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Tsukiko {Shinigami} (Finished)

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Tsukiko {Shinigami} (Finished) Empty Tsukiko {Shinigami} (Finished)

Post by Tsukiko on Thu May 07, 2015 12:26 am

The Basics

Name: Tsukiko
English Translation: "Moon Child"
Race: Shinigami
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: December 14, 1930
Appearance Age: 15
Actual Age: 85
Organization and Rank: Gotei 13- 4th division-6th chair
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Weight: 130 pounds
Hair Color: Black
Eye color: Purple in her normal, calm state. Crimson in her enraged, yandere like state.

General Appearance:
Tsukiko has long, pin straight hair that covers the right side of her face. Under her hair reveals her crescent moon shaped birth mark on her cheek that she refuses to show anyone. She has extremely pale skin, due to the fact that she hates sunlight. She wears a baggy, pretty standard shihakushō that is completely white. Due to the fact that her shihakushō is big on her, it covers her hands, which she despises. She has a rather curvy body which she hides because of her being shy.

The Psyche

Redeeming Qualities:
1.) Tsukiko treats her friends as her family due to her having no family to begin with. She will stand and protect her friends until her last breath.

2.) She is extremely kind and will help anyone in need. Her sweetness is shown to anyone who is nice to her.

3.) Tsukiko can be really amusing and silly around her friends. She loves to joke around with them, even if she sometimes takes it too far.

Negative Qualities:
1.) Tsukiko can be very clumsy and is known to mess things up easily.

2.) Tsukiko has multiple personalities. Her one sweet and kind personality is the one normally shown, but when her friends get hurt, she shows a new side. This is her yandere like side. Her eyes proceed to turn crimson, showing her intense rage. She will show no mercy and won't stop attacking until the predator is dead or unless someone can calm her down. There are only a few people who are able to calm her down from this.

3.) Tsukiko will not pull out her weapon until she has been hit first. This can cause her, or the ones around her to get severely hurt.

4.) Tsukiko can be a cry baby. She'll cry if she gets embarrassed or she can even cry over the simplest things.

5.) Tsukiko hates bad grammar. When someone says something incorrectly, she will fix it for them which most find rather annoying. She also hates being corrected herself and will not accept being wrong.


  • Darkness- Tsukiko has always hated the light. She enjoys sitting alone in the darkness to think over her problems and figure out solutions for them. She will only do so though, if someone she cares for is in the room.

  • Long Naps- She's always tired during the day and takes many naps to relieve this tiredness. Due to this, she is up all night and only sleeps during the day.

  • Blood- The color crimson is Tsukiko's favorite color. She believes the only way to see the true color, is in blood. Whether it's her blood or her enemies, it doesn't matter. Sometimes, she'll cause herself pain just to see blood. She's only been known to do this in her yandere state.

  • Pain- Pain is one of the few emotions that Tsukiko understands due to her past. All the pain she's felt lead her to believe that pain brings her comfort.

  • Spending Time with Loved Ones- She never really had anyone to love her growing up, so now she spends every moment with her loved one's like it's going to be their last time together. She is extremely paranoid of losing these people as well.

  • Cats- Tsukiko has always loved cats because of how brave they are. She had a kitten growing up, but her mother killed it, taking away the only friend Tsukiko really had.


  • Being Alone- Tsukiko hates being alone. It's her greatest fear. She was alone most of her life. When she's alone in the silence, she can hear voices in her head, telling her in every way, how she is imperfect and a disgrace. There were a few times when Tsukiko was alive that she thought of suicide due to these voices driving her insane. They are not as bad now, as they were when she was alive.

  • Pain to Her Loved Ones- She always fears losing her family and friends. If they are caused any pain, her eyes will become crimson and emotionless, showing she is in her yandere state. Many things can happen when she is in this state. Most of the time, she'll laugh hysterically and hurt the opponent as badly as possible, swinging her zanpakutō in all directions. When she returns to normal, she remembers nothing, and begins to cry in fear of what she has done.

