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1966, Hell's Darkest Days (Open)

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1966, Hell's Darkest Days (Open)

Post by Nocens on Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:08 pm

Nocens held the bone and Requiem jewel sword in her hand. She liked this one. It had taken her a long time to craft by hand, shaving down a section of Kushinada bone to fit in her hand while adding Requiem along the edge, slowly adding piece by piece until the entire three foot long sword was coated in black jewel with twisting, tortured faces along the blade from the souls of the dead Togabito the Requiem was made from. What was even harder to made was the bone sheath, made to hollow a section of bone just enough for the blade to slide in and fit comfortably. The very end of the sword hung out the other side by three inches, however. She wore the sheath on her back at an angle.

The sword felt good in her hands. She was comfortable with it. It made her happier. And she'd be damned again if she didn't deserve a little happiness.

Who did Merroseed think he was, trying to kill her like that? Yeah, she'd defeated him and spread his ashes around her territory as a warning, but she deserved better, didn't she? And after she'd declared herself the true ruler of Hell, everyone got all uppity about her being in charge. Nobody gave Merroseed a hard time, so what in the seven Hells!?

So that's why she was out here, in her Genocide state. The hard black armor of Nefarious felt good, and her weaponize tails thrashed on the ground behind her. Looking at the sword in her hand, she smiled. Requiem was so hard to harvest, but it was so useful and never had to be cleaned. The jewels absorbed blood and flesh, growing the more they're fed. That's why her sword had eventually fused into one solid mass of Requiem instead of a jigsaw of smaller pieces.

Behind her, Famine cleared his throat. "Why are we doing this, Nocens?"

"Because they need to learn whose in charge! I'll kill everyone in this damn Circle if I have to. You're my friend,
Famine, and my General. Them disrespecting you is like them disrespecting me and I won't tolerate it! You're in charge of the First and Second Circles and they have to get used to it. Nobody gave Merroseed this much grief, for Left Hand's sake,
" Nocens cursed, invoking the Togabito God's name.

There were forty seven victims behind Famine, weak Togabito who were advocates for replacing Nocens with someone else. Everyone had feared Merroseed's Titan Slayer, that's why they respected his rule for six months. And Nocens was going to be sure they respected hers. Hells, she'd have them make her a freaking palace by the time she was done.

With a nice little wall in my bedroom to mount my sword, she thought to herself.

The Mother of War
Lurks within the depths of Hell
Atoning forever

Custom Skill:
Hell Aura: Advanced (Higher levels of this Skill cause the area around the Togabito to become tainted by their negative energy. Prolonged time in the area slowly transforms it into a miniature Hell. At lower levels, this is illusionary, but at the highest levels, the location becomes a portal to Hell. This is however, temporary and will slowly fade when the Togabito leaves)

Race : Togabito
Location : Hell
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