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Ao Tsyuyosa, Lieutenant of squad 4.

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Ao Tsyuyosa, Lieutenant of squad 4. Empty Ao Tsyuyosa, Lieutenant of squad 4.

Post by Ao Tsyuyosa on Sun Dec 25, 2016 11:34 am

Name: Ao "Blue" Tsyuyosa

Ao Tsyuyosa, Lieutenant of squad 4. MBcX1N3

English Translation: Ao simply means Blue, thus the nickname Blue.

Species: Giant.

Race: Shinigami

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: July, 11th, 3100 BC.

Appearance Age: 15 years old.

Actual Age: 5000-5200 years old.

Organization and Rank: Gotei 13, Squad 4 Lieutenant.

Height: Five stories high.

Weight: 15'000 lbs.

Hair color: Dark navy blue.

Eye color: Sandy yellow.

General Appearance

Hair: Ao's hair is actually quite different, her hair is pure navy blue and shaped like a mane, each hair is shaped in such an angle to make it seem like a mane. It takes a total of 30 minutes to actually shape her hair the appropriate way, she even makes the cat ears from her hair, pulling everything together to make quite the beautiful hair style. She then
sprinkles gems into her hair and gold dust, keeping those precious items held there with the gel used to hold up her hair. It is rare to see her without her hair sparkling and shining from all the stuff put into it, it was just a tradition she kept through the ages that never really stopped because it just felt too nice to have a little tradition.

Face: Ao's face is a wonderful part of her, it is pudgy and soft like a child's but has wisdom buried deep into it, her eyes are the most beautiful sandy yellow in color and her eyebrows are always perfectly trimmed, she always has a satisfied expression on her face and the most perfect pearly white teeth. She doesn't have a single blemish on her face and if she didn't look like a 12 year old she would probably have hundreds of guys knocking down her door for her, even ignoring her size.

Body: Ao is absolutely massive, this fact cannot be ignored about her, her size is equal to a 5 story building and her weight is more than that of an elephant's, if she fell on someone she could probably crush them like a bug under a combat boot. Now if you ignore her size you can see a twelve year old girl, though she is much older than this her body is that of a twelve year old girls....if twelve year old girls had massive tits, now they're not a big as an actual womans...they are still quite big, though there are plenty of giants who have bigger and better tits. As for her skin it is just like her body, there are no blemishes, no scars, or anything! For someone who has been alive for 5000 years you'd expect there to be at least one wound or very bad scar or something, especially someone who actually joins in fights and hunts hollows. Her skin is a very light ebony color and shimmers in the sun, it is also easy to notice that all over her skin is gold dust, yes, gold dust that is on her skin and gives it that extra shine.

Clothing: Ao's clothing follows the same rules as herself, it must be extravagant and look good! With this being said, she never wears the same clothes like most people, she prefers hundreds upon thousands of different outfits, both very modern and very traditional garb. While this may be the case, the clothes she is mostly seen in when lounging about is a very loose fitting robe, like a bathrobe, except with a multitude of beautiful designs upon it, mostly resembling symbols of ancient Egypt, this Egypt theme is not just saved for her robe but almost every outfit she wears, even the modern clothes she wears resemble ancient Egyptian culture. She never wears the academy uniform unless forced because she feels it doesn't suit her and is a bit too uncomfortable for her taste.

Accessories: Following the same code as the above items, her accessories are normally always extravagant and always Egyptian themed, from scarab earrings to symbols of Isis on her dresses. The designs differ but the main theme is Egyptian and sparkly, sometimes though she will settle for no accesories, those these moments are rare.

The Psyche

Redeeming Qualities:

✔️Authoritative✔️ This may not seem like a good attribute to some people for the fact that people who authoritative are normally extremely bossy as well, but sometimes people need an authoritative person in their life and Ao is the perfect candidate, she knows when to show people when she is the one in charge and she easily will take charge if she finds the situation appropriate for it. She knows when to speak up and will not hesitate to point someone out when they are being a dumbass. Even when the person is above her in rank, she will not hesitate to tell that person what she thinks and make sure they stay in line.

