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Oceania First Espada(Vampyre Nerco Lord) Wip Empty Oceania First Espada(Vampyre Nerco Lord) Wip

Post by Oceania on Wed Jan 09, 2019 12:23 pm

The Basics

   Name: Your character's name. Shinigami have Japanese themes, Quincy have German themes, Arrancar/Hollows have Spanish, and Togabito/Humans/Fullbringers have no particular theme. Your character does not need to follow this theme.
   English Translation: For non-english names.
   Species: What is your Species? Are you Human, Giant, Werewolf, Vastine Amorte? Or are you something new all together?
   Race: What Race is your character? Quincy, Shinigami, Fullbringer, Hollow, Arrancar, or Togabito?
   Gender: What is your biological gender, and what gender you align yourself.
   Date of Birth: Month, day and preferably year of which you were born.
   Date of Death: Month, day and preferably year of which you were born.
   Appearance Age: How old does your character physically look?
   Actual Age: How old is your character in reality?
   Organization and Rank: Does your character belong to an organization, such as Shinigami's Gotei Thirteen or The Arrancar Army? Perhaps they belong to some other organization?

   Height: How tall is your character?
   Weight: How much does your character weigh?
   Hair color: What color is their hair?
   Eye color: What color are their eyes? Are they both the same, or are they different?
   General Appearance: Describe what your character physically looks like. Things to include but are not limited to are- Clothing, skin/hair/eye color, scars/tattoos and anything unique to them.

The Psyche

   Redeeming Qualities: These are things about your character's personality that make them better liked or at least appreciated by those around them. All characters should have at least two traits that are positive. Each trait should be a sentance or more long.
   Negative Qualities: All people have parts of their personality that people just do not like. What are these annoying, or sometimes downright evil, traits? Please use at least two negative traits.
   Likes: What does your character like? Please have at least three.
   Dislikes: What does your character dislike? Please have at least three.
   Personal Habits: Optional. Does your character have any particular habits, whether on the battle-field or off?
   Goals: These are both optional.
   Short-term Goals: Short-term goals can be completed in less than one to five years.
   Long-term Goals: These are goals in excess of five years to achieve.
   General Personality: Describe the character's personality. Are they kind, aggressive, a compulsive liar? Three to five sentences mininum.
   Something Special: Optional. Something special does not fall into any of the above sections. This would be entirely unique, that sets them apart completely. An example would be unique implants that affect their vision or an extremely sensative sense of smell.

The Power
   Zanpakutō Name: What is your weapon called?
   Zanpakutō Name Translation: Translate to English if nessisary

   Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: It's a Sharp Blade, not a katana, (Looks like Jon Snow's Sword)
   Release Phrase: Evolve

   Resurreccion Appearance: Upon release, Oceania takes a Vampire state.(Dracula from Casternina the tv show.)
   Resurreccion Ability:
Sealed State:
The Ress has four stages not two or three but Four. The first one being. Innate Stage.(before Release). Before the release. Oceania gains the only ability that he has access to from his Sealed Zanpukuto.

Power Empowerment: The abilty to Drain(Suck) All Life, Energy, Essence, Soul, Blood, Reshi, from any race, Giant, Oni, Soul Reaper, Quincy, Fullbring, Human, Angel, Etc.  And turn them into dust while he transfers their entire spiritual and physical power inside himself as a Permanent Boost. Making him permanent Stronger. He does not take their powers or anything. Just their level of power that they were and brings it into his own body to make him permantly stronger tehn he was. And he can do this infinitive amount of times without set backs to grow stronger without limit. (No he cannot steal powers.)

Shapeshift Human manifestation:Oceania has a secondary Ability in his sealed state which make him deadly. he can take a Physical form in the living realm for humans to see. Unrestrained. Meaning those Captains that have gigai? Those are retained, While Oceania takes his physical manifesting in the living world he is not held back at all. Meaning he can use his true power to wipe out humans if he so chooses too.

Released State: Upon releasing his Zanpukuto. Oceania Gains the abilities of a Vampire Lord. On top of of his previous powers being heavily enhanced.

