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Meili Yan Baozhai, Heir to the Baozhai [WIP]

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Meili Yan Baozhai, Heir to the Baozhai [WIP]

Post by Meili Yan Baozhai on Sun Nov 11, 2018 9:02 pm

The Basics

Name: Meili Yan Baozhai
English Translation: Graceful Swallow Stockade of Treasures
Species: Oni
Race: Shinigami
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: June 25th, 1693
Appearance Age: 12
Actual Age: 325
Organization and Rank: Rightful heir to the Baozhai, Gotei trainee

Height: 5'7
Weight: 214 lbs
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Amber with slit pupils
General Appearance: Meili Yan Baozhai, despite her young age, stands at five feet seven inches tall. Her blonde hair flows down her back, ending just below her rear. Being an Oni, Meili has two long, thin horns sprouting from her forehead. They curve straight upwards, giving her an added two inches to her height, and despite being black throughout, the tips are a bright red. Her face has several red, tattoo-like markings. Beneath her eyes are two parallel red lines, each one spaced roughly half an inch apart from another. Between her horns is a tattoo of a vertical eye, the outline in thick, red ink, with the inside in thin, black ink.

Meili has a red “choker” tattoo adorned around her neck. Two thin thin red lines encase many red circles that wrap around her neck. She has one long, swirling tattoo adorned across both of her arms, each one wrapping around each arm, clockwise on her left arm, and counterclockwise on her right. Both tattoos end just before her wrists. Her thin, lithe body is otherwise free of blemishes. Her budding breasts are but a gentle reminder of her femininity.

Her normal outfit, as she is not an official member of the Gotei, is entirely custom, provided by the Baozhai family, and she wears two layers of clothing. Her bottom-most layer is a simple, white leotard, with black border lines at the top-most portion of it, which ends a few inches before her collarbone, revealing a good portion of her chest while still covering her budding breasts. The outer layer of her outfit is an ornate, bright yellow kimono, which is just long enough to end just part way through her thighs. The sleeves of the kimono are decorated with several flower designs. The sash of the kimono is a light lavender color, and the ends, like the kimono sleeves, are decorated with several flower designs.

The Psyche

Redeeming Qualities: These are things about your character's personality that make them better liked or at least appreciated by those around them. All characters should have at least two traits that are positive. Each trait should be a sentance or more long.
Negative Qualities: All people have parts of their personality that people just do not like. What are these annoying, or sometimes downright evil, traits? Please use at least two negative traits.
Likes: What does your character like? Please have at least three.
Dislikes: What does your character dislike? Please have at least three.
Personal Habits: Optional. Does your character have any particular habits, whether on the battle-field or off?
Goals: These are both optional.
Short-term Goals: Short-term goals can be completed in less than one to five years.
Long-term Goals: These are goals in excess of five years to achieve.
General Personality: Describe the character's personality. Are they kind, aggressive, a compulsive liar? Three to five sentences mininum.
Something Special: Optional. Something special does not fall into any of the above sections. This would be entirely unique, that sets them apart completely. An example would be unique implants that affect their vision or an extremely sensative sense of smell.

The Power

Zanpakutō Name: Sōkōneko (Currently unknown to Meili)
Zanpakutō Name Translation: Armored Cat

Sealed Zanpakutō: Sōkōneko appears to be a somewhat ornate kerambit.
Release Phrase: What phrase must be spoken to activate Shikai?

Shikai Appearance: What does Shikai look like?
Shikai Ability: What does your Shikai do? If anything.

Bankai Name: What is the name of your Bankai? Filling out this area does not guarentee the ability to use Bankai.
Bankai Appearance: What does your Bankai look like?
Bankai Ability: What ability or boost does Bankai give you?

The Spirit

Spirit Appearance: Describe the physical appearance of your Spirit.
Spirit Personality: To any degree of detail, describe the Spirit's personality using a similar format as used for your character.
Inner World: Describe the landscape of your Inner World.

The Past
History: Cover everything. If your character has lived hundreds of years, we expect hundreds of years of history. If it is mentioned in the above sections, describe it in the history of how it came to be.

Major Events Timeline: Here will be a brief timeline of major events in your characters life. This is to make is easier to locate said events and place you in the site's own timeline. Events to consider are: birth, death, promotion, race change, unlocking your ability and second ability, or any other significant, person events in your character's life.

Roleplaying Sample: Optional. Must be used for any position of authority or high rank. It must be done for the character you are applying for.
Meili Yan Baozhai
Meili Yan Baozhai

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