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Ellis Crowley (WIP) [Hollow]

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Ellis Crowley (WIP) [Hollow] Empty Ellis Crowley (WIP) [Hollow]

Post by Ellis Crowley on Fri Feb 05, 2016 10:46 pm


Name: Ellis Crowley
Date of Birth: November 11th
Year of Birth: 1496

Age: 2016-1496= 520
Age of Appearance: Ellis Crowley appears somewhere in his/her late twenties or early thirties.
Gender: Ellis' gender is unclear (more like he won't reveal it to anyone else). He usually takes the pronoun of whatever gender he feels like at the moment. I suppose that makes him gender fluid?
Organization & Rank: Ellis is a bit of a loner. He sometimes likes to screw around with the existing Espada and is familiar with several of them, but has no clear intentions of joining their ranks.
Hollow Type: I would like to apply for Vasto Lorde, if possible.


Base Hollow: A giant crow, essentially. Roughly ten feet tall and two hundred thirty pounds, and covered in razor-sharp feathers that could be shot from his body. His mask, while depicting a birds' beak, seemed to be folded and layered, as if made out of paper. While in his base hollow form, Ellis had pupil-less, dark red eyes. His hollow hole was largely covered by feathers but located above and between his lungs.

Menos: While a Menos, Ellis looked identical to all of his Menos brethren. He was a teeny bit on the shorter side, however. He vaguely recalls being very sensitive about his height during this time period.

Adjuchas: A smaller crow with a more anthromorphic build, at eight feet tall and weighing 170 pounds. While in Adjuchas form, his legs (talons?) had more opposable digits, making it easier to grab and grapple. He had arms, too; his hands had three digits, with feathers and wings folded tightly around them. He could extend his wings from his arms at high speeds, which he often used in combat as an offensive skill. Ellis' feathers retained their razor-sharp quality, but gained a sheen that could deflect some damage from reiatsu-based attacks. His hollow mask during this time period was identical to that of a plague doctor, just a bit smaller. His eyes were dark red, but they seemed to contain a spark of intelligence. While in his Adjuchas stage, his hollow hole was located a little above his stomach, near the solar plexus.

Vasto Lorde: In his Vasto Lorde form, Ellis looks almost human. He stands upright at five foot four, and weighs around 128 pounds. The skin of his feet is grey and scaly, and he does not have toes but fully opposable talons. His arms contain the full five digit package, with blackened fingernails that (if he says so himself) look really nice when polished. Ellis' skin is pale where visible. He is draped in a strange dark cloak made of an ethereal fabric, but he can change into other clothes if he so desires. His wings from previous evolutions have split off into two pairs, one on his shoulder blades and one running down along his arms. Both sets can be folded neatly into his body, but if closely examined one can notice thin black lines where they should be. His mask is much more toned down, looking more like something out of a masquerade ball (or perhaps a dollar store) than his previous plague doctor mask. A small indentation for a beak is visible, and slanted slots for his eyes are present. Occasionally, when feeling artistic, Ellis paints it with stuff he 'borrows' from arts-and-crafts stores. His hollow hole is located three inches down from his collarbone.


Positive Traits
Surprisingly friendly and sociable
Creative (the men in the white coats called him special!)
Gets along well with humans, and is known to keep in contact with ones he is fond of
Likes to learn new things
Won't judge you for sexuality, gender orientation, etc
Artistically talented (especially with paints and sharpie)
Can play the Super Mario theme on the piano

Negative Traits
X His small size and friendly disposition make him a target for other hollows
X Unorganized and forgetful
X Gets upset easily
X Procrastinates
X Likes to annoy others
X Cannot play the guitar, no matter how well he says he can

Any and all foods with high sugar content
Friendly people
Playing the guitar
Arts & Crafts
Playing Monopoly
Messing around & general fudgery
Annoying/pranking people who he deems 'too serious'
Fangirling over his favorite human books, shows, and/or movies with his friends
Pretending to be more pretentious/fancy than he actually is
Warm weather
The smell of rain

X Healthy foods
X Meanies
X Cold weather
X Being alone
X The dark
X When his favorite characters die in whatever fandom he's in
X Liars
X People who take themselves too seriously
X People who think that The Godfather: Part III is a worthy conclusion to the trilogy
X People who like the Star Wars prequels

/ Optional.
/ Optional.
/ Optional.

/ Optional.
/ Optional.
/ Optional.

Miscellaneous Traits
?? Optional.


Ability Name: What's your ability's name?
Ability: Ability?


History: Be sure to cover every base. Make mention of every necessary bit of information that is mentioned anywhere else in your application.

RolePlaying Sample: Optional. If you're going for a high position, such as Lieutenant or Captain (Fraccion or Espada, as well) this is absolutely necessary. If you decide to use this section, it must be of the character you're applying for.

Ellis Crowley (WIP) [Hollow] Raven_gif
Fun fact: The above bird is actually a raven.
Ellis Crowley
Ellis Crowley

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