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Ukhel Poe (Done)

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Ukhel Poe (Done) Empty Ukhel Poe (Done)

Post by Ukhel Poe on Sun Jun 26, 2016 11:45 pm

The Basics

Ukhel Poe (Done) IokIQ5l

Ukhel Poe (Done) 7isnhEA

Name: Ukhel Poe though when split she changes her name. (Tasha is the white haired girl) (Polly is the black haired girl)
English Translation: Ukhel means Death.
Species: Human(?)
Race: Togabito
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: October/3rd/1889
Date of Death: ???/14th/1915
Appearance Age: 12 and 13 when split. 27 when combined.
Actual Age: 127 years old.
Organization and Rank: The Horseman known as Death. Royal Guard of Emperor of Hell, Nocens.

Height: 4'1 (white hair) 4'7 (black hair) 5'10 (combined)
Weight: 89 lbs (white hair) 98 lbs (black hair) 125 (combined)

Hair color: When separated one has black hair and one has white, when they are combined her hair is a mixture of black and white stripes.

Eye color: When separated she has different eyes from her real eyes, her white haired version has black eyes and the black haired version has white eyes. When she combines her eyes change completely,her entire pupil seems to take over her eye and in the center of it a green Quincy cross appears in both of her eyes.

General Appearance:


Hair Tasha's hair is a beautiful snowy white, unlike her counter part she prefers her hair to be down and natural instead of kept and combed, it reaches down to the middle of her spine before stopping. There are occasions where she will put little braids in her hair, but she really just prefers the messy look, though the occasional bone in her hair never hurts. From the way Tasha acts you wouldn't expect her to care so little about her hair or how she looks, but she never see's hair as what makes a personality fit, it's the actions.

Face Tasha's face always seems to have a calm, calculating smile on it, her eyes always seem to be looking at everything with a mixture of wonder and respect. She has a very cute face, her chin is slightly pointed but more flat then her counter parts chin, her eye brows are thin and normally hidden by her hair and her nose is fairly small and pointed. Her eyes are an intense black that seems like an endless voice in the middle of a sea of white, if you stare into them for too long you may get sucked into the chilling beauty and alluring peace they hold, those who stare into her eyes for too long may feel as if their spirit is being drained from them.

Body Tasha's body is a very simple thing, save for the few random markings here and there that seem to be like tattoo's there is nothing much to her body. She is a fairly small girl but not the smallest, she is fairly slim and has nothing packing in the butt department or the breast department, she is easily compared to a wooden plank, but if you say she is a wooden plank she will fight you without any sort of hesitation because no bitch calls her a wooden plank and gets away with it, she may be peaceful but she is sensitive about her body! There isn't much more to say about her body except for the coloring of her nails which seem to be a permanent black, any color put on them just seem to be absorbed by the black.

Clothes Tasha's clothes are probably her proudest feature on her, she worked really hard getting her official outfit together and she really thinks she did a swell job of doing it. She could go on for hours, telling you every bit and detail of the process it took for her to sew together her clothes and get them just right but that would be too long so here is just what came from her process. Tasha wears a beautiful silk dress that has a black item of clothing that holds together the cloth and makes sure it doesn't fall apart, there is a white rib on the chest of the item to give it some more coloring to an other wise dark object. Her dress which is entirely white reaches down to her knees and below that before finally going inward and stopping, around her waist is a white belt made to look like white roses. On both of her arms she has bands at her wrist that are black and white, there is nothing really special about them other than the fact that Tasha got them so that her counter part wouldn't think she had something against the color black and then decided that black would be better for the item holding together the dress as well.

Accessories Tasha has few accessories on her body, she has a nice silver necklace around her neck with multiple Quincy crosses all with different designs to them. She has a red bow in her hair that under her horn that is very obviously protruding out of her head in an upward direction, she wears two bracelet's around each of her ankles, both of them having a black gem stone in them somewhere. Weird thing is, though she is a Togabito...there is no chain in sight around her body, as if she was never a togabito to begin with.


Hair Polly’s hair is a beautiful raven black, unlike her counterpart she has combed and well kept hair, her hair never reaches below her shoulder and is always at necks length. She takes amazing care of her hair and it is quite obvious, every edge is trimmed just perfectly and there is never a bit of hair that is out of place. She believes that every part of her is important and should be well taken care of and her hair is no exception to this rule!

Face Polly’s face is that of a person who has given up on the world and everything that it beholds, she always wears a proper straight face but that will never hide the hatred in her eyes. She still has a fairly cute face like her counterpart, but this cuteness is always hidden with the anger that she beholds. Her hair covers no part of her face and people can always get a constant view of her eyes and she has a fairly thin chin that isn’t as pressed in as her counterparts. Polly has pure white eyes unlike her sisters raven black, they are piercing and chilling to the bone and just staring into them will cause some to rethink speaking to her, those who keep looking will feel a deep sorrow inside of them, as if some untouched memory had just been stirred and awakened by those two white eyes. Her face also has a multitude of markings on it, permanent tears seemingly painted under her eyes and a triangle on her chin.

Body Polly is just like her counterpart, there is nothing special about her body at all, she is a bit taller than her sister and that makes her slightly more intimidating, but she still lacks everything in the butt and breast department, though she doesn’t really care if people point this out or not, she could care less about the opinions of others, they’ll all be dead soon enough. Polly unlike her sister has no markings over her body, her nails though are painted a permanent white, but the thing about her hands is that they are both covered in scales that reach from her shoulders to her hands, there they fill up most of the hand before turning into claws. These scales are harder than titanium and can easily withhold most blows taken to them, they do not peel off and every time one falls another will take it’s place, she usually keeps this weird feature covered up by black gloves. Underneath her dress she hides her tail, a natural part that came with her body once she split from her original self, this tail is still fairly obvious and usually she just gives up hiding it all together.

Clothes Polly’s dress is almost an exact copy of Tasha’s, she would of prefered being naked and free, but Tasha forced her to get a dress like her’s, though of course she made the dress a little darker to match her style and made the only white thing be the corset that wrapped around the dress to give it a more proper look. Her dress reaches all the way down to her ankles and don’t go inward, just staying there to get dirty by the elements. All over the dress are quincy crosses that are of a multitude of different designs, she likes to think of them more of snowflakes, though they are quite obviously crosses, these crosses exit from where the corset ends and actually seem to make the dress work perfectly.

Accessories Polly loves decorating her body with anything she can think of, she has a ring on both ears and a lip ring placed firmly on her lower lip. She wears the same bow as her counterpart, always under her horn and always out in the open for the world to see. Polly doesn’t wear anything around her ankles or on her arms, she believes the chains that connect her to hell do that better.


Hair  Ukhel’s hair is a very dark raven black with a multitude of decaying green and snow white stripes going through it, her hair is fairly well kept and quite beautiful, it reaches down to the middle of her spine and surrounds most of her upper body, there is a patch of the hair that covers up her left eye but other than that it is all neatly packed up against her head. She wears a multitude of hairstyles depending on what’s happening, if she wishes to be formal she’ll tie up all the hair into a bun, if she plans on going to battle she will simply cut off the length so people can’t use it against her (It grows back fairly quickly) and if she is just being casual, her hair will be out a flowing naturally.

