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Post by Keiichi Moriya on Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:12 am

Name: Keiichi Moriya
English Translation: Honorable first born son, defend or protect
Species: Human
Race: Vizard
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: June 15, 1493
Appearance Age: Anywhere from 15-18. Very youthful, no facial hair.
Actual Age: 524
Organization and Rank: Former Gotei member, currently unaffiliated.

Height: 5'10. He was considered a giant back in the day and still considers himself one.
Weight: 121 lbs
Hair color: Jet black.
Eye color: Both eyes are bright red, like rubies.
General Appearance:  On first look, Keiichi seems like a vagrant. His hair is jet black and unruly, never combed or brushed no matter who urges him. It is, however, short. It only goes down to a bit below his neck. His complexion is ridiculously pale, all things considered, and it stands to contrast his hair by a great amount. The irises of his eyes are bright red, and his eyes are always narrowed to give the impression that they're scanning you. His face is rather handsome, in a boyish way, with no facial hair and a very subtle and soft jawline. Unlike average people, his canine teeth are visibly sharp. Both of his ears are pierced but he wears no earrings.

In terms of build, he's far more muscular than you'd gather from first glance. He has a moderate slouch which, combined with tight body language, leads to him looking smaller than he really is. Most of the tone is on his legs and arms, his abs and pectorals are surprisingly squishy comparatively due to a lack of exercise. His arms are rather long for his body, but not freakishly so. One might not even notice due to how "tall" he is.

His face has a lot of constant scratches on it, but nothing permanent, as he tends to get hurt in combat. The rest of his body, however, has quite a few scars on it. His arms and back, especially. The scar on his back is the wound that lead to his Soul suicide, and as such it looks rather unique. It's a long tear across the length of his back that's blackened instead of a normal fleshy color. It also has rather gross, small, craggy formations along the edges of it that can be broken off but eventually grow back no matter what.

Redeeming Qualities: Mamoru. Keiichi, while hard to rouse, is very protective of his "things". His things are really anything he's come to enjoy or care about to any particular degree. He will go out of his way, pulling out all of the stops that he normally wouldn't. Despite his initially cold demeanor and harsh face, he's very warm to people that he knows. ...in his own way. He has a level of infectious manic energy that leads him to get shit done once he gets going. He's not necessarily... cruel? He won't go out of his way to fight people weaker or younger than him.
Negative Qualities: He's unrelenting. And not in the "i'll do anything to get my loved ones back" way. In the, constant annoyance, no matter how much you hit him he won't stop being snide manner. He makes quips when it's highly inappropriate. He's uncooperative at best, and downright disobedient at worst. Strength is the most important thing in Keiichi's mind and if you don't have a sufficient amount of that then he will consider you worthless. Keiichi's sleeping pattern and eating habits can be described as "What I want, when I want." If he doesn't care about you, getting him to do something is exceptionally hard.
Likes: Kei greatly enjoys smoking, a habit that he's since picked up from being on Earth. Gardening is a very important thing to Keiichi, as well as calligraphy. It was a large part of his life when he was living, and as such, he often does them in his free time or to calm down. Keiichi also likes fighting, more than he likes most people. A good fight can have him in a great mood for days, maybe even weeks depending on its scale and the back and forth. A good fight also doesn't always mean a fight won. Losing, in actuality, is something he embraces and accepts. Keiichi also, secretly, enjoys waxing poetic from time to time. He isn't amazing at it, as he has a rather limited vocabulary. But all the same, he enjoys it.
Dislikes: Embarrassment, while simply a state of mind and one that he could easily skip if he was willing to calm his mind. However, despite this, it's an emotion that he hates feeling and it weighs more heavily on his mind than actually losing a battle. Keiichi hates being condescended to, or being made to feel little. Having people talk down to him, no matter how good they are at what they do tends to lead to Keiichi flying off the handle and saying something he REALLY didn't need to say. And he absolutely despises people that pick on children or the weak. Anyone that goes out of the way to harm these groups of people, children especially, incur his wrath.
Personal Habits: Smoking, should be obvious. Roaring during combat, or growling when angered. Putting his hand to his waist for his blade for comfort. Scratching the side of his head when he's lying. Keiichi has a lot of tells for his emotions that are rather easy to pick up. Swearing.

