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Destiny, fate, or chance? (Open)

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Destiny, fate, or chance? (Open)

Post by Adyna on Wed Oct 03, 2018 9:37 am

Adyna held her hand to her mouth as she yawned. Despite having a high ranking position in a secret government organization, even she got days off. And, having spent so long underground, decided she wanted to travel. This led her into the city called Las Vegas, which she was disappointed to find out was Las Vegas, not Los Vegas.

Even after having left Hueco Mundo, it had been her home for centuries. She was nostalgic was all. Maybe a bit homesick. She missed her room, with its mountain of pillows. Even her maids. But, here, she was respected. She could be with her own kind. She wasn't a pet who wasn't allowed to resent its master.

But, it turned out that modern humans had a very different take on things than when she'd last been in the World of the Living. Due to her current vessel appearing as a very young Chinese girl, she was constantly being denied entrance into the drinking establishments and the buildings with noisy machines and bright lights and the many people inside having fun.

It was most annoying, but it was better to avoid trouble. She couldn't risk arguing with the adults, since adults had a tendency to scold and grab children to get a point across. And her ID was useless, since it was only an insignia of her position in Daedalus. Which, officially, did not exist.

But, worse she was getting looks from people on the streets. Some were women who kept looking at her while talking urgently into their cellular telephones. And it seemed like she was being followed, too...

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