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Asuma Nakahara(WIP) Empty Asuma Nakahara(WIP)

Post by Asuma Nakahara on Fri Jun 03, 2016 4:09 pm


Name: Asuma Nakahara
Date of Birth: June 20
Year of Birth: 1466

Age: 550
Age of Appearance: He appears to be in his early twenties
Gender: Male
Organization & Rank: Gotei 13. Captain of the Third Division. Was the lieutenant up until the former captain's death. Before Third Division, he was an unseated Shinigami of Second Division.

Asuma appears to be a man of a slight build, though some may say that he is on the leaner side. He stands at a meager five foot eleven, just above the average height for an American man. he also isn't the heaviest person in the world, weighing in at 168 pounds, which is partly the reason for a certain one of his statistics being as high as it is. He has the skin tone of a Caucasian male, and his hair is bleached in nature, with the bottom(leading to the head) being black, and the top getting progressively whiter.

Several tattoos cover both of Asuma's arms, they were made when he was still living in the Rukongai.

His Shihakusho is rather standard in nature: Fully-sleeved, and tied together with a scarlet obi sash, basically nothing special. Asuma did have his Captain's haori custom designed though: It resembles a sleeveless puffer jacket that covers all the way down to his ankles. The haori features a white hood that Asuma leaves slung over the back. He got the idea from seeing someone in the human world wearing a puffer jacket. Asuma's Zanpakutou is kept on the classic samurai's position, tied to his waist.

When he isn't on duty, Asuma can commonly be seen in a navy-blue yukata with several flower patterns all over it. He also wears sandals that are consistent with the Rukongai's time period.

Positive Traits
The Protector: As much as Asuma can say that he is only a Shinigami for the payout, he can't deny that somewhere inside him exists that drive to protect others. He detests seeing those who cannot fend for themselves being attacked, and will, most of the time, do everything he can to keep such people safe.

The Calm Before the Storm: About half of the time he battles, Asuma can keep his head cool enough to make calculated blows. He isn't the kind of person who'll run into a fight head-first, only to have his ass royally kicked.

The Analyst: Being in Second Division does things to you, man. Asuma will literally avoid fighting someone head-on unless he can actually get a grasp on the situation. He isn't like some other people who'll just go in and expect to win. He tries to get his information before the start of a battle, but will do his calculations while in the middle of one.

The Kind: Asuma has a soft spot for kids. He doesn't know why, but he just does. It's very contradictory to his statement that he won't have any. Needless to say, he likes helping children. It's not really something that he can explain, except that he feels the need to do it.

The Youthful and Lively: Asuma's pretty young, or at least that's what he is, though his age may beg to differ. He isn't someone who really has the rod of duty shoved where the sun doesn't shine, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he's a "hooligan" or something like that: It just means that when speaking, he'll use a more relaxed tone of voice, most of the time.

Negative Traits
X The Cunning: When you live in the Rukongai for as long as Asuma has, you learn that the only way you can get things is by taking them, irregardless of how they are taken. Asuma has shown that he can get what he wants by lies and deceit, but that's best preserved for times when he really needs something that is being kept away from him.

X The Self-Indulgent: Asuma has the tendency to do things that benefit him and only him. As a matter of fact, that's the whole reason he became a Soul Reaper. He sees the whole thing as some job that he does to get money at the end of the month. At times, he couldn't care less about the well-being of others as long as he is unaffected.

X The Insensitive: Asuma can and will speak his mind. He believes the Soul Society is a free country: He just tends to abuse his free speech from time to time. This can range from subtly pointing out one's shortcomings to blatantly insulting one in front of people. He also tends to believe that the easy way is the right way, even if it is morally wrong.

X The Lazy: There comes a time where Asuma couldn't be bothered to do what he has to. There can be paperwork piling up on his desk for days, and he won't do a damn thing about it except for passing it over to his subordinates, Sometimes, it takes him a jolt of reality to realize what he has to do.

X The Unstable: Asuma has a series of things that set him off like a stick of dynamite, from nails on a chalkboard to people not listening to him when he speaks. When he does blow, he goes into an angry tirade which isn't necessarily the best thing to mix with a Captain-class Shinigami.

Geisha girls
Sweet foods
Warmer clothes
Women in the street
Flower-patterned kimonos(Though he would never wear one)
The Kido Arts
Martial arts, particularly Shaolin Kung Fu and Jeet Kune Do

X Spicy foods(Especially peppers)
X Women who play hard to get
X (World of the Living) Any and all drugs
X Hollows(More of a sense of disdain)
X Those who harm for no good reason
X Insects
X Visored(Moreso distrust)
X The cold
X Being underestimated or treated as a pushover
X Nobles(Slightly)

/ Asuma tends to fidget with his mouth a bit, usually trying to get something out of his teeth. He'll usually make no effort to hide this.

/ He desires to just get paid at the end of the month so he can do whatever he needs to.
/ Asuma's one true goal asides from getting paid is to become a person who people fear or respect; Somebody who isn't treated as second-rate, or insignificant.

Miscellaneous Traits
?? Asuma is double-jointed, meaning he can stretch his joints further than usual


Zanpakutō Name: Nikukage(肉影)
Zanpakutō Translation: Flesh Shadow

Sealed Zanpakutō: Nikukage takes the form of an ordinary katana, about 3.5 feet long. It has a lotus-shaped silver tsuba and scarlet handle.
Release Phrase: "Fester and Fall."