✔️Gentle✔️ Ao Tsyuyosa is known for a few things and her gentle attitude and nature is one of those things that she is known for, she shows this attitude to many people, it's good to have someone who is strong and authoritative to also be gentle with their authority, not scream or yell or be violent, but a gentle tug or pat on the shoulder to tell you "Dearest, you fucked up."

✔️Happy✔️ Something that seems to be rare in the soul society is happiness, but this giantess has plenty of it, she is pretty happy with her life and how it has been, there has been plenty of tragedies and problems in her life, but she has to admit that she has it good compared to some of the people out there in the world. So she doesn't complain, she smiles throughout the days and makes sure people see that she is happy.

✔️Intelligent✔️ Ao is anything but dumb, she has 5000 years of experience and has seen a large amount of things in her life, she has wisdom to share and a brain to go along with it. She knows how things go and how things go wrong, she has seen civilizations fallen and risen, she knows the flaws of the world and knows in which way she could fix them. She is the person you go to if you want to know about the past or if you have any problems that you need to speak about with her.

✔️Careful✔️ Ao is extremely careful with what she says, she knows that the people of the world are extremely sensitive with words and as such she does her best to pick out the appropriate words to say to someone so she doesn't end up with someone hating her.

Negative Qualities:

❌Narcissistic❌Ao's main flaw and the flaw seen often with her is the fact that she is the literal definition of narcissistic, I'm tempted just to post the definition of narcissistic on here to explain. Anyways Ao was treated and spoiled like a princess so she acts like one and think's she is one. No one is above her in beauty and greatness so she makes sure people knows this, now as for ranking, she understands that and respects those higher up, but she still is better looking than all of them.

❌Lazy❌ Ao has always and will always be and extremely lazy woman, it's not that she doesn't try not to be lazy...it's just she doesn't want to try. Ao prefers laying around and not bothering with anything, sometimes even doing whatever she can to skip her duties as Lieutenant, she can't help it! She's just so lazy!

❌Clumsy❌ Ao is an extremely clumsy girl, whenever she does decide to get off her big ass she normally is stumbling around or messing up with very simple tasks. Sometimes it's even hard to tell if it's an accident or not, it's safe to assume that someone who can't handle the giants weight would probably be crushed by accident because her lack of bodily control and thought. Now the clumsiness isn't often but she is more clumsy than the normal person so just being around her is quite dangerous if you can't dodge or manage to lift her weight.

❌Judgmental❌ Ao is fairly judgmental of people, why wouldn't she be? She is the greatest after all and other people should know what their flaws are and what problems they have. Now this is more towards people themselves and their attitudes, she hardly ever judges people on how they run businesses unless she see's a very very obvious flaw in the way they are running things. Now Ao knows when she shouldn't be that judgmental towards people, though these occasions are very rare she understands that some people don't like being told what's wrong with them.

❌Quick to anger❌ While she tries her best to remain posh and good for the public eye, she can't help but get easily angered if someone doesn't know their place and tries their best to piss her off. She won't hesitate to stomp or punch someone into the ground if they are persistently annoying. Even those who aren't trying to anger her will get a face full of fist if they do something that is even slightly irritating to her too often.


✔️Gold✔️ One of her favorite things in life is gold, the color and the actual item itself really appeals to her. She loves how loud of a simple object it is, showing off the power and wealth of someone so easily.  It is very rare not to see her wearing at least one bit of gold on her, it’s always somewhere on her to symbolize her wealth.

✔️Egyptian Culture✔️ The egyptians culture was absolutely beautiful, just the fact that they built massive tombs for their rulers and had such extravagant objects and pictures in these tombs. Their clothing style was also amazing, she loved how flashy and showy it was for the rulers, the rulers knew they were powerful and showed it without hesitation. Ao takes most of what she see’s from egyptian culture and puts it into her life, though she will admit some of their styles were kind of gross, so she steps away from the more...weird outfits.