Face  Ukhel’s face is much like Polly’s, she has permanent tear marks under her eyes and a triangle on her chin, though this one actually extends to her throat and stops where the chin and neck meet. Ukhel has the least normal features out of the trio, the sclera of her eyes are entirely raven black, no white in sight. Her iris is a decaying green in color and glows like a night light in a dark room, her pupils are extremely dilated but there are three of them in a triangle shape in the center of her eye. Her lips are fairly slender and behind the slender teeth are three rows of jagged teeth that, this deformity is hardly noticeable though, do to the fact that she can have all her teeth slide back into her gums except for the first row. Her ears are pointed up like an elfs and are decorated with a multitude of earrings, each earring matches an earring on the other ear. Can’t forget the horns either, though unlike her split selves, she has two horns and neither of them have ribbons under them.

Body Ukhels body is completely opposite to her counterparts, instead of have no rear or breasts, she has both departments in stock! She is fairly tall with fairly strong looking legs as well as a four pack of abs and muscled arms, none of the muscles are bulging but it is obvious that she is fairly strong and takes care of herself. Her breasts are DD and her each cheek of her rear is quite plump, she has an hourglass figure and worked pretty hard on her body when she was living and continues to do so! Now that that’s done, it’s time to tell you about the features that you really wanted to know about! First off Ukhels entire body is covered in pale grey skin, the few parts that aren’t pale grey are covered up with other stuff, like her arms which are a dark black and covered with hundreds of large scales that go to the center of her chest and rises along her collarbone to her arms which then lead to her hands that end off into sharp claws that are a snowy white in color. Protruding out of her tail bone is...well 3 actual tails, all of them are very long and slender and are covered with the same scales as her arms and are about 3 feet long, ending in a very feather like decoration on the end of it, the feather is white with black stripes along it. Something i almost forgot is the fact that she has two fairly large wings on her back that are similar to a ravens, they are strong enough to lift her body up into the air and can also loosen feathers and fling them like throwing knives.

Clothes Ukhel has three sets of clothes that she uses for different situations, if she is being formal she will wear a long and sleek dress that is completely black and hug her body quite nicely, it is shoulder less and  ends at her ankles. With this dress she has white gloves for each of her hands that cover up the deformity to make her seem a little less monstrous, upon her nose is a pair of glasses that will be seen in every outfit, she doesn’t need them but it helps her remember her old self and that's enough for her. As for her legs, she wears white stockings that end with a raven design on her thigh, on her feet she usually wears  black high heels and that's about it for formal. When she is preparing for battle she normally wears a black cloak that conceals her entire body from sight, underneath this cloak there is a black leather suit that covers up her torso and her entire lower body, but has the arms cut off, on each clawed hand she wears gloves with quincy crosses sewn into each hand, the fingers are cut off so that her claws can be used in full effectiveness. On her back is a extremely large quincy cross that has been sewn into the back, of course the back is also cut to allow her wings freedom, she doesn’t need any of the crosses on her, in fact she is completely fine without them, but they just feel right to her. On her feet she wears combat boots with steel toes that reach up to her calves before they actually end. When in her casual clothes she wears absolutely nothing except for some panties and occasionally shorts.

Accessories  Ukhel doesn’t have many accessories on her body, the only things that are prominent on her are her glasses and a locket upon her neck which is obviously filled with something but what’s in it is quite unknown to many. Other things she may wear include gloves, earrings, stockings and sometimes a white hat that has holes cut in it to allow her horns through.

The Psyche

Since Tasha and Polly are the two core traits of her personality, I will only be listing stuff for them here.

Redeeming Qualities:

Tasha is the kindest of the three, she is the side of Ukhel that is soft but amplified by 2, she is sweet and tender towards anyone and everyone that hasn’t done anything to wrong her yet. She is filled with energy and enjoys hanging around people that intrigue her and make her happy, she will easily jump at the opportunity to play with anyone who offers, not matter who they are. Tasha loves helping people out and making sure everyone is having an absolutely wonderful day!  Tasha is a very good listener too, she is the side of Ukhel that will happily follow orders without questioning them, she is extremely loyal!

Polly is the serious part of Ukhel, she is the only one who takes anything and everything serious, she questions ideas and makes sure they are correct. She will follow orders but she doesn’t follow them without some hesitation, she is hardly ever happy or kind but she makes that up with her willpower to succeed and have other people succeed with her.

Negative Qualities:

There aren’t many negative qualities to Tasha other than the fact that she is fairly stupid and will listen to and believe anything she hears. She see’s the world with rainbows and sunshine and does her best not to see the bad in it, though she kills she forces herself to believe that she is only putting the people she kills to sleep for a long time. Another thing thats bad about Tasha is the fact that she is also the lust of Ukhel and as such she will not hesitate to flirt or tease anyone, even herself! This is often bad due to the fact that she has the appearance of a small child and could get someone arrested or worse.

Polly is the real negative of the two, she is cold towards most people and will never let anyone get close to her. She despises about everyone she see’s and no one is in exception, she even hates herself! Polly rarely enjoys life to the fullest and prefers to keep everything serious and straightforward. She is the murder among the two, while Tasha will do it if ordered, she just does it cause she can and has the power to do so, she is also the psychopath, she loves to watch the suffering of everyone but herself and her Emperor. She is quite brutal towards people and if she she spoke more than just two words every few minutes...a lot of people would be hurt, but this brutality isn’t just verbally but it is also physically, she likes to make the people she fights suffer if she is winning, if she is loosing she still enjoys making the competition suffer, it’s just harder!



Cinnamon buns: Tasha has only tried Cinnamon buns once in her lifetime and that one time she was absolutely amazed by the flavor of the treat, it was so surprising to her, she didn’t understand the flavor at all but it was absolutely amazing and she wanted more...sadly she was dragged back to Hell before she could order more.

Playing games: Tasha is the master of playing games, she loves playing every game that she can think of and considers herself the best at all of these games! From hide and seek to red rover, she is amazing and will not let anyone tell her otherwise!

Following orders: Tasha loves following the orders of her Emperor or anyone who seems strong! While she herself is actually insanely strong and should not be taken lightly, she prefers being directed, disliking the thought of having to come up with ideas on her own!

Loud people: Tasha absolutely loves loud people, they make life so much more interesting and it gives her a chance to try out her own vocal cords! She finds loud people the most fun people for the fact that most of the loud people aren’t scared of saying what they want and usually have care free attitudes that she absolutely loves on people and respects!

Teasing and flirting: This is something she takes pride in, ever since the first time she flirted, she can’t help but flirt. She enjoys making people red in their faces with just words or actions and works hard to get everyone she meets a little red, even if she doesn’t have the body parts to provoke this.

Dancing: Who doesn’t like dancing? It’s one of the best past times in the world! Tasha has all of the dance moves that Ukhel learnt in her lifetime and she take pride in every single move and jiggle she can do with that power gifted to her by her combined self.

The smell of Cinnamon buns: This is another thing she absolutely adored, the smell of the Cinnamon buns was amazing and she had never smelt anything better in her life! The entire area was flooded with this scent and she felt as if she was going to melt and become one with the scent that flooded the bakery.

Turning lights on and off constantly: This is just something fairly amusing to her, pretending there is a spooky ghost in the room and constantly flicking the lights on and off.

Being loved: This is the best thing in the world to Tasha and she would rather be loved by someone than eat Cinnamon buns, in fact she would destroy all the cinnamon buns in the world in order to be loved by someone. Well, maybe that was a bit extreme but that jsut shows you how much she loves being loved, the admiration and care she feels from this one emotion is so good, it always gives her chills when someone says they love her or even care about her. Try it out, tell the small girl that you love her and she will be all over you, the emotion of love is just so wonderful!

Fighting: Fighting is just something she naturally grew to like, she doesn’t enjoy getting down and dirty with fights, but she knows that it’s important to fight so she might as well learn to enjoy it!

