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Zlaana New'wtonianna [Togaburrito] - WIP Empty Zlaana New'wtonianna [Togaburrito] - WIP

Post by ▲Zlaana New'wtonianna▼ on Thu Nov 14, 2013 5:43 pm


Name Zlaana New'wtonianna
Date of Birth July 17th
Year of Birth 1797

Age 217
Age of Appearance Early to mid 20's
Gender Female

Appearance Zlaana stands about five foot, seven inches tall, with a 127 lb. build. Zlaana's hair is a deep blue color that falls straight down to the top of her rear, with a small bang of hair that falls in front of her face and is also colored orange. Her eyes are probably the most striking feature of Zlaana, as her sclera is entirely black. The other component (whose identity as an iris or a pupil is unknown), are a similar blue to her hair, and triangular in shape. The (our) left eye's triangle points up, while the one on the right points downwards. Her ears each contain a gold triangular earring, the metal going directly though her ear, as opposed to dangling on little hooks. The earrings themselves also face opposite directions, which happen to be the opposite direction of the eye that it shares a cranial hemisphere with. Around her neck is what appears as a white penrose triangle despite the impossibility of such a shape, thin as if it were one of her earrings blown up to a higher size, but white and not of a shiny texture, the remnants of her mask from when she was a Hollow. Her lips are a deep orange in color, a natural coloring as opposed to lipstick.

The Hollow hole below her collar is a remnant of her time as an Arrancar, just as odd as the rest of her appearance as it is also triangular as opposed to round, pointing downwards towards her visible cleavage. Her outfit is not exactly one of a prude, a tight gray shirt and dress and goes far down one leg but leaves little fabric on the other side, to the point that if she moved her legs out enough, she could most likely flash her underwear at anyone looking, not that she seemed to care about modesty with how skimpy her outfit is. She wears an orange belt around her waist that accentuates her body's shape. The fabric of her outfit looks to be made of interlocking triangles that are not easy to spot at first. Along each wrist are three triangular bracelets of similar style to her earrings, but not a single one aligned correctly to another one. A few inches of chain hangs from each of the bracelets, a distinctive sign of her status as a Togabito. Her shoes are gray and black high heels, but they do not impede her motions in anyway, as if she were wearing comfortable sneakers instead. All in all, she has a very distinctive look that seems to go out of its way to establish its triangular theme.

Zlaana New'wtonianna [Togaburrito] - WIP GtMT5ub

Plus whatever other alterations are needed (Hollow hole, mask remnant, etc.) to make it match my written description.


Positive Traits
Inquisitive Zlaana loves experimenting and testing her abilities, although her favorite test subjects are innocent humans so most others would not view this research in the same way that she does. She is not exactly doing any scientific research, more like a cat that kills a small rodent or bird not for food, but just to see if it can.
Self-reliant Zlaana does not rely on anyone else to get by, she just does what she needs to to assert her independence. While this tends to make friends and alliances unviable, Zlaana does not believe them to be that important in the long run, anyway.
Intelligent While Zlaana's vocabulary tends to lean more towards simple and brash language, she is actually quite cunning and able to think up good battle strategies using her powers at a moments notice. This allows her many good opportunities to outdo opponents that are stronger than her if they are not capable of keeping up with the strategies that she concocts.
Fearless The trembling of knees is not something Zlaana has ever succumbed to, her mind knows not the idea of what fear of cowardice is. Anyone who lets a fear get to them is only a pathetic coward as far as she is concerned, no matter the circumstance.
Zealotry Zlaana is always eager to kill or maim or torture, so long as she gets to have fun while doing it. There is very little that would make Zlaana turn away from an opportunity to cause pain and death upon anyone. Just the prospect is enough to pull her out of a bad mood and get her worked up and eager to slaughter indiscriminately.

