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The War Mother (WIP Dragon) Empty The War Mother (WIP Dragon)

Post by Azalea on Wed Jun 19, 2019 9:35 pm

The Basics

Name: Azalea Algaliarept, commonly simply referred to as Empress, War Mother, or Mother.
English Translation: The poisoned flower who walks before Death,
Race: Azalea is a True Dragon.
Gender: Azalea is female, but has the ability to restructure her body at will.
Date of Birth: She was born at least fifteen thousand years ago in the winter.
Appearance Age: Azalea is a shapeshifter, and therefore can appear at any age.
Organization and Rank: Azalea leads a faction called the Imperial Legion of Hell, a group of Togabito obsessed with multi-dimensional conquest.

 Height: Azalea is five feet even, but is just over six feet when measured from tip of tail to head.

 Weight: Azalea is only a hundred and six pounds while in Hell, if one excludes her multitude of tails. However, each of her tails, much longer, thicker and more numberous than in her younger self, weighs five hundred and thirty pounds. This brings her total weight to eight thousand and fifty six, or just over four tons. In metric, the total is 3654.14 kilograms, or 3.6541399998174 metric tons.

 Hair: Azalea’s hair is extremely long, pooling at her feet and dragging on the ground behind her when she wears it down. She sometimes braids the long mass of silky black, tying the end through a large bead of Requiem, this leaving a hefty weight at the end of her hair.

Though her tails are most often absorbed into her body, Azalea’s fifteen tentacle-like tails grow from a much larger, black wolf’s tail that grows from her lower back. She can manifest this tail alone if she wishes.

 Eyes: Azalea’s fifteen tails contain special optic nerve cables that fuse along her spine, and allow her to see through any and all fifteen of the eyes ending her tails. These eyes are yellow scalera with red irises, and give her a complex vision with virtually no blindspots when all in use.

For true eyes, however, she is limited to just her left eye on her face, the right eye socket completely empty and oft hidden by her hair or armor. Her iris is red, but she has normally colored scalera, which stands out more against her discolored skin.

 Others: Azalea has fifteen tails ending in tentacle-surrounded eyes emerging from a wolf’s tail at the base of her spine. Azalea also has a short length of chain coming from the base of her neck, directly over the spinal cord. The rest of the chains are invisible, but they wrap around her upper arms, emerging from just below her breasts, while two more emerge from her thighs, and extend back into Hell. Azalea’s most noticable distiction is her unique skin coloration, black with golden veins, capillaries and arteries along her skin.

 General Appearance: Azalea is a short woman, only five feet tall. She has plump thighs with some muscle definition on her calves and under the thin layer of softeness to her thighs. Her rear is well shaped, slightly more than average for a woman her age, making her look younger with its perkiness. Despite her diminutive size, she has rather large breasts, easily filling out a D-cup brassier if she ever wore one to begin with. Her arms normally rest at her sides, and her fingertips reach the spot just above her knees without stretching or bending.

Azalea has a large, bushy tail emerging from just above the small of her back. The long black hair surrounds a thick, twisting cord which splits apart into another fifteen tails, however these are made of a hard, carapace-like material, each of which end in a large, yellow eye with a small red iris that moves independent of the others. Around the eye are small tendril-like appendages that can be closed around the eye protectively. These tails contain a unique optic nerve that fuses themselves to the spinal cord and then the brain itself, allowing her to see through each eye. The tails are hard enough to withstand most blows, however they can become damaged if repeatedly struck, causing Azalea to lose vision from that eye. These special eyes are extremely heavy, weighing more than the rest of her body by themselves, however they are extensions of her spirit, so similarly to Shinigami Zanpakuto, they require virtually no effort for her to move them. Each tail is extremely flexible as well, able to coil and twist at Azalea’s will. Azalea is also able to absorb these tails inside of herself, done more often than not. While within her body, they slowly heal over time.

Azalea typically wears a hand-crafted costume she made based on her memories of Tanua. The outfit is black and resembles a Shinigami’s Shihakusho combined with the Togabito’s Hell Garments. It consists of multiple parts like the Shinigami’s, but is form-fitting and tight like the Togabito’s. It billows near the end of the sleeves, though is tight down to the elbow. The cuffs of the sleeves, as well as a line down the front going from collar to waist, has rectangular buttons on it holding the clothing closed.

