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Skills, Interactions and Combat Left11Skills, Interactions and Combat Mid10Skills, Interactions and Combat Right11 

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Skills, Interactions and Combat Left11Skills, Interactions and Combat Mid10Skills, Interactions and Combat Right11 
Skills, Interactions and Combat Left11Skills, Interactions and Combat Mid10Skills, Interactions and Combat Right11 

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Skills, Interactions and Combat

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Skills, Interactions and Combat Empty Skills, Interactions and Combat

Post by Azalea on Thu Apr 05, 2018 2:45 pm

The five Core Skills are Armed, Unarmed and Spiritual Combats, Hoho and Reiatsu Perception. Shinigami possess the Hado, Bakudo, Kaido, and Shunko Skills. Vizards have the unique skill Mask Duration, which in turn grants access to Hollow Skills while in use.  Hollows and Arrancars possess Hierro, Regeneration, Cero and the Bala. Quincy have the Blut Vene, Blut Arteie and Spellcraft. Togabito have Chain MasteryHellflame Control and Hell Disguise. Fullbringers have Soul Manipulation and Fullbring Transference. As you can see, there are many Skills available in Damnation, and this thread will explain what these skills are and how they interact with each other.

The Core Skills

Firstly is Armed Combat. The most common form of fighting, Armed Combat encompasses any weapon used offensively. Examples of these can range from the Shinigami's Zanpakuto, to a human picking up a stick and fighting with it. Higher levels in this Skill denote greater finesse with weapons and the ability to use the weapon more efficiently offensively and defensively. 

Next is Unarmed Combat. This is when only the physical body itself is used, such as hands, arms, legs, tails and so on. Higher levels in this Skill denote greater physical strength rather than grace. Most of the time, Unarmed Combat is a show of brute force, however some people are masters of hand-to-hand combat due to skill rather than force. 

The final form of Combat is Spiritual. This skill denotes how much spiritual power can be put into energy attacks. Examples of this are attacks with a Quincy's arrows, all forms of Kido, and any ability not covered by a racial Skill. Higher levels of this Skill mean that more energy can be put into a single attack.

Next we have Hoho, the speed skill. In most Races, Hoho determines how fast they can move by supplementing their usual speed with spiritual energy, however some individuals instead choose to increase their physical body's speed instead to rely less on movement techniques such as Shunpo or Hellstep. This Skill determines how fast the person can move and how quickly one can react.

Finally, we have Reiatsu Perception. Commonly shortened to simply Perception, this skill shows how in-tuned to spiritual activity a person is and how well they can detect and hide information about themselves and others.

When a weapon is used against another weapon, this compares an Armed Combat level to an opposing Armed Combat level. If those levels are equal, then neither user has a noticeable advantage over the other. However, if one person has a higher level than the other, they are considered to be the better at Armed Combat. One level above another denotes a slight advantage and difference in power. Two levels above makes this more pronounced. 
If the Armed Combat user has their sword blocked by a limb or caught barehanded, this will compare the user's Armed Combat to the defender's Unarmed Combat. If their levels are equal, the attack affects as it should. If the Armed Combat user is of a higher level, they can more easily damage the Unarmed Combatant. 
Armed Combat can frequently be put against Spiritual Combat. This happens in scenarios such as deflecting energy attacks, overcoming mystical barriers, or destroying magical constructs. In this case, an Armed Combat equal to the target's Spiritual Combat is for normal damage. With a level higher, the user can deflect energy projectiles and break magical objects easier. After two levels above, the user can completely destroy the projectile and have little resistance against barriers.

Hoho is slightly different when compared to other Skill checks. Hoho checks are almost always made every round of combat. Hoho levels determine reaction speed, max speed, and how fast one can attack. Characters are assumed to not always be moving at their full speed unless otherwise said. 

Reiatsu Perception has its own mechanics that can be found here: In the third section.


