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The New Lieutenant (Open)

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The New Lieutenant (Open)

Post by Hanzō Judai on Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:57 am

Hanzo shifted his shoulders, looking at himself in the mirror. He'd gained quite a bit of muscle these last few months, and any softness in his face and body was gone, leaving chiseled muscle behind. His white hair had gotten longer hanging to his shoulders and his big round ears stuck up and twitched as he listened to the sounds of his apartment building. Biting his lip in thought, the Shapeshifter discarded his usual blue pants and reddish-orange shirt, donning his work uniform. At his hip, he tied his beautiful Asauchi, the blade and scabbard both polished to nearly mirror brilliance. Then, before he went out the door, he pulled the black and gold ceramic helmet over his head.

As Hanzo made his way through Seireitei to the Second Division, he elected not to use Shunpo. Instead, he walked slowly, feeling an odd mixture of pleasure and nervousness. He had officially submitted his acceptance of the second seat to his Captain earlier that week, claiming he finally felt powerful enough to have earned the position so graciously offered. A few months under the Kenpachi's watchful eye had made him stronger, better, faster than ever before. He lamented as he walked, however, that he had neglected any usage of Kido, but rationalized that the Kenpachi was the last person to ask for such lessons. But she had helped immensely with his performance of the sword and actual combat, and for that he was grateful. 

He also felt really confident for the first time in ages. He looked and felt good and he knew his Asauchi was more beautiful than most Zanpakuto. But the constant nagging voice in his mind called depression and anxiety reminded him that he was the only member of the seated class without a Shikai. And to that voice, he argued that he could fight on par with those others, even without his Shikai release! And nowhere did it claim you needed a Shikai to be a seated officer!

As Hanzo rambled through these types of thoughts on his way to the second Division to meet with his Captain to receive his badge and new position officially, he began humming a tune, singing it half-aloud. "All the problems/ make me wanna go/ like a bad girl/ straight to video/ little Devi/ welcome to the show/ you're a failure/ playing in stereo~" And as he walked, he didn't even notice the blip in his speech.
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