✔️Luxury✔️ Ao loves being pampered, for most of her life she has been pampered so she is just used to a life of luxury and having everything she could ever need or want in her life. There is no reason that she should not live in a life of luxury, so she lives her life like she like to live.

✔️Romance novels✔️ One of Ao’s more guilty pleasures, she absolutely loves romance novels, while she herself doesn’t have much of a sexual drive, she does live looking into the lives of people in love and dreaming that maybe one day she would be able to know the feeling of being in love with someone.

✔️Helping the family✔️ Something that few people know about Ao is the fact that she love helping the family whenever she can, she always will take up the offer of either doing some heavy lifting or just supporting in a event, it gives her a small amount of happiness to know she is being useful.

✔️Correcting Mistakes (Mostly Sabiruchi's)✔️ It always gives her a certain pleasure to correct the mistakes of others whenever she see’s them, even when she has her own mistakes she finds it fun to correct others instead of her own. Especially Sabre cause she always seems to have the best reactions to her pointing out mistakes and correcting her.

✔️Sabiruchi Tsyuyosa and the Tsyuyosa family✔️ While she holds a dear love towards her sister Sabiruchi, the entire family get’s the same amount of love. She couldn’t be prouder to be a Tsuyosa, though there are times she does wish she wasn’t, in the end she’s glad and loves her family.


❌Being flirted with❌ It’s not really that she dislikes this, she just get’s really confused by this action, she has seen it in romance novels but she never really understands the true meaning behind it and doesn’t know how to react which pisses her off.

❌Drunks❌ She doesn’t understand why people do this to themselves, drinking may be a good way to ease yourself but in the end you look like a dumb ass and wake up the morning after with a hangover. That’s never good, in fact just the act of it disgusts her, though she does understand the class and fine taste of wine, but drinking period is kinda iffy with her and drunks are a big ew.

❌Violence❌ This is kind of one of those “Wow, this is pointless.” kind of things in her eyes, now i'm not talking about self defense and fighting for rights, but pointless violence for fun really disgusts her and she never partakes in events like this. It’s brutish and pointless and leaves people open for getting their ass’s kicked.

❌Being treated like she is 12❌ This is what get’s on Ao’s nerves the most, just the fact that people don’t see her as an elder sets her off, but what really gets her is the fact that people sometimes even treat her like she is a twelves year old even though she is much taller and smarter than most twelve year olds, let alone most 31 years olds and 60 year olds and 1000 year olds.

❌Small buildings and jokes related to her height❌ Both of these should be very obvious, small buildings mean she can’t really enter them without shifting her size around a bit, which in itself is a huge waste of energy and feels quite uncomfortable. The jokes though are what really get to her “How’s the weather up there?” is one of the many things that can set her off and cause her to accidentally step on them.

❌Hatred towards the noble families❌ She understands that most of the noble families are kind of corrupt and don’t have good systems, hell a large sum of them are fulled of incompetent assholes, but she doesn’t like it when people show obvious distaste to most of the families, it’s disrespectful to them and does not make much sense in her eyes. Each family worked hard to get where they are now, they don’t deserve people being assholes because they can’t get where these families are.

❌Sabiruchi❌Sabiruchi is a bitch, she is an asshole, she doesn’t realize that she will just destroy the family with the route she’s going down by focusing more on the future and less on the present. She is ignoring the needs and emotions of the family and Ao see’s this, she loves her sister to death and would do anything for her but she also hates her sister for being so ignorant and such an ass. She thinks what she is doing is so good, but she hasn’t even chosen a successor and is running the family more like a dictator and less like a leader in her eyes.

Personal Habits:

Lazy fighting: Ao is quite lazy when it comes to fighting, her attitude is very laid back and sometimes she doesn’t even move when fighting, honestly she doesn’t even have to, her shikai normally does all the work for her and she just has to control the sands and make sure everything goes according to plan. She even once fell asleep during a fight and still won it, she simply doesn’t care for fighting that much and finds it brutish and unnecessary.

