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Post by Weiß Schwarz on Tue Apr 30, 2019 12:31 am

Weiss stretched. She was in her normal shape, and had been laying on a rooftop for the last eight hours. She figured she may as well get up.

Hopping down to the road, the Quincy spirit started to wander, letting her otherworldly senses guide her to the river without bumping into anything. She sat on the bank, pulling out several silver canisters and started to chant over them, saying a little prayer.

She knew it was late at night, but couldn't tell the time. Her blind eyes were downcast, mind focused on her task of gathering what little spirit energy there was in the air, filtering it and condensing it into liquid to fill her vials. She was currently producing a healing fluid, hoping to take the edge off from the pain her skin felt. Each time she finished a potion, she sealed it with wax heated by her Reiatsu, preserving it's properties for a while.
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