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Maud Hasenkamp (WIP)

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Maud Hasenkamp (WIP) Empty Maud Hasenkamp (WIP)

Post by Maud Hasenkamp on Fri Apr 22, 2016 1:31 am

Maud Hasenkamp (WIP) ZIN3Ys3

"My favorite part of life is probably air! That's not what you meant..?"

"My name is Maud Hasenkamp~"
Name: Maud Hasenkamp

"Er.. something about power and.. rabbits..?"
—english translation: Maud; Powerful battler. Hasenkamp; Rabbit field.

Date of Birth: 7/17
Year of Birth: 1997

"19 years of age! That..that's not an invitation."
Age: 19

"I'd hope that I look my age! Otherwise, what's the point of being this old?"
Age of Appearance: 19

"Is that a trick question? I am... female! No, male! Nnnnnnnnnnnn-female!"
Gender: Female

"Organization, man that's a big word. You know what else is a big word? ...er."
Organization & Rank: N/A

Appearance: "Describe myself? I suppose I could give it a go. I am a young woman with long blonde hair that's typically drawn into an odd braid and bun combo or a ponytail that's tied off with a colored ribbon. The color of the ribbon changes from week to week, but my favorite ribbon is definitely navy blue. I have a fair, even toned complexion with no major blemishes, scars, or anything of that sort. My eyes are a bright emerald green, and some people say that combined with my skin, it kind of makes me look like a doll. As far as bust.. Hrm. Not the largest, but definitely up there. Average body shape, average weight. Oh! And I stand at exactly 5'8"! Slightly above average height.

As for dress, I have a large collection of outfits. So, if given the choice, I won't wear the same thing twice in a week. Hell, if possible, in a month. When I think that I'll be going out training or that I'll be thrust into a situation that I don't want to be, I wear a modified version of my school outfit that's sort of similar to what I've seen that Quincies wear in pictures and things like that. Long sleeved blouse, high skirt, blue ribbons, the whole shebang! No matter the occasion, I wear my mother's old Quincy Cross around my neck.

When I'm not at school, and I'm not around a lot of humans, I keep my bow at my side. Not.. not a Heilig Boden. A regular bow. When I have my bow, I keep a quiver filled with partially made arrows. The shaft and fletchings are completely solid, but they're missing their arrowheads."

Positive Traits
 "My friends and acquaintances say that I'm very nice~"
Maud is quite enjoyable to be around, just by nature of how simple she can be at times. She tries her hardest not to mistreat people, to the point that she avoids criticism even if it's constructive. Even her enemies witness some of her sweetness. Albeit, unintentionally. It would be quite hard to find Maud in a bad mood, and even her bad moods are essentially comparable to that of a pouting child.

 "I work really, really hard!"
The work ethic that Maud possesses is astounding considering the person that she is and the skills that she carries. Even though she is quite clumsy and doesn't have a wonderful grasp on things, she'll continue to work towards something even if it seems impossible for her. Especially if they're ACTUALLY impossible for her.

  "I volunteer every other week and I donate to charities whenever I have something left over from my paycheck."
Maud is very charitable, to the point where sometimes she overstretches her assets. She will on occasion, donate money when she's low on cash and often gives her lunch away at her job to anyone that doesn't have anything to eat even if she's hungry. But she still tries her hardest to help others. (Sometimes even if they don't ask.)

 "Uncle says that I'm very quick to the draw."
Despite all her relative ignorance and thick-headed act, Maud is quick to absorb information and learns things quite quickly. If you put her into a task, it won't be long before she's become familiar with it. If you want to teach her a skill, show her, then watch as she wracks her brain trying to replicate what you did. She refused to let someone teach her how to swim, as she wanted to teach herself. Eventually, she DID get it. But even still, this can be quite dangerous. Often this leads to her disregarding the word of someone far more experienced than her.

 "No, please, don't say such things! You're too kind, really~ You're making me blush!~"
Modesty is a strong point of Maud's. She doesn't take praise very well and tends to try to deflect it, saying things like "oh it was a group effort" and things such as that. When in a situation where she's forced to take praise, she blushes and stammers and tries to thank the praise giver for being so nice to her. Compliments and flirting, by extension, don't even register on her radar. Maud would never think ANYONE was trying to flirt with her unless they said it out-right to her face.

Negative Traits
X "I-i don't know if you noticed but... I'm not very... y'know. Smart."
Dense, air-headed, bimbo, post-for-brains, Maud's heard them all. And to be absolutely honest, they're not very far off. Maud's mental faculties are always half-staffed, it would seem. She tends to be slow on the uptake on anything that isn't skill or vocationally based. This includes her own racial abilities, as she doesn't actually know they exist aside from the creation of Spirit Weapons. Maud's lack of intelligence seems to fall apart when she's pushed. So perhaps it's an act?
X "When I get my mind set on something, I don't often change it."
STUBBORN AS AN ASS. Maud will not change her mind very easily on certain things and it will take a lot of convincing to change her mind. If she doesn't just reject it kindly by patting you on the head and calling you silly. She's argued with many a people over things she knew was wrong but still decided to stand her ground and push against them. It took months for someone to prove to her that you're NOT supposed to sit backwards on the toilet. Not that she. Did that. Or anything.

X "I'm not the most motivated, to be absolutely honest~"
When it comes to anything outside of work ethic, Maud slacks heavily. She doesn't exercise much, doesn't often practice with her abilities for lack of need to. She doesn't try to read up so as to maybe cure her nearly comedic level of ignorance. As such she tends to sleep a lot, her uncle calling her the portrait of sloth herself. Now, Maud would disagree, but what wouldn't she disagree on?