Short-term Goals: Gain complete control over his Mask.
Fight his way back into the Seireitei.
Decide where he's going in life.
Find fellow Vizards.
Improve handwriting.
Trim bonzai tree.
Long-term Goals: Become the Kenpachi.
Surpass the Captain Commander.
Hunt down every child murderer.
Find a good sparring partner.

General Personality: Grumpy, sardonic, aggressive. Even since youth, Keiichi has always been rather unruly and hasn't taken orders very well. He has always been rather harsh, as well, and very icy to those that don't know him personally. This only got worse after his years in the Gotei and his Soul Suicide, as he became further and further jaded towards the idea of companionship. As such, his regard for life when he's sulking is low. Not necessarily worth attacking random people over, but when given a call to action, he will typically not respond. Few things get him off his ass, when he isn't in the mood. When he's out of his funks, however, Keiichi's fire-y and his full unruly nature will show. He's willing to do things at the drop of the hat, and do them with passion. Not every choice he makes will be the smartest one, but it'll be one that he felt in his heart and one that he'll stick by.

Elegance is not something that typically describes Keiichi. ...typically, at least. He's a reckless fighter that attacks with all of his limbs, his rooms are always full of stuff, his bed is never clean or cleared, and he swears like a sailor when the opportunity arises. However, someone with an appreciative eye or that's spent enough time watching or being near him will notice that there's a pattern to everything he does. His fighting has a breathing rhythm to it. His filth is organized, as well as something described as filth can be. His calligraphy is unorthodox but beautiful in its own way. His life and actions are the culmination to 500 years of refined vagrancy.

His anger and bitterness are a shell, a very thick one, but only a shell. On the inside, he carries a lot of the traits he had during life. He's still extremely loyal to those who he feels are above him, which aren't many people. He does not show friendship or even love in the same way as most. His form of kindness and friendship is very understated and some might even mistake it for thinly veneered hatred. He becomes his warmest with children and weaker people that need protection, again, a holdover from his life. Keii will be quite kind with these groups, actually smiling and even speaking in a tone that could be considered comforting.

Respect is a large function of how Keiichi's world works. To gain his, to gain others. Gaining his can be quite simple. Be very strong, or be in command of something that he needs. For him, going out of his way to gain others can be very taxing. He acts like others should automatically respect him for not just his prowess with the blade, but for being him. The title he took in life, and the skill that he has with fighting are something he feels should proceed him, and he gets very upset when he's made fun of for his skill or his title.

Something Special: Keiichi's eyes are unnaturally sharp. He has the ability to capture most details that others of a similar skill level or higher can't. He also can see for quite a distance, and can keep up with things he probably shouldn't be able to.
Keiichi, since Soul Suicide, has had the ability to let off a rather bone-chilling roar that is in no way human.

The Power

Zanpakutō Name: Hono no Mokuteki
Zanpakutō Name English Translation: Flame of Purpose

Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: The sealed appearance of Hono no Mokuteki is a rather above average length katana that has some interesting bits to it. Aside from a light band of gilding stretching from the guard to just before the tip, the unsharpened back of the blade has five rib-like spikes of decreasing size going upwards from the guard as well. The pommel of the hilt is shaped like a coiled tail with a tiny bump at the bottom of it that seems to be a placeholder for something that would go in the coiled tail. Keiichi has tied a blue ribbon around the hilt of the blade, below the guard, that functions to keep blood from soaking his hands and causing a slippery grip. The guard is an open dragon's mouth, the teeth poking out and sharpened.
Release Phrase: Bellow, Hono no Mokuteki.

Shikai Appearance: The shikai of Mokuteki takes the form of... well... it takes, a form. It's very similar to gauntlets and leggings for armor. They are, however, very stripped down and seem to be comprised of the simplest components. The four pieces of it are separated into upper and lower armors. The upper armor, the so-called gauntlets, are quite bare-bones metal blades attached to several metal plates which are tied down to Keiichi's arm with several straps. The blades are ridiculously sharp, with two jutting out forward over his hand, and one smaller one that curves upwards and stops somewhere above his palm. There's also a fourth tiny spike on the other end of the gauntlet that juts out straight upwards. The whole piece is about forearm length, covering that whole part up to the palm.

