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Takuya Yuki

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Takuya Yuki  Empty Takuya Yuki

Post by Eneru on Thu Jul 21, 2016 2:33 pm

The Basics

Name: Takuya Yuki
English Translation: (Taku) meaning "expand, open, support" combined with (Ya) meaning "also" or an exclamation. Yuki means snow.
Species: Shinigami
Race: Human
Gender: Male and sees himself as male
Date of Birth: 1988
Appearance Age: 19
Actual Age: 28
Organization and Rank: Gotei 13,  First Division, Tenth Seat

Height: 6'1
Weight: 166 Lbs.
Hair color: Black Hair
Eye color: Black Eyes
General Appearance:

Takuya Yuki is tall and thin with shoulder length black hair, and he has piercing black eyes. Takuya has pale white skin and a near permanent grin on his face. Takuya has a big claw scar, he got the scar from a fight with a Hollow. Takuya wears a black jacket with yellow trim and red shoulders and red lapels as well as a red inner lining, plus on his jacket with an Iron Cross that is permanently attached right lapel and he wears a belt in a slanted fashion over his jacket. Takuya wears a pendant around his neck, and always has his Zanpakutō hanging from his waist. Takuya wears black pants that are loose around the ankles, and wears black shoes with no laces. Takuya looks exactly the same in his Gigai but without his Zanpakutō on his hip.

Takuya Yuki  Latest?cb=20150117201722

The Psyche

Redeeming Qualities:

*Professional Fencer: Despite being so young compared to other Shinigami Takuya is an excellent swordsman having been an Professional Fencer while he was Alive.

*Hard Worker: Despite his complaints to the contrary saying he doesn't like to work hard, but he grew up working hard at his family store he will put in hard work when it is needed.

*Doing the Right Thing: Takuya will do the right thing when no one else will he will do it to the best of his ability.

Negative Qualities:

*Lazy: Takuya is Lazy if someone else is doing a much better job he will only put out minimal effort.

*Complainer: Takuya will complain at his own discomfort which tends to get on other peoples nerves.

*Goes in without Thinking: Takuya will go into battle with enemies without thinking often worrying his allies.


*Sweets: Sweet foods are the best in Takuya's opinion they taste good and can make anybody happy.

*Fencing: Fencing is the sport Takuya grew up doing he loves that sport the most out of any.

*Cats: Cute lazy smart and don't smell like wet dog, Cats are Takuya's Favorite animals.

*Napping: Takuya loves to nap at least two hours once a day Takuya thinks Napping has the ability to make people more happy and calm.

*Playing Chess: Takuya's Grandfather taught him chess when he was very young he has liked the game a lot ever since he was young.

*Reading Books: Takuya doesn't have many other ways to enjoy himself in the Sereitei after all.

* Suits: Takuya loves wearing suits like Tuxedo's it makes him feel more secure in his appearance.


*The Cold: Takuya grew up in California he hates the cold climate and things like Snow.

*Dogs: Their Mangy dumb and smell funny when wet not his least favorite Animal.

*Hollows: He's scene quite a few of his fellow Shinigami die in the half year since  he has started his job as a Shinigami.

*Hell: Takuya having heard of hell tries to stay away from the subject as hard as possible.

*Rude People: Takuya dislikes people who can not at least have a civilized conversation.

*Bullying: Takuya refuses to be bullied anymore.

*Uniforms: Takuya dislikes wearing uniforms because they take away a persons Individuality.  

Personal Habits:

*Gripping: He tends to grip the cross pendant that is attached to his jacket to calm down.

*Smiling: Takuya always smiles, he will frown on occasion, but that is a very rare site.


Short-term Goals:

*Finding a significant other: Takuya wants to find a Girl that he can date Eventually

*Becoming a Lieutenant of the one of the Gotei 13 Squads.

Long-term Goals:

*Becoming a Captain of the one of the Thirteen Squads

General Personality:

Takuya is a kind of person who is lazy, and likes to complain when it suits him but he never seems to not smile. Takuya has always rushed in, and is very rash at times. Takuya loves playing chess as a hobby, but he lived his life as a professional fencer. Takuya lived only one year as a Fencer but it was his dream job, even though Takuya remembers nothing of the Time he was alive. Takuya despite loving to complain will always do the right thing in the end even if everyone else is against him. Takuya is treated like a kid being one of the youngest Shinigami in service, and he finds that fact slightly annoying. Despite being treated like a kid he does like being spoiled, but he would never admit that fact. Takuya and his Zanpakutō Spirt don't get along very well, but Takuya always try to make her show emotions. Despite his laziness Takuya tends to train his abilities at least for an hour once a day, otherwise he will get rusty.

