto: Homunkurusu (Rust Art: Homunculus)- Using this power, Sabiruchi can create a humanoid automaton out of any piece of technology. The automaton will be made of the parts and materials of the original technology, but shifted around to create an approximation of a human form.

Sabi no āto: Kurīchā (Rust Art: Creature)-  Using this power, Sabiruchi's automaton takes the form of whatever animal or beast she is thinking of when she uses Inochinoibuki.

Sabi no āto: Rinku (Rust Art: Link)- Using this mental command, any smaller automatons Sabiruchi has already created will merge together to create a larger, and often more powerful, automaton. Larger automatons will rust and decay faster. Anything over 6 feet is generally only useful for an hour, and anything over fifteen feet will fall apart in under a minute of use.

Sabi no āto: Fukusei (Rust Art: Replication)- This verbal command causes the automaton Sabiruchi is looking at to copy the shape of whatever Sabiruchi desires, so long as she can see it. So long as she has a picture, painting or the person or creature in question, the command is valid. This is best used on larger automatons with access to more parts, as it will try to approximate as best it can the physical appearance. This works best on automatons with access to paper, leather or large amounts of wax or clay to create skin.

Bankai Techniques
Elegance Form

Sabi āto: Mugen kōjō (Rust Art: Infinite Factory)- This mental command causes the automatons to build more powerful automatons and machines out of the available technology around them, harvesting the right parts to build whatever Sabiruchi desires, even if she herself could not build the machine.

Sabi āto: Jikyūjisoku enjiniaringu (Rust Art: self-sufficiency engineering)- This passive ability grants a greater level of intelligence to Sabiruchi's automatons, allowing them to repair themselves using the damaged bodies of defeated automatons or whatever is laying around.

Himitsu no sabi āto: Kyūkyoku no mashingaia (Secret Rust Art: the Ultimate Machine Gaia)- A verbal command, this causes all automatons Sabiruchi has access to, to instantly rust and fall apart. At the same time, the ground before her cracks upwards as a great behemoth raises from the ground.

Rosutomisuriruāto: Eien no heishi (Lost Mithril Art: Eternal Soldier)- Drawing upon her Mask, Sabiruchi fires a homing missile from her gun, which directs itself to the Tsuyosa Family Armor. The armor teleports to Sabiruchi, growing in size until it's nearly a hundred feet tall. The armor changes until it's a brilliant silvery white, the purple changing to radiant gold. Glowing white fires burn inside the armor, visible behind the helmet as glowing eyes. The Eternal Soldier grows three long claws on the left hand of pure white energy; raw spiritual power. From its back are two huge white wings of the same energy. The Eternal Soldier copies all of Sabiruchi's movements, attacking her enemies as she would but with much greater force.

Knight Form

Sabi āto: Saibanetikusu (Rust Art: Cybernetics)- This power allows for Sabiruchi to fuse in to any form of technology. She can either fuse it to her body to become a cyborg, or fuse her body into the technology, allowing herself near instant ability to emerge from any part of the technology in question.

Sabi āto: Gurētosōdo (Rust Art: Greatsword)- This technique allows Sabiruchi to pick and choose traits or parts of various automatons or machines around her and add them to her sword, such as giving it a diamond edge should enough machines with diamond dust in their making be available.

Himitsu no sabi āto: Shinseina buki (Secret Rust Art: Sacred Weapon)- Sabiruchi causes her sword to fall apart before slamming her palm into the ground. A large series of symbols and glyphs rush out of her palm, growing outwards in a spiral several feet in diameter. When she draws her hand back, the symbols flow through the air, becoming a very long white sword. The Sacred Weapon cannot injure those with Shinigami powers, including Vizards and Arrancar, but is incredibly deadly to all others. Any non-Shinigami related being has the parts of their body cut will begin to have their spiritual particles forced apart in the affected regions.

Rosutomisuriruāto: Fainaruāmā (Lost Mithril Art: Final Armor)- Drawing on her mask to further her abilities, Sabiruchi can access a higher form of her Knight Form. The Final Armor is her ultimate offensive ability, and turns her Knight Form entirely white and gold. She also gains large white wings of burning spiritual energy, identical to the energy that fuels her Eternal Soldier.

Mask Techniques
*Note: Sabiruchi cannot use these abilities at will. Instead, they are used sporadically without her consent.

Cero- Sabiruchi's Cero is fired from the center of her mask, when her mask's mouth is opened. Her Cero is narrow a reddish-orange with a white outline.

High-Speed Regeneration- While donning her Mask, Sabiruchi heals faster than normal.

Hierro- While donning her Mask, Sabiruchi's skin becomes harder than normal.

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Sabiruchi Tsuyosa (Vizard, Tsuyosa Head) Empty Re: Sabiruchi Tsuyosa (Vizard, Tsuyosa Head)

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Sabre's Human Species bonus should increase her High Speed Regeneration to Beginner.

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Sabiruchi Tsuyosa (Vizard, Tsuyosa Head) Empty Re: Sabiruchi Tsuyosa (Vizard, Tsuyosa Head)

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Sabiruchi Tsuyosa (Vizard, Tsuyosa Head) Empty Re: Sabiruchi Tsuyosa (Vizard, Tsuyosa Head)

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