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Young Blood (Open)

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Young Blood (Open)

Post by Va'tet on Fri Jul 06, 2018 10:44 pm

Va'tet sat in the master bedroom of the Tsuyosa Estate. The last person to live in these rooms had been the adopted daughter of her distant nephew. She had been Human. In fact, all of the Tsuyosa Family that lived were Human, aside from her nephew's Giant daughter, Ao. Unlike her.

She was the head of a dying Noble family now. A family that was alien to her. Even before her mission, the Tsuyosa Family were not close to her, as she had spent most of her time with Ma'kine training. And since her announcement this morning, they had withdrawn further from her. According to Muerte, there was talk of getting her removed from the Family.

"After reading about the state of the Tsuyosa Family's affairs, I have decided that the Family cannot handle their own affairs, and I sent a missive to Veratrax Peak requesting any Vastine Amorte to come and live among the Family. I offer them political say in our finances, political dealings and trade to any Vastine Amorte controlled mountains beyond the Rukongai."

It had been the simpliest solution in her mind. The Tsuyosa Family had even worse birthrates than her home mountain. Fresh blood being welcomed into the Family would bolster the numbers, and Vastine Amorte had vast riches in ores and gemstones. She had sent similar missives to the other three Noble Families, as well as to the Vassals of Tsuyosa, seeking anyone who wished to undergo the bloodpact to become members of the Tsuyosa. She even made a point to send one personally to the former head's almost-husband.
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