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Post by Cat on Fri Jul 13, 2018 7:38 am

Nobody notices the lone black-garbed figure sidling suspiciously from the shadows of a convenient alley. Why should they? This is Zaraki: the infamous 80th district, where such things are commonplace, after all. Eyes that alight upon the shrouded figure dart hastily away and the bodies they belong to shuffle quicker as spectators suddenly happen to recall sudden and pressing engagements. She allows them this boon in her generosity. It is not the movements of peasants that concern her, for she is after other quarry.

The ones that walked BEFORE.

Gathering energy to herself, Cat blurs into a flurry of motion--claws extending to slash haphazardly at what appears to be empty air; yet is anything BUT. No, her targets are the independent particles of reishii themselves, specifically those particles that she had interacted with on several past visits to this area...though not necessarily in their current form.


The output of energy is tremendous, straining her upper limits. Hazy outlines appear one after the other, gaining weight and substance and people begin popping out of thin air itself. Literally.

She does not look at the half remembered faces of her ex-victims as history is rewritten to recall each one to life once more. Their faces do not matter. Who they are as people do not matter; not as much as what their current unexpected presence represents. So many 'new' souls entering into existence would surely tip the balance, giving Soul Society's various divisions a big enough distraction to focus on while she readied the main assault.

Heck, maybe they would even blame the Quincy again for this new turn of events and spark of yet another pointless War where she and her second-in-command Morrigan could sweep in and start picking up the pieces. Regardless of what would follow, and with a certain furry Captain currently out of commission; it bought them enough time to proceed to the second phase of the plan. She turns to her similarly-garbed companions, waiting further back in the alley's overhang.

"Morrigan. Truglidine. You know what to do,"

The assault upon Seiretei had begun.
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