Nocens: Nocens is Tasha’s favorite person, she would marry this beautiful creature if she could, the first time she ever met Nocens she knew that she would be by this woman's side always and was determined to make this possible. Nocens is the one person in the world that she will die for, she respects her with the greatest amount of respect in the world. She doesn’t remember a time in her life that she wasn’t beside Nocens or at least tries her best not to remember any moments without her emperor. One thing is for sure, whenever Nocens needs someone at her side, Tasha will be there in an instant to either comfort her or just wait for command!


Black: Polly has always loved the color black, it is the color of emptiness but also the color of calmness, of the night where the stars shine in the vast blanket of blackness. It is to her, one of the most peaceful colors in the world and is the best one as well.

Being alone: Polly really enjoys to be alone, while she never gets the chance, the few chances she gets to be alone she snaps up the offer like a hawk snaps up a mouse. She will do most anything to be alone, one time she even locked her counterpart in a prison cell for a few minutes of this sacred alone time.

Being worshipped: Polly really does love this, why her sister mistakes this as love, she really knows what it is, it is the worship of those that know she is powerful and she adores this so! Just knowing that people look up to her and know they are weaker...it sends her shivers down her spine and makes her all giddy.

Torture: Polly finds torture to be the most amusing game anyone can play, it is so easy to do and the reaction you can get from some people is oh so funny! From the cries to the pleads for freedom, this is probably one of the reasons why a large sum of people don’t like getting near her...no one ever knows if they are her next target or not.

Fighting: Polly loves fighting, why get something for free when you can fight for the same object and feel happy about getting the object with your own strength? There isn’t much else to say about her love for fighting other than the fact that it is addicting to her.

Cuddling & Snuggling: Polly will NEVER admit to liking this, but just the comfort of having someone close to her, holding her close and never letting go. She may struggle at first but she can’t help but just press against the person cuddling her and cuddle right on back!!

Strong men or women that show that they are dominate: Polly has a bit of Ukhels sexual needs, but she has the dominance that Ukhel absolutely loves, the feeling of being dominated by someone who is stronger than her, whether it be in a fight or in bed...it makes her want to try hard to either reach there level or just surrender under them and let them do as they please.

Control: While in bed she loves dominance, outside of it she really prefers to be the one in control of people and situations, not having control of something always upsets her. She does know she  can’t control everything, but it never hurts to at least try to control the situation of people.

Blood: The metallic smell and taste of blood is what she loves, unlike her sister, sweets just taste and smell awful to her and she could go without it. But the smell of blood is addicting to her and she loves the  metallic taste of it and even the feeling of it splattering against her body!

Dead people: Dead people are way more quiet than living people and most of them don’t bother her, that is always a huge plus to them being dead!

Rock and Roll: Who says a girl like Polly can’t enjoy music? While she will never dance or sing along to a Rock and Roll song, that does not mean she will not enjoy it if it is playing, she enjoys rock or anything close to it.

Nocens: Like her counterpart, she respects Nocens dearly and will always be at her side through thick and thin, while she doesn’t really follow orders as well as her sister, she still will always be by the side of her emperor and will never let anyone lay a finger on her! She knows very well that her emperor can defend herself, but she would rather be there by the side of her emperor.


Painting and Writing: Something that her split selves don’t do is paint and write, for some reason her love for painting and writing never split off into either of them and just stayed with the original body!

Reciting Poetry:  Poetry is such a beautiful thing, she can’t really write poems but she does love reading the poems of other people and trying her best to pretend she wrote the poem!



Mean people: People that are mean should not be existent, everyone should be nice to everyone and no one should have a reason to hate the other! Even if you don’t like them you should still try and be nice to the person!

Anyone that plans on hurting Nocens: Assassins are asshole and as such she must make sure none of them even get the chance to plan on hurting her dearest emperor! If someone even tries this she will shove them into a bucket, pour tar over them and then toss them into a fire!

Nocens former husband: Tasha never met Nocens husband but from what she heard, she knows that she shouldn’t like her lover and despise him with a passion!

Famine: Why would anyone ever want to be hungry or starve other people?!

The letter Q: Why does this even exist? It’s so complicated to write and hardly any important words start with the let Q!

Pink: Tasha dislikes this color for the fact that it is too girly and kinda looks gross, like flesh or grinded up meat!

Cows: Tasha is quite scared of cows, they are known to kill more people than sharks and that makes her fairly suspicious of cows, she knows one day that a cow uprising will happen and when it does she will be prepared!


Soul Society: The soul society is the birthplace of the person she hates the most in life and as such she will never like this place of the supposed good people. Everyone here is awful and she will never let herself fall for their tricks or their good nature, never again!

Shinigami: The shinigami are all people who say they fight for what's right, in the end they are all awful people and do awful things. People turn an eye to these monsters to focus on the other monsters, but they never realize that the shinigami are the worst monsters there are! They are liars, cheaters, they kill anything that bothers them and let experiments go on without hesitation because why not?!

Traitors: Traitors should burn in hell with me for their actions, traitors should not be allowed to exist….being betrayed is the worst feeling ever...no one should ever have the know they feeling of being betrayed.

Losing: Polly just hates losing for the fact that when she looses she risks the lives of those she protects and she also shows that she is weaker than the person she was fighting! She doesn’t like to be seen as weak in the eyes of anyone!

Her former husband: She will never forgive this man for killing her, never in her life...she wanted to run away with him. She wanted to live her life with him forever, but instead of listening to her pleas or her cries, he just did as he was told, listening only to the orders of his Captain and not the requests of the person he loved the most in his life...or at least...she thought he loved her the most.

Feeling sad: Polly hates feeling sad, it is a feeling that she tries her best to hide or avoid, but being the depression and hate of Ukhel is kinda hard for her and as such she can’t help but feel a emptiness in her heart.

Personal Habits:

-Tasha- Tasha has the bad habit of yelling out what she thinks without even thinking about the affects it may have on other people. She also is prone to tantrums and no one is usually safe from her anger when she doesn’t get what she wants!

*Polly*  Polly is known as the silent one of the two, it’s just a natural Habit of her to remain silent and let other people speak before she even decides to put in her input. She usually is silent so that she can judge people without them getting all offensive towards her, that is always a problem which she prefers to avoid.

+Ukhel+ Ukhel has the habit of always being distant from the people that know her the best and from the people that don’t know her at all. She can’t help it, she just doesn’t like telling people what she feels, she doesn’t like it when people know a lot about her so she does her best to keep it all bottled up inside of her, but that isn’t really good for her health and often leads to random bursts of anger or sadness that she cannot help.

Goals: These are both optional.

Short-term Goals:

-Tasha- Tasha wishes to learn how to juggle as well as make shadow puppets, she is currently learnings the former but she needs someone to help her with shadow puppets!

*Polly* Polly wants to find a reason to like the Soul Society and the Shinigami, but she is having a large amount of troubles in doing so, it will take more than just good people to make her feel even the slightest amount of forgiveness towards the Soul Society.

Long-term Goals:

+Ukhel+ Ukhel’s one and only goal is to find a way for herself to get back together, she wants to be able to change into her true form without a limited time limit. But, she has grown to love well….herself….and she doesn’t know if she wants to pull through with it or not, it gets really lonely without her counterpart to speak with her.

General Personality:

Ukhels general personality is a mixture of all of her counterparts and herself, while she is a very nice person that enjoys the company of others, she as despises most of the people she meets or just isn’t much a social person, she may like you but that doesn’t mean she’ll act like you’re her friend. While she is a fairly violent person she will not randomly unleash this rage on people she doesn’t know unless she is just feeling very upset at the moment and needs a vent. She is very calm and caculated at most times and prefers to stay silent and let other people speak so that she can pick apart their words and find the information that is actually important to her and her alone.