The lower armor is far less impressive, typically taking the form of sandals that overpower whatever he was previously wearing. A sharp, raptor-like claw curves out from the heel which doesn't go past the bottoms of Keiichi's feet. There's much less metal plating on this part, essentially at small triangular piece that stops at around the heel area.
Shikai Ability: When Mokuteki releases into Shikai, Keiichi gains the ability to manipulate an odd blue energy that manifests itself as roaring flames. The flames are typically blasted from the hands or mouth, although at times of intense fury or other emotion, they seep off of the corners of his eyes. While the flames themselves aren't too dangerous, they are different from normal flames. The flames are sort of like napalm in that when they hit, they're hard to get rid of. They can still be patted out and blown away easily by wind abilities and put out by water, but they spread much quicker than normal fire and cling to clothing in particular. If one does not pat the flames out quick enough, or just remove the outfit, they will be cooked quite thoroughly with intense flames.

The flames change color depending on the emotional state, dying down to an orangey red when Keiichi's less determined and glowing bright azure blue when he's furious or extremely determined. The flames intensity also change with this, becoming less intense when saddened or downtrodden. The flames are special in another way, as they sense the emotions of the person they cling to and feed off of them. The more emotional they become, the stronger the blaze.

Bankai Name: Mokuteki no Indaina-en-o, Great Flame King of Purpose
Bankai Appearance: Keiichi's Bankai is far more impressive than his Shikai, and more closely follows the pattern of his unsealed blade. In a way. The appearance his Bankai takes is incredibly fitted, thin armor that's gilded with gold with no helmet. Anymore, at least. The chestplate and general torso are far less physically imposing than one would expect from armor. It is fitted for Kei, after all. It's actually far more lithe than one would expect, capable of bending and forming as the body moves and curves.

The blades on the arms and legs are increased drastically with the arms having one large blade on the side of the arm that runs the length of his forearm and then some. They reach about halfway up his upper arm, and are detachable as well as curveable. The hands of his armor are tipped with razor sharp claw-like formations at the ends of his fingers. Instead of a separate claw, its sorta built into the finger.

His legs are fully armored, aside from the heel area which is exposed entirely. The feet of the armor have a similar deal to the hands, with clawed tips. There's a special 6th claw on the back of his foot that seems to replace the blade that was once there. The kneecaps are slightly extended, and sharpened, allowing for cutting and stabbing attacks to be made with the protrusion that covers his knee. 

Around his waist, he wears the blue cloth that was once tied to his sword. It's now much longer, and acts as if its on fire at the end. It's almost always flowing in the wind behind him, and it can be seen as a sort of streak?

Bankai Ability: In Bankai, Keiichi gains a deviation on his Shikai's ability. While he's still able to produce the blue energy flames, he doesn't have to produce them from his body. He can, instead, form them anywhere within sight and has full and complete control over their shape, form, direction, etc. It can also be formed into semi-solid structures. This is typically used to create flame blades, or implode a ball of flames to create a quasi-explosion. Sometimes he uses them to propel himself forward while running or skidding on the ground to create the impression of gliding. This energy still maintains its previous abilities from its Shikai. As well as the fact that the flames, when thrown as projectiles, can seek heat signatures.
The Spirit

Spirit Appearance: Mokuteki takes the form of a woman that seems to be from very early era Japan, wearing elaborate robes with long black hair that reaches to the ground and then some, piling behind her. She wears an ornament in her hair, a red cord that's knotted much like a shoelace which pokes out above her ear. Her eyes are a striking color of blue that sometime shifts between dark purples and lighter blues when she emotes. They're also highlighted by a streak of red that wings out from the end of her eye. She could very easily be described as beautiful, in the way that a painting or a pristine statue is. Nearly breathtaking.

Her expression is almost always stern, and its hard to catch her making a face that doesn't involve her pursing her lips or squinting in a rather austere manner. Moku is always sitting, never standing, never walking. Her posture, however, gives her the feeling of someone wise beyond their years that has walked and seen more of the universe than any.

