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The Empress' Revenge (Open)

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The Empress' Revenge (Open)

Post by Azalea on Thu Nov 29, 2018 11:32 pm

Eighth Circle, thirty minutes ago

Azalea knelt on the floor before a giant of a man. He was seated on a throne of bloody red Requiem. Likewise, the floor was made of the accursed gemstone. Beside the man six Togabito stood, three on either side on either side. Azalea did not recognize any of them, but each wore crimson robes that hid their identities anyway. Where the seven had found the thread to weave these robes, Azalea also did not know.

She herself wore only the tattered remains of her Shihakushō. The Haori's remains were worn as a sash diagonally across her body, from which she wore two swords. Saishū-tekina puraido hung from her hip, while a twisted, three-edged sword hung from her back. The tri-edged sword was only recently constructed. A reward for good work. The dark stains on her garments were testament to what work that entailed.

"My... lord. The grisly deed is complete. The Four Horsemen have scattered, and the rebellion has been silenced. Your rule through the eighth and seventh circles is complete. Already, the Age of Flesh has transformed the lowest circles in your image, turning the stone to a pulsing, living thing." Azalea kept her voice low. Though her eyes were ever vigilant, her tails moving every which way, her eyes themselves were unfocused.

"You've done well, my pet Pride. Your brothers and sisters could learn from your example. With this power you have stolen, you've grown beyond my original expectations. As a reward, I shall bestow upon you this," the young-looking God said, reaching out and placing his palm atop her head. In a flash of crackling energy, the clothes Azalea wore mutated and changed. Her Haori remained, but turned an ashen grey, with the Division's symbol changing to the character Pride. Her Shihakushō, however, changed completely to a deep, nearly black, red, and become incredibly skin-tight, to the point that every aspect of her figure was visible through it. Thankfully, a brassier and underpants also grew, hiding her more personal parts. But, based on the sensations on her flesh, she knew these were undergarments meant to be degrading, far too risque to show anyone. Even her wife (or, perhaps, former wife now, seeming how Azalea had just destroyed their home on the God's orders) would be too embarrassed by these.

But it wasn't just clothing the dark God gifted her. Azalea felt revitalized as negative reiatsu poured into her body from his touch. She felt better than she had in years. Her old strength was returned to her, after it had deminished from her complete meltdown in Soul Society. But, after all this time, she finally had adequate control of her Zanpakuto. They'd come to terms about her feelings to Tanua, and these six equals of hers.

Azalea raised her head, to look at Tanua. But, her vision felt wrong. He looked... different. Azalea reached up and rubbed her eye, but flinched when her vision remained unchanged. Tentatively, reach reached across the bridge of her nose, reaching behind her hair. There, she felt a soft mass behind a layer of skin. Closing her eyes, Azalea could still see her fingers, and the God smiling benevolently down at her.

"I returned it to you. My child, who had been blind so long, I grant you back what is rightfully yours. And such beautiful eyes you have, my little Nocens. Now, do as you wish. Soon... the walls of this prison shall fall."

Seventh Circle, five minutes ago

Azalea ran as hard as she could. She could hear the others behind her. Greed and Wrath were closest. She had lost sight of Envy and Lust some time ago. Gluttony and Sloth remained in the Eighth Circle with Tanua. Azalea continued running, her heart in her throat as she tried to escape.

Though Tanua said he trusted her, the other Sins detested Azalea. They called her 'False Pride' or 'Tanua's pet' but never Azalea. Thankfully, never Nocens either. The Six Sins made it a point to keep tabs on her, but Azalea was the fastest. However... In terms of long distance running, Wrath was almost her equal. And Sloth... in short bursts, he exceeded her in speed and power.

The one advantage Azalea had currently was they did not know where she was going. And her knowledge of the Seventh Circle's layout was next to useless since no landmarks existed in this fleshy cave. The soft ground, however, squished and left traces when she moved.

But, Azalea was close. Just another hundred meters... She heard voices behind her as she turned a corner. With one last burst of speed, Azalea flung herself forward towards the dead end...

Seireitei, in front of the Eastern Gate, now

And skidded face first across stone tiles. Men and women screamed at her sudden appearance. Her many tails, eyes roving around, spoke only tales of monsters and beasts. She was instantly surrounded by armed Shinigami and Giants. She lifted her head slightly, coughing.

"Kenpachi... Azalea, requesting permission to enter Seireitei?"

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