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Stat Upgrades(Training) Need grading~

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Stat Upgrades(Training) Need grading~

Post by Sithis Monomyth on Sun Sep 23, 2018 12:44 pm

Character Name:
Character Bracket: Sithis Monomyth
Current Stat Points:???
Current Perk Points:???
Current Technique Slots In Use:???
Link To Your Last Request: http://bleachdamnation.forumotion.com/t735-self-trainingtraining-thread#4334

What Are You Requesting?:
Links To Relevant Topics: Learning Mazazazh might be alive still. And not willing to take any chances. Sithis got right to training. for three weeks he spent training his Hakuda, Stepping, Endruance, stamina, speed, Strength, with two ton weights on his ankles, legs, wrists, arms and weight, that a total of 10 tons in total. I'll let the grader judge~ For improvements~

Sithis Monomyth
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Re: Stat Upgrades(Training) Need grading~

Post by Azalea on Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:12 pm

Skill increase denied. Reason being that your character is physically incapable of doing what you described in your training thread.

Beginner Hoho means that your character is only slightly faster than the average human. He would have the speed of perhaps an Olympic runner, definitely faster than a normal person, but nowhere near fast enough to do thousands of sets in a single day.

In addition, you lack the physical strength to carry, let alone move, under the weight of your training weights. Unarmed combat is your general strength and fighting skill, and gives you an idea of how strong you are physically. At intermediate strength, you are comparable to the strongest human man. The most weight ever lifted by a single man was slightly over six thousand pounds, or three tons, but that was a backlift using every muscle in the legs and torso. Your character is stated to have been using 2 tons on the limbs and waist. Your character would die from that much weight, which is over three times their total limit.

Lastly, your single post supposedly covers 3 straight weeks of training, which means your character would not be allowed to participate in threads for the next three weeks, since Damnation uses real time. The day a thread is started is the day it takes place.

For an example of how to train under more realistic setting, you can read Hanzo's training experience, found here. Hanzo began as a recruit level character, the weakest you can be, and trained himself up through a few tiers. He should provide an adequate example.

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