Bat Summoning/Controlling: He can Summon Bats any type, at any point, from SS, HM, Earth, Hell, at any point of time, in hordes(Armies) At the snap of his fingers to do his bidding.

Authority: Has Compete control over all Hollows Weak, Strong, Very Strong, Gillians, Adjuu, Vaste Lorde, Arrrcannar(Those that he turns into his Thralls only)

Intangibility/Bat Swarming Manipulation: he is able to dodge Any and all attacks(Physical only and Kidou based/Spirital as well) Only those with Shikai, First Fullbring, Ress state, are able to bypass this Ability. Or their first stage of their release.

Comsic Superhuman Sensory Perspective: He is able to track, sense, obtain, size, and measure everyone Country Size if he chooses without discomfort. And sense how how strong one is compared to himself.

Dark Arts/Vampyre Lord Kidou: With this Ablity. Oceania is Capable of Raising the dead into zombianfiaction states, Hell Hounds, Rats, Dogs, people and if those people had abilities they would be able to use them while Oceania is Alive. But he has Compete control over those. he is ablity to heal others at the cost of someone else's life essence, or use his own, he is able to Conjure weapons out of air, summon Water, Even Nercmany, and Death Hollow Kidou. Minor Time Dark Arts.(I'll explain to an admin what I mean exactly.) This is again only limited by his creative, Imagaintion, and power.

Blood Manipulation/Vampire Lord Blood Transcendent: He is capable of controlling all forms of blood. Using them invaries enchants, Create a Sea or Ocean of Blood, Check, encave a Country into a Acid like Blood bath that drains people life Check. Create Tendrills of Blood check. His Blood manipulation is only limited by Oceania's Creative and Imagination, and His power.

Killing Empowerment: The More Oceania kills the stronger he becomes

Turning/Thrall/Servant/Minor Power Enhancements/granting: He is able to grant any all races, Enhancements, by Biting them. and turning them into a Servant. Servants can only become a Servant if they accept it themselves not by force.(But it's a bigger power boost for them) Thralls are forced servants. Receive a Minor boost. But are punished like Slave Cattle.
   Segunda Epta Appearance: (Dracula with Wings)
   Segunda Epta Ability: In this State Oceania gains all his powers from Base form, Sealed Release, and Release State. Twenty Times stronger then before. With a few more additional abilities.

Intangibility/Advanced Bat Swarming Manipulation: Now he is ability to bypass any and all damage, Physical, Spirital, Kidou, resihi. Without cost. Even shikai abilities. This ability no longer works and is ablity to be countered. if the Person enters a second release. To Counter this Ability. The Enemy must Enter Bankai, Voll, Ress Stage 2, Fullbringer Stage 2, Equality. However a clause to this counter, their Second release must be a Combative one not support or supplement, other he would still be able to dodge attacks.

Reconstruction/Resurrection/Forge Bending of the dead: he is able to forge, reconstruct imperfect dead bodies back to life. Again just like the previous ablity if they had abilities they would still have them. Unlike the previous abilites. These things do not die, at all unless Oceania dies.

Demonic Forces: he is able to Have two Servants of Lt. Level from Hell at his side which cannot die period even if oceania dies.

Last Release:

True Ress(Third Stage of Ress, Much like a Final bankai): What he gains in this All his previous powers, base, Pre release, Post release, Second Stage of the release, are all enhanced 60x. And gains two abilities

Intangibility/Mastery Bat Swarming Manipulation: Any and all attacks cannot harm him. Unless someone has a True release(basically their final) And again it has to be combative one, Not support, supplement, or mix between combative and support. Pure Combative.

True Resurrection: While in this Final Stage. in the Event that Oceania happens to die. One Month later. Oceania will instantly come back to life from the dead.

The Past
   History: Cover everything. If your character has lived hundreds of years, we expect hundreds of years of history. If it is mentioned in the above sections, describe it in the history of how it came to be.

   Major Events Timeline: Here will be a brief timeline of major events in your characters life. This is to make is easier to locate said events and place you in the site's own timeline. Events to consider are: birth, death, promotion, race change, unlocking your ability and second ability, or any other significant, person events in your character's life.

   Roleplaying Sample: Optional. Must be used for any position of authority or high rank. It must be done for the character you are applying for.


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