Don’t get the above wrong though, she will be silent and caculating during important meetings and anything that would seem formal, but outside of that she is fairly loud and outgoing, when she used to drink she was the life of the party and sometimes she can still be, just depends on her mood! She treats everyone she meets like actual humans and not people below her, even though some of them are. She never tries to get on the bad side of people unless she thinks it would be a tactical advantage for her and all in all, she is just a very calculated, normal acting person.

Something Special:

If you have not noticed by now, Ukhel is two split personalities, Polly represents her sadness and anger towards the world, while Tasha represents the happiness and joy she feels towards the world. Each of them have different traits and they even develop habits and likes without affecting Ukhel herself. For example Tasha loves Cinnamon Buns but Ukhel feels nothing towards them, so that means most relationships built with Tasha and Polly do not affect Ukhel, unless they both grow to like one person.

The Power

Former Race: Quincy

Previous Ability Name: Spirit Weapon

Previous Ability Appearance: Formerly Ukhel's main source of attacking, it has now been seperated into her other half known as Tasha. It took the appearence of a very simple bow, no designs that really seemed intresting and at first it was drawn out by a wrist band on her right arm, the wrist band holding a cross on it. Now Tasha has a quincy cross inserted in her index fingers nail and the entire ability has changed, when used by Tasha the bow forms at her hands like normal, but covering the entire bow are roses that glow with the same intensity, these roses have nothing special about them, but it makes the bow look absolutely stunning.

Hell Power Name: Verschlinger

Hell Power Appearance: Verschlinger takes on the appearance of a greenish dark energy that surrounds the user's entire body with the pulsing energy. It seems to be alive like a constant flame and always is moving on the user until used, when Polly uses this ability she usually has it take form of a pulsing green bow, while there is still Verschlinger on her body, it is now weaker looking and all the power is drawn into the bow.  The bow itself has no design and looks fairly similair to the bow of a quincy, but more corrupted and jagged, it is constantly spazzing out and threatening to change shape or just fall apart, or at least it looks like it.

Hell Power Ability: Verschlinger is a fairly unique ability given to the fact that it goes no damage or so it seems, when hit by Verschlinger at first no wound will appear on the body, you will feel like you just got punched by a bodybuilder but other than that, nothing, then soon the glowing green flame will burst out of the area it landed, this cause no damage though. What happens is on the inside the flames of The Verschlinger begins to devour the reiatsu that is flowing in that area of the body, thus the name Verschlinger, the more bolts that are fired into a target the more their reiatsu is destroyed. It will slowly kill the target on the inside, Verschlinger only has a limited time inside ones body before it vanishes. Verschlinger doesn’t only have to be used as a bow, it is actually most effective when used in close quarters, grappling moves allowing it to spread faster and absorb more reiatsu  than it normally would with one shot.

Hell Power Name 2: Nevermore

Hell Power Appearance 2:  Nevermore takes the same appearance of Verschlinger, except for the fact that there is the blue of reiatsu that can also be seen within the green flames, this is the combination of Ukhels quincy powers and hell power and can only be activated when Polly and Tasha combine into their true self, Ukhel. From there she has complete rein over Nevermore, Nevermore when not being used is nowhere to be seen, when activated how ever, Ukhels entire body gets encased in Verschlinger and her Reiatsu. Once encased it will all slowly sink towards her hands, there the Reiatsu and Verschlinger become one, there Ukhel can keep the power focused until she decides to unleash it in any form she wishes, her preferred form is a bow, the feeling being natural to her. When fired Nevermore takes the shape of a Raven, this can be anywhere from a flock of ravens to one massive raven.

Hell Power Ability 2:  Now to the power of Nevermore, nevermore works exactly as Verschlinger normally does, but with the added bonus of her reiatsu, she has basically managed to combine her quincy powers with her hell powers to make one single devastating move that is so strong that she must stay separate, otherwise her body will start to get destroyed and her insides will become scrambled, thus why she is split into two. Now to the actual ability, now on first glance Nevermore seems simple, a bow that fires arrows that then turn into ravens, extremely simple! Well it gets simpler from there, once fired the ravens will turning into Reiatsu seeking missiles that will follow a source of Reiatsu until they are either destroyed or stopped by Ukhel. The ravens power depend on their size, Now if the target is hit by a single raven they need not worry, but a multitude of them is almost as bad as one massive raven, for the ravens will start storing the reiatsu inside of them for a time and the more in you the more reiatsu you loose. Once they gathered what they can they will burst out of the mouth of the target, they will literally throw up a raven that will then shoot back towards Ukhel and be absorbed into her bow, adding to the power of the bow. Unlike Verschlinger, Nevermore actually does physical damage as well at reiatsu damage, it will work exactly like a quincy’s arrow, though the ravens act living they are just quincy arrows and the hell ability mixed, so they still work like arrows.

Something hidden about nevermore that Ukhel hardly mentions is the fact that she can have the energy do more than just fire out as a ravens. She can summon a swarm of the ravens at will to protect her with their bodies as well as fly out to explode instead of deal reiatsu damage. She can also call upon the claws of nevermore, causing the claws to come out of the ground and trap people in a nearly unbreakable barrier, once inside she has the option of draining them or simply crushing them. Finally nevermore can not only drain Reiatsu, but once it has drained all the reiatsu it can possibly hold, Ukhel has the option of having it shatter to pieces inside of the opponent instead of exiting them, causing unavoidable internal damage. Finally there is one move kept secret from even Nocens herself, a move that has the power of Death itself. COOKING

The Past

Roleplaying Sample:

Tasha and Polly were both currently sitting on the second level of hell, they had begun to come to this level more often for the fact that it always seemed to be the most peaceful, her she would come to relax and think about her life before her death. It was quite challenging, but they remembered the highlights of it, the time she spent with her child, the time she spent loving her husband and training with her grandfather. Then she would remember all the bad parts,  the reason she was brought into hell, the betrayal of her husband and the separation of her and her daughter. Polly clenched her fists in anger and slammed them against the ground, but Tasha just sat there and smiled widely at all the beautiful times of her life. Tasha then looked to Polly and jumped onto her, a wide smile on her lips "Come on Polly, we need to enjoy life as we can!" which was responded with a scoff and a shove, but Tasha was determined! She stayed put and then suddenly lifted Polly up, twirling around with her and then pulling her close, her hands placing on her hips and her eyes staring into Polly's. "Does miss gloomy want to be reminded of the good stuff about life?~" Polly squirmed in her grip and said "Let me go!" but it was too late. Tasha was already forcing Polly to do the tango with her, at first she objected but soon she couldn't help but to move with the flow.