Azalea can summon a golden version of Nefarious from her pores, but is no longer forever covered in it. The substance, which she still calls Nefarious, is constantly in a state of forming and breaking, for as she moves it cracks and flakes off, while being replaced at almost the same speed. Nefarious can be produced through any of her pores at her will, and can even be used to create a defensive full-body shell. Solid Nefarious has the hardness of tempered glass, under normal conditions. Under some conditions, Azalea, while no other Nefarious is formed, can create a two inch wide spot of the golden fluid, drastically raising its defensive and offensive proporties by focusing the combined spiritual pressure of what she’d normally summon into a denser form. This golden Nefarious is actually an extension of her draconic powers.

Her right eye, generally hidden behind her wild, floor-length, jet-black hair is an empty eye socket. Her left eye is white with a red iris. Her hair falls partially over her face and some parts go to her upper chest, while the rest flows backwards to the floor. Azalea is usually politely reserved, with a calm, somewhat bored expression. She usually gives a small smile when it is called for, but it does not reach her eye. The observant will notice an extreme sorrow hidden behind her gaze. Her entire body is covered in golden veins, most noticeably around her eyes.

The Psyche

  Personality: Azalea is a quiet, polite woman. Upon first impression, she can be noted for always using full names and proper titles for everyone, and speaking in a formal way. Even when agitated or excited, she does not raise her voice or lash out, speaking at a respectful volume always.
Due to her acknowledgement that she isn't privy to the comings and goings of Hell, she leaves the running of Hell to her Four Generals, while she herself acts as the threat that keeps everyone in line, for her power exceeds even her Generals, though nobody but herself and a select few know by how much.
Azalea is a calculating woman, whose eyes look towards the long term and are focused on her goals. Though she is much more wise than her previous self, with a deep understanding of power, war and strife, she has trouble recognizing that death matters to the other Races, as she's almost always been immortal. However she is starting to understand and has such has an incredible hatred for the Shinigami, blaming them for her premature death.
Azalea is a natural leader, and her ideas of strategy and creative mind was far beyond her day. It's anyone's guess what the Mother of War will do once she masters modern technology.
However, under this mask of politeness and rules, and buried behind hatred, is an unfathomable sorrow and loneliness. She has begun to understand mortality, and as such realized that everyone she has ever cared for is gone, and in all likelihood, those she loves now will also turn to dust while she alone carries on. Due to this new understanding, she is loathe to form bonds with anyone else, wishing to sever the ties before they can form, dooming herself to an eternity of solitude.


Blood- There's something about the color, scent and feel of blood that pleases and helps calm Azalea. She finds the scent soothing, and views the fluid as proof of mortality. The flowing red ichor proves the person is living, alive, and capable of growth and death. Azalea’s own golden vitae is further proof to her that she’ll live forever.

Exploration- Azalea has spent too long in Hell, and with her memories returned longs for a change of scenary. She misses the frozen world she lived in, and seeks to find a place like that to call her own. She desires to see all there is to see.

Powerful people- People who are strong and powerful are less likely to fade away, to die a true death. These people are surivors, either by cunning and guile, or brute strength, or by manipulation of law. These are the ones who Azalea looks to in hopes of finding someone who’ll endure eternity with.

War- Not the General, but the idea itself. She loves to fight and prove herself and her group's superiority over others. While in Hell, war is a game, as death has no impact on Togabito whatsoever other than a minor annoyance.

The Generals of Hell- Famine, Pestilence, War and Death are Azalea's four closest friends and her four most powerful companions. They've spent centuries fighting and surviving together. The Empress has grown to love them each in turn.


Groups of three- For some reason, the number three really, really infuriates Azalea. Azalea will do her best to ignore it, but will be visibly bothered. If possible, she will split the group or add to it in some manner to change it so there are no longer three. This dislike only applies to three similar things, such as three yellow pills, not a green, red and yellow pill.

Famine- It's not that she dislikes Famine, honestly. But, out of the Four Horsemen and herself, Famine is the weakest in terms of power, raw or even willpower. Though there's nobody she trusts and likes more than her Generals, Famine is the "buttmonkey" of the group, the one they pick on mercilessly and tease constantly. Though their jibes can be harsh, Azalea has made it clear in the past that only they can pick on Famine. Not that Famine needs to be protected; Famine is a General, after all. She's even made it up to Famine on at least one occasion when she had taken a joke too far. She doubted Famine would ever forget that afternoon. But, to any outsider, her everyday interactions and casual dismissal of the General seems as if she dislikes or outright hates him. With the return of her memory and change in disposition, her jibes have only gotten more cleverly worded, which the General is thankful to an extent for it at least sounds nicer.