  • Being Touched- Due to her mother beating her, Tsukiko is very sensitive when it comes to being touched. If anyone comes close to her, she flinches in fear of being hit. Only those she allows can hug her. Anyone else, she'll run away and hide from or  she'll flinch upon being touched.

  • Men- Tsukiko has an extreme dislike for men since she was raped when she was alive. She refuses to sit next to, talk to, or even look at a male unless another female is around her. Though she knows that not every male is bad, she doesn't want to risk it.

Personal Habits:
Tsukiko tends to be rather shy and does not like to be touched. She will hide her face behind her hands upon meeting new people and refuses to be hugged or to shake hands with anyone else. She will only hug those who she allows to touch her.

General Personality:
She is rather shy, kind, and loving. She can be clingy and will stay by her friend's sides. She is normally never aggressive. She loves to tell lame jokes and play pranks. She also makes nicknames for everyone, even if it gets on their nerves. Though she is very kind, she does not pity those who give up. In her eyes, nothing is ever too far from someone's reach. Her kindness also may kill her someday. She is willing to give up her life to protect someone she has made a bond with, even if that person may be her enemy. She deems in her mind who should live on and who she is willing to give up her life for.

Something Special:
Due to her multiple personalities, she can switch from being loving, to a merciless murderer in a matter of seconds. Though both of these personalities are hers, she only remembers the kind portion, and has no idea who she kills when she snaps.

The Power

Zanpakutō Name: Shibou
Zanpakutō Name Translation: "Death"

Sealed Zanpakutō: In it's sealed state, Shibou looks like a normal Katana with a red and black blade. The hilt is also red and has a metal chain extending from it that wraps around her wrist, giving Tsukiko a better grip.

Release Phrase: "End the World, Shibou!"

Shikai Appearance: A smaller size scythe with a red blade and a metal snath(The handle of her scythe). The same chain is there to wrap around her wrist, giving her a better grip.

Shikai Ability: Tsukiko's Shikai has the ability to cause one to hallucinate and only see visions of her evil, nightmare filled, imagination. This causes the person to have a breakdown 50% of the time, depending on their strength. Many people see demons, blood, deaths of their loved ones, and sometimes even relive memories that are altered to have gone horribly wrong. They may also feel pain that isn't actually happening. In this moment of confusion for her opponent, she'll attack and aim to kill them. When she attacks, the illusion ends, but it has the ability to be cast again.

Bankai Name: Sen-ri no Shi (The Death of a Thousand Men)

Bankai Appearance: A bigger size scythe that has a red and black jagged blade and a black snath. At the top of the snath, sits a crimson rose. Instead of the chains like her Shikai, there are vines with thorns that wrap around her hand and wrist, piercing her skin.

Bankai Ability: Tsukiko's bankai is rather strange. Her bankai has the ability to raise dead enemies or allies around her, to take her command and fight for her. In order to do this, Sen-ri no Shi draws blood from her hand and wrist through its spiked vines that pierce her skin. This gives the undead corpses more power. Her rage can also give these corpses more power, but they will never be able to fight to their original power that they had when they were alive.

The Spirit

Spirit Appearance: Resembles the Grim Reaper. Wears a long black cloak with a hood that always remains on over it's face. The cloak is stained with blood.

Spirit Personality: Has a dark, crude sense of humor, aggressive, mean, and heartless. It wishes death upon everything and pities no one, even Tsukiko.

Inner World:
Tsukiko's inner world is half black and half white, representing her double personality.

The White Side: The white side of her inner world is filled with light and is quite happy.

The Black Side: The black side of Tsukiko's inner world is a empty, vast wasteland that resembles a desert. In the sand, lies corpses and bones that look similar to people she killed, but never remembered. Upon entering this part of her inner world, she sobs uncontrollably and gets a painful headache. She always tries to stay away from it.

The Past

The World of the Living:

A little baby girl was born on December 14th, 1930. She had hair as black as coal and skin as pure white as snow. On her face though, was a red birthmark in the shape of a crescent moon. Due to her birthmark and the fact that she was born on the night of a crescent moon, her mother named her Tsukiko.