They both eeped and giggled as they spun and stepped in tune with each other, then at the final dip Tasha pulled a bit closer to Polly and smirked "Remember, I said every time you got gloomy i was gunna dance with you then kiss you!" Polly blushed and pushed a bit on Tasha "Thats weird, you know we are the same person!" which was only responded with a "Kinky." before the Tasha pulled Polly into a deep loving kiss, the two pulling close to eachother, tongues exploring each others mouths before they both began to combine to form Ukhel who fell to the floor with an oof! "Damn those two!" she yelled out, her body heated up and her mind going fuzzy "Ugh...."
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Once upon a  time, 300 years ago there was a very happy couple, they were both quincies and loved each other dearly. Both of them were very powerful and always had the others back, their love burned with a fiery passion and soon enough they decided to bear a child so that their lineage could live on. So on a beautiful night where the moon was shining high in the sky and not a single creature was stirring, the two made love and 41 weeks later the mother gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl with the prettiest of eyes and smiles. When the mother saw her child her eyes shone with a bright happiness and she named her Natasha, Natasha was a extremely talented child, at the age of two years old she was already able to sense reiatsu and at the age of five she was able to gather up all that reiatsu into a quincy cross, though she could only hold it for a set amount of time, a second or two, then the five year old would take a nice nap. Her parents saw the potential of their child and so they started to train her to see how strong she was, the mother took the child to her grandmother, one of the stronger quincies of that time! There she wasn’t treated as a granddaughter, but instead as a student, she was worked hard every day and night, but every week she would be able to choose one day where she could enjoy herself, on those days she could do as she pleased and thus she did. Every Thursday she would sit outside of her home and under a cherry blossom tree she would write the most beautiful poems and she would fantasize about her life once she got stronger. The months past and then the years and soon at the age of 10 she was excelling as a quincy, but she had not lost contact with her humanity, she was still herself and not a soldier, trained with brutality and love by her grandmother. She was an amazing quincy in fact she was one of the most impressive quencies in the entirety of the quincy race, mostly for the fact that at such a young age she was so naturally gifted, her bow was one of the most feared of the quincies, she was the prodigy child of the quincies. Her life continued to consist of training and living, she even managed to make a large number of friends in her lifetime that would come with her to the cherry blossom tree whenever she was free.

Soon she was taken out from under the wing of her grandmother and at the age of 14 she was taken under the wing of one of the sternritters and from there her powers skyrocketed, she was taught things she never knew existed and soon even excelled above her master, she was still growing and growing, her power was beyond that of a normal quincies and that was quite impressive. Soon she was going out on missions with her fellow quincies, killing off hollows left and right, every task she was given she filled it out with extreme grace and efficiency. Now there was a lot she learnt from her master, but the biggest thing she learnt was that the Quincy and the Soul Reapers were enemies and as such she should be prepared to fight other things beside the weak hollows she normally fought. She taught her that in order for their race to survive they were to destroy the Soul Society, or else they would cease to exist all together, those Soul Reapers didn’t understand them. The only problem with that, was Natasha had befriended a Soul Reaper, it had happened not to long ago, she was under her blossom tree, writing a love poem about a blossom tree and a dead oak, when suddenly she was impacted by the force of a body hitting her, she gasped and was about to make an attack when suddenly she was moved again and an explosion sounded off beside her, she was in a daze but quickly she regained herself to see what looked to be a boy a bit older than her, probably 17 in age, he had long raven black hair that was tied up in a ponytail and a face that she was surprised to find she was extremely attracted to, but as she day dreamed she was rudely interrupted by a knock on her head. “You idiot!” said the boy, who currently had what looked to be a dome over them. She shook her head and instantly threw a punch in the nose of the boy “I’m no idiot, you ass hat!”  she stated, she did find this boy attractive but he would not call her an idiot! With a eck the boy fell over and clenched his nose, blood running from it. “Hey, I just saved your life!”

At that moment the boy explained what was happening on the outside of the dome, currently there were ten fairly hungry hollows on the outside of the dome, trying to punch and claw their way into it and they were stuck in there with each other. She questioned why which the boy answered by showing her a fairly broken Nodachi “I broke my Zanpakuto, it will take me some time to fix it before we can go back out there and deal with the mess.” This of course made Natasha laugh her ass off, of course she was questioned about it but the boy was still confused, she then winked at him and motioned to a wristband with a cross on it. “I’m a quincy idiot, you just saved one of your worse enemies!” the boy then simply shook his head and pointed outside of the dome “Those are my worst enemies, you are simply a bother in my life.” how straightforward was this guy? It was quite attracting and amusing, so for most of the time in the dome she would bother him about his life and ask many questions about the soul reapers. As this was happening the dome above them began to crack before suddenly it broke and the ten hollows began to cave in on them, Natasha was ready though and in the instant she was able to take down five of the ten hollows before the Soul Reaper now known as Gabriel grabbed her and pulled her away “No, you will not be using your spirit weapons on those hollows, the zanpakuto is done, you go away i can deal with these!” of course Natasha being stubborn simply pushed the boy down and prepared to fire a volley “You think i'm going to let a Shinigami stop me from doing my job?” which caused the boy to respond with “You think i'm going to let a quincy stop me from doing MY job?!” of course in the argument they didn’t realize that there were way more than just 10 hollows, there were at least 25 of them and they were all coming towards them. Quickly the Soul reaper dived into battle, slicing up the hollow as quickly as he could, of course Natasha was stubborn and was firing at all the hollows as well, it didn’t take long for them to finish off the hollows, Gabriel had 12 and Natasha had taken out 13 of them.

After that battle Gabriel proceeded to get angry at the quincy girl which just was answered with laughter, the boy sighed and face palmed before he simply flicked her on the forehead. “You know i could have you killed easily!” which the smug Natasha responded with “Take me out on a date first, then you can think about killing me!~” of course this made the Soul Reaper grow frustrated, then 9 months later the two went on that date and fell in love with each other. From then on her view was changed about the Shinigami and every thursday instead of going to write poems she would head out to find Gabriel and spend time with him, there she learnt a lot about him, he was in the fourth division and had been trying to prove himself to the Captain of the fourth division for the longest of times, he was currently the second seat of the fourth division  and was shooting to be moved to second division. The first date was fairly successful so the two went on a multitude of others, some of the nights ending a lot with some fun at the end, of course she was being quite suspicious but she hid herself quite well, then at the age of 19 her lover proposed to her, of course she accepted this with immense happiness, she was forced to hide her ring but from then on the two were husband and wife, they were hiding it pretty well, it took 2 years for her fellow quincy to find out what was happening, she was impregnated with the child of gabriel. She tried her best to hide her pregnancy but soon it was figured out and questions were asked, a lot of questions were asked and she did her best to avoid them with fake answers, saying that she had found a handsome man and had decided to have some fun. Of course most of the quincy found out what truly happened and as such she was kept under constant surveillance and wasn’t allowed to leave. Being pregnant the Wandenreich decided not to punish her, knowing that there was a chance for the child to be a quincy like her, so she was forced to stay inside in constant surveillance, Natasha didn’t like it one bit, the separation was killing her.

Finally the day came for Natasha to give birth, she was actually thinking of an escape plan before suddenly she went into labor, many hours later she gave birth to a baby girl with the raven hair of her father and the eyes of her mother, amber and burning with fire. Natasha wasn’t happy though, she wanted her husband to be able and see his child, but alas she had no way to do so, then one day she was allowed freedom again, though this time she had someone to watch over her. So her first reaction was the run to the cherry blossom of her childhood and watch the world move on, but the moment she got there she was shocked to find her tree was cut down, she slowly walked over to it to see how it happened, then her eyes shifted to the distance to see a fire in the distance, she quickly motioned for her guard to alert the wandenreich about the possible invasion. The guard didn’t even hesitate and hurried off to get help, she quickly ran for the fire, her grandparents lived near where the fire was, she didn’t trust it one bit so she sprinted as fast as possible, when she reached the village she was quite horrified to find that people of quincy blood and people not of it had been slaughtered, buildings destroyed and livestock killed. She searched the village to find who did this and instantly her eyes locked onto a quincy that seemed to be running away from the scene….she didn’t know what to think so she quickly chased after the man, sprinting as fast as her legs could take her. Soon she reached her grandparents house to find the building still was in tact, the next thing she saw was the quincy she had been chasing was now dead on the ground and Gabriel was standing above him, wiping the blade of his zanpakuto, he then looked up to spy Natasha, at first his face was one of disbelief. He then gulped and walked towards Natasha “Natasha, is that you?” he asked, wanting to not believe it, fearing of what he may have to do, of course she answered with a simple yes before she tackled her husband and squeezed him. “What are you doing here?!” she cried out, not even caring for the dead body of the quincy beside her.

