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Afterlyfe (Opem)

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Afterlyfe (Opem)

Post by Echidna on Tue Oct 09, 2018 9:44 pm

Echidna looked around. She didn't recognize anything, but that meant nothing. Everything looked tge same to her, all the too-crowded streets. She knew she was still in the Southern Rukongai, this afterworld for the dearly departed. It was different from her imagination, and in the days since her passing she had been learning of this world from those who lived here.

The Rukongai was basically the slums of a massive city. And the center of the city is where the power lay. So, she had been steadily making her way there. Which, was not easy, having to hobble around with a make-shift crutch.

Her leg was gone, and apparently this world relied on a currency called Kan. She would have to work to earn Kan to buy what she needed. These last few days, she had to charm storeowners to give her food, as apparently only those with strong spiritual energy like herself needed to eat. Her damaged Fullbring could currently only score her misshapened produce or nearly expired meats, which she ate with old tea that was going to be dumped anyways. With such spartan meals, she knew she was losing weight. Coupled with her missing leg, her powers were severely limited.

The Fullbringer used a broken piece of wood as a crutch, taken from a stall that had collapsed. Her progress was painfully slow, and she had no idea how far away the center of the city was. Tgis 'Seireitei' place. Where nobility and Shinigami lived. She wondered how she would make her way into their hierarchy. Would her powers be enough to woo a noble? Or perhaps a Shinigami? She knew she lacked the power to ensnare a Captain, but maybe she could capture someone weaker and have them introduce her to others, so she could network her way to a position of power.

She'd heard rumors that Shinigami possessed power and technology far beyond what lay out here. She secretly wondered if there was anything in the City that would restore her true powers.
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