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Karl Eckhard, Free Quincy

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Karl Eckhard, Free Quincy Empty Karl Eckhard, Free Quincy

Post by Karl Eckhard on Mon Feb 25, 2019 8:06 pm

The Basics

Name: Karl Eckhard
English Translation: Man (with the) Strong Edge
Species: Human
Race: Quincy
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: January 25, 1986
Appearance Age: Early 30s
Actual Age: 33
Organization and Rank: Free Quincy

Height: 5'8
Weight: 141 lbs
Hair color: Black with blond bangs
Eye color: Blue left eye, Grey right eye
General Appearance: Karl Eckhard is a man of fairly average height, standing at approximately 5’8, and weighing in at a modest 141 pounds. He keeps his black hair relatively short, dying his bangs blond, along with keeping his facial hair in a relatively neat goatee. Karl has heterochromia, having a blue left eye, and a grey right eye.

Being a teacher at Karakura High School, Karl can normally be found wearing his suit consisting of a knee-length dark blue blazer with a lighter blue dress shirt, a black waist coat, and a red tie. He also wears a pair of faded, purple slacks, along with black dress shoes. He usually keeps his Quincy Cross pinned to his lapel, not really caring who sees it or not. In his free time, Karl can be found wearing a light grey kimono.

The Psyche

Redeeming Qualities:
Intelligent: Being a teacher, Karl is an intelligent person, but he doesn’t let it make him come across as smug.

Inquisitive: Karl is always open to learning new things, even if those things conflict with something that was previously thought to be the truth of things.

Comforting: Will go out of his way to comfort those in need, even if they try to push him away.
Negative Qualities:
Laid Back: Karl is an extremely laid back individual, and would much rather let problems solve themselves than have to lift a finger.

Short Temper: If pushed hard enough, Karl can enter an enraged state where he will take his metaphorical blinders off and just run wild.

Gets Drunk easily: Karl has a very low tolerance for alcohol, and can get drunk off of one or two shots of sake.
Science- As Karl is a science teacher, he enjoys learning all there is about the subject and teaching what he can.

Education- Karl loves educating people, even if they refuse to listen to his teachings, ESPECIALLY if they refuse to listen to him.

Archery- Perhaps because he was born a Quincy, but from an early age, Karl has had a love for Archery, and is the adviser to the Archery club at Karakura High School, which is partly a front for him to train young Quincy far from the eyes of their families.
Alcohol- Because of how much a lightweight Karl is, he hates alcohol and refuses to go near the stuff.

Misuse of Science- Karl believes that science is a pure art, and any who would misuse that science to suit their own needs are the scum of the Earth.

Elitism- Karl comes from a pure-blooded Quincy family, so one would expect him to be a bit of an elitist, however Karl hates the elite mindset of the Quincy and will teach and/or train any Quincy regardless of their blood status.
Personal Habits: Optional. Does your character have any particular habits, whether on the battle-field or off?
Goals: These are both optional.
Short-term Goals: Educating his students. Karl is both a teacher professionally and non-professionally as he takes young Quincy under his wings so he can teach them all he can in their years at Karakura High School.
Long-term Goals: Maintaining the peace. Karl is not like most Quincy, he doesn't want the Gotei eliminated or driven out of the World of the Living and instead seeks to maintain a working relationship with them, one that benefits them both.
General Personality: Karl is a generally laid back person, however, he's not lazy enough to refuse to act when necessary. He'd much rather let other people solve the problems that arise, whether they be Quincy, Shinigami, or anything in between, as long as they solve the problem and he doesn't have to get involved, he's a happy man.

However, he's also known to have a somewhat short temper. If provoked, Karl will hold nothing back. During his younger years, Karl was known to level entire training sites if allowed to, all because he was pissed.
Something Special: Optional. Something special does not fall into any of the above sections. This would be entirely unique, that sets them apart completely. An example would be unique implants that affect their vision or an extremely sensative sense of smell.

The Power

Mekkakyu Name: Gefallene Flügel
Mekkakyu Name English Translation: Fallen Wings

Mekkakyu Appearance: Karl’s cross takes the form of a lapel pin in the shape of a wing, with the normal Quincy 5 star cross embedded in the center of the wing.

Spirit Weapon Appearance: Karl’s spirit bow takes the appearance of two wings spreading out from his right hand. Each feather in the wings represents how much reiatsu Karl has remaining for maintaining the bow.
Spirit Weapon Ability: Each arrow shot from Gefallene Flügel is able to be redirected upon firing, giving Karl essentially homing arrows.