Gabriel was intelligent, he knew what to say and how to make this situation seem alright, he simply stated “I came here to rescue you….I knew they were holding you somewhere...my rage overtook me though….I killed them all, your grandparents are safe but the others…..” of course the truth was that Gabriel had been sent to kill off most of the village, the first sign of the war starting, of course there were more with him, but he had told them to go on ahead, Natasha’s grandparents were personal. Natasha was too blinded by love to try and make logic of this so she simply held onto her husband and began to cry her eyes out. Then she backed off and looked him in the eyes “Our baby...we need to get her!” Gabriel had not planned this, this was not apart of the plans and anything that didn’t fit in the plans ticked him off, he clenched his teeth and gripped his sword when suddenly an arrow whizzed by the both of them and behind them was a platoon of 10 or more quincy, all with fairly angry looks on their face, they were all ready to kill and there was no doubt going to be more on the way. Natasha looked back and was about to speak when suddenly a arrow shot into her gut, she screamed out in pain and quickly she returned fire with her own bow, the shot landing right in the center of one of the quincies forehead. She then moved away from her husband and held her mouth in horror….she didn’t mean to. Gabriel took advantage of this and unsheathed his sword, knowing it would be a stupid move, then in that instant 4 arrows pinged him in the chest, something that should of been fatal. He fell like a sack of bricks and instantly everything around Natasha fell out from underneath her, why did this happen?!

Natasha was moving before she could even think, this was high treason, she was murdering the people who trusted her the most, but she loved this man too much to allow them to kill him! She was instantly drawing out her bow and fire one massive shot that entered one of the quincies chests and flew through him into the next. The second it hit the last target the arrow exploded into a multitude of rose petals that then whizzed out and impaled themselves into any of the targets around the arrow. Of course by then the quincy were moving so only a few of them hit, but that didn’t matter, she was already firing, each arrow hitting a target and exploding into a beautiful array of rose petals. She took three arrows to her body but in that process she managed to kill off most of them, the final one managing to escape before the fight even started. Once she was done she limped over to her husband and picked him up in her arms, tears in her eyes as she shook him to wake up and just as she gave up hope, she felt the cold liquid of blood and a suddenly chill of metal in her chest, at first she thought one of the quincies had done it, but then she saw the blade was pointing from her husband, she looked down at him in shock, her words caught in her mouth. He then pulled the blade out and pushed her over, standing up and wiping himself off, there was no blood, no signs of pain on his body...he had tricked her. “Sorry darling….” he spoke in an unemotional voice “Orders are orders, nothing personal. Good luck.” those were the last words she heard before she fell to the ground.

Natasha died at the age of 26.

Cold….the world was suddenly so cold, Natasha didn’t know what to feel anymore, everything she knew was gone...she was going to be left alone...no freedom. Not only that but she had murdered with the intent of murder...for someone who didn’t even care for her...she had committed treason and she knew what was going to happen to her. She didn’t even have to look to know what was going to happen, soon her body was encased in a massive hand and all her bones were crushed, then she was pulled into the gates of hell...thus the start of her endless suffering….or so she believed at least. She was out for what seemed like forever, her body was aching all over, then suddenly a sharp pain on her back awoke her and she screamed out as two bones broke through her back and began to form into large wings, the pain was unbearable and she could already feel the pain start to take over her mind, white being the only thing in her vision at the time. Then she suddenly couldn’t see, she fell back in shock and held her face, everything was gone, then just as suddenly it all came back, but 100x better than what she normally could see, her eyesight had suddenly went beyond human and everything around her seemed to go at a slower pace. Of course her moment of realization as suddenly a multitude of tails sprang from her tailbone and began to waves and spasm, she had two new object on her body that she had no clue how to control, each one was different and trying to use them was a pain. She went to touch the tail when she noticed the fact that she was completely nude….also the fact that her upper body was covered in scales and her body itself was covered in chains.

Natasha finally took a moment to look around and see where she was, with her enhanced vision she was able to see more than just the few pillars around her, she could see thousands of people, all with weird deformities...they all seemed to be cowering in fear, then she noticed a large creature with a skeletal face, it was actually quite interesting, the big thing was just lumbering along without a care, then she watched as it suddenly grabbed one of the many people and devoured them. Instantly her face grew pale and she realized she was out in the open, she then quickly ran as well as she could, her bones and muscles aching for her to stop as she jumped from the pillar to a lower pillar hidden away under another pillar. She finally realized where she was, she was in one of the first levels of hell and those things were Kushinada, she had learnt about their purpose and did not want to find out for herself, the only way she was going to live was if she could get to the lower parts of hell, she knew that there were less Kushinada there...or at least she believed. She really didn’t know what went on in hell but she could see most of it, there were people who seemed to have gone mad, everywhere. There were also people who seemed to have claimed some of these pillars as there own, fighting off everyone that got near. She’d have to learn how to fend for herself with this new body and fast, so for a large amount of time her life consisted of dodging the hungry hands of Kushinada and learning how to use her extra parts, it soon didn’t take long for her to learn how to propel herself into the hair with her wings and stay up there.

She didn’t learn about her hell ability until she finally decided to try and use her Spirit Weapon again, she had no bow but she thought it would at least be worth the try so she tried her best to reimagine her bow in a set area, she imagined the heated feel of the bow and the detailed roses all along it, she did this as often as she could but there wasn’t much of a success rate, then one day she finally managed to get a bow, but it was not her bow, not at all, it looked like her bow but if the bow was living and had gotten sick. She was quite surprised with this, wondering what exactly it was, she then shrugged and decided it was better than nothing so she got to work training with this bow, recreating every quincy move she knew on this boy, once satisfied she decided that today was going to be the day she escaped this level. For ten years she had stayed on the first level, just minding her own business and escaping Kushinada as they made grabs at her, but now she was going to go further down and she had a feeling she knew where to go. She worked swiftly, with a sudden burst of speed the woman exited her hidden pillar, with that one move she had alarmed a large amount of the Kushinada, but she was too fast for them, dodging between hands and angry mouths, she then suddenly rose into the sky and dove down into an opening of the pillars and the speed of her body took her right into the second level, though now she had to find out how to escape this level.