Something Special:

* Perfect 20/20 Vision: He's never needed to wear glasses or Contact lenses in his life.

The Power

Zanpakutō Name: Gin'noken (銀の剣)
Zanpakutō Name Translation: Silver Sword

Sealed Zanpakutō:

A thin western long sword that can is useful for cutting stabbing from all angles this sword has a cross guard of a metal that looks identical to iron and a round pommel that also is pointed at the tip. the handle of the sword is black and it has a long black sheathe.

Release Phrase: Sparkle

Shikai Appearance:

A long sword made of a metal that looks exactly like silver with a sapphire above the above the hilt of the Sword. The guard of the sword has a twin Dragon heads as the guard. The hilt has four sapphires on the hilt of the sword. The handle of the sword is black and the pommel of the sword is shaped like a diamond and also has a sapphire imbedded in it.

Takuya Yuki  7bd463fd443eb3d3f2d422ad845c7c16

Shikai Ability:  

The Shikai ability of this Zanpakuto makes the blade of sword so cold that it can freeze the moisture in the air which Takuya can then swing the sword and fling super projectiles made of ice towards his opponents. The Shikai's freezing effect can also be used for manipulating Ice into different shapes.

Bankai Name:

(の剣を燃焼) Gin'noken o nenshō

Meaning: Burning Silver Sword

Bankai Appearance:

A long sword with a blade in a crimson red color though it still sparkles exactly like silver in the sunlight, and the hilt is curved upwards in a U shape so that Takuya can catch opponents blades with it. The two dragons are now curved downward and inward to the handle, and the handle of the sword is black. The Pommel of the sword is a V shape and looks like iron.

Takuya Yuki  E2e7b066a43a29be7351dcc88c08ac8c

Bankai Ability:

Takuya's Bankai has the ability that coats the blade of the sword with a silver colored flame that sparkles like silver as well and whenever he uses this ability the sword takes the heat out the surrounding area making the Around his freezing the area making it making it below zero in tempatures  also covering evreything in a thin sheet of ice besides the Zanpakutō's user thanks to this the fire of the Zanpakutō is extremely hot, and it is above 9000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Spirit

Spirit Appearance:

The Zanpakutō Spirit stands at about 5'7 has pale white skin purple eyes, and long blue green hair that reaches the back of her knees. The Zanpakuto spirit always has a white grey colored cloth seems to magically stay attached to her. The spirit wears black clothes with yellow trim. The Spirit wears bandages around her lower legs and black sandals.

Takuya Yuki  DYSHANA

Spirit Personality:

Takuya's Zanpakutō Spirit she barely ever smiles and barely emotes anything she is hard working her mind only on the current Objective. Despite her nearly emotionless façade she can sometime show similarity to Takuya such as her recklessness in battle. The only other thing she seems to care about is Takuya himself she would absolutely never betray him of her own free will, and though she doesn't show it she is always silently rooting for Takuya.

Inner World:

The inner world of the Zanpakutō is monochrome in color everything is in white in grey. Their is a mountain range in the background and it always snowing. There is a moon and it is always full giving the black and white are illumination. Whenever Takuya enters his inner World he is always standing in the air like there is a solid ground in mid air. The Zanpakutō Spirit will always be seen just standing in the center of the area.

Inner World:
Takuya Yuki  Tumblr_ndbxzbp0Pn1tqou9go1_500

The Past

Takuya Yuki was born 28 years ago too two Japanese parents, and half a year after he was born his parents and him immigrated to California. Takuya's childhood was spent helping work at his families restaurant, and hanging out with his friends.  Nine Years after those events Takuya's Grandfather taught him how to play chess and Started to Learn Fencing. Five Years after those events Takuya joined High School annoyed that there was no Chess Club he started an Ameture Chess Club in High School. Takuya was hanging out with his friend that day he was moving away so he gave Takuya the Cross to remember him by. Takuya's teenage year's were filled with alot of the same things, as his childhood years accept Takuya became more awkward around girls, though he never had a girlfriend in the time that he was alive. Takuya cruised through the rest of his High School years enjoying himself, then the day came when he graduated he could have went to college but he was scouted by someone who wanted him to be a professional Fencer so he did. Takuya's life was great he got to do what was one of his hobbies for a job, and then finally Tragedy Struck he was in Japan for an Fencing Match but then a some teenagers were walking and talking on the street without paying attention so he sprinted towards them pushing them out of the way of a Semi-Truck. Luckily for him he was sent to the Soul Society by a Shinigami almost immediately.

