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Osamu, Shinigami

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Osamu, Shinigami Empty Osamu, Shinigami

Post by Osamu on Sat Sep 15, 2018 1:54 pm

Squad Three
Osamu, Shinigami Osamup10


Name: Osamu.
Apparent Age: 23.
Actual Age: 100.
Squad: Third.
Rank: Captain.

Eye Color: Steel Blue.
Hair Color and Style: Well kept, ink black strands tied together with a white silk ribbon.
Clothing and Accessories: Shihakusho overlaid with a short sleeved third squad haori.
Generalized Appearance: Lithe and nimble, narrow and graceful. All the decadence and sensibility of his noble birthright with the refined and dangerous edge of his Shinigami training. Everything about his person is streamlined for efficiency and ease, right down to the short sleeved haori and even the Shunko resistant farmers beneath even his shihakusho. His ink black hair is tied with a fashionable strip of expensive white silk. His steel eyes pry with unyielding presence.
Pressure Analysis:A presence at peace. Disciplined and reserved, he forbids any emotional presence to pollute his spiritual being.

Overall Personality: Rough around the edges describes him well. There’s lots of pleasure to be found in getting under someone’s skin, and even more in buckling the opposition at the knees. To be fair, he sets his mind and little else but the hand of god can divert his chosen course. When one performs, he must strive not only for efficiency, but mastery. To him, he’s the pinnacle of what it means to be a Shinigami, and he’d have it no other way.

Positive Traits: Refined, disciplined, calculating, straightforward, relentless.
Negative Traits: Distant, cold, treacherous, deceptive, heavy handed.

Loyalties: Primarily himself. At the end of the day, honor is meaningless if you’re dead. The Shimazu’s place in relation to the other houses of nobility is of utmost importance, even if those werewolf scum permeate his once pure bloodline. They will be dealt with in time. Lastly, and perhaps most controversially, the Gotei. In the grand scheme of things, the Gotei and its mission come tertiary.

Goals: First and foremost, this cursed blade of his must be properly conquered, its secrets and powers revealed. The grip it has on his mind will, in time, lessen.

Second, what a disgrace that a Shimazu separate from the Stealth Force! History has always favored a Shimazu commander, perhaps it’s time for a change in leadership.

Finally, to become the face of Shinigami Kido as Seireitei’s foremost expert on magical castings would cement his name in Shimazu history.

Habits: An expert analyst, he’s rarely caught off guard. The nature of his job necessitates that he read up on, perhaps even investigate and study not only his enemies, but even allies alike.

Snapshots:Born to the Shimazu clan in Seireitei.
Underwent private Shinigami training beginning at age 6.
Inherited Andromeda, the family Zanpakuto at age 10.
Became Head of the Shimazu at age 16.
Private training concludes, joins Spiritual Arts Academy at age 18.
Graduates the Academy and joins the Second Division at age 24.
Fifth Seat by age 28.
Lieutenant by age 50.
Captain by age 75.
Reigning Captain for the past 25 years.

Overarching History:

The Boy
Born to the Shimazu, one of Seireitei’s four great noble families, he’d always had preferential treatment. Thankfully so, for by the time he inherited his father’s blade Andromeda, his father was close to passing. Before long, the weight of the Shimazu — their name, and place in history, all lied on him. Together, with this cursed heirloom blade of his, he’d forge a path through the ranks of the Shinigami to a position appropriate to bring about his vision

Despite the limitations posed by possessing a blade with only a single release, it was customary for the rules to be bent in honor of a noble bloodline. The embarrassment of such a crutch brings about an even greater fire to solve the mystery of this single staged zanpakuto. One way or another, he’d bring about a name for the Shimazu. A title of Captain is only the basis of such a journey, one he certainly could no longer do on his own.

The Blade
Andromeda, a cursed blade passed down from head to head of the Shimazu main family for as long as time’s been recorded, and perhaps even longer. It’s often said the real name of the weapon has been lost to the centuries, evident by the obvious difference in naming structure common among Shinigami. Evidence of this belief is it’s incredible Shikai ability, which many in the family argue is sufficient as a Bankai itself.

The spirit which governs the blade is a wicked one. Unlike other spirits which are reflections of the Shinigami who wield them, this blade was not forged of Osamu’s spirit. This blade is not his. It is not his other half. It is a hellbent entity of hatred, emptiness, and separation. It’s ability is proof. It may as well be a wild beast compared to the standard model of blade, spirit, and ability. Such an errant blade, such a deviant blade... it is his duty to claim it, as his father before him, and his father before him. He entered Shinigami life with the advantage of already knowing the name and release phrase of his weapon, yet never was e prepared for the disadvantage of the rampant spirit within.

Inner Spirit: Andromeda, the spirit of this cursed heirloom, is quite unremarkable. His form is that of a featureless silhouette given humanoid form. Whether it can speak or simply refuses is up for debate, and it surely doesn’t seem much interested in the daily lives of any of its masters, past or present.
Inner World: A completely empty vacuum. Depending on Osamu’s mental state, he either floats peacefully or seems to plummet downward uncontrollably. Despite the lack of landscape and light, as is the nature of such things, there’s little problem found in seeing or maneuvering around this space.
Sealed Zanpakuto: As a relic from the ages undocumented in Seireitei’s past, it has an appearance to match. Wrapped in worn strips of violet silk, the blade’s long once graceful form was desecrated with a number of nicks and dings. A pallid black scabbard houses his ancestral weapon, holding it and its abilities at bay.
Release Command: Break.
Released Zanpakuto: A cosmic long sword, an amethyst, black, and blue and every color in between aura shimmers around the phantom blade’s form.
Release Ability: A single strike from the sealed blade is all it takes to trigger Andromeda’s incredible ability. Intentionally triggered most invariably as his first strike, the sword phases through the enemy, doing no damage. From that point, the opponent is considered marked, storing a portion of their spirit energy within the blade. All who are attacked in this way succumb to the effect upon release. When released, color drains from the world, and the background shifts to a sudden halt. All unaffected by his ability are frozen in time, separated from Osamu and those affected in a separate, untouchable instance. Their battle continues in yet a separate instance of space and time, the results of which appear in an instant to outsiders looking at the scene. All battles are reduced, then, to appearing to take place in but only a moment.

While powerful, the prior ability is merely performance. A flashy ability that only onlookers experience. The true power lies in its secondary ability. As the blade contains the fundamental spirit energies of affected opponents, so too does the blade design an edge perfectly matched for reducing those affected by its primary ability to ribbons. This advantage includes the individuals themselves, along with any spiritual attacks thrown his way.

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Osamu, Shinigami Empty Re: Osamu, Shinigami

Post by Lanying Baozhai on Wed Jan 09, 2019 11:23 pm

Approved for Advanced Lieutenant tier. You have 6 skill points to use, and your base skill level is Intermediate, and your max skill level is Expert.

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Lanying Baozhai

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Osamu, Shinigami Empty Re: Osamu, Shinigami

Post by Osamu on Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:59 pm

Armed Expert
Spiritual Expert
Perception Intermediate
Hoho Intermediate to Advanced (Human Perk)

For subjects caught in Andromeda’s ability, not only are their subsequent encounters, however long, reduced to taking place in the span of a single moment. But also, too, does Osamu receive advantage against whoever enters Andromeda’s domain. Against those caught inside his ability, all attacks against opponents operate under his current Spiritual Combat, plus one.

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Osamu, Shinigami Empty Re: Osamu, Shinigami

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