Negative Traits
Arrogant Zlaana is quite high on herself, believing she is good enough to take on most anyone. This led to her sister getting killed and could easily lead to the same fate for herself if she makes a similar mistake. While she recognizes that there are beings much more powerful than her, she believes that it is possible for her to beat them herself due to her cunning and abilities, no matter how strong they are. The fact that her twin sister was killed does not at all effect her own arrogance, despite their obvious near-identicality.  
Not Perceptive Zlaana tends not to notice certain things, sometimes things that should be quite obvious. She is usually cunning enough to handle them if/when she does notice them, but until she does it can lead to disadvantages. This is greatly exacerbated by her weak reiatsu perception abilities, to the point where she and her sister have attacked spiritually aware humans thinking that they were just normal, weak mortals.
Cruel Caring is not something Zlaana is known for. In her mind, people that are not her are not important; hollow, Arrancar, Shinigami, human, it does not matter at all. She will kill indiscriminately just to amuse herself or enjoy the reaction the murder causes. Even crueler are her methods of killing. As long as the victim is weak enough, Zlaana's powers will basically turn them into a bloody pile of pulp and gore.
Disloyal Alliances are not for Zlaana, although she has no problem saying what the person wants to hear if it will help her accomplish a goal of hers. Usually, though, she just does not make allies, only enemies and victims.
Vulgar/Rude Let's just say that Zlaana has no qualms with using harsh language in basically any situation. So pretty much just keep the kids out of earshot of her or else you might have to explain one or two dozen new words to them and why not to use them. To compound her vulgarity, Zlaana will not hesitate to be rude to anyone, regardless of any rank or expectation of expect.
Ill-tempered Zlaana has a fuse far shorter than is desired; the smallest annoyance can set her off and incite the vulgar vocabulary she houses on the tip of her tongue at all times. This can lead to her losing concentration on what is important if she gets riled up by an opponent.

Killing The sole acts that fuels this Togabito, the killing of anyone and everyone, innocent or damned, young or old, kind or cruel. None of those matter to her, she kills with no remorse for anyone or anything.
Blood Blood is like the candy in a piñata for Zlaana, a prize for a successful assault of a being. The larger the geyser, the stronger her attack, as far as she is concerned, while a slowly oozing puddle spreading from a fresh slaughter is more of a disappointing slower kill.
Power Unlike most beings that crave power, she does not want it for the ability to subjugate others to her will, merely to get that much better at killing and to be capable of killing even stronger opponents.
Destruction Causing the physical collapse of structures and homes and buildings bring great pleasure to this Togabito. The cacophony of concrete and other building materials crashing down is like the opening act to her murderous performance.
Mayhem To go along with the destruction, the suffering that is wrought from it is utterly delightful. There is nothing more pleasing than breaking a being's spirit before she breaks their physical form.
Herself It's not narcissism when it's true, as Zlaana would say. Perhaps she does not think of herself as a perfect being, but push come to shove, she would not place anyone else aove herself.

As redundant as it may be, Zlaana gets no joy from anything other than the sweet sensation of ending someone's life in a triangular crater or just causing them to be wracked with devastating pain. The pained laments of her tortured victims are more music to her ears than any instrument could ever hope to achieve, her own sadistic laughter being her usual call for an encore. There is nothing that could ever hope to compare, nothing that reaches that same level of elation that comes when she ends a life, stares at that momentary look of pure shock before the victim is reduced to a pile of bloody pulp on the ground.

Responsibility A terrible curse would be set upon anyone that dared to issue responsibility to this Togabito, a curse o her power smashing them to particles. Zlaana does what she wants on her own schedule and cares nothing for anyone else.
Others Allies are for the weak, and the weak assume much of her ire. Other beings are only good for dying to her powers, visceral and gory. With no need for friends or allies, Zlaana sees other beings merely as puppets that can bleed and die, no more important than any statue.
Kindness It might be shocking to learn, but Zlaana is not a kind person nor does she care for kindness in others. Being able to break acts of kindness is one of the many many reasons she would kill a person, even if it was a significantly weaker being.
Humans The weak, pathetic race of the world, so pathetic as to be mostly unaware of the rest of the spiritual world. Zlaana feels as if they are the mosquitoes of the sentient races, no purpose other than to be squashed.
Shinigami Order. The Shinigami represent order and the boring obnoxiousness that comes with it. Humans are pathetic in their obliviousness, but Shinigami are explicitly arrogant and prideful in all the worst ways, as far as the Togabito is concerned.
Weakness Weakness is the quickest way to meet a demise at the hands of Zlaana. There is no mercy or pity for the weak, merely death. Sometimes a painful death to drill the point across, sometimes a quick death to show off the gap in power that their weakness lead to, it all depends on Zlaana's mood and how much the display of weakness angers her.

Zlaana does not rely on others and certainly does not let others rely on her, or allow for situations where someone else could rely on her. She is independent and would sooner kill a person than let them even deign to think of her as an ally. She has no friends, no allies, no comrades, no one other than herself. Even the act of weakness in others enrages her, to the point where the murder she would inflict upon them would not be for her own enjoyment, but to soothe her own rage at their display of cowardice. Zlaana is always quick to act and choose, and is therefore impatient when it comes to the decisions of other beings and spirits.