Shikai Appearance: When released, Nikukage takes the form of a jagged sword, whose blade is lined with backwards-pointing spikes which are colored scarlet. The sword's hilt is connected with chain.

Shikai Ability: The blade of Nikukage is covered in a venom that is strikingly similar to chlorotoxin. The only way to administer the venom is by cutting. If infected, the victim's movements will begin to slow down, until they reach a point where they cannot move. This venom works in the sense that the chlorotoxin is a protein chain that is shaped perfectly to block chloride channels and prevent chloride irons from entering muscle cells. Without the chloride ions sending signals telling muscles to relax, they all flex at once, and paralysis sets in.

only use if applying for Lieutenant rank or higher.
Bankai Name: Nikukage Metsujin: Zen'nō Akui(肉影滅神全能悪意, Flesh Shadow God Killer: Almighty Malice)
Bankai Appearance: While pointing the blade of Nikukage down, Asuma activates his Bankai, causing a steady but large amount of Reiatsu to emanate from his body as his arms become clawed and with scales, resembling that of a dragon. The corrosive power of Asuma's Bankai will melt the Shihakusho sleeves.
Asuma Nakahara(WIP) Latest?cb=20111010210729
The "flat" of Nikukage's blade will become the cutting side of the sword, so that the spikes will be used to cut.
Bankai Ability: The user emits an aura of "malice" which covers their body; In reality, this aura is just the vastly different poison of this Bankai. The poisonous aura can extend out from Asuma's person, making a second set of arms in a way, or even constructs. The poison that this aura is made out of is vastly different than the poison created from Nikukage's Shikai. Its composition, instead of paralyzing the target over a set amount of time, simply causes necrosis upon contact. It does this by breaking the covalent bonds between atoms, causing whatever it touches to literally fall apart at the molecular level. In tissue, this appears to be a blackening of the tissue affected. Eventually, whatever is touched by the poison will disintegrate into nothingness, unless the user of this Bankai is killed or incapacitated in a way that causes the Zanpakutou to revert back to sealed form.


Spirit Appearance: Nikukage has two forms that it appears to Asuma in. These forms tend to represent the mood it is in with its wielder.

1. The Dragon: Most of the time, Nikukage will appear in the form of a large dragon. While in this form, the dragon is scarlet in hue and stands at a rather large fifty feet in height. It weighs about one ton, most of the weight being occupied by its huge body. Its wings are shredded and unkempt, as though it had been through many battles. Behind him is a rather large tail that, contrary to belief, it can sway around rather easily.

2. The Slayer: On rare occasions, the Zanpakutou will appear to Asuma in the form of a human. The humanoid in this form is very similar to Asuma himself in terms of body shape: It is on the skinnier side, standing at an even 6'. Nikukage has a tanned color in this form, and sports scarlet hair. One of its most distinguishing features is that one of its eyes are closed, with a slash mark going through it.
Spirit Personality: While in its dragon form, Nikukage is rather malevolent, and very rude. Its personality represents the former held by Asuma himself when he was still of the living. It talks in a deepened voice, as though it were something that came straight out of a horror movie. As one can imagine, it is a difficult Zanpakutou, and Asuma did have trouble releasing it for a time, until he was able to achieve Bankai. It was at that point where he literally tamed the dragon, now being able to force his release out of sheer force of his will. When in the human form, it's rather aloof, while maintaining its disdain of Asuma. It will occasionally spit out snide remarks or give Asuma looks of derision. It's not like Asuma tries to play nice with it either: Whenever he talks to it, he has a mutual indifference and can get just as nasty as Nikukage itself whenever they get into an argument.
Inner World: Asuma's inner world takes on the appearance of a kingdom, left barren by war. The sky is blood red, and represents an imminent destruction that will sweep over the land again. Among the grasses are burnt patches and bones, and the trees are mostly scattered, some of which being singed, as though by fire. There is a castle in the distant landscape, which looks as though it was destroyed and left there for hundreds of years. The inner world carries on a vibe of death, as though one who came in would not come out alive.

History: Asuma's memory of his past before the Rukongai is shoddy at best, though some aspects of it remain in his mannerisms and powers. He was born Leonard Thawne on the twentieth of June 1466, in Liverpool of England. His family was rather wealthy at the time, having amassed their fortune from gold. Nothing made him any different from the nobles of today; He was rude, entitled, and tortured the poorer people out of sheer amusement. At one time while Asuma was around fourteen years old, he forcefully kicked a poor boy laying in the street. His family was hardly any different either, for they thought they were too good to even be talked to by the lower peoples. Asuma's childhood was that of the average spoiled rich kid; He got whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, and he enjoyed it. The troubles started when he was twenty-four years old, however. At that time, there was a revolt among the commoners, they were sick of always being oppressed by the rich folk. This opposition started off when Asuma's father was shot and killed while traveling through the city on the fourteenth of June 1490. Once that happened, the city went into a frenzy and the structure started to collapse at an alarming rate. Six days later, Asuma's own life would come to an end: He sat down to eat dinner on that night of the twentieth, unknowing that one of his chefs had spiked his food with a poison. Immediately after eating the food, he would freeze up, unable to move. His muscles were being paralyzed slowly, one by one, until the poison reached his diaphragm and he died by suffocating.

RolePlaying Sample: Optional. If you're going for a high position, such as Lieutenant or Captain (Fraccion or Espada, as well) this is absolutely necessary. If you decide to use this section, it must be of the character you're applying for.

Asuma Nakahara

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