Uncaring Attitude: Ao is old, she is very very old and during her years her attitude changed from someone so into changing and helping to that of someone who just wants the world to leave her alone so she can live a peaceful life without anyone bothering her or trying to get her to do something she doesn’t wish to do.

Sitting on people: This is actually a habit Ao is ashamed of, she doesn’t mean to do this but sometimes she will sit down without even noticing someone is under her and will often keep people trapped under her rear for a long time, sometimes even getting them stuck to a cheek for a while before she realizes what happened, luckily her butt rarely crushes these people, but it still happens and is quite annoying, because normally she apologizes a large amount and then offers said person anything they want.


Short-term Goals:

Knock some sense into Sabre: Sabre is ignorant, she may be the leader of the family, but she is too ignorant for her own good and will kill the family before it kills itself, so her first goal is to get Sabre to realize her flaws and stop being so stubborn.

Find someone that actually makes her feel love or lusting: This is a more personal goal, she knows about the unlucky fact of them being unable to have a sex drive and reproduce if they manage to find it. But she wants to at least try, she wants to see if there is anyone in the soul society that can actually make her heart race.

Long-term Goals:

Fix the Tsyuyosa family:  Honestly, no matter how much anyone thinks or says that the family is stable again, it is not and Ao knows this and since Sabre is not trying to find a permanent solution to fix the family, Ao has taken it into her own hands to meet with every family member and discuss their feelings and what they want, then once satisfied she’s going to make a plan to satisfy their emotions and keep the family strong at the same time.

Reconnect the severed connections between the Tsyuyosa and Baozhai family:  Gasp, shocker, I thought everyone in the Tsyuyosa hated the Baozhai family and there was a rivalry between the two. Ao will tell you other wise, she has nothing against the Baozhai family and remembers the times when the Tsyuyosa and Baozhai families were close and their bond was strong. Ao wants to rebuild this bond that the two families once had and she is the perfect one to do it, being both a Tsyuyosa and a Baozhai.

Get Sabre to join squad 4: While her sister can be obnoxious she still loves her and as such she wants to help her succeed in her dream of becoming a part of squad 4, she knows her sister wants to, so she has decided she needs to push her closer to the goal.

General Personality:
As the stats above show, Ao is a very wise and kind when she wishes to be but most of the time what people see is the narcissistic, bitchy, judgy giant before you. She loves to help people when they ask for it, but will be very lazy when doing the job and it doesn’t help that she thinks most people's tasks are beyond her. She thinks of herself as a princess and is one, but that does not mean she isn’t human, she has feelings, she can get hurt, she can get sad and it happens often. She cares for her entire family and will do everything in her power to keep them safe, but she will not accept ignorance from them.

Something Special:

Healing Saliva: Yup, you read that right, a fact that few but the Captain Commander, Sabre and her Captain know is that Ao’s saliva actually has healing properties, the reason why is quite a mystery to everyone that knows. She cannot for the life of her use healing Kido, she has studied for years and cannot manage to use it, so it’s just assumed that her healing saliva cancels out all attempts for her to use healing Kido. This alone is the reason why she managed to climb so well up the ranks of squad four, she’d apply her healing saliva to the wounds of those who needed it and it would heal up quicker than what most healing Kido can manage.

Metal skin: Due to her giant gene, Ao’s skin is extremely hard to penetrate, she can take hits that most people would crumble from and endure through many hardships. Simply strikes against her body are deflected off quite easily, which is good for her dodging skill is not as good as it could be.

Regenerative properties: It is considered that Ao’s bodily fluids are actually all have healing properties, this was first given light to when Ao had her first major wound inflicted on her, instead of having to quickly get taken to the barracks of squad four, the blood pouring out of the wound began to glow and shimmer like sunlight on water and then after 10 minutes the wound was fully restored.

The Power

Zanpakutō Name: Khepri

Zanpakutō Name Translation: Khepri sand caller.