Motivations Killing, killing and more killing. Zlaana is not happy unless she is inflicting pain and murder on any and everyone. She has no longterm special goals other than to continue to bring painful misery to others, at any cost. She also likes ruining other's plans when she comes to learn about them, even willing to expend some effort to do so, despite her somewhat lazy nature.

Fears The only thing Zlaana consciously fears, is that her abilities will one day fail at killing a target and will instead end her afterlife for good. It is what caused her to become a Togabito in the first place, and now she no longer has a safety net below a being of Hell. As well, while she would never admit it, she is also afraid of a hypothetical time where no one is afraid of her ability to cause them pain or death. Other than that, fear is not something she concerns herself with, merely focusing on pleasure and strategic calculation in the few times that she goes up against an opponent capable of fighting around her level or even above.

Special Characteristics Zlaana loves to kill using her power, nothing pleases her more than watching innocent people react in shock for the split second of consciousness they have before their bodies are rendered into mush. Because of this, non-aware humans are her usual targets, as spiritually aware individuals are usually more durable and could possibly survive the encounter. Even if they were to die, their bodies would not be crushed into pulp which would not be as interesting to her, especially if they were not surprised when it happened.

Miscellaneous Traits

Extravert(33%)  Sensing(50%)  Thinking(1%)  Perceiving(67)%

  • You have moderate preference of Extraversion over Introversion (33%)
  • You have moderate preference of Sensing over Intuition (50%)
  • You have marginal or no preference of Thinking over Feeling (1%)
  • You have distinctive preference of Perceiving over Judging (67%)


Ability Name Her ability has no name, as she never deigned to give it one. In Zlaana's mind, she is the one with the power and giving it any sort of name would imply that the power stands on its own.
Ability Effects Zlaana's power involves the summoning of golden triangles upon any surface she chooses. Almost immediately after being summoned, the air in a triangular column perpendicular to the golden triangle collapses towards the golden one, a continuous stream of incredibly powerful force, as if gravity had been increased many hundreds of times over. While a triangle is being summoned, the triangles in Zlaana's eyes begin to spin, the left clockwise while the right one counterclockwise. These columns are able to be implemented in other ways/techniques, but for the most part, this is how her power is manifested.


Flesh and Blood: The Zlaana sisters were born in the year 1795 in a small rural area in upstate New York. Their real names have been lost to theirs and anyone else's memories, but it was an average family for the time period. They were identical twins in almost every way, the only difference to be discerned between the two of them was that one had a small triangular birthmark on her left upper thigh. That was the only way their parents could tell them apart when they were young, even as they grew up and became more than just little drooling creatures. Even their personalities were identical growing up, all one had to do was taste one food and whether they liked it or not, the other would always end up sharing the same opinion.

They lived the life of a simple farming family, their parents always worked hard to make sure the family was fed and had enough money to squeak by in the tumultuous times in which they lived. The two sisters did their best helping out with the farm work and the cooking whenever they could, although they were prone to complaining about all the work when things got rough, especially in the winter. While they were usually told to hush or threatened with punishment if they were to cease, their parents usually were just stating empty threats as they knew their daughter were working as hard as they can to help out.

When the War of 1812 broke out, the family dealt with a struggle worse than before. Due to their strategic location for the US, their farm's land was bought out for much less than it was truly worth, not at all enough for them to live on. With no home, the four members of the family wandered through the cold searching for somewhere they could stay for the small pittance the government had provided them with. Sadly, they found little. No inns in the surrounding villages had enough room to rent rooms out for cheap, so the family was forced to get menial jobs to have enough money to get by. The girls were around seventeen at this point, so working was no longer something that was unexpected for them, however they were not exactly treated kindly as women in this time period.

Food was scarce, money was gone as quick as it came, and sadly, that was the best of the situation at hand. When the girls were eighteen, their mother fell deathly ill with a sickness that kept her in bed and in extreme pain. Sadly, with her unable to work and their already tight finances, the family had no money to pay the local doctor to even look at her for a diagnosis. With no other options, one of the sisters came up with an idea that would get their mother the attention she needed, however awful the method was. The sister came up with the idea of offering herself to the doctor as a sexual favor in exchange for looking at their mother. However, for the first time ever, the other sister disagreed. She did not offer herself up in exchange, she just outright hated the idea of exchanging sex with an old pervert for something, no matter how much they needed it.