Spirit Personality: Before the incident, Mokuteki was much like a stern boss or an older sister. She didn't take much nonsense and wouldn't allow for him to dally or fool around. At all times she would remind Keiichi what he was doing when he was going off course or would help him regain his footing if he forgot something or was disoriented. Despite her guidance, Mokuteki was actually rather warlike and was not against Keiichi picking unnecessary fights "on occasion" in her words. Her warlike nature was a simple hint of the ridiculous amount of aggression she would hide. It wouldn't take much for Keiichi to anger her, which would lead to a surprising outburst in the middle of a rather demure conversation. And yet, she was still rather warm to him and would console him when he was upset, and ease his mind when he was worried. Her wise nature was often a large comfort for Kei.

After the incident, it's unknown if her personality changed, or if she just dropped a front. She stopped acting quiet and wise, and became far more aggressive and loud to match Kei's younger personality. Her intelligence never left or faded, but it took a second seat to her thirst for battle. She became far less grounded and had a harder time comforting him as it was harder for her to express herself. Her angry outbursts became far less common, surprisingly, leading to a more steady stream of anger rather than constant large bursts. When in Keiichi's presence, she will always challenge him to a duel before he's allowed to ask her a question. This isn't a form of malice, she's actually rather happy with their current arrangement. However, as far as she's concerned, he's far too rookie to get away with avoiding training as often as he does.

Inner World: Keiichi's world is quite small, and very... suffocating. It's a tiny Japanese room with shuttered doors and a large cabinet. In the middle of the room, there's a large table with cushions on any side of it. The doors are decorated with beautiful paintings of dragons, men fighting, blades, plants, the moon, and other assorted things that say a lot about Keiichi's mental state can be found constantly shifting. Being erased and being made, etc. The doors, when opened, lead to a large blackened field that's surrounded by a ring of blue flames. When one strays too far from the room, the ring starts to close in. Mokuteki usually sits closest to the cabinet which is full of broken weapons, old kimonos, and armors. It seems to be nearly infinite, as well. As Keiichi's mind shifts heavily in one direction, the world tends to reflect these shifts. The decorations in the room changing, the screens on the doors being torn or changing color, the state of the room becoming worse. One of the biggest indicators can be the outside world, which can only be accessed when Kei's feeling a certain way. The flames will either get stronger, or disappear. When one can exit the room, they find that it's in the middle of a near infinite field of wheat and rice with a beautiful sunset, or twinkling stars. Sometimes the stars are eyes, judging him. Sometimes the stars aren't there at all.

The Demon

Inner Hollow Name: Hono no Mokuteki
Inner Hollow Appearance: Post Soul Suicide, Mokuteki changed drastically both physically and mentally. Her pristine, almost porcelain like beauty was replaced with something much closer to a demonic visage. Her skin has become tinged with violet, leaving her skin a soft lavender color. It's also scale-y in several places, up to the neck. Her long hair was changed to a stark white that she no longer allows to hang freely along her body. It is, instead, tied up behind her head in a very elaborate looking and messy bun. The sides of her head have two large ebony horns which jut out in a shape similar to a bull's horns. Her eyes have changed as well, gaining yellow irises and slit pupils, much like a snake. There are also several tribal-like tattoos going up and down her body in black. Her limbs are far more toned now, and she looks much less frail than before. Her fingernails are sharp and as black as her horns. Most of her teeth have been replaced by sharp fangs. And she's grown a tail, which is thick at the beginning and thin at the tip much like a lizard's tail.

Keiichi Moriya Tortured_Mind_by_cheeseboy18193
Mask Appearance: Keiichi's mask is a bestial mask that very much resembles a short snouted dragon. The teeth are jagged and pointed at a diagonal angle rather than straight down like most teeth. The top of the mask and bottom are separated by a hinged jaw that can be pulled down at any time. The top half has several spikes where the mask cuts off rather than a clean, circular rim. There's also a ridge that comes from where the nose would be upwards and over the eye to the back of the mask. The eyes themselves are very thin and sharp, leaving a very small space for sight. It's very predatory. Blue stripes go along the whole of the mask with four large ones on the ridge above the eye, two four smaller ones below each eye, and four miscellaneous marks on the jaw.
Hollow Form Appearance: In full Hollow form, Keiichi's motif takes full form. His slouch turns into a full hunch and his arms elongate to a shocking proportion. His midsection becomes much thinner and longer, which gives him the appearance of an odd... gargoyle-like creature. His mask completes, with four horns. Two large horns that point backwards and straight, and two smaller ones on either cheek that hook downwards and point forwards in the direction of his face. A hole spawns in his mouth, going through the back of his mouth straight to the back of his would be brainstem. His tongue becomes long, black, and forked. His hands and fingers elongate and gain black claws, same for his feet which also gain webbing. His skin becomes pallid and clammy, with pearlescent scales all across his body that have the same feel as his mask. The bones of his spine jut out and become sharp, further adding to the gargoyle feel. Wings burst from his back which are wide and claw tipped with a leathery feel and black coloration. He also gains a long, scale-y tail with a hand at the end of it with only two fingers and a thumb that look quite similar to his actual hands. When in this form, Keiichi is either hunched over or on all fours.