She spent a few more years waiting for a way to escape this level, it looked similar to a Kushinada graveyard, it was actually quite beautiful but she did not want to live on a level with this many Kushinada bodies. She just waited and watched patiently, then one day she found someone exiting from above and instantly instead of stopping on one of the platforms they dove into the water and continued to swim down. She watched and waited for them to surface but they didn’t so she decided that was her way of escaping, falling seemed to be the way for he to go further and maybe have some alone time in a place that didn’t seem like such a bad place to be. Though the next level was anything but the place she wanted to be, she narrowly avoided flying right into a pool of lava, it was everywhere! She gulped and looked around the area before she moved to an opening and without a second thought she dove down into the hole and kept traveling until she reached the final floor she would go. She was quite surprised she managed to get to a place that was almost empty except for the soul below her, she looked around and once satisfied she moved to a comfortable patch of soil, sat crisscross there and started meditating, she was going to get her quincy powers back if it was the last thing she did. Time passed and she continued meditating, trying to gather all the reiatsu in the air and not form the sickly looking bow. She even went so far as to carve a cross into the palm of her hand to have an easy time focusing on something to form the bow out of. In those many years of meditating she met a lot of Togabito who had done the same thing as she, heading down to this layer for freedom or just control. Didn’t matter to her, if they wanted the land she was sitting on she would simply move, not fighting, not yet at least. She kept meditating for what seemed like forever to her and she slowly began to manage to form her original bow, the beautiful rose bow. When she finally exited her meditative trance she would always find something new had popped up, buildings, more togabito, it looked like hell was becoming populated even at the lowest parts. She would always get frustrated about this, but did her best to not care, she would just train and train. Then one day she finally managed to pull together her bow, but as she did so, something happened, the energy from her hell power tainted the power of her Spirit Weapon, at first it wasn’t major and Natasha took this time to focus on getting her bow back into shape, then one day the entire bow was pulsing with the corrupted energy and it looked as if the Quincy powers and Hell powers were at war with each other, it actually became painful to her, excruciatingly painful to her, she felt as if her insides were being torn apart and could see cracks start to form up her arms, something was very wrong!

Natasha quickly stopped forming the bow but the cracks were still forming along her body, she felt light headed and like she was going to pass out, then suddenly her body shattered apart, the Quincy and Hell powers had fought their war for the body and neither had won...so they separated into two beings. Natasha was gone and in her place was the manifestation of her Quincy powers and of her Hell powers. Both of them stared at each other in malice before realizing what they were, at first it was quite a shock to Natasha...she could see through both of the eyes of...herself? What was going on? The poor girl was extremely confused and so were her other halves, the feeling was all new to them, the person to break to silence was her Quincy powers who jumped up to her feet and hugged the Hell powers “Oh my!! Look at what happened to us!” Natasha had no control of these two, they were their own beings, that was made clear when the Hell power punched her counterpart in the gut for getting too close to her. Then the girl looked around the area. “Hmm.” was literally all she said before the Quincy power bursted out into speaking. “I’m Tasha!” she stated, a wide smile on her face as she moved back to the hell power, hardly noticing the blow “Who are you?” which the hell power responded with “No clue.” of course Tasha wouldn’t allow this so she gifted her with the name Polly. Polly looked at her own hand and then rubbed her face “So we split….” spoke Polly which was responded with an enthusiastic “YUP!” from Tasha.

98 years old 1900's

The two were now seperate, but still bound together by the thread of Natasha that was still between them. The initial reaction of the two was one of trying to move apart, they wanted to be their own people but they simply couldn't go farther than 3 miles before suddenly being blasted back to the other as if a rubber band had launched them. Tasha and Polly wandered around the circles of hell, searching for assistance or just a way to pull themselves together but they never could find it. Feeling like there was no chance of them splitting from eachother or rejoining so they just accepted their new form willingly, there was one good perk to these new forms and it was the fact that she could now practice both of her capabilities, so while Tasha would focus on her quincy aspects while her other half would focuse on her hell abilities.. The two never really mingled with the other unless they needed to test something out, with one of these tests they actually found out that if both of them don’t die they won’t reform in hell but instead start to regenerate after an hour right where they died.  Tasha and Polly slowly began to grow strong on their own, soon both of them were on levels above a large sum of the creatures in hell, Tasha had completely mastered her quincy abilities something she never did in her life, now instead of being forced to summon a bow to use her ability she could cause the blossoms to form in her hands or on surfaces she pointed towards, then she could control them from there. Polly on the other hand was struggling to learn complete control of the corrupting flames she now controlled, but that did not make her weaker than her counter part, the flames were so violent and powerful that she really didn’t need full control to form them into anything she wanted, she could just coat her hands in the flames and use her natural claws as a weapon, the flames acting like a reiatsu poison with each slash. Though control was still on her mind, while she could be lazier with this power she did need to learn how to do more than just form it on her body, she wanted to do much more! So the duo went on the quest of finding a test subject for Polly, someone who was challenging someone who wouldn’t be so easily destroyed.

Soon Tasha and Polly heard news of a...general of sorts, one of the strongest people in hell that had power that would make anyone tremble in fear. They had found there subject, now it was time to actually to track down this death. It wasn’t as hard as they originally thought, word traveled far in hell and with so many people down there it was easy to track down the location of death. Now while they could of tried a sneak attack, take Death off guard they decided against it, instead they walked face to face with the creature known as death and challenged it to a battle to well….the Death! Seemed Death was quite bored too, so of course it accepted and they chose a place to fight, the final level of hell that contained the lava pool where those who died would reform from. When the duo arrived they found that there was one more person there, a woman covered in a black liquid that was just watching from a distance, she didn't make any moves to attack she just watched. Polly was a bit iffy about it but Tasha didn't mind and prepared for the battle! There they fought and the battle was intense, anyone who was in a two mile radius of them would feel the strength radiating off of the three like a bad scent. Tasha and Polly were the perfect Duo because they were each other, they worked together really well and were harder to hit than a worm with the speed of a cheetah. They bounded around the battle field, attacking Death from afar who was getting fairly pissed as it tried to slice the two to shreds. When death would go for one the other would start wailing into it even more, rose petals and flames coating the things body 24/7. Death did land some good hits though, in fact it managed to kill Polly but Tasha was too smart to be taken down as easily, she always kept at a distance and would vanish in a storm of petals that would stab into Death and shred it’s skin like paper. Soon the monster finally came to it’s wounds and fell to it’s knees, oozing blood from all over, it’s body was hardly recognizable. Of course Polly reformed a bit after the fight but way before Death, then as Death was reforming from the pit Polly surrounded it in flames, focusing fairly hard as Tasha stood guard. Then Polly would start the session, the corrupting flames would burst all around death, incasing it’s body in the flames and keeping it contained in the fire, whenever death tried to escape the flames would just devour it again and pull it right back into the circle.

Polly kept this going for 5 months, the woman watched the entire event for all those five months, not moving an inch, it only took that long because Death seemed to really want to live and Polly was enjoying herself too much!! The screams of anguish as the corrupting flames drained into Deaths body and consumed it from the inside out….it was quite arousing for her. Meanwhile Tasha was tasked with guard duty, anyone that came out of the pool would be guided away by a very threatening loli with a mass of blossoms surrounding them, anyone that got too near were also threatened with the mass of blossoms. Of course soon more powerful people arrived, this included War one of the other horsemen, Tasha and War went at it for a bit but when I say that Tasha was strong I mean, she probably could've handled herself in a 1 on 1 with Death. WAr and Tasha went at it, the battle was fairly long and War by no means was weak, but in the end Tasha was just too strong for the great general and he too fell to the might of Tasha. Polly was feeling extremely powerful in her own aspects now, she had actually drained most of Death’s power into herself, all those months of burning it alive in her flames had actually caused the flames to absorb some of it’s power and once they returned to Polly she felt a renewed strength inside of her.