Waking up in West Rukongai Takuya Yuki had already came to terms that he was dead. Takuya woke up in Rukongai half naked somehow though the cross he was given by his best friend had came physically with him to West Rukongai. Takuya woke up with no memories from the time he was alive. Takuya then floundered around for a few weeks before deciding to Join Shinigami Academy since he had a gut feeling that he didn't belong anywhere else. Takuya didn't make any bonds during his six years in the Academy many people seemed dislike him because of how young he was, and that he was passing with decent grades. Takuya also seemed to refuse to adhere to the Dress Code wearing western clothes instead of the Uniform he was supposed to wear. Eventually though he finally Graduated and was immediately put into the First Division much to his and everybody else's confusion.

Takuya had somewhat of a hard time adjusting at first but he quickly got the hang of duties in First Division, It also didn't help that he was so young it seemed like every other Shinigami that he met did like that he was able to become a Shinigami while being so young. Takuya had also learned that he was the official youngest Shinigami in recorded history, so he had just taken it as jealousy from his senior members. Takuya refused to frown he would always grip the cross that was permanently attached to his clothes. Takuya seemed to not be bothered by the teasing his senior officers put him through at first anyway.

The mundane tasks that his senior officers intensified trying to bully Takuya into quitting be a Shinigami, though Takuya  didn't mind helping out sometimes but it got to a point were it was generally annoying him so one day since he didn't get his usual daily nap for the last few days before that. Takuya punched one of his Senior Unseated Officers face with a smile on his face. A few weeks after the face punching he was sent out with a few other Shinigami hearing that there was a few weak Hollows were in Rukongai. Well seems the reports were wrong there was a powerful Hollow there it wounded the leader of the temporary squad. Takuya then had no choice to take the Reigns and lead his fellow temporary teammates to victory, and was able to save the leader of the ragtag platoon from dying from dying and defeating all the weaker Hollows but unfortunately the powerful Hollow escaped back to Hueco Mundo. After Takuya's Return thanks to his Leadership and Bravery on the Battlefield he was promoted to 10th Seat of First Division. Takuya after that event seemed to gain respect from his senior officers, and he was able to train his swordsmanship skills as he saw fit he would still be sent on the Occasional important things he had way more freedom once he was Promoted to 10th seat. Takuya is currently still the Tenth Seat of First Division.

Major Events Timeline:

1988: Takuya Yuki is born in Japan, and his Family moves to California.

1997: Takuya turns Nine years old, Takuya's Grandfather teaches him Chess, and Takuya begins learning how to fence.

2002: Takuya starts a Chess club, also Joins the school's local Fencing Team, and Gets the Cross that he keeps attached to his lapel of his Jacket from his best Buddy, plus he starts High School. Takuya turns 14

2006: Takuya Graduates in High school, and does not go to college thanks to being scouted out by a pro league Fencing Coach, and Takuya turns 18.

2007: Takuya Passes away by pushing a child out of the street from a Semi-Truck, but in returns gets hit by the Semi Truck and passes away. Takuya turns 19, and Takuya is found by a Shinigami and is sent to West Rukongai. Takuya Immediately decided to join the Shinigami Academy.

2013: Takuya Graduates from the Shinigami Academy and Joins First Division and Takuya turned 25.

2015: Takuya saves his allies from an ambush lead by an Big Hollow, Takuya turned 27, and Takuya became 10th Seat of First Division.

2016: Takuya turns 28 and Current Day.