While the other sister was adamant in her unfortunate offer, she had been stalled while she tried to get her twin to be more reasonable and try to get a loan from the bank of one of their two bosses. However, soon desperation struck and as no loans were approved, the only thing to do was to give in and allow the torrid exchange to occur. With a solemn vow to get the doctor to come, but not divulging the details to her father, the one sister left and did not return until the next day, even though the doctor lived just down the street.

The news was devastating to them all, the disease had spread through too much of her body to be taken care of with medicine and it was just a matter of days until the illness would take her. The one sister blamed the other for delaying her in her duty, regardless of the fact that she was doing so to protect her from an unseemly act and find a much better way to pay the doctor. While it was bad enough living with the stress that her sister's rage applied onto her, the one sister also had the guilt of not getting their mother attention in time or offering to perform the indignity herself stacked upon that. It was the first time the girls had ever argued or disagreed, and it was a serious issue. Their father would have been a mediator, but he was stuck in a deep bout of repression as his wife ailed and eventually succumbed to her illness, he was less than helpful at diffusing their situation. The girls were never the same after that; where there once was two best friends now was only the cold stares of reluctant family members.

Things did not get any easier for them after that tragedy, as their father died less than a year later. While neither girl mentioned it to the other, they both knew that he truly died the same day as their mother, he just rotted away for the past year as a depressed husk of a man. Neither girl could get over their anger at the other one to ever take any time to try to relieve their father's suffering, they just let him wallow in it obliviously until the day his body finally caught up to his mind.

With the girls now on their own, the money issues became much worse for them. While the two less mouths meant that food cost less, it also meant that their income was nowhere near enough to cover the rent even on their small, dilapidated room, even with all the extra odd jobs they picked up. They both basically two hours a day sleeping, if that, and worked for the rest, seven days a week. With no way to pay for rent, the girls removed the last piece that had been keeping them together and went their own ways, living in the streets or wherever they could find shelter for cheap. Their jobs kept them busy, far more than was safe or healthy, each girl wondering how the other was holding up. A year or so after they separated, the pressure of their multiple jobs, as well as the exhaustion and starvation, eventually was too much on their poor bodies and they died within an hour of each other, not knowing the fate of their twin. They were buried separately in unmarked graves, as those that found them had no clue who they were.

The Beast Within Becomes the Beast Without: As their souls left their bodies, the two girls each felt regret that they had allowed their sister to go off on her own, instead of staying together like family members should have. While the spirits knew not the fate of the other one, they spent a long time searching for any sign of their sister, until the regret and longing ate away at them, and more direly, their soul chain. Each girl was now a Hollow, fittingly looking identical to the other except for a triangular mark that existed on one of the women. Even in their hunger fueled rage, the monsters searched, although not even knowing what they were looking for any longer. As they ate innocent humans to satiate the fervor in their minds and bodies, they also found themselves using mysterious powers to cause damage, destruction and even kill. Despite those kills preventing them from getting a meal, they found some perverse pleasure in reducing the people into piles of flesh.

Eventually, the drives of a hollow and their own sadistic desires led to what they had been searching for since their death, each other. However, this time they did not know each other as sisters, merely other monsters poaching meals and fun from the other. Neither even noticed that the other looked identical, as they were not fully sure what they themselves looked like, mirrors and reflections in general not being on a hollow's list of priorities. They fought and fought and fought, using the same powers to harm the other, until eventually the wanton display of reiatsu summoned another, much stronger Hollow to their battleground. However, this hollow made the mistake of fighting two angry opponents at once, thus getting outnumbered and eventually injured. The twins were not meaning to work together, they just happened to do so as they were being attacked, almost, but not quite, noticing how natural it felt to do so. This hollow aggressor fled back through the Garganta it had taken to get there, and the two girls followed behind it, as their bloodlust grew. It managed to escape from the two of them as they were not used to the sands of Hueco Mundo, leaving them both tired and hungry.

The two hollows then traveled through the desert, not necessarily intending to do so together, but doing so as they were both searching for the same thing. They eventually found that instead of human prey, they were capable of killing the stronger Hollows so long as they worked together to do so, a much larger feast than the small souls of the humans. They only really missed the fun they use to have with the humans they did not ingest, as the Hollows were too strong to be crushed by their powers. Soon the Hollows forgot that they were supposed to have been trying to kill each other and just continued killing together, enjoying the taste of the Hollow flesh.

