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Choices and Contingencies (Oneshot)

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Choices and Contingencies (Oneshot)

Post by Shiroki on Thu Mar 15, 2018 7:26 am

"...and that;" concluded the jackal to his taller companion. "--is why the new Kenpachi is suspicious and most certainly a spy if not murderous traitor."

The other mulled these ramifications over for a long moment; nose wrinkled in thought before her jaws parted to contribute her insightful and noteworthy analysis: "With all due respect, boss? You're like two nuggets short of a Happy Meal and nuttier than a walnut fruitcake."

Shiroki sighed and resisted an urge to rub his own snout. On hindsight, maybe he shouldn't have let the shopkeeper pick out a gikongai for him after all. This particular mod-soul was chock full of attitude and what the seller had assured him were 'hip' terms 'recommended-for-Shinigami-trying-to-integrate-with-modern-society'. So far it was only contributing to his headache.

They made a curious pair standing in a dimly-lit section of 2nd's half constructed Vault--the canine child and a taller lady in her late teens. Originally, he'd wanted to get a Wolf gigai for familiarity if nothing else, but then decided that asking around for one would attract far too much attention. The whole point with gigai was to blend in with the mortals after all; so it wouldn't make sense to make a Werewolf body to spread havoc among the living populace--however more comfortable it might have been.

So he had settled for the most generic, cheapest version he could find. Luckily it turned out to be close enough to pass as adult for his purposes. The downside was that it came with its current personality. "Look, Chappy--"

"It's Kapri. Chappy's the rabbit. My airhead sister," The mod-soul rolled her eyes.

"...Right. And you're totally not a rabbit?"

"I'm a HARE," she booped his nose with a finger. "Get it right, or no amount of cuteness will save you, boss."

Shiroki sighed. "Whatever. You got all that, though? Tell me you got it,"

"Yes, fine-- Kenpachi's a traitor. Newly recovered agent just woken from coma might also be a traitor. Missing 7th squad Captain? Traitor. Traitor traitor traitor. No one's above suspicion except the great and almighty Captain of the Stealth Force," Kapri narrowed her grey eyes in suspicion. "You DID say you were the Captain, right? You sure about that? Because in my day, Captains were adults instead of little kids playing dress--"

"Do you WANT me to put you back in pill-form, Kapri?"

"Fine, fine..." the mod-soul lifted her hands in mock surrender. "Not that you won't be doing it anyway. You always do,"

"Here," he dumped the latest load of notebooks and papers containing half-formulated theories and response plans in her lap. "Read and memorize 'em, Alfred'll drop by to quiz you later,"

"If Alfred knows 'em, why can't HE--"

"Cause I said so?" Glowering at the taller lady, it was all he could do not to stamp a foot in childish frustration. "You're my contingency plan Cha--Kapri. If Alfred's broken and I'm--" try as he might, Shiro found himself unable to complete that sentence. "If...if something happens to me, I need you to--"

"To seek out Captain Commander Baozhai and transmit all recorded information. Roger that, boss. Loud and clear," she leafed through a random Shinigami's dossier. "Still think you're nuts, though. She's been here for like, what? Weeks? Months? And nothing's happened. Even if something DID happen, you lot are Captains right? You can take her. Right?"

"I'm sure Ma'kine and Cap'n Hollow once thought so too," with a wave to the disgruntled mod-soul, Shiroki departed and busied himself sealing the vault.

"I read about you, boss. What they call you in the files," he could hear her rustling folders without turning around. "Aren't you supposed to be great at escaping or something?"

Run, run--as quick as you need. You can't catch me, I'm the Getaway Kid

His paws tightened reflexively on the locking mechanism. She was right. There could still be time. He could get out, lose himself in the Rukon again and no one would be the wiser. He could leave the tension, the danger, the day to day struggle behind.

And then what? Wait passively while threats collapse Seireitei from within before spreading out into the Rukongai? Oji-san had already paid too high a price; one of the many casualties in a war that wasn't even the old guy's concern. He would not see the Pack experience the same.

"That was a long time ago,"

This time, nobody gets away.


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