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The Arrival of an American Shinigami. (Open)

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The Arrival of an American Shinigami. (Open)

Post by Grym Balthorn on Tue Apr 17, 2018 1:05 am

Grym Balthorn, receiving a mission some higher up, was sent to cull the number of hollows that have arrived in a place in North America, a place where it seems abandoned except for spirits, a literal ghost town in the world of the living, well lately not just those spirits have been vanishing, but some low ranking Shinigami have vanished as well so it's suspected that it's hollow activity, so a member of 11th squad was sent to dispatch them, the thing is that Grym wasn't sure if it was just him or would others be joining him, but it was an experience to not only go through the dangai with a hell butterfly, but also emerge in the world of the living, after what feels like decades.
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