The Past
Life(18 years, 1493-1511): In life, Keiichi never had a stable home. Almost immediately after his birth, his parents gave him up to a lord to repay a debt that they owed. This was during a period of great strife and before many of the great tribes of Japan were united under one rule. So the child's first name, Keiichi, was kept but his last name was changed to reflect the lord's small but proud clan of Moriya. The situation was not that of an adoption, but rather a servantship. Kei was raised from a very early age to serve and protect the greater members of the Moriya clan. It was sometime around the age of 6 when he was being trained in weaponry that it was discovered that the boy had a natural talent for fighting. He beat the actual children of the lord Moriya, their older and more experienced cousins, and almost beat the instructor that taught him. Despite his upbringing, he fought with a reckless abandon and wild fire that was indescribable. So, with no regard for his age, Keiichi was trained to be a guard for the family.

It was around the time that he came into his own with fighting that the family began to accept him. While previously, he was looked down upon by the older members and ignored by the younger members, they now finally had to pay attention to him. And now, he wasn't useless. He was doing something, and doing it well. The lord, named Madarame, had three actual children. Two boys, one named Miyamoto, and one named Kouno. And one girl, named Ane. The four of them grew up alongside each other, and after his training was finished when he was around 12, he was ordered to be their personal guard. This, often times, meant that he'd accompany them on long trips with caravans and fight off bandits and raiders. It was over the course of these travels and long periods of time where the lord was away that Kei became close with Ane who was the youngest of the siblings. Despite the fact that he was their servant, he also acted as somewhat of a mediator between the three children and invariably would favor Ane due to her small size and quiet nature. It wasn't long before Ane and Keiichi were what some considered inseparable, with her bringing him food and water while he trained and them winding up talking instead of him training. This all came to a halt after Ane was married away to another family for political reasons. His world was destroyed. But he'd not dare bring it up to the Lord, or pursue her. It simply would not work. Fortunately, or unfortunately for him, Keiichi didn't have much longer to be upset about it. Only a few months after Ane was married off, the Moriya family home was attacked. And despite his best attempts to protect his home, there were too many people for him to handle on his own. He was able to protect himself, but his Lord and the Lord's family were slaughtered one by one. A few managed to escape, but none of the people that could succeed the head of the family. And as such, Keiichi was without a home or a clan. A ronin. 

He roamed the lands, living like a vagabond off of what little he could scrounge and the money he'd be able to make performing assassinations. He became somewhat of a local legend, taking on the name of the "Unfinished Dragon", given to him due to his sloppy yet effective fighting style. It wasn't long before his pure will for survival wasn't enough. Without a purpose for living, and no way to advance in society, Keiichi finally decided to stop "disgracing his name and the world around him with his existence." Finding his way into the forest, guided by a fellow ronin he'd managed to meet over his time working in the underground. He and his partner set up in a small hut within a forested area, which Keiichi set on fire. He then performed a ritualistic suicide, the partner that was with him cutting off his head after the ceremonial incision was made. Keiichi died and his body burnt to ash in the quiet forest, alone.

Plus(1 year, 1511-1512): As a plus, Keiichi's time was spent resenting. Resenting his parents for abandoning him. Resenting his lord and his family for not knowing how to protect themselves, and leaving their servants to their own devices after their deaths. Ane, for letting herself be married off. Her brothers, for not stopping it. Himself, for never saying anything to anyone. It's sort of a miracle he spent as much time as a Plus as he did, the amount of pure hatred he felt for himself and that which was around him was almost palpable. Deep in the lonely forest, no one to notice him. Nothing but nature and his own thoughts. And he hated his own thoughts.