Letzt Stil Name: Gebrochene Flügel (Broken Wings)
Letzt Stil Appearance: Initiating Gebrochene Flügel gives Karl a feathery cloak, with his right arm being entirely encased in a feathery sleeve that is connected to the cloak. His left shoulder has a pauldron in the shape of an open beak that has a large black wing extending from it, and upon closer inspection, this wing is made entirely out of reiryoku.

Vollstandig Name: Erwachte Flügel (Awoken Wings)
Vollstandig Appearance: The release of Erwachte Flügel is followed by a bright light enveloping Karl from below. When the light fades, Karl now dons golden armor from head to toe. The armor has purple orbs at strategic locations, primarily along his chest, his chin, his shoulders, and his knees. From his back sprout 8 black wings made entirely of reiryoku, and have a feathered appearance. Most Quincy have golden halos while in their Vollstandig, but Erwachte Flügel is eerily absent of one.
Vollstandig Ability: Erwachte Flügel gives Karl an advanced and heightened defense. The purple orbs embedded in his armor are able to shoot arrows and beams, and he is able to manifest a spear of pure reiryoku.

The Past
Karl was born into a family of Echt Quincy, who have both German and Japanese heritages. However, his family, despite being pure-blooded, did not take part in the Quincy Wars, and instead chose to remain neutral. Because of this, they were known as one of the “Wirkliche Schande” or, “Real Disgrace” to the majority of pure-blooded Quincy families. This was, perhaps for the best, as the Eckhard family would survive both the original Quincy Wars, as well as the reignited wars just before Karl’s birth, while many of the original families would not.

During his childhood and teen years, Karl was trained in the use of his Mekkakyu and was able to produce his bow very early on, however as the Eckhard’s lived in a relative peace, due to their neutrality in the wars, he never really got a chance to use his powers against other Quincy or even any Shinigami, instead he was relegated to hunting smaller Hollows that slipped under the radar of the Gotei. Upon hitting 18, Karl decided teaching was his passion, and went on to college, getting a teaching degree as well as a minor degree in chemistry. When he was 25, he came back home to Karakura and became the chemistry teacher at the local high school, while also becoming the advisor of the archery club, which was in itself partly a front so he could help teach the younger Quincy, regardless of if they were pure-blooded or not.

Major Events Timeline:
1986: Birth
1995: First manifested his bow
2004: Graduation from high school and goes off to college
2010: Graduation from college with a Master’s in teaching and a Bachelor’s in chemistry
2011: Employment at Karakura High School begins

Roleplaying Sample:
Karl sighed as he sat at his desk. In front of him was a stack of papers in desperate need of grading, however, Karl has his mind set on other things. Like the Hollow that was currently prowling the grounds of the school. Normally, he’d let the Archery Club Quincy deal with it, but this Hollow seemed a little out of their league. So why was he hesitating? He still wanted the Archery Club members to at least put in some effort. He knew they could sense it, and while none of them were pushovers, they weren’t fully coordinated enough to handle something like this. Not without him there. Releasing another loud sigh, Karl stood up, grabbed the pin from his lapel, and slowly walked out towards the sunset-bathed courtyard.

“Hey, ugly!”

Karl stared at the Hollow, a small snake-like being this time around, and held his hand out to draw his bow.

“Get the fuck out of my school!”

With a quick flash, Karl was up in the air, directly above the Hollow, and released a barrage of arrows directly into the Hollow. By the time Karl landed on the ground again, the Hollow had already started to disintegrate, each of the arrows being a direct hit upon its mask. Karl cracked his neck a little and looked around a little before releasing another heavy sigh. Hollow activity had increased in the last few months, and this bothered him. He’d have to get ahold of some of his Gotei contacts to see if they had any information on this. But that would mean more paperwork.
Karl Eckhard
Karl Eckhard
Unseated Officer

Species : Human
Race : Quincy
Age : 33
Posts : 21

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Karl Eckhard, Free Quincy Empty Re: Karl Eckhard, Free Quincy

Post by Oshime Baozhai on Tue Feb 26, 2019 2:46 am

Karl Eckhard, Free Quincy Approv10

For Lieutenant tier

Karl Eckhard, Free Quincy Osigme
Oshime Baozhai
Oshime Baozhai

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Karl Eckhard, Free Quincy Empty Re: Karl Eckhard, Free Quincy

Post by Karl Eckhard on Tue Feb 26, 2019 2:59 am


Armed Combat: Intermediate
Spiritual Combat: Expert
Hoho: Beginner
Reiatsu Perception: Advanced
Blut Arterie: Beginner
Spellcraft: Intermediate

Human increase: Spiritual Combat from Advanced to Expert
Karl Eckhard
Karl Eckhard
Unseated Officer

Species : Human
Race : Quincy
Age : 33
Posts : 21

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Karl Eckhard, Free Quincy Empty Re: Karl Eckhard, Free Quincy

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