Sealed Zanpakutō: Her sealed Zanpakuto takes the form of a massive tanto that rests in her clothes most of the time, hardly is it used unless the opponent she faces is considered weak to her or she is trying to hold back in a sparr.

Release Phrase:  “Come forth Khepri, devour them!” “Rise Kherpi, it’s time to blot out the sun with our storm.”

Shikai Appearance: The shikai takes the appearence of a massive sandstorm that suddenly out of the blue starts to kick up, the storm seems to be made of pure gold sand, as if thousands of bars of gold had been shredded and turned into sand like bits. The storm centers around Ao and will not go any further than a radius of a mile. The storm cloud that starts to form when the sand storm begins to form tends to blot out the sun, pulling the world into darkness, only hints of the light poking through the clouds, reflecting off the golden sand and making the world shine like the sun itself, giving off the feeling of the sun being underneath the people who stand on the sand.

Shikai Ability: First off, the sandstorm is infinite, it will never stop, it may be blown away or contained, but more sand will just continue to appear, the sand will also slowly start to build up on the ground, turning anything in a 1 mile radius into a desert of sorts. Any sand created by her shikai can be controlled by Ao with ease, being used to form anything she pleases and to do a array of different techniques with the sand. Anyone inside the sandstorm will find that they feel significantly weaker and can’t use as much of their energy that they normally would be able to use. Kido moves are weakened to that of beginners, cero’s will become as weak as a new hollow's cero and even the movements of a master in movement will find that they are slower, as if they were caught in time. In other terms the ranks of their abilities are lowered by one when inside of the sandstorm.

Once the entire ground is covered in the sand (3 Posts) Ao get's complete control of her form, she now becomes one with the sand and can vanish into the sand, she can shrink her form, enlarge it even more and extend her limbs. Slashing and piercing attacks do no damage to her but any sort of blunt attack tends to cam more harm to her in this form. She can take people inside of her while in this form, lowering their stats by two stages instead of one and crushing them at the same time.

Bankai Name:
Khepri min alshams.

Bankai Appearance: Ao’s bankai takes the form of a massive swirling storm of sand in the sky, the sand reaches on for miles, blotting out the entire sky and turning the world into one of pure darkness, the ground around Ao for a 5 mile radius shifts into sand, all buildings, objects and people will find themselves sinking into the sand, nothing being safe from the sand. The sand on the ground is constantly moving like an ocean, waves of sand crashing against rocks and people, swallowing anything around it without a second thought. Then suddenly anything that sinks into the sand finds itself in a different world, pryamids on the horizon, searing heat radiating down upon them, massive sand dunes surround the land scape, it is a barren waste land other than the massive pryamids.
The outside of the sandstorm looks like a giant sand dome, thick and constantly moving.

Bankai Ability: Ao's bankai is what she calls, The Great Empire, it is uncertain what it truly does to most people of the world, some say it's just a massive sea of sand with the same properties as her shikai but much worse. Other people say that it gives her more reign over her sands and increases her power ten fold. Both of those have some truth but are otherwise completely wrong, the true power of Ao's Bankai is her ability to pull people into her inner world who find themselves trapped in her sand storm. Once they sink into her sands they will find themselves in an entirely different world, once inside this world they are trapped until Ao either stops her bankai, it is destroyed, they are killed or Ao is killed. This is just the first stage, while inside of the bankai Ao summons forth an army of those who have fallen either allies or enemies, their memories are all collected into this Bankai, forever living. The creatures of the bankai consist of hollows, quincy, shinigami, togabito, and even fullbringers. All these creatures collect in this Bankai over the years to serve under Ao, working as allies. Some noteable figures she has inside of her are Espada No' 1, The sternritter The Constellation and her Father,Shinsetsuna, the former head of the Tsyuyosa. Amongst these powerful figures also exists massive forces of warriors. The power of her bankai is that these people cannot be killed, they are immune to being totally destroyed, always regenerating from the surrounding sands, there spirits forever live on in this world under her control.