Roleplaying Sample:

Takuya sighed he was sent out with about ten other unseated officers to slay some weaker Hollows, Takuya sighed this would most likely be nothing, “Hey Boss we about done here I don't see any Hollows around here, this just proves that we are wasting our time” he said with a wary smile because of his discomfort. “Eh what's wrong Kiddo you should listen to your elders you are only Twenty-Eight years old this will be good Experience for you since you are in First Division”, the Muscular Male Shinigami said to the black haired young man. Takuya shrugged his shoulders ”... You better be right Senpai or else this will just be a waste of my time". The Muscular Platoon Shinigami smiled "Ahh were is the fun in th-" then he was cut off by one of the most horrible sounds Takuya ever heard "SCRAAA" it was a roar of an Hollow. Takuya quickly jumped back. One of the other Rookie Shinigami was frozen in fear "Dammit watch out" the muscular Shinigami said as he pushed the Rookie who was frozen out of the way. The Muscular Shinigami then took the Claw of the hollow to the chest. Takuya smiled but his eyes were half lidded he was angry he guess he would have to step in and save everyone.

"Everybody listen to me if there is a big Hollow here there will be a couple of small ones too, all you can take on the small one I'll hold off the big one and try to defeat it" Takuya announced drawing out his Zanpakuto and pointed it towards the big hollow. The other Shinigami nodded the one Shinigami that was frozen in place moved the muscular Shinigami out of the way. The smaller hollows appeared thankfully the other Shinigami were handling them well. Takuya smiled "Well then you think you can kill one of my allies you son of a bitch well think again" Takuya ran towards the big hollow the big Hollow swiped on him. Takuya slashed at the hollow middle finger cutting it off. blood and sprayed out of the stump were the finger once was. The blood sprayed on Takuya's face. “Grahh” the Big Hollow Screamed in pain. Takuya smiled why it was screaming in pain this was his chance Takuya stabbed towards the hollows mask intending to pierce and shatter the Big Hollows mask. Unfortunately he missed, the Big hollow had moved out of the way Takuya stabbed his Zanpakuto into the shoulder of the Big Hollow Takuya grunted as the big hollow had used its other hand to swipe at his side Takuya decided to tank the hit to his side. Blood sprayed out of Takuyas side Takuya then pushed his Zanpakuto cutting off the Big Hollow's arm. "Grahhhh"!!! the Big Hollow Roared before tearing open a Garganta and disappearing he looked around with a smile he didn't lose a single ally thankfully. "Now if you'll excuse me I will faint now, like a big wimp" Takuya fell backwards vision going black and Zanpakuto still in hand. Takuya's eyes open with a smile on his face, he smelled disinfectant he must have been treated by a member of Fourth Division. "Oh Thank God I am alive, that really hurt" Takuya said, with his usual smile on his face.

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Takuya Yuki  Empty Re: Takuya Yuki

Post by Lanying Baozhai on Fri Jul 22, 2016 12:24 am

OK...there are...several things wrong with this app. So...I'll go from top to bottom.


While not an issue in and of itself, are you SURE you want to only have your character be 20? That would make him the youngest shinigami on record.


While this isn't really an issue either, from a combat standpoint, are you entirely sure you want your zanpakuto to be so...basic? I mean...the Shikai has no abilities. I've been in the Bleach RP scene for roughly 5-6 years now, and that is the first I've ever seen anything like that. The bankai is also extremely basic, to the point that it seems like it should be a shikai. It coats the blade in a silver flame...ok...what does that flame do? Does it burn your enemies? Does it make the area around you hotter? Is it just pretty to look at?


OK...here's the bulk of the issues. First off...it's EXTREMELY bare...like...the bare minimum we'd ask for. While that's not a 'bad' thing...it's not a good thing. Second, unless you'd have a reason, the Academy is a mandatory 6 year course.


This app is just...bare. It's not bad, it really isn't. It's passable at best and I'd have no problem approving it as is, but you wouldn't get the best grade that you could possibly get. There is also the issue of there being a LOT of grammatical and spelling/word errors. If you want me to, I'll give you the grade now. Or you can try to put in a little more work. You have a good skeleton going here. Now put some meat on it.

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Lanying Baozhai

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Takuya Yuki  Empty Re: Takuya Yuki

Post by Eneru on Tue Jul 26, 2016 11:01 pm

Ok Lanying thanks for the Advice, on what I should do I tweaked some stuff, made the History a little longer, and sorry about the Grammar I looked through and edited what I caught.


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Takuya Yuki  Empty Re: Takuya Yuki

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