Hado and Bakudo Skills determine how you can cast Kido. Each level in Hado or Bakudo determines you cast normally. Each level allows you to cast the next twenty numbers without needing to spend a round saying the incantation. At Beginner, you can cast up to Hado/Bakudo 20 without needing the incantation, and can cast up to number forty with incantation. This increases to being able to cast up to number 40 without incantation at Intermediate, and up to sixty with. When you reach Master, you can cast any Kido without incantation for full power. However, by saying the incantation for a Kido that you can cast without it, you raise your effectiveness. This means a one level temporary bonus to Spiritual Combat, as all Kido runs off Spiritual Combat. When you reach Grandmaster in either Hado or Bakudo, your knowledge in that field becomes so advanced that you can create your own Kido.

Kaido is the healing way. At Beginner level, the user can heal scrapes and abrasions and minor cuts. At Intermediate, the user can heal cuts that completely break the skin. At Advanced, you can heal broken bones. An Expert can heal punctured organs, except the brain, and reattach severed limbs. The Masters of Kaido can regenerate destroyed organs and regrow limbs. A Grandmaster of Kaido can bring back a recently killed person, if said person had died within ten rounds. The severity of the injury determines how long the wound takes to heal, but is reduced by one round for every level you exceed it by. A scrape or minor cut takes one full round for a Beginner to heal, but an Intermediate Kaido can heal them instantly. This means reviving a recently dead character takes a full six rounds of dedicated healing and cannot be reduced to less.

Shunko is very different from other Skills. In order to use Shunko, a Shinigami must have at least Intermediate Unarmed Combat and Advanced Spiritual Combat. Your Shunko may never exceed the higher of your Unarmed or Spiritual Combat, however while you use Shunko, you can add your levels to Unarmed or Spiritual Combat while fighting.


Mask Duration is the time a Vizard can maintain their Masks. Every level in Mask Duration adds two more rounds to the total time they may don their mask. Even untrained, Vizards may don their masks for a single round, increasing to thirteen rounds at Grandmaster. While the mask is donned, they may use any Hollow or Arrancar Skills they have levels in.

Hollow and Arrancar

Hierro is a passive defensive Skill. Any attack against a Hollow must overcome their Hierro to see if it does damage. This is done by subtracting the Heirro level from the offensive Skill's level. In this way, a Beginner Hierro reduces the damage of a Beginner Armed Combat to nothing, but only brings an Intermediate attack down to Beginner. If the Hierro exceeds the attack, no damage is done.

Regeneration functions as Kaido does, however it can only be used on oneself. If a Hollow's body is destroyed but their head survives, a Grandmaster can recover their entire body in six rounds, but cannot revive themselves from the dead.

Cero is the Hollow's signature Skill. The Cero Skill allows a massive attack of raw spiritual energy. However, those who are proficient in Cero develop greater versions of this ability. At Intermediate, Expert and Grandmaster, the user can create techniques that add completely personalized effects to the Cero. A Cero requires two rounds to charge, but this gets reduced to one round at Advanced and at Grandmaster can be fired instantly. Cero's strength is determined by Spiritual Combat.

The Bala is a weaker Cero that travels far faster. Like the Cero, a new ability can be added to the Bala at Intermediate, Expert and Grandmaster. However, the Bala can always be charged and fired in one round. Rather than needing to be charged faster, higher levels allow an additional Bala to be fired simultaneously. This allows up to six to be fired at once at Grandmaster. Bala's strength is equal to half your Spiritual Combat rounded down.


Blut Vene functions as Hierro, but must be consciously activated. Blut Vene remains active for one round per level in the Skill, however, it cannot be used again for seven rounds. This cooldown is reduced by one for every level you have in Blut Vene, to a minimum of one. Blut Arteie cannot be used while Vene is active or is in cooldown.

Blut Arteie is the offensive form of Blut. This must be consciously activated and adds a bonus to both Armed and Unarmed Combat equal to half your Blut Arteie levels rounded down, with a minimum of one. Blut Arteie has a cooldown time of ten rounds, reduced by one for every level in Blut Arteie, to a minimum of four. Blut Vene cannot be used while Arteie is active, nor during its cooldown time.