Tsukiko was a unwanted child, a mistake. Tsukiko was never truly loved as a child should be. Yuri, her mother, would beat her if she did wrong. She wasn't allowed outside to play with other other children, she would sit in the house and do her mother's bidding. As for Tsukiko's father, he died before she was born from a mysterious illness. Tsukiko would face this beating for 14 years of her life, not saying a word. She believed this was the way her mother showed love to her. She wouldn't yell at her or fight back, as much as it hurt her.

A few month's after Tsukiko's birthday, Yuri remarried. She married a unknown man who made a lot of money. Yuri had believed that the man loved her, but his reality was a little different. The man had a strange, affectionate feeling for Tsukiko. He didn't want her mother, he wanted her. One night while Tsukiko and Yuri were asleep, he invited a few "friends" over and entered Tsukiko's room. One by one, they began to rape her, silencing her screams with their hands, preventing her from struggling. Tears streamed down her face. "Is this what it feels like to be all alone?" she continued to think in her head over and over as they continued on. Soon after, her mother walked in.

In the mixture of chaos and pain, Tsukiko saw Yuri try to fight off the men. She was trying to protect her, though she never had before. Yuri must have felt it was her duty as her mother to protect her, but it was all in vain. Her new husband stabbed her in the stomach, letting her bleed out on the floor. Her mother looked at her with tears in her eyes and said with her last breath "I know I wasn't a good mother..but..deep down I truly loved you."

Tsukiko had started to feel a emotion she had never felt before, hatred. She blacked out. The next thing she knew, her hands were trembling and she was covered with blood, her shaking hand hold the knife that was once in her mother. She shrieked in terror. She was confused, alone. Just then, she felt a sharp pain in her chest. She looked down to see her father's katana that always hung on the wall, through her chest. She felt the jagged blade that ran from her back through her chest. She hadn't killed one of the men, just knocked him unconscious. She made a mistake that she would always regret. She fell forward, breathing her last breath.
This was her end.

The Afterlife:

She awoke in the same place as she had before. Blood still surrounded her in pools of crimson. She felt around her body, curious on how she was alive. She noticed the big gaping hole in her chest with a chain sticking out. For some reason, it didn't faze her. Before her, a man stood.  He asked her if she would atone for her mistakes by going with him to a place known as the "Soul Society." She nodded her head in agreement and stood up, soon following him.

She was brought to the 78th district where she struggled immensely. She fought, and stole to survive. She'd beat up anyone who got in the way of her survival. She began to only care about herself. She continued this lifestyle for 30 years before one day, a shinigami appeared before her with a smile. "You can't continue to live like this..how about..I bring you back to the Seireitei with me and we get you signed up at the academy? I see potential in you that shouldn't be wasted like this." Tsukiko nodded and went with her.

Tsukiko's Time at the Academy and Afterwards:

The shinigami helped her practice over and over until she was able to control her reishi. The shinigami made sure that no matter how hard she failed, she never gave up. This gave Tsukiko a whole new mindset on life. She refused to ever give up again. The shinigami kept a secret from Tsukiko though. Tsukiko had way more power than she though she had. She was able to pass the exam. After the ceremony, she went to find that shinigami for whom she never learned the name, but she never saw her again.

She continued to learn Kaidō and Hadō, excelling at them so she would never have to pull her Zanpakutō from its sheath. As many more years past, she finally made it into the Gotei 13, 4th division as the 6th chair. She is still there to this day, only pulling her Zanpakutō when she needs it, due to Shibou's strong power that she is unable to fully control.
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Tsukiko {Shinigami} (Finished) Empty Re: Tsukiko {Shinigami} (Finished)

Post by Lanying Baozhai on Wed May 13, 2015 1:30 am

Well, this app isn't bad, but it's not great either. It's good quality, good writing, but there could be more. There's no real sense of a time flow in your history, your Shikai description is very basic. While none of these are necessarily bad, they do prevent you from getting a higher grade. These flaws have given me the choice to give you the grade of Officer with 75 Stat Points and 6 Perk Points

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