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Afterlyfe (Open)

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Afterlyfe (Open)

Post by Echidna on Tue Oct 09, 2018 9:44 pm

Echidna looked around. She didn't recognize anything,  but that meant nothing. Everything looked tge same to her,  all the too-crowded streets. She knew she was still in the Southern Rukongai,  this afterworld for the dearly departed. It was different from her imagination, and in the days since her passing she had been learning of this world from those who lived here.

The Rukongai was basically the slums of a massive city.  And the center of the city is where the power lay. So,  she had been steadily making her way there. Which,  was not easy,  having to hobble around with a make-shift crutch.

Her leg was gone,  and apparently this world relied on a currency called Kan. She would have to work to earn Kan to buy what she needed. These last few days,  she had to charm storeowners to give her food,  as apparently only those with strong spiritual energy like herself needed to eat. Her damaged Fullbring could currently only score her misshapened produce or nearly expired meats,  which she ate with old tea that was going to be dumped anyways. With such spartan meals, she knew she was losing weight. Coupled with her missing leg, her powers were severely limited.

The Fullbringer used a broken piece of wood as a crutch,  taken from a stall that had collapsed. Her progress was painfully slow,  and she had no idea how far away the center of the city was. Tgis 'Seireitei' place. Where nobility and Shinigami lived. She wondered how she would make her way into their hierarchy. Would her powers be enough to woo a noble? Or perhaps a Shinigami? She knew she lacked the power to ensnare a Captain,  but maybe she could capture someone weaker and have them introduce her to others,  so she could network her way to a position of power.

She'd heard rumors that Shinigami possessed power and technology far beyond what lay out here. She secretly wondered if there was anything in the City that would restore her true powers.
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Re: Afterlyfe (Open)

Post by Echidna on Mon Nov 05, 2018 1:04 pm

It had taken her ages, but she finally made it. The street before her was wide and clear of debris, and relatively nice homes and shops lined the streets. These were not the stalls she had grown familiar with, but actual buildings with glass windows displaying the owner's wares.

The First District. And, towering above it all, was the Gate. An enormous structure whose size boggled the mind. Beyond it, lay the heart of this society of souls. Where the power lay.

Rumors and hearsay had abound throughout Rukongai, filling Echidna's head with tales of a seeming paradise beyond the gate. Some claimed those on the other side lived lives of luxury and excess. Others claimed Shinigami were able to achieve powers close to godliness if they lived long enough within the walls. But, nobody on this side actually knew what went on over the Gates.

But Echidna knew that she couldn't just pass through of her own volition. A keeper guarded the gate at all times, and to force entry would entail beating the Gatekeeper and crossing without being caught by Shinigami in the process. Not that any normal Human could lift such a large gate to begin with.

To cross into this Seireitei, she needed to be invited. Either personally by someone of power or wealth on the other side, or by completing the curriculum of the Shinōreijutsuin, commonly called the Shinigami Academy.

But, would she be able to? She wasn't a normal Human, after all. As a Fullbringer, her soul was fundamentally different. She drew on powers awakened by the reiatsu of Hollows that tainted her ancestry. Could a Fullbringer, even as weakened as she was, pass this Academy's tests? She knew not what they were, but she knew that somehow the training and lessons molded one's soul into a Shinigami.

Could the proud Fullbringer debase herself like that, even temporarily, to restore her power? Could she sacrifice what little she had left to regain everything she lost? Was it even possible?

She knew the only way to find out would be to walk forward. To approach the Gate and initiate contact with whatever guardian or Shinigami protected it on this November day.

Her clothes torn and dirty, her pure skin darkened by dust and sweat from nearly a month of limping to her future, Echidna approached the Southern Gate with her chin high and a broken board serving as a crutch in place of her missing leg.

To live with pride... I'll sacrifice everything, she thought.
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Re: Afterlyfe (Open)

Post by Hanzō Judai on Fri Nov 30, 2018 11:24 am

Hanzō looked around idly. He wasn't officially on duty, but had been walking past when the guard had asked him to take his place for a few minutes. Apparently, the man had drank too much before his shift, and his relief wasn't due for another hour, the Human had said. The Human in question was an unseated member of 11th Division, and from the way he continually shifted about, Hanzō felt the man couldn't wait much longer.

Unorthodox as it was, the Lieutenant of 2nd agreed to watch the gate until the man's return. After all, Hanzō could sympathize with the plight. It happened to everyone, after all, from time to time, and gate watch duty was a long and boring one.

Hanzō had only intended to watch the gate for a few minutes at most, since he did have things to do. Probably. It honestly wasn't very clear. Absentmindedly, he rubbed his arm, which bore faint scars. He suppose he should have been annoyed or angry about how long the guard was taking, but couldn't bring himself to be. In fact... It had been some time since he felt anger of any sort. Or annoyance. The guard was simply taking longer than expected. That's all there was to it.

Hanzō raised his eyes from the ground as he felt somebody approach. It was a dirty human woman, hobbling along with a wooden plank as a crutch for her missing leg. The combination of her appearance and injury suggested she was poor, and based on her lack of Shihakushō, she was not a Shinigami. Hanzō stepped forward, drawing his beautiful sword from her sheath and held the sword at an angle across the small doorway.

"Entrance to Seireitei is forbidden unless accompanied by, or holding a letter of permission from, a Shinigami or Noble. Do you have your letter?"
Hanzō Judai
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Re: Afterlyfe (Open)

Post by Sponsored content

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