Well now it was time for Polly and Tasha to test this new found strength on the emperor of hell, which was quite the threatening title, Polly had no clue who she was but Tasha knew the stories. As they were watching the horizon they both felt taps on their shoulders and turned around to find the woman who was watching the fight was now behind them and for a moment there was nothing said, then the woman sighed out loud and stated "I am Nocens." There were little words shared between the three, just some simple questions from Nocens and simple answers from Tasha. Soon the fight commenced and their original tactic of spreading apart and doing damage from the sides was working but not as well as before, Nocens could keep on her toes with the two but it was anything but easy, with Polly’s new found powers she was more vicious and tanky than ever, the terrifying small girl would charge into Nocens with all her force, ignoring all the spikes that penetrated her body and would tear at Nocens armor for Tasha to get some well placed petals to strike and cause damage. Every time Polly would land a hit on the black liquid the flames would begin to consume said liquid as well as any source near it and Nocens would either be forced to get rid of it or ignore the painful reiatsu draining flames. There was no catching Nocens off guard, the amount of strikes they landed into her were quite pitiful but the amount of strikes she landed on them were no that great either. Tasha didn’t have a single scratch on her and Polly was taking the full blow of everything like the monster she was, ignorning the fact that she had spikes literally sticking out of every bit of her body, every spike that landed would instantly just be dissolved by the flames after a moment. But soon tactics changed and Nocens switched her focuse on Tasha, the one who was actually causing the most damage with her constant barage of blossoms.

Tasha was no tank but she had speed on her side, her level of agility was nothing to be messed with and her ability to suddenly disperse into a frenzy of petals was also a problem. But she was a much easier target to take down than Polly who seemed to just ignore most signs of fatal damage. Nocens was also faster than Tasha which didn’t help the girl in her attempts to stay back and safe but she still was managing to stay far away as her sister would occasionally tackle Nocens and beat on her only to be knock away like a rag doll. Soon Tasha was forced to stand at her sisters side, knowing her best chance of protection was now her counterpart, there they stood together, preparing to assault the emperor as one when suddenly their bodies began to glow a very bright sickly green and a large shell began to form over them like a shield. They couldn’t hear any pounding on the outside so they assumed that Nocens was just waiting, they looked at eachother in confusion then suddenly their energies seemed to combine until suddenly the two little girls vanished and were replaced by a massive woman with three tails, sharp teeth, horns, grey skin and black scaled claws. She almost looked feral at first was was completely nude, but then slowly but surely she stood up and stared the empress down, Natasha was back…..but not really Natasha, this was Death, this was Ukhel and this woman was pissed with how much trouble Nocens was giving her. Without even utter a word the girl stared up at Nocens with a fire in her eyes that seemed to be radiating from the three pupils in it. She then summoned up a glowing sickly green rose and then she fired, now where nocens normally would of easily avoided the petal, these shots were homing, the faster nocens went the faster the bird would go and there were more and more coming, a whole swarm of them were being fired out of this bow, soon the entire battle field was swarming with them, forcing nocens to focuse on dodging them as Ukhel pulled her bow back further and charged up the string before firing one massive scaled bird, but she didn’t fire directly at the fast moving nocens, instead she took aim to the far left, right as a flock of the birds dove towards nocens right, forcing her to move left, right into the massive bird. Ukhel couldn’t see what happened next, the cracks that were forming around her body became noticeable and then in a sudden burst of energy she separated into two and went unconscious.

When Tasha woke up she let out a soft yawn and stretched, her entire body ached and she couldn’t move her legs, the girl was quite confused and was about to check for Polly when she felt a head against her shoulder and just assumed it was Polly, but then something set her off and that was the fact that they were on a bed. Quickly she shot up and at the same time Polly did and looked down to see the emperor was staring right back at them who had a wide smile on her face. This was their first initial meeting with the emperor and would not be their final encounter, for they were kept in the palace and made the new Death, there they would stay by Nocens, bound to her by respect, loyalty and liking, really nothing else. As Ukhel stayed with Nocens she would grow even stronger and her face would become well known, Tasha and Polly grew a sentimental attachment to Nocens, Tasha just thought she was cute but Polly couldn’t help it, the Death inside of her couldn’t help but flood her with good memories that weren’t her’s. The two were always seen at Nocens side unless the woman wanted some privacy, when not next to the emperor they were most likely working on themselves and learning new things about their new found body. Then came Nocens rape, she hadn’t even realized anything had happened until she came into to check on the woman that was being offly silent, when she came in she was in utter shock at the sight that layed before her, bones broken, a large sum of leaking...it was disturbing what she saw. Quickly the two girls picked up the limb body of their emperor and quickly got to work caring for the broken woman. While death didn’t know much about what unfolded the night of the rape, she did know one thing….her Nocens was now pregnant.

((Will expand if requested, not much happened through their years, if you wish for me to descrive Death doing Nocens taxes i will do so.))

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Ukhel Poe (Done) Empty Re: Ukhel Poe (Done)

Post by Azalea on Sat Sep 17, 2016 8:12 am

Alright, done reading! Now, there are a few things I would like you to do before I give you a grade. Firstly, please clarify if both Polly and Tasha can use the first Hell Power. Second, even if the secret power is unknown to everyone else, it should be listed on the application if it's an actual ability and not a technique. Third, Nocens has only been Emperor since the 1940s, with Merroseed being the Emperor for six months prior to that. So, Hell hasn't had an Emperor ever prior to 1946. Just clarifying that. So, in 1947, Ukhel would become Death. And the Hollow/Shinigami war did not start until 2016. You have these events listed far too soon. Please correct these if you would.

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Ukhel Poe (Done) Empty Re: Ukhel Poe (Done)

Post by Taiyo Pekku on Wed Sep 28, 2016 9:24 pm

The secret power was a joke, i forgot to write it down. The secret power was supposed to be she is good at cooking but i got caught up in the history. Tasha cannot use the Hell power but Polly can, it's sort of a balance thingy. One is the peaceful side of death, a swift one and the other is a painful and slow death, the cruel one. As for the time stuff I will change the time zones but i literally just pulled shit out of my ass and called it time.
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Ukhel Poe (Done) Empty Re: Ukhel Poe (Done)

Post by Azalea on Thu Sep 29, 2016 10:34 pm

Once the times are corrected, you may recieve Advanced Captain Tier. You'll be allocated 7 skills. You may create you techniques. Although early, here is your official approval message:

Ukhel Poe (Done) Nocens10

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Ukhel Poe (Done) Empty Re: Ukhel Poe (Done)

Post by Human Hollow on Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:20 pm

First thing's first. While the Personality sections are good, there are grammatical errors. The ability section is also good, however I'd like to note that no ability can be stated to be an instant kill, like your truck sized raven. Mostly for balance reasons, but also because what if you were fighting a character like Kenpachi in the anime, with ludicrous amounts of energy. It'd take far more than just a truck to drain someone like that.

As for the history, there's a bunch of spelling and grammatical errors, but nothing so bad that it stops the flow. Quincy should always be capitalized, which is a common issue in your history.

Like we said, physical descriptions should be synced to pictures. But, I know what you had intended and due to the discussions we had, I'm ready to grade you.

I will give this character an Advanced Captain Tier, but you should still fix those mistakes. You may begin your skills and techniques as well.

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Ukhel Poe (Done) Empty Re: Ukhel Poe (Done)

Post by Taiyo Pekku on Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:12 pm

Armed Combat: Beginner

Spiritual Combat: Grandmaster

Hoho: Expert

Blut Vente: Advanced

Blut Arterie: Advanced

Hell Disguise: Advanced

Chain Mastery: Grandmaster


Armed Combat: Begginer

Spiritual Combat: Master

Hoho: Master

Reiatsu Perception: Advanced

Blut Vente: Intermediate

Hell Disguise: Intermediate

Chain Mastery: Intermediate


Unarmed Combat: Advanced

Spiritual Combat: Advanced

Hoho: Beginner

Blut Arterie: Expert

Hell Disguise: Beginner

Chain Mastery: Begginer
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Ukhel Poe (Done) Empty Re: Ukhel Poe (Done)

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