Spellcraft is the Quincy's ability to use the ambient energy of the world to perform magical feats. For every level in Spellcraft a Quincy has, they may add a single technique entirely unrelated to their Spirit Weapon or Blut to their character.


Chain Mastery is the time a Togabito can manifest their Chains and use them freely. Each level in Chain Mastery allows these indestructible chains to be used as weapons or tools for two rounds, up to twelve. However, once used, the chains become intangible and invisible again for a number of rounds equal to how long they were used. These Chains rely on the Armed Combat Skill.

Hellflame Control is the ability to control, generate and use the flames of Hell themselves. Every Togabito manifests a flame and these flames are unique to the user. The heat and intensity of these flames is solely dependent on this Skill, and can only be defended against by a Spiritual Combat check to resist their corrosive heat. At Intermediate, Expert and Grandmaster, these Flames can gain an additional trait typically corresponding to the Togabito's primary Sin.

Lastly is Hell Disguise. Hell Disguise dictates how well a Togabito suppresses their negative energy while outside of Hell. Only a Reiatsu Perception check equal to or higher than Hell Disguise can feel this energy. Every level in Hell disguise denotes a day outside of Hell the Togabito can survive before needing to return to Hell or risk losing their immortality and dissolving to ash.


Soul Manipulation is the Fullbringer's ability to manipulate objects with their will. When used in battle, manipulated matter runs off this Skill rather than Armed or Spiritual Combat. Using this, masters of Soul Manipulation can give dirt and water the strength to fight on par with weapons and Ceros.

Fullbring Transference allows a Fullbringer to possess limited versions of others abilities, as well as impose limitations on others using theirs. At Beginner, Advanced and Master, the user can impose one 'Law' onto others abilities. These Laws dictate how and when the other person may use their Fullbring. At Intermediate, Expert and Grandmaster, they gain the power to possess an additional Fullbring from another Fullbringer.

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Skills, Interactions and Combat Empty Re: Skills, Interactions and Combat

Post by Ma'kine on Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:53 pm

Dragon Skills

Draconic Magic- This Skill is the Dragon's ability to manipulate the universe. Dragons can simply will things into creation, altering their surroundings to achieve their desires. However, every Dragon is limited to things related to their Dragonic Focus or a concept/element. As such, once a Dragon creates something with fire, they may only create flames from then on. If the Dragon uses their magic to heal their injuries, they may only heal from then on. If the Dragon uses this ability to heal, treat their Dragonic Magic ranks as Kaido.

Breath- A staple ability of all Dragons is their Breath attack. Dragons possess unique glands in their throat, which are unique to the individual. Once a Dragon uses their Breath ability, it's element never changes. It's element is almost always the same as their Magic. The power and range of their Breath increases with the Skill level, beginning at 15 feet at Beginner, and raising by 15 feet every level thereafter.

Disciple- Dragons may impart power and wisdom on other beings. At Beginner, Advanced and Master, the Dragon may select an individual to brand with a symbol of the Dragon. 
At Intermediate, the Dragon can remove a single Rank from a Skill they possess and bestow it upon their Disciple. They may do this an additional time for every Rank above Intermediate. This gifted Rank must be assigned to the same Skill, and may increase the Disciple's Skill beyond their Tier limit. However, the Disciple's enhanced Skill level cannot exceed the Dragon's reduced Skill level. 
At Expert, the Dragon may elect to share their lifeforce with a Disciple. They may only do this for one Disciple at Expert, a second at Master, and their third at Grandmaster. By sharing their lifeforce, any damage done to the Disciple is instead split in half, with the Dragon taking half of the damage. The Dragon may elect to take on all the damage, but never less than half. This ability only functions if the Dragon and Disciple are in the same dimension.
Finally, at Grandmaster, the Dragon can spend two of their own Tiers to completely remake their Disciple. The Dragon can alter the Disciple's Species, even creating a completely new form, as well as forcibly change the Disciple's Race. This process takes 24 hours. The Dragon then loses all ranks in Disciple upon completion, with any brands turning black. The Dragon can reactivate the marks only after getting the required Ranks again.

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