As the decades passed, the twin hollows found that they did not mind working together all that much, it worked for them and allowed them better meals. Fittingly, they advanced through the lower ranks of Hollow at that exact same time, growing smaller and more humanoid as their power grew. And then one day, it happened; for some reason unknown to them, the compulsion overtook them from a subconscious voice in their minds, telling them to do something very specific. With no reason not to follow it, the two spun around and ripped the triangular masks of the face of the other, leaving naught but a small fragment around their necks.

The change was immediate, a welling up of power that represented the change from a Hollow to an Arrancar. Their sentience increased dramatically, leaving them both with a name floating in their minds, the same name for both of them, Zlaana. Where it came from or why they shared it was something they did not know, but neither was willing to give it up to the other. With their newfound intelligence came something else, the curiosity and joy they found in killing humans emerged as a cruel desire to continue killing. As well, while they still tended to stick together, they did not really care too much about one another, merely sticking together as it was convenient for each of them. As such, Zlaana was not too broken up when her twin recently died in the human world in a battle that looked quite intense. Revenge did not suit the surviving woman, nor did it her deceased twin, she merely would continue living, ignoring that nagging feeling of loss somewhere in her life.

Yet, all too soon after, her time came as well, blindsided by a more powerful Arrancar who was able to catch her offguard before she could manage a strategy. When she came to her senses after her second death, she found herself in the depths of Hell, reawakened as a Togabito, a role that strongly suited her, to the point where her powers and appearance barely even changed in the transfer. Whether it was the prostitution or the self-loathing for not believing in her sister that landed this sister in Hell, there was no way to tell, and thus no way to know which sister was which. Oddly, Zlaana had yet to find her identically named Hollowkin in Hell alongside her, but Hell was a large place and it was entirely possible that her murderous doppelganger merely had yet to show herself as opposed to her missing out on Hell entirely.

Roleplaying Sample

"That strength is impressive, that might have left a bruise if it had connected. But you're still going to die…painfully." Zlaana began, taunting her helpless opponent, "But do you know why I kill the way I do?" She queried. "Please, enlighten me. It's just more motivation to defeat you." the Shinigami responded, trying to analyze the reasoning for this sudden outburst of explanation. "I just live to see that look of sudden, unbridled terror on the target's face for that fleeting second before their body is crushed and crumpled beyond all recognition. Even better are the pained, fearful reactions of any other poor soul who just had to watch their loved one get obliterated. But of course, once the newness of that reaction wears off, they must meet the same fate, flattened like an ant beneath a boot. It's just so thrilling, it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!" Her sadistic words were paired with an unfitting saccharine tone, lending to a result that was sickly disturbing, a psychopath describing why they so enjoyed doing what they do, inflicting pain on others. "And soon, I'll get to revel in your reaction as I reduce you to a quivering hunk of flesh against the carpet." As soon as she spoke, the floor below the Shinigami collapsed. The reaper saw a triangle on the basement floor, hidden from view until it tore through the first floor, just as Zlaana had intended. Her exposition was just to set up a triangle in the basement where the Shinigami could not see it, and she hated to admit that the plan worked.

The Togabito's weak ability to sense Reiatsu was a bit of a weakness of hers, so she had no way of knowing if her opponent had been killed by that attack or was just injured badly. Either would be nice, but she somewhat hoped the Shinigami had survived that attack, she was not done with the battle just yet. "I hope you didn't die on me, Soul Reaper, I wanted to see your face when I killed you!" Zlaana exclaimed, laughing with a cruel inflection afterwards. Not waiting for a response, Zlaana leapt down into the darkness, her high heel landing right where the body of the Shinigami would be, but only feeling the shattered concrete of the basement where the girl had been. "I know you're alive now, you little bitch, now come out before I have to find you and make your death all that more painful for you. If you come out now, I'll make sure your death is quick and only very painful as opposed to extremely~!" That saccharine tone pervaded her voice again, oozing sadistic pleasure like an infected wound. She loved every minute of this, the infliction of pain and torture on her opponent, crushing their hopes and dreams at the same time as their body.
▲Zlaana New'wtonianna▼
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Zlaana New'wtonianna [Togaburrito] - WIP Empty Re: Zlaana New'wtonianna [Togaburrito] - WIP

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 22, 2016 9:12 pm

I reviewed this app again and noticed some minor spelling and grammar issues. As such, I can only reward you with a Tier of a Recruit. Sorry.

You've been awarded Captain Tier, enjoy your eternity in Hell.


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