X "...what were we talking about? Sorry, I was staring at your eyes~"
Maud tends to be distracted VERY easily. Something shiny enough can keep her attention for a good full 5 minutes while listening to her teacher talk tends to lead to her looking for something more interesting to put her attention towards nearly immediately. Even if it's someone she likes, or someone she thinks is cute, she'll often be distracted by the looks of their eyes and things like sunbeams, cloud-shapes, butterflies, loose trash, and other things such as that.

X "What would I do in a conflict? Uh... I'd try to reach a reasonable agreement?"
Docile doesn't begin to explain Maud in most cases. She doesn't like to fight and prefers to avoid conflict at all costs, as she enjoys peaceful vibes and happiness. As such, in fights she tends to be very timid about harming things and other people. In arguments, she tends to be a fence sitter and attempts to shut down personal arguments with "Fines" and "Alright, alright!s."

"Swearing. Love me a good swear~ ..what? Stop judging me."
 "Do you have any chocolate here? I could really go for some chocolate."
 "Your eyes have a really nice color. I REALLY like pretty colors like that~"
 "I have a pet dog, why do you ask? I love dogs, they're so furry~ Some of them aren't, but I'm still not ENTIRELY convinced those are dogs."
 "As bad as I am at being a Quincy, I'm really good at Archery, and I really enjoy it."
 "Hugs! Want a hug? I like physical contact in general. Very personal, very warm~"
 "I really like warm blankets. Reminds me of when I was sick and my dad would wrap me up~"
 "Talking to people is fun. I don't know why someone WOULDN'T want to talk to people!"
 "Sausages. Blood sausage, bratwurst, vienna, all delicious~"
 "Ribbons! Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons, ribbons!"

X "Carrots disgust me. Eugh."
X "Catty people. Bitchy people. I really like it when things can just be mellow."
X "Stop averting your gaze! Polite people look each other in the eye when they're speaking."
X "I'm not a big fan of country music. Can't put my finger on it why."
X "I dislike perverts. Period. It's pretty simple."
X "Gloating annoys me. If you're so much better than me, why TELL me?"
X "When given the choice to fight for my purse or just let someone steal it, I'd rather them just steal it. I can get another purse and replace all the other stuff. Too much of a hassle to fight for it."
X "W-when I'm just TRYING to be friendly, and someone gets mad and tells me I'm "pushy" and "in their business!" I mean, what the hell does that mean?! Just bec- huh? No, no, I said I'm fine."
X "Drugs. They just seem dumb."
X "Big words. I mean, I KNOW what a Tyrannosaurus Rex is. But why not just call it a T-Rex? Seems complicated for no reason."

"Well, every morning, I wake up and try to manifest a weapon from my mother's cross. Before I brush my teeth, and before I wash my hair, any of that. Imagine me, lil' old Maud, standing around in her jammies trying to manifest something, literally anything from her dinky little cross as she tries not to make noise and interrupt her roommate's beauty sleep because god knows she needs it and she's such a little- Huh? No, no, I'm fine~"

"My friends say that when I'm nervous or lying, it's VERY obvious because I tend to fiddle with my mother's cross. But that's preposterous, I'm not THAT easy to read."

"I tend to eat when I'm stressed, really bad habit of mine. I get cravings when I'm sad or nervous or things like that. It's mostly sweets. Cookies, cake, tarts. It's pretty bad for me and the girls on the track team tend to get on me when I admit that I did it."

"Hm. Goals. Well, I guess my goals are pretty simple y'know? I want to become a really good Quincy and do my mother proud. Figure out how to use Gladius, finally form a bow. I'm assuming that's the best a Quincy can do. Because it's REALLY hard! I also want to make a lot of friends! Friends are nice, you can never have too many friends. It'd be really nice to find another Quincy that can help me make sense of all of this. I mean, don't know anything about my race aside from the name and that we make bows."

Miscellaneous Traits
?? Optional.


Mekkyakyu Name: "My mother was odd, and she named her Mekkakyu something long and latin that I can't remember. I call it Gladius."

Mekkakyu Translation: "Gladius means sword in Latin. I remember like, half of my highschool Latin class! I mean, yeah, it's not all of it, but considering how little I was paying attention even that much is surprising to me~"

Mekkakyu Appearance: "The cross itself is gilded, not pure gold. Trust me, I know. It's covered in divets and ridges that are made to resemble flower petals. The edges of the cross on either side of the center are leaf-like, while the middle has a well defined flower pattern on it. There's a little gold hook kinda thing that goes through a hoop attached to the top of the cross. The hook has a golden chain running through it which is what allows me to wear the cross around my neck."

Spirit Weapon  Appearance: *
Spirit Weapon Ability: *

Letzt Stil Name: *
Letzt Stil Appearance: *

Vollstandig Name: *
Vollstandig Appearance: *
Vollstandig Ability: *

*"Yeah, about all of that. I, uhm. I can't do that. Any of it. At all. I know, I know, I sound really lame but I can make arrows! Kinda. I can make arrowheads! Having never been taught by another Quincy, I just don't have the experience to form a weapon or any of the other stuff. Sorry to disappoint you... And there isn't enough energy or whatever on Earth to kind of force me to do it. I mean, every time I've tried to make a weapon or even more than just an arrowhead it would blow up in my face. It was super lame."

History: Be sure to cover every base. Make mention of every necessary bit of information that is mentioned anywhere else in your application.

RolePlaying Sample: Optional. If you're going for a high position, such as Lieutenant or Captain (Fraccion or Espada, as well) this is absolutely necessary. If you decide to use this section, it must be of the character you're applying for.
Maud Hasenkamp
Maud Hasenkamp

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