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Desolation (Hollow Thread)

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Desolation (Hollow Thread)

Post by Human Hollow on Sat Mar 31, 2018 12:47 am

In her previous life, she had seen many things and thought she had known beauty, even naming one of her most powerful techniques 'Elegance'. It was not until she had lost her vision and became a Hollow that she realized the beauty of a cloudless, still night in a seemingly endless desert. 

The Hollow walked on two limbs, her form most definitely humanoid, with long legs and two arms, even breasts. But her flesh was only raw sinews and Hollow carapace. Her mask covered her head and was cracked but not damaged. At her waist was a red skirt and a shawl was lazily draped between her arms and behind her back. Everything these two red cloths touched was stained red with never-drying blood, and a long trail followed her from the horizon. Though she was blind, she knew of this world around her. Could feel it in the air, under her toes and against her flesh, feel it fill her lungs when she breathed. 

Stillness that hid the monsters lurking in the white abyss of sand. Monsters like her, and monsters more evolved, some even less evolved. She could feel the small creatures darting across the sand when she walked, Hollows that took the form and size of small lizards and rodents, Hollows that only needed to breathe the air of Hueco Mundo to be satiated. She almost envied them, for she was voraciously hungry. She was following something currently, following it from one rouge tree to the next. Wherever she went, she could feel it. It was a power so large she thought it was her imagination, filling the air with its own lifeforce, but she was certain now. The quartz trees thrummed with energy and she pressed herself against the one in front of her, running her fingers along its planes and vertices, mentally mapping its shape. This close, she could smell the energy wafting off the tree, and knew it to be the source of the energy she tasted on the breeze.

Why? Why did the trees give off spiritual energy? She recalled from her previous life that the trees of the desert were simply extensions of the Forest below. Did they serve as vents of some kind, pulling energy from Hueco Mundo's core? But where did the core get that energy? And, most importantly, could she eat it?

Human Hollow

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