While in this world Ao resides in one of the many pyramids, she does not reveal herself for she does not have to, her voice echoing throughout the sands like that of a deity speaking to it's people. She can control the sands with much greater force here, not needing to actually be amongst the sand to send out her powers to demolish those who challenge her.  

The Spirit

Ao Tsyuyosa, Lieutenant of squad 4. HcsFpRq

Spirit Appearance:  Ao’s spirit takes the form of a beautiful lavender haired, light ebony skinned girl that looks about 20 years old. She wears beautifully designed golden clothing armor that only covers up certain parts of her body and takes the design of a scarab beetle’s shell, upon her head rests a crown with a glowing orb in between it’s pincers.  Underneath her boobs she has a tattoo that is the shape of a scarab and on her back she has a tattoo of an eclipsed sun with what looks to be a sandstorm around it.

Spirit Personality:

Flirty: Khepri is an extremely flirty woman, she likes to tease Ao around and always takes time to toy with her feelings and make her feel, weird. Khepri is the only person known to actually make Ao’s heart flutter with her actions. Khepri knows this and doesn’t hesitate to toy around with her dear “Blue.”

Erotic:  Khepri is the opposite of Ao in this aspect, she is an….extremely erotic creature, she likes to make a multitude of sex jokes. She will touch Ao in places she shouldn’t be touched and will grope and squeeze her whenever she pleases. She knows Ao doesn’t really care, so she just enjoys herself and doesn’t hesitate.

Rough: Khepri likes to be rough whenever she can be, pushing around Ao and occasionally grappling her and squeezing her roughly. Ao is never safe when in her spirit world due to the fact that this woman enjoy fucking around with her and occasionally throwing a few punches at Ao. But, she never gets too violent….but she is fairly violent and loving towards Ao.

Malicious: Khepri is a spirit of evil, while she is sweet too So her feelings towards others are obvious, she does not care about anyone other than herself and Ao, she in fact enjoys the suffering of other people and loves it when both enemies and allies get shredded up in the storm that is her Shikai and Bankai. Khepri will sometimes whisper crude ideas to Ao and try and get  her to do things that….aren’t really the most nice things. Ao keeps this a secret, no one and I mean no one knows of how malicious her spirit is, no one knows the ideas the spirit tries to flood into her head and no one knows the influence that it is slowly pushing into her head and twisting her thoughts.

Inner World:

Ao Tsyuyosa, Lieutenant of squad 4. 20160403151620143139

Ao’s spirit world is comprised of two very large pyramids in the middle of a mass dessert that is surrounded by a massive sandstorm that never gives up, the pyramids being the eye of the storm, the pyramids are both hollow and consist of a multitude of corridors and passages that make it almost impossible to find the room in which Khepri resides, but Ao always manages to find her because of the connection she shares with the woman.

The inside of the pyramid never stays the same, save for the markings and beautiful artwork strewn throughout both of the pyramids.

The Past

History: Cover everything. If your character has lived hundreds of years, we expect hundreds of years of history. If it is mentioned in the above sections, describe it in the history of how it came to be.

Major Events Timeline:
Years 0-100: Ao is born into the Tsyuyosa, before the rivalry between the Baozhai and the Tsyuyosa. She is shown to have great promise as a Shinigami and thus her training begins at a young age.
Years 101-200: Ao's promise is great, she shows that for her young age she was extremely intelligent, she enters the academy and starts training harder.
Years 201-301: Ao grows a major interest in Egyptian culture and also grows in general, an arrangement is made to get a pryamid put on the manshion grounds for her to stay.
Years 401-500: Ao graduates from the academy and enters into the gotei, joining the 5th gotei, around this time she also gains an interest in healing arts.

Role Playing Sample: Optional. Must be used for any position of authority or high rank. It must be done for the character you
Ao Tsyuyosa
Ao Tsyuyosa

Species : Giant
Race : Shinigami
Location : Soul Society
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