Shinigami- Azalea’s memory revealed to her that it was a Shinigami who led to the events that killed her so long ago. It was a Shinigami who freed the slaves one night and watched as they had turned on her hunters and warriors, slaying her men, her lions, and finally herself. The Emperor holds the entirety of the Gotei responsible for the man’s actions.

Tànúa- This man who isn't a man has been the source of such drama in Azalea’s afterlife, despite their relatively short time together. Nocens admits that he is the one creature she could love full heartedly, however her love is overshadowed by overwhelming hatred. This man gave her her name, however he held her prisoner and forced her to service him in any way he pleased, with no rest, for two centuries. To the Empress, she reasons that in some way, all problems, including her current status as a Togabito, can be traced to Tanua’s influence.


Second chance at Life- Having recovered her memories, Azalea longs to be reborn, to live the life she had stolen from her. She knows now that she wasn’t meant to come to Hell the way she had, and that her death was wrong. She doesn’t care what it takes; she wants to live again.

To love a powerful person- Azalea only respects the powerful. Those she thinks can stand beside her, fight beside her. To fill her eternal existance with a soul other than her own. She longs to find the person powerful enough to live with her forever.

To destroy Tànúa- Azalea’s hate for the not-man runs so violently deep that she wishes there was no possible way for the God of Togabito to ever be revived, even if it meant the end of her kind.

To destroy Soul Society- Azalea recalls it was a Shinigami that led to her death, who shoved her through the Gates of Hell, where she would dwell without her memory for eons. Without the white haired man to punish, Azalea desires to tear the entire system the Shinigami have in place apart from the inside.


Rejection- Azalea cannot comprehend rejection. She knows not why anyone would not desire her strength, her will that hasn’t faded after so many thousands of years. To be find the one person whose will matches her own, only to be rejected by them, is Azalea’s greatest fear.

The White-Haired Man- Azalea recalls the Shinigami in her mind, his clothes, his white hair. But, the part her young mind had focused on when he had shoved her into Hell was his eyes behind the shock of white hair. Those eyes that radiated with such an intense hatred that to this day she cannot comprehend it. She’d never seen hate concentrated so intensely before, not even in Tanua himself.

 Special Characteristics:

Tails- Azalea has fifteen tails ending in large ocular orbs, giving her sixteen points of view. These tails are in fact protective carapaces around specialized optic nerves, her own Hell mutation.

Her body- Azalea’s flesh is the color of coal, and wherever a blood vessel in a typical body exists, a flowing golden replica is visible on her skin. Though these flowing, volcanic-like canals are easy, glowing targets, Azalea will not bleed out even if her arteries are severed. The reason for this is because it is not blood, but golden Nefarious flowing through her veins.

Fighting style- Azalea uses a unique multi-weapon fighting style. She rarely uses less than two weapons, either carrying a blade in her left hand and right, or weilding a vast number of arrows, bolts and other ranged weaponry. She also can close her multitude of eyes and don a golden Genocide, turning her entire body into both weapon and shield.

The Power

True Dragons

Breath: Azalea's Breath attack is called Warstorm, and takes the appearance of a red fog. This attack has no element, but cannot be interacted with by wind or heat. Nothing can cause the mist to disperse other than spirit-cancelling powers. Warstorm drastically increases the combat strength of those within its range, but causes them to go berserk and fight whomever is closest to them. Only the substantially powerful can ward off this effect, but the beserking insanity is tied to the power up; you can't have one without the other.

Draconic Magic: The Draconic Magic, Genocide. This magic is suited for combat only, able to create weapons and armor nearly instantly, while also being able to maximize the combat potential of those who are enchanted by it. Whether they can survive the enhancement is irrelevant.

Draconic Focus: Azalea is completely devoted to combat, to proving martial superiority over all.

The Past

History: Cover everything. If your character has lived hundreds of years, we expect hundreds of years of history. If it is mentioned in the above sections, describe it in the history of how it came to be.

Major Events Timeline: Here will be a brief timeline of major events in your characters life. This is to make is easier to locate said events and place you in the site's own timeline. Events to consider are: birth, death, promotion, race change, unlocking your ability and second ability, or any other significant, person events in your character's life.

Roleplaying Sample: Optional. Must be used for any position of authority or high rank. It must be done for the character you are applying for.

"Death's vastness holds no peace. I come at the end of the long road. Neither human, nor devil... all bends to my will." Demi-Fiend, SMT series
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