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The Kenpachi's training (Non-Combat Thread)

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The Kenpachi's training (Non-Combat Thread)

Post by Azalea on Tue Mar 27, 2018 11:44 am

Azalea stretched, standing up from her chair. She had left the Eleventh this morning, as she had every Tuesday since becoming Kenpachi, and headed to the First Division. Here, she engaged herself in the most difficult training she'd ever endured... Studying

It had not taken her long after ascending to Captain to find that the First Division were the rule makers of this society. And, along with making the rules and issuing orders, they also kept records. She'd learned that the history of this society was vast, even longer than her own. In fact, some of the records were so old that there were no actual records to read. Instead, the oldest physical records were simple paintings that told of the coming together of the Five Houses, of Gods that walked among mortals and other legends and myths.

Azalea's task was simple enough, of course. Learn the Gotei's history and their laws. But, she faced another issue when she opened the latest set of records kept by the First Division that she'd be looking over.

"What the Hell is this?" Azalea asked, staring blankly at the roll of parchment.

"Is something wrong, Captain Algaliarept?" The unseated member of the First who was acting as her assistant asked, blinking at the woman's outburst.

"Is this supposed to be some kind of joke? What's wrong with this record?" Azalea said, placing the parchment down and pointing at the numerous tiny images on its surface. The assistant gave her a confused look, looking at the ancient record without understanding. He informed her there seemed to be nothing wrong with the scroll and Azalea flipped her long hair over her shoulder in annoyance. "Where are the pictures? The people and places and imagery? Any of this sounding familiar to you? Like all the other records I looked at?"

The unseated tilted his head, growing more confused. "Ma'am, they're written records. Only the records before the advent of written language use the imagery still. Everything you've requested as been translated to modern linguistics for ease of use..." The Shinigami's voice trailed off, not understanding the issue.

Azalea sighed, her annoyance rising further as she stood over the desk in the Barrack's library. She stared blankly at the parchment between her hands before she rubbed her temples, lightly shoving the record back to the Shinigami assistant. Her head hurt from looking at the paper, and she was loosing her control of her Spiritual Energy, feeling it rise with her annoyance. "Tell me what it says," she ordered.

"Can... Can you not read, Captain?" The young Human male asked before Azalea looked away. He let out a sudden laugh at the absurdity of the Kenpachi not knowing how to read.

There was a massive crash that echoed throughout the barracks as Azalea reacted instinctly, lashing out with the back of her hand to smack her assistant, forgetting to check her strength in the knee-jerk reaction to being laughed at, hitting him with enough force to send the young man flying across the library and through several bookcases and into the wall at the far end of the library.

Azalea winced as she looked at the damage she accidentally caused. "Oops..."

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