Imori(108 years, 1512-1620): The hatred in Keiichi's heart didn't take long to corrupt the rest of his body, and he became a Hollow. With no Shinigami around, there was nothing to stop him from exacting his revenge on the world he grew bitter towards. As a Hollow, Keiichi took the form of a bipedal lizard-like creature with plate-like armor. As the years went by, and Nobunaga Oda was making leaps and strides across Japan to unite the great tribes, the forest that he inhabited became a well traveled path and many different camps and settlements formed around it. Keiichi's reign as a Hollow created the myth of one of the less popular Japanese demons, or youkai. The Imori. The soul of a dead warrior, turned into a lizard that attacks passersby. And that he did. With no way to combat his supernatural abilities, and nothing but the recounting of attacks from the few who could be considered spiritually aware back then, Keiichi became famous again in the afterlife. This time as a vengeful spirit who would rob anyone who dared step near him of life. It took over 100 years, 40 of which spent attacking passersby innocent or not, for a Shinigami to take notice. He was a tough fight, he had years to prepare and gather strength, but Keiichi was purified and his soul was sent off to the Soul Society.

After-Life, Part 1(200 years, 1620-1820): The Rukongai was like a second chance for Keiichi. Instead of having to serve anyone, or pining after someone with whom things would never work out, Keiichi would spend all of his time fighting. He would improve his technique, he would make people recognize what he could do. And so, Keiichi wandered his district of the Rukon for many decades. Improving his hand to hand, but eventually reaching a plateau. Never finding peace where he was, Keiichi felt that something was missing. It was around then that he was introduced to the idea of life beyond the Rukon's walls. He was introduced, by some man that he met randomly whilst strolling through the Rukon, to the idea of becoming a Shinigami. Despite initially not trusting the man, after all he was surprisingly well dressed for the area, Keiichi went through with trying to become a Shinigami. He went for the Academy and tried the entrance exam. He, surprisingly, passed. After 2 tries, of course.

Thus begun Keiichi's long, long time spent in the academy. The amount of time Keiichi spent in the academy was unfounded. Whether it was sheer stupidity or laziness, that was unknown. But he wasn't exactly a pushover as far as strength and training went. Aside from whatever skills he had naturally, which he'd say he had quite a bit of, he showed quite a good bit of aptitude with lessons. Keiichi's problem was social. He couldn't work with others, or rather, he wouldn't. Kei was an awful team player, and didn't have a lot of the sympathy he did in his life. People that were weaker or slower than him, he tended to leave behind or scorn. Despite him achieving Shikai relatively quickly for a brat such as himself, every advancement in skill only made him bitter towards the idea of teamwork. After a few... specific lessons and getting humbled several times older, Keiichi learned to at the very least, hide his disdain and think about the needs of the many.

After his graduation from the Academy, Keiichi went to the Squad that made the most sense for him. 4.

After-Life, Part 2(111 years, 1820-1931): Keiichi's years spent in the 4th were some of the worst years of his life, if you asked him. Constant bureaucracy, no fights, so much reliance on others. He served his time and did his duty because if he didn't then people would be minus a valuable service. But his eyes and heart were set on the 11th Squad. And eventually, he made it. The transfer process was long and involved more paperwork than he'd have liked, but it was well worth it in the end. The time Keiichi spent in the 11th he considered some of the best of his life. He had an undying support for the squad and what they stood for, which lead to him climbing the ranks all the way up to seat 11. He achieved a shaky Bankai during his earlier years serving, and around the time that he split off he had mastered what he had. And he did, absolutely, split off. Not necessarily... willingly, though. He was out on a mission that he'd been scouting for a while, not well at that. He went into the fight knowing almost nothing about the Hollow, completely underestimating it. When he left the fight, it was barely with his life. The Hollow roughed him up a good bit, but unbeknownst to him, it had also infiltrated him. The attack that nearly finished him off was laced with the Hollow's energy.

Major Events Timeline: Here will be a brief timeline of major events in your characters life. This is to make is easier to locate said events and place you in the site's own timeline. Events to consider are: birth, death, promotion, race change, unlocking your ability and second ability, or any other significant, person events in your character's life.

Roleplaying Sample: Optional. Must be used for any position of authority or high rank. It must be done for the character you are applying for.
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