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Post by Ma'kine on Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:49 pm

The Precursors of Life

The Dragons of Damnation came from Eden, now known as Hueco Mundo. Dragons predate the Gods of Damnation, having been among the first creations of the Soul Queen. Their bodies cease aging after adulthood, and they cannot die of illness or age. The only way for a Dragon to have died, was to be killed, either by another Dragon or by accident. The Dragons were as diverse in appearance as they were in ability, and one could argue they are the closest beings to the Soul Queen.

However, when their world was destroyed by the Wave, a blast of the Soul Queen's destructive power, a scant number survived, either by their own might, being protected by the Gods, or sheer luck. These survivors scattered, seeking to regain their strength after being weakened by the Wave.

Some descended on the newly created World of the Living, taking on new appearances based on where they settled. Others, escaped into the Soul Society, moving as far from the fledgling civilization. Save for one clan who settled with the four other Species, who the clan viewed as lesser versions of themselves. Lastly, some Dragons pledged themselves to the new God, Tanua, birthed by the destruction of their world. These Dragons wanted vengeance on the Queen and her new favorites. These last Dragons became twisted reflections of themselves, and took on many names; The Old Ones, The Seven Sins to name a couple.

Millennia have passed, and Dragons now fall into three broad categories: True Dragons, who have remained pure and untainted since Eden, even if they themselves were not born in that paradise, Corpse Dragons, who inhabit the bodies of lesser species, and the Eldritch Dragons, who reside in Hell serving Tanua.

Dragons as a species have seemingly limitless energy; as such, terms used to describe the other species fail to accurately describe these beings. Dragons have no release, no ability they must trigger to achieve great power. They are all born with a unique ability that is always present, though they must grow into their power.

Dragons predate the Species and Races of Damnation; as such, they are simply all Dragons. There has never been a Shinigami Dragon, but there have been Corpse Dragons possessing the bodies of Shinigami.

While a True Dragon will never need a release or tools to use their abilities, Corpse Dragons possess the bodies of those they kill. This allows them all the knowledge and abilities their victims possessed. This includes the Racial Powers of their victims. However, a Corpse Dragon who possesses a powerful body will gain great strength, but if they move to a lesser body, they will lose all that power and all other abilities. They are limited by the corpse they possess, but they can train that corpse as a living being would to strengthen it. Due to the limitless energy Dragons possess, their possessed bodies never decay.

When a Dragon dies, however, their soul ceases to exist. Or, to be more accurate, the energy of their soul is returned to the Soul Queen upon a Dragon's death. They never enter the cycle of rebirth.

As such, it's thought the only way a Dragon could gain the powers of a Togabito is to willingly reside in Hell, gaining Tanua's blessing. A Corpse Dragon cannot possess a Togabito, as their bodies are instantly sent to the Lake of Fire upon death. As such, only the Eldritch Dragons know the corruption of sin.

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